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  1. Try cooking pancakes on your barbecue - a Cadac does it better!!! I think that a Cadac is a super piece of kit. Alan
  2. What is this Cadac part, it's 300 mm dia? Alan
  3. AlanNancy


    The cycle path is more than adequate. Please take a look at a video that I have put on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bognor+to+chichester+cycle+track May be the cycle path is not so good! When the councils spend money on them then cyclists will use them. Alan
  4. The email to ADAC didn't work!!! Yesterday I received renewal notices for myself and my wife from ADAC. How on earth can I stop this? Suggestions Please. Alan
  5. If you say so, but I would be surprised. The back panel is probably made of plastic - GRP - or aluminium, I don't see the problem in drilling two 3mm holes in it. Alan
  6. Yes I agree - screws are the best adhesive for number plates on the back of caravans. My number plate has not moved since I changed the car three years ago. It was also easy to remove the old number plate . Alan
  7. What can be interesting is to look at the bids. If someone who has a feedback of say 1,000 or more bids on something with 4, 5, 6 days before the auction ends it's a good bet that they are a friend of the seller and are bidding to put the price higher. I never bid on anything where the seller has opted to keep the identity of the bidder a secret. Alan
  8. It's your choice of course. The post card in the supermarket may be read by 20 or 30 people - local paper (which you have to pay for the add) say 100 may be 200. eBay up to 40 million!!! I have a feed back of over 4,000 from both buying and selling. I have posted items around the world. I once bought a piece of Swarovski crystal for over £2,000 from Germany. I paid via bank transfer and met up with the seller a couple of weeks later in Germany to collect the item. There are scams as there are with all forms of advertising . Alan
  9. I telephoned ADAC on Thursday and the chap said "there is no point in renewing your membership. Send an email to service@adac.de saying that you wish to end your membership". Alan
  10. I sent two emails to ADAC one on the 1st and one on the 4th May - so far I have not received a reply! Alan
  11. I am astounded at the price! Please could you let me know which company that is with? Alan
  12. It would cost that to insure my bike! Alan
  13. Excellent! Alan It worked for his father and him. He had a LARGE portfolio of houses. Also of course the insurance companies make good profits. Alan
  14. I did say - he had to insure for third party car insurance. Yes a big claim in the first years could be a big problem. But it worked for him. Alan
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