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  1. We usually stop at Thr Drum Inn Stanford,Ashford its a campsite at the rear of the pub its locked at night but you canleave any time as they give you the gate code for the lock.Its approx 1/2 mile from j11 on the M20.Thr tunnel is approx 3 miles away just google it if interested
  2. As above I had an accident in France when the van was only 3 months old consisted of panel damage at front and all down the side plus door Panelworks repaired it and you genuinley could not tell where it had been damaged John
  3. Whilst on holiday in France the car and caravan was pitched under trees. After a few days I realised that large amounts of tree sap which has now cristalized had adhered to both car and caravan. I have tried tar and insect and tree sap remover but cannot budge it. Has anyone any tops for removing it Thanks
  4. Thanks for the speedy replies
  5. In June we travelled along the N154 North and it was closed for road repairs between Chartres and Dreux. We are due back in that area on 28th August If anyone has been this way recently please advise me if the road works have finished and if this stretch is now open Thanks
  6. We came up the N154 on 9th June the road is shut after Chartres just before Dreux near to a place called Tremblay Les Villages. There w2as numerous signs stating that it was closed and to take the diversion around it. We ignored them thinking that when we got to the closure a diversion would be posted off the roundabout. I obviously forgot about the French logic as when we got to the closure it just ended and no roundabout!!! fortunately my wife was quick with the map and navigated us back on track at Dreux. Obviously we should have taken the diversion earlier. I presume your sat nav knows about the closure and is compensating for it. Hope this helps
  7. Off to Spain Saturday I know that the speed limit on the motorway is 80 K with the van on just wondered how keen the police are if I travel at about 60 MPH Thanks
  8. RAC do it in conjunction with camping and caravanning club its called Arrival they cover any lenght trailer/caravan . I understand that the cover on the RAC european cover recovery without Arrival just covers for 7. 0 metres so important you research that one for price
  9. As others have stated its easy to find,however make sure that you use the dedicated 24 hour credit card pump as the ones that exit via the payment booth are very tight aand not caravan friendly
  10. Alko every time I had the Winterhoff and on numerous occasions the hitch would not release especially if the rubber bellows had compressed after reversing onto a pitch or reverse levelling. Never had a problem with Alko
  11. The Acsi card only operates in the low season and does not usually cover for high season therefore you would not be able to use this card in July. With regard to tolls they are mostly toll free in Belgium,Luxembourg and Germany,There are tolls in Switzerland but I am not sure what they are. Hope this helps
  12. Soon travelling South on M5,with a large twin axle . Any recommendations for an easy place to refuel without having to disconnect the outfit. Some of the services are very tight if not impossible with this length. Thanks
  13. Thanks to all for your input and much welcomed information on balance I think we will be quite happy to overnight here cheers happy camping to all Rambler
  14. We have considered stopping overnight on the services on the A16 at Baie de Somme. Can anyone give me information as to safety etc also how big is it is it easy to get parked up for an overnight stop we would probably be arriving about 8PM. Do not want to turn up and not be able to get on. Basically we need info as to viability of using this site or look to finding somewhere else. We normally stay at Bien Assise or Neufchatel using ACSI however we are arriving in France a few days before we can use that card Thanks
  15. Our dogs fit to travel was full so the vet just put the titles on another page and signed that. All other examinations have subsequently been endorsed by the next vet examining her
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