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  1. Volvo XC90 Auto - super comfortable - tows like a dream - burns a lot of fuel. We went to buy a Kia Sorento/Santa Fe, my wife sat in one and said "this is not very comfortable" the sales man said if it's comfort you want try this - Volvo XC90 . My wife said "Soooo comfortable". We bought one. Alan
  2. I personally never have a drink if I am going to drive - not a glass of wine - not a glass of beer. Alan
  3. I am going to compete in a cycle event - The Dieppe Raid - on the weekend of the 28th June. Is there a campsite in or very near Dieppe. I don't need anything fancy - no pool is required. Alan
  4. It's worth noting that the boat pictured in one of the above posts does a circular route around the lake stopping at various places. As I remember you can get on and off as many times as you like. Also you can take bikes on the boat at no extra cost. Alan
  5. Land Rover Long Wheelbase 6 cylinder. Bought new around 1985, it took about 3 miles for me to realise it was a BIG mistake- noisy- uncomfortable after use - a rubbish tow car - drank fuel quicker than you could imagine. Alan
  6. We bought our first caravan which we thought was the best layout for us. After two seasons we had learned a lot , we then knew exactly what we wanted. Our second caravan we have now had for seven years, it's the perfect layout for us. Alan
  7. Obviously anybody can do what they want with their money, it just never crossed my mind that people would change a caravan every two years. I don't think it's anything to do with 'Life being to short'. Alan
  8. WOW - I know that some people change their car every two or three years but I never thought that anyone would change their caravan every two years! That makes it a VERY expensive hobby. I wonder what had changed so dramatically in two years that a new caravan was required. We have a 2006 caravan which we have had for five years. I thought about changing it a couple of months ago but found that would cost a few thousand pounds. OK we have the money but would that make caravaning for us any better ???? After some though we decided not so we will stick with what we have. Alan
  9. My brothers Grandson worked for Subaru in the USA. A few years ago he had to organise a 'Dealer Demonstration' to show how good the Subaru 4wd is. He had set up a ramp - on one side was rollers and on the other side a textured metal surface. The Subaru just drove up it but I don't think that any other 4wd could. So I suppose that unless the diffs can be locked that's what happens Alan
  10. The first time I ever went to Holland many years ago I was met by a Dutch friend who drove me to his home. I questioned the speed that he was driving at WELL over the speed limit. He told me that the speed limit was per person in the car , so two people in the car equals double the speed limit. I wonder if it's the same today? Alan
  11. Are they supplied with every new caravan? Alan Electrical certificates for rental houses had to be renewed every ten years, but the recommendation is now every five years. Why would a certificate be out of date the day after it was tested? From the electrical test that I have had done the electrician checks every electrical fitting in the house. The meters used are super accurate and as I understand it would show up a faulty cable. Alan
  12. It may be interesting for you to know the experience of a friend who wintered for three months in Spain in his motorhome. He and his wife had spent a considerable time in Spain during the summer for a few years. They decided that they would spend three months there last winter 2018 - 2019. The experience was not what they had expected! They had not taken into account the length of the days - it gets dark early and cools down considerably. Where as in the summer they would sit out during the evening they found that was not practical, so what to do? He came to the conclusion that unless you went to a restaurant or bar there was not much to do, as he and she are not drinkers (they are not tea total) there was not much to do. They will never do it again. That is what they told me. Alan
  13. I find English is quite easy to understand! Alan
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