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  1. fwiw..... Sounds more of a set up issue to me and not just normal operation. 1. Have you spoken to Whale on basics of subject for their input & advice ? 2. Assume you have already done the simple pump calibration set up ? - highly un-likely was done on pdi & part resolved our troubles. 3. Afterwards try some adjustment to the pressure setting - resolved ours pulsing on/off especially at night. Await usual critic with dread ... M
  2. fwiw... I am very reluctant to use & invest in anything but the best available diesel in UK & EU - if compatible to your engine as noted. My (and your ?) modern eco diesel engine is & was designed to run sweeter & cleaner on the better / the best fuels. Poor fuel = often soot and choking up of the many eco sensors & systems = £££'s repairs ahead. NB Got that T shirt from a s/h car we bought. I for many years have whenever possible always used Shell V Power diesel. Have found improved mpg, performance & excellent low emissions on annual MOT test results ac
  3. fwiw .... Agree that the saloon lighting is way too bright on the standard loops & the Watt ratings. Took an easier option and have just put in some simple self adhesive battery led underlights to Kitchen for softer basic background non glare lighting. Other main lighting, very rarely used, is just way too bright for us in normal use unless fingertip searching for a lost earring clip. M
  4. fwiw ... Happy ML250cdi 2013 W166 owner - now in 6th year of economical towing & armchair comfort. Pal very very briefly ran a s/h 2012 C180 petrol manual estate towing 1500kgs - totally ignored my view against that model & spec - didnt last a season and then made an even worse swop. 220cdi Auto will be well on top of your towing needs. Likely the 7 speed auto & Euro 6 ?. Agree & seen the soft standard rear suspension issue when loaded & towing - similar to many long Estates with overhangs. A 2015 will be out of MB factory Warranty. We retro fit
  5. montesa

    What PHEV

    fwiw ... As it read there will be new Hybrid cars allowed after 2030 to be sold up to 2035. Assume though that car builders will likely react & cease earlier than above dates. Until there is something practical, economical & at reasonable cost I'll stick with my Euro6 Diesel. Will watch with interest though in meantime. NB Had a run out in a friends Tesla Model3 LR - a hugely impressive step forward. M
  6. fwiw .... Good rinse down of water prior to remove any dust & grit. Triple wax car wash (used for years) in warm water, Micro fibre Sponge and a 'soft' car wash brush on a pole. Old soft toothbrush for tight edges around trims etc + on a short pole to reach around edges of roof hatch sealants (always have black mould). Always do roof fully first. Then use a garden type simple sprayer to apply a coat of Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler @ 6 water to 1 part BD = found v.good. If a detergent (like most washing up liquids) is aggressive (normal) it will also remove all waxes etc as we
  7. fwiw... Would support and follow that viewpoint. Improved hygiene & Mask wearing etc has led to a much lower infectious disease transmissions such as usual flu & simple colds. M
  8. fwiw ... To find damp on a 5yo out of Warranty Caravan but with only a £200 fix I would consider a big result & getting off lightly, but irritating yes. I would though want to know the actual cause ? Seems so many Vans have common sealant failures. Would question why there is not more preventive routine & cheap re-sealing of joints to stop expensive large scale damp ingress issues. I would gladly have paid my dealer to simply re-seal a joint, even within the warrant period, to save the resulting hassle of no van for three weeks and two two trips back & forth fo
  9. fwiw.... There are some Caravan sites, and also Hotels etc, still open & accepting business from people who have one or more of the permitted exemption reasons. Some folk are though twisting and bending or simply fibbing. about their exemption reason. I equally do wonder who are all the folk in the scrum of people at Heathrow etc Airports ?? Well done again to the many decent honest folk abiding to the rules to see off this pandemic. M Await critic ....
  10. fwiw ... Am MB Owner. From previous similar posts & threads I understood .... The tow bar option on a Lease Car (new) is a full cost up front item or full cost during lease term write down cost ? Enquire ? The Dealer if asked to retro fit a tow bar to a new car will normally just use a local third party - do ask & check cost loading. NB The Sales person is usually out of depth on tow bars. The Factory installed also often includes changes to other items like cooling system so that the car could tow at the full maximum weight up a big hill in a 40 deg heat and not ov
  11. fwiw .... Copy & pasted from the Gov.co.uk website (re: Exercise) :- "You should minimise time spent outside your home, but you can leave your home to exercise. This should be limited to once per day, and you should not travel outside your local area". Hence shameless culprits fined. Most decent folk seem to be able to understand the basics of the current rules & advice. Await critic M
  12. fwiw ... Just an odd few do get caught out breaking the regulations, the majority do not. Well done again to the majority of decent ordinary law abiding folk just toeing the line, rules and continuing to stay safe for themselves & others. M NB Lockdown & general restrictions for 3+ plus months now - like many.
  13. fwiw... Dear Boris & Emmanuel, We have behaved in the last 12 months so please can we be allowed to travel and spend this Autumn down in the Dordogne. We can but dream m m m m m M
  14. fwiw ... Aside, but I managed a passenger seat run out in my friends new Tesla Model 3 LR. Motoring has leaped forward completely and that car has set a new benchmark in performance & Tech - highly impressive. Surprised at the limited towing rating given the huge power & grunt. Not the right type of car for me and too pricey but major progress for EV's. Await a small city car at a sensible price now. M NB Will stay with my Euro6 Diesel at 29mpg towing & 40+ solo for a while longer.
  15. fwiw... For me the narrower UK roads, congestion & if Touring around a fair bit then an 8ft wide would be challenging & also likely on the heaver side. We have found our Elddis (Affinity) '550' island bed an excellent spacious layout - 7.3m / single axle / 1500kgs (after wt upgrade). We swopped from a 540 French side bed type, like I think you may have had & with same issue. Am happy again with our 2nd Elddis van after 2yrs & 3 yrs of ownership. The 550 bed is length-ways with headboard onto back on van so no issues with sideways levelling up & also no fixe
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