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  1. dear all we totally over looked that the 2012 olympics are on at the time i was looking to go on our holiday so with that in mind we will be swapping our holiday around up to norfolk 1st week august and dorset the last week, we would like to thank you all for you replys to our post graham and rosie
  2. Hello all i'm off to dorset the 1st week in august i'm looking for a site that is close to the sea and maybe a village within walking distance, we have a vendee s5 on the back of a v w transporter so i'm about 40 ft long, it will be our 1st long trip with this set up so looking for a easy site to get to, can anyone help thank you Graham
  3. I'm going down to my van later today so i'll have a look for you,
  4. picked our new van up saturday , and off we go, 3 miles in to our trip and had a car come along side tooting like mad *Exclamation* whats wrong ??????? pulled over only to find someone had left the door open,( ME) , how the hell did that happpen, any way had our 1st night in it and i must say we are so happy with it and next weekend we booked in at henfold lakes Dorking for two nights, i must say the motormover is so good it the biggest toy i've ever had, still have to test out the oven but thats the only thing we have to do, i would like to thank ROUNDSTONES CARAVANS SOUTHWATER HORSHAM, for a A1 service from start to end and the hand over was outstanding 1 1/2 hrs it was like buying a new van, also thanks to you all for you'r posts on this topic.
  5. Just a few hrs and we pick it up, ,how exciting :-)
  6. Thats very nice of you and if you don't mind i will keep hold of your post, we will be picking it up on saturday and will be staying over in it that night so lets hope that it all works, its only our 2nd caravan and its somewhat longer than our 1st that was only 17ft, can you tell me if yours has electric heating or gas or is it both as ours has a hot air blower ? dont know what that is, any way thank you for your reply and hope that you have a wonderful trip down to France, graham
  7. who would of thought something so small would cause so much trouble
  8. ian thank you for your post, i dont know why i went out and paid for something i 've not looked into . but with the post i've seen i think i've got a good one . looking at your photo are you in to motor bikes ??? if so you may like to take a look at a mate of mine web site chrischapmanraceing i work with him and bikes is his life and i must say he's not 1/2 bad at it thank you for your reply graham
  9. thanks i'll have a good look around it, it looks like new as the old owner kept it coverd all year round, lets hope ive done good thank you for your reply and happy new year graham
  10. what have we done, just paid for our 2nd hand but new to us vandee s5 with out even looking in to the pros and cons of owning one, i only hope that its as good as it looks, well i'll soon find out as we pick it up on saturday but before i pull away from the dealer is there any thing i need to look for, i would be very grateful for any tips thank you graham
  11. dear all thank you all for taking time to put post, its all booked now thank you graham
  12. France sounds good but the euro's not looking good
  13. can any help we are looing to go to cornwall in september , we are looging at st austell, or within a 5 mile radrus, we would like hook up, water, and if possible a bar on site can any one suggest a nice site that we could visit
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