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  1. fwiw ... As I understand, from the fitter at dealer's, the front top window mount rail after a few months + of use and time flexes and twists a little during travel and more frequent window openings and seal is broken allowing a drip to start through normally the ends screw holes. A dry annual report is common initially - sorry as ours was, first decent rainfall period after and the 'leak' started. For a period of build this was therefore not apparent as an issue and hence it now affects quite a few vans. A simple tidy strip of silver or black gaffer tape across the top of joint is a good temp preventative prior. If I had a so far un-affected van of the 18/19 era I would fit a taped joint and maybe some additional quality sealant now prior to the issue likely starting. Issue is resolved simply with remove clean & re-fit with more sealant applied and often an extra screw at the ends. Leaving it though will result it damage to front inner panelling and normally first shows itself too late with a brown water mark below left & right corner windows. If ignored becomes a much bigger job & more hassle /upset. Open front windows, lift and fold back the black rubber surround at base or sides and inspect for dark brown staining / damp area. My dealer said he has carried out dozens of repairs for this issue to date so experienced and even has the panelling in stock for the next one - hence a bit irritated he just waited for me to report we had a 'window leaking'. Surprised Hymer Group have not done a simple re-call and simple upgrade re-fit rather than paying out x10 cost for inner panelling replacement etc under Warranty (if valid) - but what do I know ! Regards M
  2. fwiw .... Nice enough Vans, really really like & pleased with our 2018my 550 layout & spec. Now in year three of our second Elddis, but like most Caravans you need the support of a decent local Dealer as backup plus suggest a bit of Finance & a part credit card payment just in case. Common problems, as with most builders, mainly with some of the third party items fitted. Have also had the 2 week front window rail repair (foc under warranty) , which the dealer said was a very very common issue. Had I been aware prior to taking ownership I would have gladly paid him myself to re-seal it when brand new before it then leaked and caused upset & hassle. He knew exactly what it would be from when I first rang up ! Assume later & newer models have had this issue resolved ?! Await critic with dread ... M
  3. Jaydug, I do hope things improve and you again manage to overwinter down in Spain this year. Your posts & blog have been a real inspiration to us, and probably many others, that you have travelled out far and wide to long stay overwinter in Spain for so very very many years so far, and it really set the seed for us to hitch up and start going so thank you. I am hopeful that we will extend our health in future years with a continued annual mild, dry & sunny winter sojourn in SE Spain or elsewhere to assist. M
  4. fwiw ... Yes (yet again) ..... if it is officially & legally allowed - 89 days of relaxation or ?? 300m from the sea in Desert climate region of Almeria / Murcia border again for Health reasons ! As usual, await critic with great dread ....... M
  5. fwiw ... Time, practice & experience will resolve your worries and troubles. Just pitched up on a difficult gradient with two runs of broken flags that are a bit wide for our van and sloping the wrong way so ending up ramping one side also to get steps onto stable level ground. Here a week so worth 10 mins of hassle (bonus of no row this time !). x
  6. fwiw ... Never quite understood why somebody hasn't come up with a car roof system where the complete bike(s) just lay flat, with tie downs, on a rack or a grid or maybe within a plastic box - or have they ? Simple air deflector on front to assist. Bikes stood upright - why ? Maybe a clip on lay over protective cover for the side of the car to prevent damage & scratches when loading / un-loading. M
  7. Old thread re-invigorated ! Still very much liking our 550 & it's layout and cant find any reason to swop. Front Drawers - seem to remember there are maybe press stud straps either side on some models.
  8. fwiw .. Overland flexibility & a leisurely drive for us (with dogs at hand) for also many many other reasons and always via simple & quick Eurotunnel (booked direct). One reason is the latest thread title - [Ferry] 'routes dropped' (again) = tough. Enjoy your preferred choice. M
  9. fwiw .... Previous advice & comments on subject was to avoid a full flush tank when in travel as can spill over - has happened to us. Minor amount in tank is best. Bit of tap water in a bottle for a rinse of bowl suffices, lotus petal paper in bowl if a bigger job likely. Lidl bio-tab in tank for us - very simple, cheap, clean & effective. M
  10. fwiw .... The 'relevance' of my Thule unit suggestion (with "for the trip to storage" stated) I feel is fully explained as a reply to the OP secondary comments & queries for ideas to assist such as .... I do own a Thule unit (stated in post) so realise you cannot hitch up a Caravan at the same time. M
  11. fwiw ... These Bike racks hand clamp onto the ball of a swan neck tow bar for the trip to storage & other times (I have & use one) . The issue I found with the roof rack idea (with the bike stood upright) was also getting it up there at height and then securing it in place - not easy. https://www.wiggle.co.uk/thule-970-xpress-2-bike-towball-carrier?lang=en&curr=GBP&dest=1&sku=5360303256&kpid=5360303256&utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Shopping+-+All+Products&utm_medium=base&utm_content=mckv|sCX38cP6d_dc|mcrid|295292024608|mkw||mmt||mrd|5360303256uk|mslid||&mkwid=sCX38cP6d_dc&pcrid=295292024608&prd=5360303256uk&pgrid=60972124962&ptaid=pla-547658789721&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5sjQhoz_6gIVwbHtCh1ybgjzEAQYAiABEgKowPD_BwE Enjoy the research ! M
  12. fwiw ... Cade - I did a lot of research about a rear mounted bike rack option, after fit & factory fit. A point raised was that the manufacturer will have a maximum acceptable weight loading for the mounting points for the specified rack on the rear end (to include everything you fit & load on). Do check this with your builder, in writing, to avoid un-pleasantness with any Warranty claim later. Once sorted you will enjoy having the bikes on site ! NB Most UK built vans struggle to manage with (our short 'A frame') bike carriers, continentals will. M
  13. fwiw ... The bikes mid way up on the back end will reduce the stability (30kgs plus the extra weight of carrier cover & straps). All your weights will then need checking carefully and the weight upgrade option will assist. Loading allowance for your bike rack fitted onto the Van ? With a decent heavier tow car well on top of the weight ratio issue, ATC & sensible towing speeds etc I would be comfy to drive the outfit. M
  14. fwiw ... Not surprised on the BF fares news and perhaps starts to tip the ££'s balance for some types of units. Demand was & is strong so BF will push the price against alternative options for all vehicles types. We'll be (12.3m) towing overland France again Jan 1st or 2nd for our 89.5 days trip, Tunnel booked direct with them, Rabies tested ready (Dogs), steady days this time and stopover arrivals before dark en-route, cant wait and just wont suffer the Pennine's winter. Will be changing times at site and expect many regulars missing this Winter for various reasons. Regards to all .... M
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