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  1. For what it's worth ... Given you seem very committed to going out to Italy regardless then ...... As said, and i'll repeat, long long way for 7 days plus of constant big days of travel for 7 days max on a site. Stuck on 14 /16 days max then I'd let the 8.5m rig meander its way down to Italy in advance and then I'd be looking at flying out from Newcastle / Teeside, car hire maybe to join up with them & an Air BNB or a campsite chalet static big tent etc even on two sites. Think it wont be that much different in costings if you research and you'll all get a Holiday rather than a 50% chaotic roadtrip. You could maybe even meet up & travel with them part of the trip if enough seats or part separately if a two centre trip. Switzerland or Austria is very nice touring country en route. As said, and i'll repeat, long way for 7 days plus of constant big days of travel for 7 days max on a site. M
  2. For what its worth ... I feel most UK Caravans have a silly initial low minimal payload to kid & mis-lead the public. If your Licence / outfit max weight limits will stand it i'd upgrade as a safety net if check weighed - they do ! We did the upgrade - Elddis = f.o.c. & no mods done just a sticker change. Think it was 1463kgs to now 1500kgs. When very light loaded, little clothing or food on board, we visited a weighbridge and our van was already 1460kgs. From a previous slight overloading issue with a light hgv there was then a bit of tolerance with the authorities but your Caravan Dealer / Builder will likely enjoy rejecting any relevant claim if your considered to be overloading !
  3. Just a quick question .... Is there a life span, in years from new, for the different refillable bottles on the market ? Thanks.
  4. Vectra, Welcome to the merry go round of the Alko brake noise. Your Dealer will have filed the Alko Bulletin issued in 2018 about the problem & the Alko 'solution' - ha ha ha ! Note - no out of pocket expenses payable for trailing the Caravan back and forth.
  5. Yes we had Sims also stopping - think Three 3 limit the EU roaming aspect to 60 days ish per sim / deal. Some folk get lucky though. Its a constant issue to resolve the smoke & mirrors of the various offers & deals out there.
  6. For what its worth .... As requested photos of my trial version of modification mk 1 and resulting extra lift to Locker. No doubt someone will be able to improve further. Requires some plastic protection now to edge of bracket & the locker latch as next step to prevent further injuries. NB The Locker when fully open does not foul onto front panel but it is close. NNB !! 2018 Model Elddis Affinity. Hope this will download to forum and hope this helps. M
  7. For what its worth ... We have a Huawai Mifi. for UK & France / Spain. Window aerial unit for better reception. Much faster and cheaper than any site wifi we've ever had. A standard Data only sim is fine - pay as you go & top it up online, or on a contract. Phone dealers hate payg users as poor commisions. TV use will eat data - we find about 1 gb per hour is a guide on SD use - can be greater. We have bought one off sims when on special offer. We found Three / 3 to be ok and gives some EU use. Different phone outfits change offers daily. We have just taken out a 2 year contract - 20 gb's per month @ £9 per month. as a cheap base starter allowance - free spare Huawai included in deal ! We have a separate 20gb sim (with 2 year life) as well for running out of monthly allowance moments.
  8. Sorry to hear Mr Plodd ... For what its worth .... Isn't the Tow Hitch (when stabaliser is not locked down) only a loose fit onto the tow ball ? The stabaliser squeezes onto towball when engaged ?
  9. Ditto - same question. For what its worth ... We previously had a 2007 Swift and at 7 / 8 years of age we started to suffer from failing sealant on the roof joints / higher damp readings. Our Engineer said this was a pretty normal issue with the sealant type used in 2007. Re-sealed all joints - was not a major job. The use and heat variations our Swift had been subjected to in 7 years will vary sealant performance.
  10. For what its worth .... 'Defender', off Amazon, £50, item is fine, fits easily and no flapping bits, does the job - prevents road grime etc. NB Bought it really for the long distance tow to Spain & back. But ..... ‘I used one and didn’t like it because....’ Found noisy at Motorway speeds, low level hum or drumming, assume must have been disrupted air flow or the fabric !? Found increased fuel economy also - improved it over 3 mpg (10%) on a like for like 300 mile day run on AP7 when removed at lunch - noise went too & unit much sharper. Wasted a lot of fuel prior and was ready to visit a garage as worried. Probably would be fine on more local trips and testing not done to CT or CMC / Industry standards. Would have been interesting to have fitted one of the premium covers at lunchtime & compared. Defender front cover for sale - used once & cheap - pm me !
