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  1. Excellent advice, thanks. Alan
  2. Thanks. It was actually your company that serviced it for me, they did a super job. Alan
  3. We have a 2006 Giest which is German built. I took in in for a service two years ago and when I collected it the chap in reception said 'All is well, there is no damp of course it's German built'. Obviously there will be the odd exception but from this forum it seems to be the opposite way around for British built caravans! Alan
  4. SUCCESS this morning the fridge lit. I kept trying it over the weekend and that must have purged it. Alan
  5. If I can't get it to work how would I find a caravan-gas engineer near me - Bognor Regis? Alan
  6. Should the control knob be turned to High or Low? Alan
  7. I have a Thetford N80 fridge. I have only ever used it on 240 volt. As the site that I will be going to in August has no hookup I'll need to use the fridge on gas. A couple of years ago I had a try to get it going on gas and after some while it lit - the little indicator jumped into the green zone. I have tried to light it today without success. Looking at another thread on this site one member stated that 'it seems to take an age to purge the gas'. How can I purge the gas? I thought that this may be the problem. Alan
  8. Is it the Brittany Ferry website that you are looking at? Alan
  9. I have just looked at the Brittany Ferry website and picked the cheapest boat each day, with a 7 mtr caravan £205 out £175 return total £380! Alan I don't understand the 10%! I paid £92 for the caravan and £92 for the car total £184 return. The payment for the car was 2 crossings from the 10 that I had already paid for. Alan
  10. If you go to the Euro Tunnel website and check out Frequent Traveller - you can scroll through all the options including dates that cannot be used and time restrictions. I only booked yesterday and paid an extra £92 return for the caravan having already paid for the ten crossings. Alan
  11. I am off to France at the beginning of August. As I live in Bognor Regis and my destination is Cognac A ferry from Portsmouth of Newhaven would be ideal. Portsmouth to Caen - night boat out (no cabin) 1st August. Night boat return 12th August (no cabin) £759 Newhaven to Dieppe - same date - no cabin £491 Euro Tunnel 1st August 21.20 return 13th August 10.39 £411 So I have gone for Frequent Traveller on the Euro Tunnel - Up front £460 for ten crossings plus £46 each way for the caravan - total return car and caravan £184 We are going to France again in September so another £184. Two trips cheaper than a single trip without Frequent Traveller. Alan
  12. Yes that's correct, I telephoned Eurotunnel to check. Alan
  13. I have registered with the Channel Tunnel and will be joining their 'Frequent Traveller' option. The other person that I intend to include in my package has not yet registered with Euro Tunnel. Can they be added later or do I have to declare their registration when I sign up and part with the money? Alan
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