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  1. had my jab but 1st march not looking good. hope I'm wrong.
  2. After finding the 3 mast I put my antenna on my tv aerial mast excellent single on 4g.
  3. we have that morco boiler in our caravan the plumber charges £30 we have copy and he takes a copy to the site office
  4. A massage from our caravan site they are looking forward to opening 4th July. Hopefully we can visit our caravan for the first time this year. just keeping my fingers crossed that the site will be opening.🤞🍺
  5. From the the government the last test to open up leisure.?4 July Keep your fingers crossed.
  6. 4th July is looking like the opening date if all goes to plan. keep your fingers crossed 😀👍
  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our caravaners and static owners.
  8. You need to join NACO static caravan advice and support £30 year. 01255 820 321 the advice is excellent and will help you with your problems.
  9. A caravan owner has started a Government petition to raise issue of lack of industry specific legislation. Sign the petition today. https://petition. parliament. uk/petitions/214936 The holiday homes industry have to have tighter regulations to safeguard customers losing money. lexon
  10. Just cancel my sky not paying £57 month for sport and docs. Got a now tv box Movies £15 for two mouths no contract.
  11. Problem solved all cars to have a solar panel fitted.
  12. Skegness very good indoor bowling club no membership needed just turn up and play every one made welcome.
  13. That happened to me In our new Bailey Olympus. Look underneath the seat we had a kinked pipe. we was on site and phoned the dealership and they told us that the water pipe was too long and need to shorter we did this and the problem was solved. Hopefully this will help.
  14. Got one from Halfords 120psi £10 used just to top up my tyres to 60psi no problem.
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