  11. For what its worth ... Have now had my third 'Alko' squealing brakes new Parts & warranty repair - NB still no out of pockets expenses. 1. Alko Superlube applied, shoes chamfered & diagonal grooves put on. Failed & noise returned. 2. Alko supplied new shoes, drums, superlube - all replaced. Failed & noise returned. 3. Alko supplied self same new shoes, drums, superlube - all replaced. Await. I am not a CT expert on the subject. I was shown the old shoes & hubs (from the 2nd Alko repair) and new parts sent out by Alko for my 3rd repair. The shoes have particles of metal within the lining (bits of old Datsun's was the quip) hence score marks on the drums - hence metal to metal squealing at slow or slower speed braking. My annual trip down to Norfolk & back with lots of roundabouts and slower speeds has set them off twice now. Spain & back 1600 miles pretty quiet. Hence some folks not having major issues. Understand that Alko are now requesting a tape recording of your squeal prior to a claim being approved ! Good luck ! NB Dealer has been no quibble and very progressive. Pays to buy locally sometimes.
  12. Warnings above are all noted. 12.30 Sunday update .... for what its worth......you'll need to be reasonably handy. NB I have 2017 / 2018 Affinity. Existing Strut fittings :- I have an L shaped top bracket bolted with 4 small bolts onto top inner edge of the black inner panel leaf of the locker door. Same lower bracket & bolts onto inside of locker on the front panel . I have the same external grab handles & locker door as in Jacko 1 picture above. Have removed existing strut(s) lower mounting points only by partly pushing out the over-clips no need to un-bolt. The strong over-clips need a screwdriver. Left them attached at top. Having removed both struts at bottom can report, on my specific van, that my locker door will open about 240 mm higher externally at outer lip (45mm at the end of the strut mounting ) before it starts to foul onto the top lip / front panel. This may be different on yours ! NNBB !! If your strut black body is at the top when the door is lifted higher it does then start to foul the inner moulding. Try switching around to the strut body at the bottom with the thin chrome shaft at the top - the fittings aren't handed on mine. So a simply longer strut may not work depending on the new fittings / body. So given the strut only needs a 45mm fixed extension to the hole centre mount points & away from the inner panel would help, I have fabricated two simple 80mm x 30mm steel extension plates, bolted to the existing brackets to move the strut mounting holes out about 20mm and lower the 45mm needed and re-fitted the existing standard struts. The extender brackets will remove & struts re-fitted in about 5 minutes should the need arise and the existing ones are not modified ! There seems actually little pressure in the struts as the door is very light (but brittle as stated). I personally dont feel there is any greater stress or loading on the panel as the strut is working at almost the exact same angle and in the same range as previous as the bracket is making the small extension at the top mount. The brackets and the sharp Elddis locking closure lugs now just need some knuckle and forehead protection fitted for future. Very pleased with outcome and hope this info helps or assists someone else. M Critic & further warnings awaited
  13. This is different also .... & apparently they say it's road legal !!! Tinyecohomes - web link below ! Is that the approach to Chatsworth CMC site Reception in this picture ?? CMC Warden response ?? Website :- https://www.tinyecohomesuk.com/
  14. Hi all, 2017/18 Affinity 550 with the daft very low lift height (80 degrees) to front Locker lid. I have already got the garden kneeling pad to assist crawling . Have seen the brush handle in a picture option. I have done a web search. Was at The Lawns yesterday grilling a Salesman and viewing the 2020 modified locker & the 2020 model's height improvement - 120 degrees now ! He said Erwin Hymer group in 2017/18/19 where using up a huge bulk old stock of too short struts - if true thanks Erwin !! He told me though that a couple of his customers had purchased new soft power longer gas struts to sort the issue. A suggested possible suppler is :- https://www.sgs-engineering.com/gas-struts# About to commence with this modification but can anyone assist prior with a supplier / part no / cost or views etc ?
  15. Many non forum users have lots of trouble free years - worry not. Some dont but it is often the generic third party parts & items fitted to most makes Caravans at fault. Most Caravanners have a small tool kit to tighten the odd screw or lube the odd squeak - some go storming back to the Dealer. Tip - have the first service also done just before the 12 month mark - some items only have 12 months warranty. Ditto at 3 years. Your pre-purchase very helpful supplying dealer is liable for your warranty repairs, claiming back what they can from the manufacturer at generally poor labour rates. Using your 'supplying' dealer for Servicing (whilst not a specific warranty condition & often more expensive) may likely assist if any issues do occur. Enjoy & as said use & do a shakedown trip near to supplying dealer in the first 30 days.
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