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  1. Wise advice WispMan. It's all down to common sense. I have seen may adds on eBay for caravan which are cheap and the seller offers to deliver for a VERY reasonable price . I have sent a message saying that I am interested and have a friend who lives in the sellers area, where and when can he view it? They never respond - I wonder why? Alan
  2. When we bought our first caravan we bought it at British Car Auctions. They hold caravan and motorhome only auctions. The reason we did this was to be able to view several different layouts - yes you can do the same at a caravan dealers - but we thought that we could probably buy one cheaper at auction we had done this with cars for years. We decided on what we thought was the best layout for us and bought a reasonable cheap caravan, as I remember it about £5,000. I don't think that it is worth spending loads on money on your firs van for two reasons:- 1 - What if you try it and find that you don't like caravaning. 2 - What if the layout is not right for you. (it probably won't be) After three years we changed the caravan for one with the layout that we then knew was the best layout for us. We lost very little money when selling the original caravan. We have now had our second caravan for six years. As a matter of interest most of the buyers at the auction were caravan dealers, most all carrying a damp meter. Alan
  3. Now I understand, basically a double bed where one person has to climb over the other person if they want to do a wee in the night!!! It's not for us!! Alan
  4. I think that the OP should think very carefully before following your advice. At first the idea seems OK but,! You turn up t a campsite, it's hacking down with rain and you have to set the thing up - what fun. A caravan arrives at the same time as you - un-hook, steadies down, electric connected, water tank connected, kettle on. You have to build your folding camper and then do all the above. It would not be for me. KIS - keep it simple. Alan
  5. I had one window repaired by a local caravan repair company some years ago but it has let go on one side. Alan
  6. Dave this is clearly the company to use. Unfortunately they state that if the window has been repaired before they will not carry out a repair. Thanks for your suggestion. Alan
  7. The front three windows on my caravan have delaminated. Is there a company that would reseal them? If I decided to do the job myself which adhesive should I use? If I decided to replace them is there a company who would manufacture new ones? Alan
  8. I think that you would have to be very careful doing that. Some bright spark could start legal action! Alan
  9. Try cooking pancakes on your barbecue - a Cadac does it better!!! I think that a Cadac is a super piece of kit. Alan
  10. What is this Cadac part, it's 300 mm dia? Alan
  11. AlanNancy


    The cycle path is more than adequate. Please take a look at a video that I have put on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bognor+to+chichester+cycle+track May be the cycle path is not so good! When the councils spend money on them then cyclists will use them. Alan
  12. The email to ADAC didn't work!!! Yesterday I received renewal notices for myself and my wife from ADAC. How on earth can I stop this? Suggestions Please. Alan
  13. If you say so, but I would be surprised. The back panel is probably made of plastic - GRP - or aluminium, I don't see the problem in drilling two 3mm holes in it. Alan
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