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  1. FWIW ..... Interesting but very confused .... Assuming the Jockey wheel is actually running at 100kgs (not checked ?). This video seems to show the Caravan weighed completely detached from the car and with the Jockey wheel also fully sat on the weighbridge and stated weight is 1800 kgs. During normal use (towing on a public highway) surely the Jockey wheel will be imposing and transferring its loading ( 100 kgs ??) onto the tow ball of the Car ? The Caravan when towing weighs 1700kgs ?? The car will be plus 100kgs ?? The Caravan when towing is 50kgs underweight ?? Await comment & critic ..... M
  2. FWIW .... We had a 2007 Swift 540, without shockers and also with those exploding bubbling eggs o/e tyres, purchased in 2010. Retro fitted new Alko shockers, new good quality tyres (x3) and also had the wheels balanced (they were way out). Noticed a much improved outfit, much less carnage inside the cupboards and settled my peace of mind significantly. I'd fit them. M
  3. montesa


    FWIW .... Not really surprised - West Yorkshire's New Caravan Dealers now getting sparse. Did not hear any news of the Business up for sale and the sudden closure spells worry for Creditors ? Await update & part two of this story .....
  4. FWIW ... Am currently in Spain. Have faffed around with my Terriers with Rabies jabs and testing all Autumn 19. Will await a definative answer from Gov.uk & Defra this Autumn 2020. Without a clear situation Spain next winter will be much quieter. Lots of expats worried to death in Spain at the moment due to Newspaper and self interest Professional scarmongering. M
  5. FWIW ...... Agree with this view so I am a keen reviewer of the sites I visit. You sometimes need a thick skin to post on forums - got that T shirt. Await critic .... M
  6. Hi, FWIW ... I am also a fan and sole user for last 4 years of 'Lidl' Bio tabs after reading various field trials and own experiences with other random bio-tabs & liquids. We Overseas Caravan regularly as well and have found Lidl bio tabs fine in even 45 deg heat. Agree many other makes do not perform very well. I generally re-charge my Cassette after 36 / 48 hrs when nearly full. I find the Lidl bio ones work fine, the smell is very minimal & there is very good active breakdown of contents. Bio tabs are so simple and clean to use (1 or maybe 2 tab per re-fill - 2 for the journey home to storage), they are light and safe & very easy to store. Will never go back to faffing around with smelly troublesome bottles of liquid. NB I pop a tab in with the final re-charge water and by the time I return to the van it has disolved and I give a quick slosh around to coat the cassette walls - works for me. We use the basic toilet paper as breaks down fastest - minimal paper left in Cassette on emptying. NNB - I make no mention of the cost as it is a product performance & use choice ! Our Caravan has a clean fresh water system flush so we have an atomiser with dilute Zoflora for a quick bowl squirt. M
  7. Hi, For what its worth .... Weight of preferred new caravan is a big factor as the Tiguan is a bit on the light side for some. The Tig may be rated to tow 2400kgs but I personally wouldnt fancy it with a heavy twin and a fully loaded rig- assume its an auto ? Would personally be going for something heavier than a Tiguan or reducing the Caravan weight & size. If this is your first Caravan towing might suggest a bit of input & personal advice from someone on set up for towing etc - or get reading. M
  8. FWIW .... Have posted before on this issue following our concerns last Autumn. We are now in Spain with our two Terriers - no issues & no checks outgoing ( but £17.50 per dog !) We spoke to Defra 16/12/19 just prior to our 2/1/20 depart from UK and they helpfully explained no blood tests required to enter EU as we would be departing prior to any exit arrangement. Equally no bloodtest required for a UK pet on a valid passport and usual requirements returning from EU. Really suggest you phone them if worried. M
  9. Hi all, We now pitched overwintering again down on the coast of the Desert region of Northern Almeria near Villaricos, 300 miles south of BP & 300 metres from the sea. Same awful rustic site (again) with its poor reviews, for the third year. Had two days of 'Gloria' wind & heavy rain so far, snow in the hills inland, but fairing better me thinks than our friends in the North (BP etc). Site coping with deluge, Lettuce field adjoining looks a bit fresher. Worst Winter here in last 20 years overwinterering say some vintage snowbirds. Today has been much calmer and a sense of it brightening up slightly with a very good forecast ahead. Interesting blog to read P&R - thanks for your effort - and to others who do blogs. Your 2020 Biscay Cruise update confirmed our desire to stick with the over-land France route & its flexibility - two dogs is the final straw for us. Regards M
