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  1. That is super helpful and could help out many people trying to return to the UK. Alan
  2. I bought ten Frequent Traveller tickets for the Channel Tunnel in mid July 2019. So far I have used six of them and have a trip booked - out at the beginning of June returning the first week in July. With the situation as it is I would be surprised if the trip I have booked will run. Also there is little chance of using the remaining tickets. Does anyone know if the company will extend the date in which the tickets can be used? Alan
  3. Go to their web site emvis-tag.co.uk log in to your account - then click - My Account - select Summary - scroll down and you will find a list which includes battery. Alan
  4. Thank you for alerting me to this. I went onto their web site and used the 'on line chat'. I was guided to where my battery life indicator was, it showed 'Battery near expiry' . I will order a new one today and return the old one. Alan
  5. When I first went to the Nederlands some years ago I was collected by a friend in his car. We set off and I was surprised at the speed he drove at. We passed an 80 km sign and we were travelling at well over 120 kmph. I asked why he was travelling at well over the speed limit? He said the the speed limit was 'per person' so up to 160 kmph was ok! Alan
  6. Gordon I am surprised that you should say that. Just because the seller has not listed the weight of the caravan you would discard it! It's not difficult to look up the weight on the internet. Alan
  7. Not ALL vehicle sales have declined, Rolls Royce who build cars just 6 miles from where I live had record sales in 2019. Alan
  8. When going to Europe do we now need GB plates/stickers on our car and caravan even if there is GB on the number plate? Alan
  9. I think that anyone who's child 'wants a Land Rover' should think about their parenting skills! IMHO Alan
  10. Camping Punta D'Oro Fantastic Alan
  11. They didn't behave like a 'Cheap Insurance Company' they paid out in full! alan
  12. So you are saying that the new axle and brakes cost £576? That's certainly nothing like I was quoted. Also it took some time to get the price because they had to contact the manufacturer. If the price they quoted was around the price quoted by Fraser Brown Engineering I would not have gone for the re-furbished axle. Alan
  13. The price quoted to me by Western Towing was as I remember around £1,400. For the axle not including fitting. I spoke with Fraser Brown Engineering several times and must say that they were SUPER HELPFUL. The price quoted by Fraser Brown Engineering for cleaning off the axle, re-painting and replacing the rubbers was £576 including VAT and transport. From informing them that the axle was ready to collect to having the axle delivered back took one week. Yes the Western Towing quote was for a new axle with brakes etc. The company that removed the axle and refitted it were very impressed and said that they would certainly use Fraser Brown Engineering in the future. What is quite worrying is that Fraser Brown said that some of the axles they re-rubber are only two or three years old! Alan
  14. I don't know the road but - 640 km = almost 400 miles in 6 hours that an average of 66 mph and that's if you don't stop! I think that 8 hours or probably 9 hours would be a better estimate. Alan
  15. I bought a pair of these mirrors wen I first started caravaning. I set of from home and had travelled about four miles where there was a lay-by. I pulled in and took them off, in that short distance the drove me nuts! They vibrated like sin. You may find some people like them but not me!!! Later in the week I went to Chichester Caravans and was looking at the mirrors, a salesman asked if he could help and I said that I wasn't sure which mirrors to choose. He said take a selection out to your car and see how they fit, which I did. The Melinco were far and away the best and I have used the same pair ever since on three different cars. Alan
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