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  1. Are they supplied with every new caravan? Alan Electrical certificates for rental houses had to be renewed every ten years, but the recommendation is now every five years. Why would a certificate be out of date the day after it was tested? From the electrical test that I have had done the electrician checks every electrical fitting in the house. The meters used are super accurate and as I understand it would show up a faulty cable. Alan
  2. It may be interesting for you to know the experience of a friend who wintered for three months in Spain in his motorhome. He and his wife had spent a considerable time in Spain during the summer for a few years. They decided that they would spend three months there last winter 2018 - 2019. The experience was not what they had expected! They had not taken into account the length of the days - it gets dark early and cools down considerably. Where as in the summer they would sit out during the evening they found that was not practical, so what to do? He came to the conclusion that unless you went to a restaurant or bar there was not much to do, as he and she are not drinkers (they are not tea total) there was not much to do. They will never do it again. That is what they told me. Alan
  3. I find English is quite easy to understand! Alan
  4. I don't have a problem with two bikes on the back. In the front locker is two gas bottles (no longer light weight ones) and some odd bits and pieces, the nose weight is about 80kg. Alan
  5. Sorry that I got it wrong David. Alan
  6. You say 'I feel certain that I have been more places than our reversing expert'. I am not sure but are you referring to me? If so I never claimed to be a reversing expert. Having said that I was in the marine industry for some twelve years towing sailing yachts all over Europe and the UK, so yes I can reverse with a caravan hitched up. Alan
  7. Yes the XC90 is sooooo boring. And soooo comfortable. And tows like a dream. I bought one about eighteen months ago. Last year I towed the caravan to Northern Italy, I didn't notice the boring bit but I did notice how comfortable it is! I bought a Land Rover once - Brand New - the dealer that I bought it from delivered it to my place of work. I decided to drive it home in stead of my car. It took may be three miles (and that's being generous) before I realised what a HUGE mistake I had made. Later in the week I towed a sailing cruiser with it - the mistake was confirmed! The Land Rover replaced a Ford Transit flat back - the Transit was more comfortable - quieter - and far more stable when towing - it was boring but I could live with that. Alan
  8. Could you list a few of the reasons that 'They are a menace'? In case you are wondering - yes I can reverse with the caravan hitched up. Alan
  9. And the Post Office who later had to change their name back again! I put into Google - When was the - CARAVAN CLUB - founded 14th June 1907 and next to that fact is the logo - wait for it --- CARAVAN AND MOTORHOME CLUB. I am a member of what used to be named the - CTC - (cafe to cafe or cake to cake) - Cycle Touring Club founded in 1878. Our patron is The Queen - we don't muck about us cyclists. A couple of years ago the club was renamed CYCLING UK. Why I have no idea. Most members still refer to it as the CTC as it seems is the case for the Caravan Club members. Alan
  10. As I remember it the 'Quantity Limit' was huge. Alan
  11. If we leave the EU does that mean that there will be 'Duty Free' shops on the ferries? Will people go on Booze runs again? Alan
  12. I was on a site in France a few months ago and got onto the subject of which fuel I should use. I run a diesel Volvo XC90. The chap (a Brit) said that I should not use fuel bought from Tesco or indeed any supermarket as they do not have the necessary additives that are added to the more expensive fuels - Shell V Power - etc. Is he right? Is it worth paying the extra? Alan
  13. Excellent story, one that will live with you for ever. Alan
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