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  1. I am seriously impressed, I think I really need to up my game! 🥺
  2. We’ve booked to go away again this Christmas (I’m not telling you where, I don’t want you lot turning up!🤣). Where do you guys like going for a festive break? 💋
  3. HWMBI says we shouldn’t use that many thing to put the steadies down, it puts too much strain on my back 🙃
  4. Have you seen the state of some of the trains on the road. Bum up, bum down, hatches dangling, roof lights flapping and don’t mention the aerials! All from sitting in my front garden watching the tourists arrive 🤭
  5. How do you get a build date. We've just been told delivery January ish!
  6. Oh no, we've done it. New Madrid ordered delivery January. After the last new van fiasco, I swore: - A. I'd never buy another new van, B. I wouldn't use the same dealer. Oh well, wish me luck!
  7. I hope swmbo is not very tall. We are swapping our U1 cadiz (amazing van) for a new Madrid (equally amazing but more twiddly bits). I'm Not tall 5' 6" but I couldn't fit in the new size bed. I also hated the prominent TV bracket. We rarely have a tv on, so to have a bracket permanently on display would drive me nuts. But that's just me! X
  8. . Went to order ours today, then tried the bed. Why o why have they shrunk the girl bed. I don't fit!
  9. And when you get home, it has a better head on it than a pint of Adnams
  10. Thanks for that guys. We have been caravanning for quite a few years now but this is the first full year with this van. We've got good weather forecast for the next few days, so I'll get the windows open and dry her out.
  11. Short and to the point! How would you suggest? On board heating or external?
  12. Just been in to my van (2012 Bailey Unicorn Cadiz) for the first time for a few months. To find the kitchen cupboards doors swollen and bearly shutting. What to do?
  13. Not the wife's undies (surely their not big enough!). I use all the loose cushions to hold everything secure in the cupboards and stop everything jiggling around.
  14. Speaking as an ex-inside the M25er, nobody caravans from there. They are all far to busy being inside the M25ers!
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