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  1. FWIW ... We find .... Often had times when my wife's very 'smart' phone just wont 'get' a signal (zero) but my brick phone does get a signal (poor) as does our mifi (Huawei - fair). We then use a portable booster aerial reception to improve the Mifi reception (to good). We find no smart phone reception doesn't always mean no signal. Somebody a few threads ago said that your Caravan (tin box) is similar to a Faraday box = poor reception. M
  2. We stayed there a week this summer. Pleasant enough, pitches vary, many seasonals, some shaded as part wooded site, 7/10 dog walking, popular tent field. Fishing will deeply disappoint, very very badly silted up overgrown tatty puddle, and they charged ! Fair site access and general location. New toilet block, but old fashioned layout - great pity. Basically well kept. Super smart CL within site - how & why allowed ? Popular / regulars site hence not cheap in peak season.
  3. Road toad. There are many many sites available and lots have a variable pitch size pricing. The advance advice we fortunately took was to do a pre-trip cheap fly drive to have a good look around at the site & area options - some recommends were truly shocking. Honeypot sites are often very busy & cramped. M +1 - big ditto . Lost in France Search on Acsi plus others for Winter sites open in France - lots to go at. We go from Calais down so off route for you. M
  4. Fwiw .... KLM website seems to say small dogs in cabin in a travel crate & larger into hold but can get expensive. M
  5. Fwiw .... I would think sedation for the dog(s) will be needed, and likely for you for Airline costs. Was told some time ago that KLM ex UK via Holland to Spain did accept dogs. Wouldnt put our two in the hold regardless - just getting through Bonfire night trauma at the moment. I would just drive down in your own car and stay a bit longer or en-route - will then save you the hire car issue. Option to stop as and when you want. Google will find you plenty of dog accepted motels on the way. Below Valencia is the winter tip for likely better weather. I have seen various people with dogs flying and do know from a friend who works in Airport Assistance that some Airlines will accept into the cabin an 'Assistance' dog or even a 'Therapy' dog or two. He stated that they do not often challenge the dogs official status. One lady in a fur coat and large sunglasses insisted she needed her two lap dogs in a pushchair with her on board as she became stressed when parted - they allowed her to board to save a stressful argument with her. Please advise any progress or Airline news. M
  6. Thanks to all responses , Got 8 weeks to get up to speed on these points now. M
  7. In addition, a simple confirmation please ? A Sat dish system now has limited greater UK scope to receive Astra 2 (UK) satellite after it moved ? In 2019 / 2020 the best route source method to get UK TV, beyond greater UK area, is to start with a fast Internet link, via a VPN, to a Laptop or iPad etc via a Phone / Mifi / Wifi type connection ? So after getting a fast VPN Wifi connection ..... What is the suggested website to then receive UK TV - Freeview type channel range ?? For BBC channel reception overseas, need the BBC i Player App / system, used via a VPN to kid the service as to where you actually are ? BBC tedium for honest Licence payers ? For Sky abroad - I need to download and access via the Sky Go app ? Thanks in advance for any critic, corrections or amendments. M
  8. Fwiw .... I have every sympathy with the OP & the issues in 2019 with the procedures using & setting up a hand wound c.1950's Jockey wheel and hand adjusted sleeve & crimp- a common reason why some move over to a Motorhome - hassle, trauma and time setting up. NB - Corner steadies - two speed budget Battery electric drill essential for ease in 2019 and assists Jockey wheel trauma. Time a sensible cost minded engineer looked at the totally outdated Jockey wheel issue, now that a budget 2 speed Battery drill is so cheap and carried by many. My 2019 thoughts - remove the handle on top, lengthen the winding adjustment to remove the adjusting extra sleeve & handle and just put a bolt head with outer slot on top for your 2 speed Drill - use Van's wheel brace for a manual over ride. Get rid of the daft 'v' slot for travel under and provide a locating pocket under the A frame for travel safety and let the Jockey wheel just rotate when down. The daft manual adjusting sleeve, 'v' slot and stiff bolt crimp handle on the side is such a 1950's British engineering idea for the light weight Caravans & trailers of that era - oh and in 2019 it's still going strong even on £40k / 2 ton Caravans ! Rant over and await critic and ideas ...... M
  9. Fwiw ..... Strong vote here for dry & sunny Spanish part overwintering rather than our alternative of dreary grey Northern Pennine England at 950 ft above sea level. 2 hours more winter daylight as a starter. M
