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  1. fwiw .... Further thread drift .... Re Bargain Costa 'Holiday Apartment' Rental in Winter. Seemingly bargain Winter rates etc, yes, but passed many a large desolate & depressing Holiday Apartment block in Winter with just a couple of lights on = can be cold and very home alone but that suits some folk. Maybe check up prior or arrive and then go view the options first. Just a thought & hence why for us a sociable site with other similar folk and a sunny pitch is more preferable. I always feel if we're ever unhappy on a site anywhere then we'll just hitch up and move on ...... M
  2. Hi Disco, We are a (mid winter) January (Caravan + 2 dogs) routing down Western France (March return) to med Border crossing then down the Costas / Med Coast - you dont say what time of year you intend ? By March / April + most sites & also Channel crossing options are starting to wake up and therefore the route options & likely weather situations improve greatly. Yes we would & have always avoided Paris area. If you want to start a Post of :- your UK start point, outfit & pets (yes), & destination we can all offer you different ideas and start a debate whilst bored this Autumn. Couple of pages back on this sub forum 'Abroad' there was various posts on routes mainly down to Spain - Via Michelin is your friend for routes & variable toll coast. ACSI & even UKCS (France bit) etc for site choices - CMC & CCC site options almost useless for Winter. In January from Calais, having o/n 1 at Folkestone we will again use this year : Rouen, Dreux (o/n 2), Orleans Limoges (o/n St Germain 3), Toulouse Narbonne Border (o/n Capmany 4), Barcelona, Bennicasim (o/n 5) & onwards. Had a pleasant week at Roses in late March on the 2019 return trip .. & a lunch at Cadaques.... M
  3. Hi P, You're treading the long cruise & drive south again I see & good to hear as UK Winters are long and life's too short. We are Jan 22 via Calais to SE Spain again (we hope). From readings elsewhere it does seem a bit hit & miss for the banned goods searching, equally rules are changing & getting clarified better. We have decided at present best to panic not & just await closer the travel time to start the final prep and paperwork inc the pet certs trauma. We currently intend to carry very limited edible contraband on board (except maybe our standard expensive Duty Free allowance from the new Terminal Shop). Regards M
  4. fwiw ... A 500w Oil filled would be almost useless given an awning has the thermal qualities of an umbrella. Needs a fan heater on 1kw/ 2kw / or 3kw. Thread drift ...... The expected impending huge hike in energy prices will hopefully speed up the likely mass installation of metered ehu supply to pitches. Whilst a bit of hassle to use am a supporter of metered ehu as at least its pay for what you use or waste. The CMC will surely be the forerunner of the roll out given their ever so 'green' credentials ? M
  5. fwiw... Another very happy Lidl 'Bio' pod user here after reading the many CT reviews and field tests. Clean & simple to use, very low cost and proves effective, seems to break down the solids also. In very hot weather we may use two pods per re-charge & empty daily and when returning home to clean out the Cassette as well. Would not return to fiddly liquids. M
  6. fwiw .... Unless it is a specific requirement of your Insurance or you have a strong desire for AL-KO only .. My view is .... Having had the AL-KO lozenge wheel lock on my last two vans I found (apart from expensive) the biggest gripe was very fiddly / hassle to align, locate and fit. Must be the first job setting up to fit AL-KO unit before lowering steadies etc or trauma shuffling position. Latest van have gone for the hoop type onto choice of two threaded wheel studs gives flexible alignment options and much much less hassle. M
  7. fwiw .... Not surprised, sad to hear for remaining sales staff and cafe operator ..... 1st Dickensons sudden closure early last year (pre covid lockdown), now Lowdhams mmmmm M
  8. Hi, Thanks for all various replies & inputs last week. Arrived Lanzarote last Sunday night. Hotel has normally over used free wifi (hopeless). Have now rigged up my mifi, laptop, vpn running on UK servers and finally managed to get back on to BBC iplayer after a re-install etc. So can report that this afternoon have successfully watched part 5 of Vigil through BBC iPlayer will no issues. Quick speedcheck on Ookla shows a 5 mbps download and 4 mbps upload speed via the VPN so pretty fair Hope this assists M
