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  1. When my van is in storage over winter PSU off and the 100 watt solar panel kept the battery fully charged with no problem The alarm battery was also kept charged.Have been doing this for last 4 years with the same battery
  2. On the last service carried out on my van they showed tyre depth left on the tyres.I was surprised to see that the spare wheel was checked and the tread depth left was shown.I had quite a conversation with the foreman as the spare wheel is not under the bed but lives in the tyre well in the back of my X5 not happy
  3. The website is a bit ambiguous in that it states that you need to treat for tapeworm but does not stipulate that a vet has to authenticate this.Is this information shown elsewhere?
  4. Have been taking my dog to France etc for past 12 tears.I realise that the situation has changed however my dogs Rabies jab is still current and is shown in her passport,will this suffice or do we need to have her innoculated again and entered on the new animal health certificate.Gov site shows pet passport no longer valid but can this be proof of her current vaccination. I also presume that there will be no need to visit a French vet before return but will stand corrected.
  5. Have spoken to my dealer my new Coachman 575 is already at their premises they have fitted the mover an other things I wanted.I was concerened about the cash back they have been told by Coachman that all vans that were ordered within the period of the offer will be honoured. Hope this helps
  6. If its a covenant the original land owner is the one to issue proceedings not the council in most instances Don,t think many will be overly interested
  7. Yes they think it will be ok as we are in lock down and obvious problems arranging to pick it up
  8. My Coachman 575 VIP has been delivered to my dealer ordered in September also spoke about click and collect but due to having to travel approx 30 miles to storage do not want to explain to a police officer what I am doing so have declined the offer and will wait.Dealer perfectly OK with this.Its frustrating but cannot go anywhere so will just have to be patient
  9. Just for your info my son is just changing a transit custom bought new on a 65 plate reliable or what its done 250,000 miles and has never suffered a break down in all those miles.Its replacement is another Transit custom!!!
  10. Yes but better than the curtain twitcher saying look at that guy can,t unhitch and then coming over to instruct you on how its done!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. When you arrive at your destination before pitching the caravan lift the stabiliser handle .your car will be still properly connected but by the time you reach your pitch the stabiliser pads should have fullyn retracted works every time for me
  12. Cannot remember if my auto system is Whale however onthe regulator there is a small green button which turns the gas off if a problem is perceived or involved in an accident with a small screw driver push the button in and hold for approx 5 seconds and gas supply is restored.also my system requires a blanking plug to be fitted on the other connector Hope this helps and that it the same system.
  13. With caravans in the UK the MTPLM is ona plate usually near to the door .If you look in the front gas locker there is another plate this will give the MTPLM as shown on the door plate and also another weight which is the weight that the caravan can be upgraded to.If No further weight shown it cannot be upgraded .I have upgraded a caravan in the past and was told to cover the original door plate with the new sticker.Indeed I am awaiting delivery of a new Coachman which has extras fitted ie air con and they are going to uprate The MTPLM due to the extra weight and put the new sticker on the doo
  14. The maximum uprate should be shown together with the original MTPLMof 1681KG on a seperate plate that is inside the gas locker in your case should read 2000KG .You can therefore check that they have forwarded you the correct uprated plate.
  15. Thanks for all your replies think we will be going down the path of replacing the barrels when dealers open up Once again thanks for your contributions.
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