  10. Hi Dobloseven (& son), FWIW .... You'll have great trouble getting him to buy anything different to a s/h Volvo if that is what he wants. You said currently he has a 50 mile commute but that will change at some point ? A bit of proper proper research & reading on the Web, Autotrader etc would be my recommend for him this weekend - I quite enjoy it. Model reviews, previous experiences & traumas. New Car / pre-loved Car depreciation graphs and money pits are also good reading for his hard earned cash. A half decent well maintained 'Private purchase' car, that's already lost maybe 70% of the new cost after 3 / 4 years (PCP has ended !), with a bit of leg work, an HPI check & inspection, would be my choice. Cleaning, Valeting, bit of body repair, Bank or private family ££'s Loan, fresh MOT, minor mechanical can all be sorted with his ability. Driving around the UK to purchase or view the right one, right model & colour, just wouldn't phase me or my family. If its a Volvo chosen then find the local aftermarket Volvo repair specialist you may want to use and give him a call or pop in to discuss the specific model & its issues that your thinking about - they sometimes have customers cars they also know about. Oh to be 21 again .... Capri 1.6, Motown on the 8 track & lots of hair ......... M
  11. FWIW, '4 months stay' mmm - discussed at length in another recent thread about the 90 day in EU rule. We will do a 90 day max trip this next time. As said & would agree we also Budget similar e400 per month for pitch, gas, water & electric on one of the more sensible priced sites. For the very popular sites, not forced to be 5*, or for shorter stays will be +50% more. Food we find a bit cheaper & fresher but dont cost it into the trip as we also eat when at home. Insurances for Travel personal, Overseas Breakdown Car & Caravan = £250 per 90 day trip ( c£500 pa) NB c.£1200 budget for the return travel bit. e20 per pet vet visit + extra pet travel cost. M
  12. FWIW .... Maybe I'm mistaken but ..... I also have the Huawei e5577c, and its in front of me now as I type and have checked model code is same. On mine, next to the charging socket is a small rectangular black panel which clips up and reveals the two circular booster aerial sockets. I have a secondary mobile panel type aerial on a sucker which I usually put inside onto the sunroof front panel which so far has a 100% success rate at getting me a signal in a weak or no phone area. Quote from detail :- "The benefit of the Huawei E5577 is that is has two TS9 external antenna connections, for connection with our true MIMO Window Mounted Antenna for the best possible 4G speeds." https://www.motorhomewifi.com/product/4g-mimo-window-mount-antenna/
  13. FWIW, Hi Steve & Ruth, A common question every year in Autumn. We were tipped off, and were grateful, that when we were looking into part over-wintering in Spain, do an out of season cheap fly / drive 7 day break trip prior with an un-limited mileage hire car to suss out sites, general areas & regions, rather than being very disappointed arriving after a 1600+ mile trip. As said as regards routes etc your post & queries do need a bit more info :- 1. Your likely start point in the UK ? 2. Your time of year & the trip total rough duration ? 3. Pets with you ?? 4. Like or hate Ferry or Channel Tunnel ?
  14. FWIW ... Hi Shirley, We're happy recent Elddis Affinity owners - twice in last 3 plus years - new 2016 model year 540 & new 2018 model year 550. A few minor issues but generally been very pleased - our Elddis main dealer has been helpful. Do hope you enjoy your Caravan and am sure you'll easily settle - but suggest you do be very pedantic prior with Webbs. Ditto to above comment - do ensure the 'live' and 'valid' Elddis Warranty is fully transferred over to you and you also get as much information on previous servicing etc. Ensure you have written confirmation from Elddis prior to ££'s changing hands. If no 'live' Elddis Warranty to transfer suggest you re-post the excuse on here prior or have a search on this forum to read potential consequences. In addition the Dealer may be also offering you an Insurance backed limited value Warranty with lots of conditions. Part purchase on Finance will usually assist any future issues or claims. An attempt to find out the previous owners details & a quick contact can be very enlightening as to some home truth good or bad ! Assume your having an independant survey done ? I have not had dealings with Webbs so cant really comment except that some Dealers often become a bit less helpful after they have banked your money. NB Are Webbs actually an Elddis main Dealer ??? - could be an important point for any future issues & repairs etc. That model / year 'may' have been subject to :- 1. Re-call - Skylight window - think it was the hinge bar & its fixings or similar. 2. Re-call - Skylight surround panel inside - becomes loose. 3. Known but denied issue for that era - the front window hinge bar sealant breaks its watertight bond with front panel from use & flexing and then allows water ingress to inner front panel from the corner screw holes - quite a reasonable job to rectify ingress. Peel back inner window rubbers to check or look for brown damp staining at inside base of windows. Worth having removed, re-sealed & rectified before water ingress occurs - c.£1k+ if no proper 'Warranty'. 4. Alko Brake squeal - that van might have just pre-dated that on-going trauma. Await critic or comments M
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