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  1. Apart from the kids, I've run out of patience with the idiots who do things like this and will probably continue to do so until they succeed in killing their families. In this case, the explosion woke them up, which means one of these people thought, "let's leave the gas fire on, in the tent, while we sleep." I'm assuming that walking and talking simultaneously is a bit beyond them. In another post there was mention of some numpty on the motorway who had underinflated, over-aged, rotten tyres and he had decided to tow the caravan like that. I can almost understand someone not noticing that the car they drive every day has a dodgy tyre, but there is so much effort involved in hooking up a caravan that a look at the tyres doesn't add significantly to the time. Over the years I have met experienced caravanners who have not known what the weight of either their caravan or tow car was or what the speed limits for caravans is. Worse, they seem to think it is clever/macho/funny that they don't know or care. That anything to do with safety is either a violation of their civil rights (to kill themselves and/or others, presumably) or something other lesser drivers may need, but they don't because they are 'good' drivers. Good, I feel better now.
  2. OOOPS! My question is answered in the next post down. Note to self: Put posts in the right part of the forum and you won't get egg on your face.
  3. Good point. I might just remove the fog lamps at the rear as well. Anything that makes a vehicle more noticeable has to reduce the likelihood of it being hit by another vehicle being driven by a muppet. If that weren't the case there would be little point in all the array of lights and reflective panels on the back of commercial vehicles. What still amazes me is that in a country where the weather reduces visibility so frequently there are still so many peoiple out there who will not switch on their lights when they should. Maybe they believe that anything less than a force-field is pointless too.
  4. If I have a query about some aspect of caravanning, I usually start with Google and it is reassuring that the solution is frequently to be found in this forum. As was the case with this question, but I need a little bit more info. , so I'm afraid I'm going to ask you to cover this well worn path again. At present I have movers on the rear axle only of my TA and with the replacement, heavy-duty jockey wheel at full stretch I can turn after a fashion with only a bit of creaking, groaning and general protesting from the front tyres. It just takes time. I have been wondering about fitting the other set of movers, but before I shell out another £600+ (no they aren't Powrtouch) I'd be interested to know just by how much the situation will improve when it comes to actually turning the caravan? Other concerns like weight, battery capacity and being able to hook up the second set with the first are all covered. Thanks in advance.
  5. Well of course they do. I used to get 50 to the gallon out of my Defender 90 because it spent more time on a tow rope than under its own steam. But, they do have soul.
  6. Misery likes company? Only kidding, I haven't sold my last one yet and I'm looking for another one. But it is true that Land Rover owners do tend to park next to each other.
  7. Did you buy the caravan from a dealer? I know you said it was 'new,' but that might just mean new to you. If it was a dealer they need a rocket from someone. And it makes you wonder just how many caravans are being towed in a potentially dangerous state because of advice the owner has been given by someone who doesn't know anything about towing.
  8. We were looking at this long term, but my brother is going to put his in the south of France from this Summer onwards. The gardiennage bit is 150€ per year, plus normal site fees when using it. The site owner puts the caravan onto the pitch as part of the price. Insurance we'll sort out locally. If we do this with ours then this will make a great jumping off point for Spain and other parts of France.
  9. My wife and I are both very untidy at home and invite people round simply as a spur to finding things like the dining room table and kitchen. But we are both tidy in the caravan. We thought we must have caught some rare disease. Glad it's not just us.
  10. Me too, and I'm 65 so it would include me very shortly.
  11. Good point. A while back, for reasons too complex to go into, I was trying to get hold of some 'Convoi Exceptionel' signs and got in touch with a company who produces that sort of thing. They went to some lengths to explain that putting the sort of stickers usually seen on the backs of trucks on vehicles that are too small is also a no-no.
  12. You can? Where? The caravan is already on e-bay.
  13. Never mind her, I'd be looking a bit askance.
  14. Additional thanks for that link. I had a good look through their stuff and found LED NAS lights. These, as every Land Rover enthusiast should know, are the Nort American Spec lights that many people have fitted to Defenders so other road users can see them at night. Standard LR rear lights are a bit of a joke, not having changed much since 1947. As luck would have it the rear lights on my Elddis are NAS type and I have now have a set of 'e' marked and legal LED tail/stop and fog lights en route. Job done. Trouble is, they have all sorts of other goodies as well and temptation is one of the few things I cannot resist. So, thanks again, but my degree of thanks is inversely proportional to the amount of melina I'll be in when the credit card statement comes in.
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