  9. Ah, Many many thanks & a great help .... So the NordVPN simply automatically over rides the originating chosen 'source' route of my Internet but needs the initial Internet connection as the start point ? So currently I am showing as 'connected' to my home Wifi (BT) & also Nord which is set to UK server(s). The actual originating source of the Wifi now is the two UK servers via Nord. Switch off Nord and it reverts back to whatever is the BT UK source with its UK address ? To clarify one bit : Before I double click the Nord icon ... When i'm abroad (say in Spain) I will have initially connected to my own mifi unit (selected from the listed options) and will clearly therefore be likely showing a Spanish source (IP ?) - fine for normal albeit Spanish sourced wifi use. For 'UK' TV & say secure internet or UK Internet - double click the Nord - choose the UK address(s) & carry on as it is now showing as if from a UK address ? M
  10. Hi, yet again, Sorry to maybe sound a really thick - please help. I have a NordVPN icon on my lap top after downloading & subscribing. I double click it and the programme opens and allows me to choose & set the access as two UK servers. I today have my lap top wifi selecting my home wifi source, going off to my home BT router, but with the NordVPN also showing as well as being 'currently connected'. So connected to both. When i'm abroad (say in Spain) I will have initially connected to my own mifi unit (selected from the listed options) and will clearly therefore be showing a Spanish source (IP ?) address plus also 'currently connected' to NordVPN. How do I switch my Lap top to access from the UK Nord VPN UK servers when I use my home or mifi internet connections ?? Thanks again M
  11. Thanks for the re-assurance but sadly am not convinced I am or that the outcome will produce. Have watched the video linked, and many others, but sometimes they are just a bit quick with the acronyms for me to fully understand. I used, via Nord, the UK server(s) which one needs to use for access into BBC iplayer as a UK licence payer. I have subscribed into Nord so should get fast speed not depleted. Cant quite get my head around why it shows my home wifi & a NordVPN server wifi on my wifi pop up box connected at the same time ? Thanks again for the interest. M
  12. Hi, This was a simple test via my home wifi on a lap top, which is a depleted speed from the fibre to home incoming (now at 130 mbps at the router). When I am away it will be much slower on my mifi so doubting with the depletion test example above that it will be fast enough for TV watching. Tis all very frustrating really and with the chaos of trying to sort out the pre departure fiasco & PCR testing regime i'll be needing a holiday to recover. M
  13. fwiw... Jampot thanks for link. So just had a try at what I think is the method to connect up via NordVPN to a UK server ?? Lap top connected to home wifi. Opened up the NordVPN site - chose one of the UK servers - clicked to connect. My Internet pop up then shows my home Wifi (connected) & NordVPN (connected). So assume at this point my home wifi is now coming via Nord from one of the two UK Nord servers ???? This is the part I am having troubles with. Then did a quick non scientific wifi speed comparison check with Ookla Speedtest. Without NordVPD routing - 29 mbps download / 28mbps upload With NordVPN - 10.5mbps download / 3.1 mbps upload. Does this seem correct ?? Thanks in advance. M NB It's 2021 and am just trying to watch some of my subscription paid TV channels when abroad on holiday(s).
  14. fwiw ... If you've hopefully had a peaceful & restful Biscay cruise, slept well and with an on-time early arrival time then a decent day's run should find you down on the med coast. Flexible is though the greatest solution after leaving the Ferry ramp. ACSI & other searches will give you plenty of easy convenient multi options. Enjoy Mojacar ! M
  15. Thread drift but .... Hi, We have overwintered 6 - 11 weeks annually in Spain and our preferred site is only a 6Amp (1.5kw) max supply but it is (was) un-metered. Most therefore always have & use Repsol Propane Spanish gas at c.17 euros (12kgs exchange) for the Heating & hot water, fridge, cooking and using the free site showers / pot wash. For us this has worked out at only about 1 euro per day for the gas to supplement the basic ehu. Site pitch fee was 13 euros for over 60 nights in 2020. M
  16. fwiw ... A certainty & a good thing - folk will re-start using the showers & even pot wash etc, surplus lights will be clicked off & heaters turned down or off & a cardigan put on in mid winter or ..... just pay or top up for your excessive useage and carry on with not a care in the world. For sure a general reduction in overall useage will occur & be fairer for all. How to charge will be the biggest whinging factor (as read already). M NB Was surprised just how little costs we used on even an expensive kwh token meter site.
