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  1. Thanks, Northern end of the Felbertauerntunnel In Austria at c.5400ft - couldn't resist an outfit pic in July 2015 = happier times. M
  2. fwiw .... Last weeks 1918 / 19 'Spanish' Flu TV Documentary was very enlightening and a forgotten lesson on basic failings - do watch ! Lots of new rules again - am in West Yorkshire so Tier 3 - will adhere & comply. As I understand Tier 3s should not leave their area / stop elsewhere regardless or Travel unless for a listed exceptions. Some will read the new Rules & follow fully, some will adapt or adjust to suit needs & circumstances, but some will just ignore. I doubt again there will be any formal prosecutions though - one of the pandemic
  3. fwiw ... Another vote for ACSI Camping Card as a starter. I found a lot of the directories and websites are very selective & have highly restricted lists of sites who, I was told, are often paying for a listing and hence many omissions. When we were researching the true holy grail of 'French sites open in Winter' it needed about 5 different websites to get a decent list of options and create a variable route plan with some options. NB I found the CMC / France / Open in Winter list of overnight stopovers is just woeful & hence the common CMC derived tales of just
  4. fwiw ..... I normally ..... give a decent wet rinse first to get grit & loose off (especially delicate windows), warm wash with Simonize Car type wash & wax with microfire sponge (toothbrush for fine corners and trim edges etc) usually do whole roof first with an extending brush & sponge - Small Paintbrush & an awning rail mini brush for fine detail edges also. Bobby Dazzler sprayed onto wet Van to finish off. About twice a year ..... Windows and roof hatches opened to clean around edges. Old toothbrush taped onto a pole to reach across. Heavy
  5. fwiw .... Christmas celebrations, and the holiday period for some, will still happen albeit should only be with immediate bubble. Giving Gran & Grandad etc presents personally along with a good dose of CV19 seems something to avoid. So far seems proven the biggest danger to the mature age group is contraction from children and younger Adults who show little or no symptoms, often are un-tested, but wandering around CV19+ & infectious. I'd accept a continued on-going higher level of restrictions given this mk2 'lockdown' seems much more vague. M
  6. fwiw .... Our 15/11/20 update 99% now its a no for 1/1/21 trip to Spain very very sadly. Too many BJ & EU & CV19 hoops, too many more as yet un-known hoops to come, Spain in upgraded State of Emergency already (= rapid changes to rules) and many regions ever increasing the lockdown grip & rules. A desolate site with beaches & public areas closed etc etc is no sort of pleasure for overwintering even in the sun. Another gloomy grey Pennine Winter awaits = dire ..... so will ABTA package trip escape to sun as & when we can. It will be a very long
  7. fwiw ... Season 9 now with an Isabella Magnum 340 midi (£900 new). 3 months overwintering use plus regular trips in UK. Never failed us inc some storms etc & a zip-on annex extension acquired now , s/h, for extra visitor sleepovers. M
  8. fwiw ... From what i've read this morning on the subject, apart from a Vote in Westminster to confirm BJ statement, all UK & Continental leisure 'Holidays', 'stopovers' & 'sleepovers' are now cancelled during Lockdown 2. For Business is different rules. M
  9. Hi Pheasant, Could you confirm your chosen Insurer to assist ? M
  10. 2018 Elddis Affinity with a Pioneer fitted - no model name stated but it's basic.
  11. fwiw .... A sorry & sad tale above - buyer beware always (inc from some dealers !). Have sold privately (and purchased under similar criteria) many personally owned cars & a Caravan from my home address(s) to genuine buyers over many years. All docs (V5 & CRiS) & also receipts registered or stated to my home address where viewed. Folder full of receipts & docs & original purchase invoice(s) to view & Inspections always invited. Nothing to hide but always 'sold as seen tried & approved', any issues discussed prior, & hence less than f
  12. fwiw ... If overseas & therefore involved in the March 20 return to UK debacle with sudden cancelling of Ferries & trying to re-book with ET etc etc then dealing direct with the Operators direct would have been dramatically easier. The two clubs Bookings & Telephone systems just collapsed for quite a few days leaving most in trauma and limbo. We had no option but at one point to have three live ET crossings to save a two day wait at chaotic Calais. Thread drift Aldi .... We immediately saw savings of about £30 on our typical weekly shop when we started using an Aldi sto
  13. fwiw ... We will never book our ET travel through a third party ever again - very difficult to make any alterations or urgent re-scheduling and then your waiting for the call centre to re-open. The March 2020 debacle & trauma with 8-5 weekdays CMC & CCC call centres log jammed highlighted the shortcomings & grave issues for many. Now we are in these strange times of constant changes, alterations & rules who only knows. Book direct. M NB We use our Aldi shopping savings for 'free' crossings.
  14. Hi Stevew1, Thread drift again ..... I'm firmly in the wait & see camp as regards the future rules & regs coming out - far too much speculation at the moment. Just cant see the likes of Spain & France wanting to put off or severely limit UK long term Tourists or holiday home buyers. However the Pet Rabies Titre testing is very very likely needed regardless post 1/1/21 and takes weeks to sort out (it's no bad thing to have a pass confirmed anyway) . M
  15. Hi, Update : CCC / Intana have replied - they are not quoting or issuing any new Policies till further notice. Had thought they would continue even with conditions or at high premiums - not like Insurers to just stop as taking bets against risks is surely their business I thought . Green Flag (which I have for UK Motoring cover) will quote for European Motoring cover (Car&Caravan) at £90, for a one off up to 90 day trip. The Annual multi trip cover is about the same cost but limits to 90 days in EU max per year so no help to me. Now just need to start the minefield of Ann
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