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  1. Hi Blackhart, Looks like this one is a full assembly http://www. caravanbreakers. net/product. php/6204912/ however it may be worth calling them as they may have just the struts available. Hope that's of some help - best of luck x
  2. Hi Brialuk, The route you suggest is quite hilly & narrow (especially in Dunster which is where it brings you out, with some tricky single track bends with buildings on both sides). Personally I would go from Exeter to Taunton on M5 then Taunton to Minehead (takes you via Williton) Much less hilly, & a decent wide road (A39) Hope that helps, & have a great time xx
  3. Depends what they are made of - if velour type then the dye probably won't take as not a natural fibre (usually nylon) if not velour then they should dye ok, however you my find you can still notice the faded areas as the dye will be dying lighter fabric. You could have a go at replacing completely - I've done it on 2 caravans using ready made curtains, cutting them down & fixing popper tape on to them (if that's what is on the bottom of the old ones). It's quite easy to do Other than closing the blinds there's not an awful lot you can do to prevent fading in my limited experience. Hope that helps a little, but I'm sure others with more knowledge of this will be along shorty. Best of luck
  4. Try here - may not be 100% accurate but will give you a good idea http://www. towcar. info/index. php
  5. Love this company!! We like OneChem toilet fluid, but really hard to get now - found it on their website @ £8. 95 / bottle - bargain, but needed it delivered the next day as we were going away. Rang up, spoke to a lovely chap who took payment & posted out special delivery - not an option on the website. Fantastic service. ..just ordered a few more bottles to keep us going a while!!
  6. We went & came home having bought an AWD powertouch mover with the automatic engagement system (being fitted before Easter!), an air awning (being delivered by the end of the week), a towing cover (delivery by Easter), a table, shower mat, some nail type ground pegs for inside the awning (needed new ones as old ones falling apart!), some trousers for hubby & a body warmer for little one - all in all, a pretty good haul really & we got exactly what we went for (except the clothing!!) Now I'm broke!! ​
  7. There is a Ralleye 524 listed, so use that - I think the 'L' just refers to the layout of the lounge, so the weight should be near enough to get a close estimate x
  8. I would go M4, A470 a well, nice easy route! In Blaenavon, we also have the ironworks, which is why the town has World Heritage Status, & a small heritage railway, so plenty to see & do for a day (although railway only open at weekends). There's a nice café in the heritage centre. There's also the Caravan Centre for anything you need as well!! Have a great time, it's beautiful in this part of the world!!
  9. I will give you all a wave as I drive past in the mornings when on the way to work in the Bristol office
  10. Sounds like a Carver Crystal Mk2 water housing, if so, the pump will look like this: http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/CRYSTAL-THAMES-CARAVAN-WATER-PUMP-USED-IN-FULL-WORKING-ORDER-/151744523357?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2354adac5d Be aware there are 2 different types of carver pump connection - you want the flatter of the 2 (the other is quite a large block)! Hope that helps, but to be sure, wait until you have the caravan to look before buying - they can be a bit pricey!! As for the filters - some people don't use them. With this type, you need to change every 30 days. Filtapac do them cheaply enough (they sell recharge kits), or just remove the clear top from a filter until & screw it on without the rest of it if you decide not to have a filter.
  11. Hi & There are different types of pump, depending on the connection at the side of you caravan. For example, if it has a clear, round screw cap above the connector, it is a Crystal connection. If it has a big blue cap above, it's a truma ultraflow. There are several types, so it's probably easiest to take a picture & post it so we can have a look (or find a picture on the web & post the link).
  12. Re: the blind - if you are not to fussed about it being a proper caravan blind, you could use a normal blackout blind. We did this on our old caravan for all of the windows - used short half inch screws & blinds from Ikea (they do them up to 2m wide) - worked a treat, & a lot cheaper than 'proper' caravan blinds!!!
  13. I'm sure you've tried this already Honk, but some older machines will reverse stitch just by turning the wheel (Far right of pic) anti-clockwise - it will only be any good for a few stitches, but that would be enough to secure the start of a piece of sewing x
  14. Probably best to leave it for 6 months now - the dealers will start to get their late model trade ins around then once the 2016 models are available x
  15. Just be aware that not all of the Alko stabilisers can have the vertical bolt - a few will only accept 2 horizontal bolts, so check before you buy
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