  10. Hi all, Info & update to assist / inspire / wind up or depress. Car & 7.3m s/a Caravan, Leeds (2/1/20) to Almeria (6/1/20) overland, so post Christmas departures / early into the January changeover period. No issues on Tunnel or in dreary grey France, zero about latest fuel strike. Spain overnight stops (we don't book). - Capmany (border). Cheaper fuel @ e1.35L & pleasant popular o/n site again = e19. Sat out in sun on arrival. - Bonterra Park, Benicassim. Lots of choice of empty pitches again = e28. Bungalow work now finished. Sat out in sun on arrival. 3 Kings fest so Merca shut. AP7 - Went toll free below Reus but lanes & booths still in so 15 kmh - evidence of recent HGV damage ! Started to get cheap minor tolls again below Alicante but we do the Coastal AP7 via Cartagena to site - NB not many fuel stops on AP7 in this area of southern Murcia. Just settling in now 9/1/20 at our usual secret & just awful winter long stay site near Villaricos / Mojacar. Northern Almeria's super dry desert region but on the coast / beaches. Choice of pitches available as normal. e15.80 based on 60+ nights - no increase this year. So far usual Beach walks in morn then Shorts & F15 suncream 1pm to sunset 6.15pm, cool at night. The sky is blue here ! Reports from many - sites this winter generally quieter than Winter 18/19. M
  11. FWIW .... Hi, We are 100 % fixed bed, longer term users without any need to pushback or put bits away daytime. I have found, at 6ft myself, it is often the configuration and the need to compromise a bit that is the issue. I regard a decent nights sleep is ahead of say a spacious large rear washroom. You'll have to go to a German build or an Adria or an 8ft wide to possibly get the longer fixed beds with often other issues then (cost, size, length, twin axle, small Kitchen & washroom etc). Even a 6ft 4" bed, between headboard & bedboard (central full width middle washroom type) would be awful & total a non starter for me. Equally island beds with rear washroom are not for me due to disturbance of / and the narrow walkway daytime - note always retracted back at shows. Having had french bed Caravans (fair option) and pondered over a sideways island bed (limited walk past) we now have a s/axle 2018 550 Elddis Affinity (same layout as Aurora or 550 Avante). Open ended Island bed with headboard at back and open to walkway through to front - adequate bed length with over-hang option (without issues) to stretch out ( I wear bed socks to prevent cold feet anyway). Shower cubicle to o/s, toilet to n/s. Very much works for us as allows either sleeper to get to toilet with disturbing. Toilet door cleverly double closes to shut off front also. Elddis is the only builder I have found of this layout so maybe time to find one at a Dealer then go look, try out & ponder this layout. M
  12. FWIW,,,, Did read that the person inspecting your home could perhaps just phone their own mobile from your House land line as a record of time & date proof of carrying out an internal visit if it was needed. M
  13. FWIW ..... The longer term future is clearly now under some Political & lobbyist high moral ground threat. I am at a loss though given the dirty emmissions of some Countries, continuing building of dirty coal power stations and dirty World Industries (Shipping & Livestock etc) as to how me or you going hybrid or EV will start to resolve the greater issues. I realise sadly nobody doing nothing won't sort things. I run a Euro 6 SUV (2013 W166 MB ML250 bluetec) with a 2.1D 4 pot on adblue. I run on Shell V Power, keep up to servicing etc and last MOT emmisions were Zero reading. Returns 28 - 30 towing / town & 40 + solo. 8 k per annum. I run a VW Aye Up! around town - 3 cyl petrol - 40 mpg - but mainly for its size for parking etc. I generally keep my cars 5 to 8 years plus. There is some issue to be had with the old technology dirty thirsty diesels smoking around but I think the MOT test (if properly correctly done), higher VED & Fuel Duty costs will slowly sort them out. Steps off soap box .... Await critic ... M
  14. FWIW ..... Without any specified wants or needs stated by OP - we stayed 5 peaceful nights at Aquarius in late March 2019. Pleasant large but well organised site we found, nice beach in front. It is away from the more commercial areas around the main towns. Vet at St Pere for pets or kids if needed. Highly recommend a run out over the mountain to Cadaques in your car for a very pleasant coffee or romantic lunch on the seafront albeit August may be chaotic. Cautionary tales about marauding youths on mtb's & car break ins at the historic ruins at L'Escala. M
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