  17. Hi & many thanks for your interest & offer of more help. So have now downloaded NordVPN on to laptop & paid & set up the account. Have had a brief look at the Country options & tutorials (will admit was a bit confusing to me sadly). I understand though the basics of the idea of the secure tunnel and the link in to a UK server. Am intending to use my Lap top that has Netflix, Sky Go & BBC iPlayer downloaded on it. Will watch TV on it. Will use the Lap top to select the mifi as the internet source from the choices. The Mifi is using a UK Three data chip. The sequencing of establishing the connection is the bit I need some help with to understand. Hope this clarifies and you can assist - thanks ? M NB Likely others are reading and this will help them.
  18. Hi again, So seems the Nord is the recommended VPN. Have had a look and seems fine so will pay & download etc - more fun & trauma. So meantime could someone very very simply explain or show a flow diagram : Q. What is the connection route from say my laptop to the BBC iPlayer when I am using my Mifi abroad & a VPN ? Thanks in advance M
  19. Appreciated as have heard some of the VPN zig zag around the world & can destroy the speed. Trouble comes when you just google VPN as to who to use or go to in the minefield so recommends appreciated. M
  20. Hi, Am with Three on an expired monthly limited Data only contract and new data roaming charges should only apply after 23 May 2022 according to my enquiries ? I am perhaps more irritated, with Sky & BBC, that you now cant even pay extra to just receive TV - seems crazy that you have to go hooky round the houses to receive. Has the NordVPN got a decent speed ? Whilst we will not / can not be away in EU again until Jan 2022 (for our strict full 90 / 180 day visit) we will again be wanting access then so a monthly contract is now a limited need / cost. Thanks for input M
  21. Hi all, We are about to hopefully escape to Lanzarote Sunday for 14 nights - Spanish German DutchTV + BBC World News & Sky News. Was just checking up on the latest ongoing TV viewing barriers & issues (c.2021) as would like some UK type live TV viewing options. Sky Go - seems is no longer available outside UK except limited to news etc. BBC iPlayer - seems as before when in UK Only. We do have our own mifi and from before, pre CV19 etc, remember discussion on here about VPN / VPL ? etc. Anyone got the latest basic advice / link for a personal UK based free in-direct wifi source ? Thanks in advance M NB Appreciate can download prior and some folk dont like to go away to just watch TV.
  22. fwiw .. Full support from me, very happy to pay for just what we use. In this day & age with all the eco drives it seems remarkable that for a standard site cost folk can then freely 'use all you want' or waste as much electric desired - seen & heard of so much waste. Some sites (16A CMC ?) must have huge bills. Await full roll out at all sites & 100% the norm. M
  23. Hi, fwiw... The symptoms you describe seem to be the very common issue with c2018 era Elddis Group Caravans. If you have a trawl through this Elddis page it it well discussed in detail in older posts. Would feel confident that your issue (like mine) is again the straight front window top mounting hinge bar (partly screwed) fitted to the slightly bowed front of the van just below the joint. With use towing & opening the outer windows the sealants integrity is broken and water weeping in at a screw hole eventually emerges in the window bottom corner black rubber internally. My dealer on the warranty repair(new internal panelling) fitted an extra screw at each end to assist. Dealer instantly new the common likely cause from the brief symptoms. The simple temp fix is to clean off & then lay a length of gaffer / gorilla type tape (silver or black maybe) to deflect away any more water attempting extra ingress from the failed seal just above the mounting bar. The common repair can be just re-mount the bar and fit an extra screw either end or full internal re-panelling if rot has started. NB If anyone has not yet had this issue on similar age Vans then take some remedial action asap as the hidden damp weeping will slowly creep and rot the internal front & c.£1k plus bill awaits. M
  24. Hi, Thanks for update & advice about multiple pets. Have now done some reading (no specific info found) but have managed a verbal confirmation from the Royal Vet College that there is space for up to 5 pets to be recorded on just the one AHC although your needy Vet may charge extra or even multiple times for the extra pets - maybe check. M
  25. fwiw .... All this technology is very much the future - however daunting and likely a must have for overseas travel in the near or maybe long term future. Techno catch up time for me & many. Lanzarote 19/9/21 (we hope) then SE Spain via France in Jan 2022 (we also hope). Thanks again to all for the updates. M
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