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  1. fwiw ... Hi zorro, From our recent positive experiences of using fixed data/timespan 'one off' sim chips - UK & EU ...... Your Mifi unit needs to be un-locked to all providers. For occasional use ---- attempt & try to purchase a fixed 'Data' only sim card to be used within a specified time span. Some sims can also be then topped up afterwards on a PAYG basis but beware of cost. Most providers do do them but suppliers / agents hate them & often deny availability because of dismal commissions hence cross selling into contracts. Best to Amazon / Google
  2. fwiw ... We have overwintered ,3 times now, early Jan to mid March (so under 90 days) in 2018 / 2019 & 2020 at the same long term site, so have recent experience. There are plenty of sites to go at if researched fully. We sought to escape grey UK Winters and wanted a smaller peaceful non car park type site within a short walk maximum to the beach + good for dogs etc but with facilities etc to hand. Our chosen return Site 'loves' may be your 'hates' though and perfect doesn't exist. We chose geographically the scenic very Northern Almeria / southern Murcia coastal area
  3. fwiw ... and for a change there is no reply from the OP .......
  4. fwiw ... MIFI signal strengths. We have two simple Huawei mifi units, a 4g & a 5g - one was free with a £8pm data package. We purchased an antenna reception booster panel (6 times bigger than the mifi unit) which we simply put on our Caravan front sunroof with its sucker pads. It greatly increases the signal capture from the satellites etc. Have never then struggled with a signal & acceptable strengths except during Thunder storms. When the Caravan Industry wakes up they may just start fitting wifi reception domes onto the van roof (another hole to leak damp). Comm
  5. fwiw .. "the barrel comes clean out of the tow bar with the key still inside whilst it is "locked" onto vehicle, does this sound normal? " Bit confused - where was the key when the detach occurred ? M
  6. fwiw .. For a long time we have used our own personal mifi unit which we find has been - 1. Much cheaper than the chargeable services 2. Much much faster than most 3. Much more secure than the Public systems on sites M NB My pal gets up at 3am / 4am to do his emails & check up on his Investment portfolio on site wifi (slowly but free !).
  7. fwiw ... Bought one mainly for our annual (ha ha ha) long distance tow down to Southern Spain in Winter. Found on use (after carefully cleaning front prior to fitting ) ..... 1. Black out of front windows on overnight stops was hassle. 2. Hassle getting access into front locker. 3. Did flap a bit on towing regardless of adjustments. 4. Found it noisy - a constant drone / hum. 5. Fuel economy was lowered - drag of fabric v smooth waxed front of van ? Removed cover - noise went, fuel economy improved, no more hassle or blackouts. If was
  8. fwiw... Try ringing Whale customer service - usually very helpful. Issue might be a bit deep for a google search solution. M
  9. fwiw ... 2018 Affinity Our original supplying dealer (2nd Elddis again) picked up a weep of water ingress at the, on time, second service from the o/s front window mounting bar - a fairly common issue on c.2018 Elddis Group Caravans that Dealer was specifically now looking for and well discussed on CT. No quibbles, van was booked in for three weeks later, Warranty repair completed invisibly & without issue or cost. Sure it was a bit of hassle taking & collecting but hey ho. NB Our Elddis dealer is slightly more expensive for servicing than most others (AWS etc) and
  10. fwiw .. On our car the stop start will only work when the main Battery & secondary smaller battery are fully charged regardless of if also towing. When I hitch up the Caravan usually after it has been stood, and the mover used, the car alternator then will also charge up the Caravan Battery - this take a while. Only when all three Batteries all fully charged will the stop start work again (f switched on) and assuming the Cars alternator is also keeping up with the Caravan fridge cooling to chosen setting. For a few hours run to site a loaded fridge with cooled / frozen fo
  11. fwiw ... From my understanding & perhaps another maybe more simplistic viewpoint. If you wish to long term overwinter from say 1/1/22 to say 30/3/22 = about 90 days then .... 1. You cannot visit the EU for the 90 days prior c. October, November, December 2. Nor can you return for the 90 days after = c.April, May, June. You could though return in July 2022 for another 90 days stay and could have finished a 90 stay on 1/7/21 to 30/9/21. From my reading :- The ETIAS scheme will likely fully operate in 2022 = computerised logging of visitors. There is
  12. fwiw... Most sites now have slow overused Broadband & some even charge (CMC ?). We very successfully use a small & simple Huawai 'Mifi' unit with a Data' only Phone Sim card (mini chip) on the Caravan & also car. Keep it charged, switch on, log in with your device = fast & cheap broadband locked to you only. We just buy over the counter the chip with a pre-loaded limited amount of Data on it but have sometimes done an online Data top up. We have had a monthly £8 Data only contract for the last couple of years as was on a deal with also a free Mifi unit included
  13. fwiw... OP. I've found that sometimes car dealers & honest Salesmen may fib just to get a sale. A Factory tow bar sometimes means the dealer just gets a Towbar fitting outfit to aftermarket fit the original equipment o/e) unit to an 'in UK stock' new car to easily meet an order. Factory Tow bar when specified on a new build at Factory = long special order time. The Factory wiring loom is usually costly for aftermarket fit. When resolving electric issues have always started at the source & proved output and followed on from there. I'd start again with the
  14. Hi, fwiw ... We have type 5 from above pics - 3 rd set in 10 years after various incidents & losses. Pads are normally retro fitted to most Touring Units to cope with the multi pitch scenarios. If you strike lucky you'll get a fairly level sideways pitch with just easy front to rear Jockey wheel to adjust. If choice of pitches we will usually reject a badly sloping one. Tip. Practice using your spirit level ! Minor sideways slopes on gravel I may just scrape by foot a small hollow for a wheel to drop into or its ramping time (it takes practice & found tri
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