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  1. Hi aj, 2013 250 W166. Aftermarket o/e Westfalia detach Tow bar - no cooing mods - towing 1500kgs. To repeat what I was told by a Mercedes Dealer Technician in 2015 who said he had researched the question. The Factory Spec tow bar option, when it is specified on a Factory new build car, includes an upgrade to the cooling system to cope with the cars maximum specified towing limit for the 250 / 350 W166 (think it is 2,950kgs or even 3,500kgs) - so understandable for towing those weights in varied Worldwide hilly & hot climates etc. MB belt & brace thinking to fully cope with all conditions. This is the reason when googling there is Talk of cooling upgrades with 'Factory' fitted towbars. For general Touring Caravan towing his view was just not needed - would agree.
  2. Hi, Any update since the January posting ? We have the Affinity 550 - the same excellent layout as the Compass 550 series - and very pleased. Few minor niggles mainly non Elddis items. Finally a comfy either side solo access fixed bed I can lay out on and also overhang my feet. A very good package in a 2.3m x 7.3m single axle. We did the f.o.c. new plated weight sticker upgrade to 1500kgs - doesnt change anything else. Glad as recently check-weighed our van when running very light loaded (has got mover) at 1440 kgs. Agree - a really daft design locker lid restricted opening - I use a garden kneeling pad to assist.
  3. Fishing related post. Message for Mitch the fisherman from a fellow fisherman ..... When we were over-nighting on that site at the end of March, we walked the lake and I talked in broken French English with three twenty something local French kitted up carp fishermen, three rods apiece on alarms. They were regulars and were parked up on the very far side corner of the lake from the Camping pitches and were fishing at distance ledgering with boilies and told me the fishing was usually good but it was early season still. There were two others fishing by the pitches with basic car boot rough tackle. Think the swimming activity area by the cafe may perhaps be a no fishing or too noisy. This seems to confirm that it is a noted Carp lake that is fished by the locals, albeit the summer tactics now may be different. Dont know the rules for Licences etc. PR1 - Will Mitch be lakeside in his bivvy tent roughing it for the week ?? Enjoy that lovely site and area with it's very helpful pleasant Dutch owners and worry not.
  4. I would be very very reluctant to get involved at all in assisting with the sale transaction privately of his Caravan. As mentioned let him get Trade offers and then let him decide what to do. However for what its worth ..... We have previously used Caravan Finder & Autotrader (Caravans) for successful private selling of our own Caravan(s) over a good many years - buyer & seller beware but mutually financially beneficial to both parties.
  5. Hi, We have stopped at the Municipal at Macon which is very handy for the A6, 44 miles north of Lyon & 299 onward to Frejus. https://www.macon.fr/Tourisme/Camping They seemed very used to one night stopover visitors and we found the site fine, just on the edge of town so near to food, fuel & supermarkets. Just an idea.
  6. It is not my understanding that it is restrict to entering certain listed Cities only but await comment. According to the Crit Air website I found - https://www.crit-air.fr/en.html It states within the initial text (copied and pasted) :- "In addition, new environmental zones will be set up in 2018, each covering a whole department, and come into force according to the level of air pollution. These include in particular the departments around the respective cities of Orleans, Chartres, La Roche-sur-Yon, Annecy, Chambery and many others."
  7. For what its worth, FWIW I doubt it would be worth you undertaking a restoration to get it back on the road and you will be very likely out of pocket. However from what I have seen on Ebay and the likes I think you will be surprised as to how much this project van may fetch, a few hundreds at least would be my thoughts. Beware of scams though but scrap it is not. There is an active market for older vans as projects or even to use as garden sheds or kids play houses etc so the un-roadworthy aspect is only a delivery issue. I can see it now painted pink in somebody's garden giving much pleasure again. Await progress and news.
  8. Hi, sorry to hear, do remember reading your outward trauma post in March as our UK long stay neighbours in Spain were caught without the return ferry to go back on and ended up driving France after arriving at the Port. We Eurotunnel & drive and do Leeds to Capmany, over the Spanish border, in 3 days / 2 stops but then do a slower pace on the Springtime return. We have driven dreary mid winter France to Spain twice now and intend to do so again this coming winter - roll on. Apart from the issue with us having a dog and needing a pet cabin or Kennel we have yet to enjoy a Ferry crossing except when disembarking even when they do run to time in fair weather. Good luck for Thursday !
  9. My Elddis Dealer goes visibly very pale when anyone chats about fitting such things - even fitting one onto the newer Swift group vans with the external starter blocks. As said the main issue is actually finding and securing to the internal battens which were not designed for a bike rack installation, unlike Swift have. I did once see an older Swift with a bike rack through bolted on the back panel - he had bolt heads showing above his fixed bed headboard. He had his dealer find his battens but through bolt (so drilled & weakened). In any event there are greater issues regarding stability & payload & noseweight with hanging weight off the tail end. There are some 'a' frame systems but they also have issues for most shorter A frame UK built vans. Lots of the Continental vans are designed for rear hung bike racks installing but you do often see them using A frame fittings and assume compensating with loading for the noseweight.
  10. Ditto small simple basic tool bag stowed in Caravan with spare fuses, bulbs & a few misc bits etc. Little used but essential when needed. Small tool box in car to assist. Tripping out when overloading or a fault - think most have had it - we often check at Reception on arrival for access to box info to self-reset if needed. Some sites do fine (charge) you for a call out to un-lock & reset !! Budget conscious friends cope easily with a 6 amp (circa 1.5 kw) supply when long staying in Spain, they even dont really use the gas ! They just get used to switching off and on when needed and even use it for their 1kw overnight heating as well. Rarely tripped out. 6A unlimited is included in the 14 euro nightly site pitch fee ! Other friends average 3 trip outs per weekend when on the CMC 16A / circa 4kw sites.
  11. Assume you or your dealer have already calibrated your pump ? Google for instructions. Assume your water pressure has also been correctly set and adjusted for your system ? Common issue - google for instructions. If set too high it will cause pulsing as it tries to maintain an over high pressure
  12. Not surprised mark68. If you have a 2017 / 18 Alko axle like mine then the Alko bulletin seems to say new shoes + new (old style drums) + lube to specific points. We had new shoes fitted & a full clean out on part one repair - no change within 500 metres ! More reading on this subject & 62 replies from post started 3/6/18 - enjoy !
  13. Hi, sorry to hear, also got two t shirts on this one - Alko 2017 /18 axle. Did start a post last year. Was on with this same issue 12 months ago which was early days for the problem. Alko at least were fully up to speed on this subject by last Autumn 18 and seem to have accepted responsibility. On our 2nd Alko bits fix Dealer did as told and fitted new old style drums, new spec shoes & put Alko superlube on certain points following the Alko fix bulletin instructions issued to the dealers. Since 2nd fix the slow speed squealing has gone - 4,500 miles to date. Seems change of supplier, sub standard shoes causing scored drums & also poor lube has caused it. I feel that maybe your dealer has perhaps only done half of the job that Alko recommend because it should have fixed it. NB No out of pocket expenses are payable for your hassle.
  14. We can and have easily used 20gb a week streaming TV on dark nights in when abroad. We binned all our contracts. We have previously therefore chased such deals but nothing has compared to this offer which is way above and beyond anything currently available, as Andy has also said. Typo or scam or actually a contract - not sure Ebay seller mmmm Positive feedback mmmm
  15. Tip perhaps ? Re-fit new one into a Motorcycle metal type tax disc holder so you can remove from glovebox and slide it into place on Offside (drivers side) when in France and remove when not so it doesnt obscure your field of vision when elsewhere or back in UK (potential MOT issues).
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