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  1. I have this 'Mickey Mouse' alarm factory installed in my 2017 Sterling Continental and to say it's feeble is being very kind! Has anyone substituted it for a more sophisticated model and, if so, did the replacement link into the Swift Command system seamlessly and provide SMS alerts when triggered?
  2. Sterling Continental 580. I'm reluctant to divert from the manufacturers recommended pressure as I have no means to restore tyre pressure after a reduction sadly.
  3. Installation Issues: The Mammut, unlike most/all other movers, does not have a cross bar or provision for sliding movement onto the chassis, having predrilled attachment holes for each independent motor. The only adjustment is the fitting of various shims that position the motor unit across the tyre. I understand that contact pressure is electronically controlled by each motor unit. Tyre Issues: The tyres are new and at the manufacturers pressure (65psi).
  4. You can sometimes get the LED to be on constant by exercising the handbrake. This centralises the brake shoes.
  5. Any users out there? Every time I raise a technical issue with AL-KO HQ they ignore my emails even despite contacting their MD Peter Eustace. My latest issue is with the system recognising two handsets (yes I have two!) co-existing after pairing. I also am disappointed with it's performance on wet grass.......can the contact pressure be increased somehow?
  6. Yes the taps have a NRV fitted (proudly shown to me by the farmer)........it's the interface I'm winging about.....I thought the club specified just the raw threaded presentation should be provided. This is making the wet, cold Saturday go quickly as I wait for the FA Cup Final!
  7. I'm on a new CL who's owner (a farmer) is not a caravanner and we are in disagreement as to how the drinking water tap should or shouldn't have a hosepipe connector installed. They insist that it's part of the standards insisted by the Camping and Caravan club and keep quoting that the tap has to have a non-return valve fitted and say that the hose connector is part of this! Am I correct that BOTH major caravan clubs state that no hosepipe should be fitted to the drinking water tap and that the tap is left with the threaded end left bare to allow users to attach their own water hose.
  8. Anyone added the cylinder changeover sensor 3010-427 and EisEx Defroster 3010-428 to their DuoComfort? It seems they can be attached to the Alde 3020 using a 'dongle'.....anyone accomplished this?
  9. They fit comfortably into the front locker of a Sterling Continental 580 but you do have to remove the black floor mounted 'spiders' to get to a solid, stable floor.
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