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  1. Can really recommend Camping Le Dauphin - great pools, and some of the pitches have their own shower room we we used so didn't need to use facilities in the caravan. https://www.campingledauphin.com/en/
  2. Phase 10 - great for all ages
  3. May be worth checking that the Alde tank is not over filled as it may leak from the overflow pipe?
  4. phutchison


    Totally agree with this. If drivers did not slow down and carried on at the speed they were doing, they would be called irresponsible. I remember years ago on Tomorrows World (shows how long ago it was!) they showed the effects of a line of traffic, with the front car braking and slowing down a little. Eventually the concertina effect meant that cars further down the line were stationary.
  5. phutchison

    Cordless Drill

    I use a Bosch drill which comes with 2 batteries and is currently £80 at Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bosch-Cordless-Combi-Lithium-Ion-Batteries/dp/B00L3XK06C/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1551775468&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=bosch+cordless+drill&psc=1 Very quiet and each battery last a long time. There are two speeds and occasionally have to put onto lower speed if the steady is under pressure, but then straight back to the higher one. Very pleased and would highly recommend. Cheers Paul
  6. Looked at the Rhino Goo web site and in the product section there is one specifically for caravans Might give this a try Cheers Paul
  7. It works OK with the filter. Effectively, it lies on its side at the bottom of the barrel as the pump connector is full length. Have thought about cutting a bit off the end but not got around to it yet. Cheers Paul
  8. I had a similar thing happen to me recently. Turned out to be the filter was not heavy enough to drop to the bottom of the Aquaroll so was floating on the surface. Ended up buying this https://www. aquaroll. com/pump-connector-40-litre-aquaroll. html which works well. Cheers Paul
  9. Yes please, that would be lovely I live near Woking and my daughter is at Bournemouth uni so can easily pick up cheers paul
  10. It will only work on 12v when connected to car - it does not run off the battery in the caravan. Connect to car and check the lights stop flashing. Cheers Paul
  11. Thanks all - will be having a go this weekend (hopefully!!)
  12. It may be worth checking that the ATC is still activated after the car is started. On my previous Sorento I would connect the ATC as usual and it would go through its self checks and the green light would come on. As soon as I started the car, it would switch off and I had to reconnect the ATC with the engine running. Never found out what the problem was and does not happen on the new car. Cheers Paul
  13. Thank you for all your advice. Motor should arrive soon but will not get around to looking at it for a couple of weeks, but will give it a go and report back. Cheers Paul
  14. HI All. I have to replace the motor on one of my Power Touch movers. All the videos I can find are with the mover not on the caravan which is the reason for my question. Is the mover easy to remove or can it be done in-situ? I am a reasonably competent DIY'er, but just wondering in advance if there are any "tricks" to removal. Cheers Paul
  15. I think it depends on which generation of AWD mover you have. On mine (2011) it does not but looking at the newer ones, it looks like you can. The instructions below are from the Power Touch AWD mover I have:
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