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  1. You will find some fuses under the black cover on the Alde main unit. These are a glass type not the usual caravan fuses. You will also find a main fuse from the battery near to it in the wiring harness. Can be difficult to locate it has been known for it to be wrapped up in the cable tape. Best to trace that by following the cables from the battery inch by inch. it will be before the main fuse box. This should be your first port of investigation as if that is blown then nothing will work inside the van. It is probable that the motor mover is wired direct so by passing this main fuse. i.e. Motor mover works but nothing else on the 12 volt system. Moving the van without a battery in it is harmless.
  2. Ring Alde. They are very good at remote diagnostics and it cost nowt.
  3. The Bailey vans sold in Austrailia were totally different to those in the UK. Bigger stronger chassis, wider body, different spec altogether. Assuming the described van is UK Spec then all the items described were extras. But probably about £1 - £1.5 k costs. Biggest problem of self import will be getting hold of a van at the moment. But own the face of it it would appear you could buy a new van and import it cheaper than the deal on offer. As has been said On the Road Price in UK runs at about £23k. Though all this depends on taxes and whatever type approval, if any, the NZ gov makes you comply with
  4. Or you could just go to a supermarket and buy produce that is made in the E.U. add on a few €'s labels and see the look on their faces when you tell them that you purchased them in the E.U. last time you were there. Oh I am naughty.
  5. Plugged into the mains and everything works. Not plugged in and none of the lights work. Some will be mains and some 12 volt. It is the 12 volt we are talking about so when not on EHU it can only work from a leisure battery or a live feed from the car. 1. Has the van even got a battery fitted. 2. If fitted does it work. 3. If fitted is the battery isolation fuse OK 4. Is the battery switched into circuit. Many older vans had 'battery power on switch' in strange places. 5. If they are complaining that the lights do not work when plugged into the car and it has a leisure battery fitted. A lot more complicated. First does it have a habitation relay that prevents them working. 6. What type pf socket is fitted to the car and is it wired for live feed to the internal lights circuit.
  6. Take it out of demo mode. Remember how because it will default to it if you disconnect the battery. Well mine did.
  7. Supply and demand drives the market
  8. All the manufacturers insert various support plates and members into he walls and ceilings as they are made. It's a simple layup process followed by the glue and cook in the press. Plenty of videos on tube showing them. I've seen it in action at the factory as well.
  9. Does seem a little strange, but then if they are running the business they can make whatever rules they like. I would be very wary as your insurance would have to be happy with they way they were storing the keys and the security thereof. It is a requirement of our van insurance that it is not left with any spare keys in it for example.
  10. The Elddis system of construction was the subject of long debate on here and other forums shortly after Bailey Started All-tech about 2010 ish. Just after the release I was at the NEC. All the other manufacturers were showing stands absolutely plastered with adverts like. 'Traditional Construction'. All the salesmen were pontificating about how All-tech would fail etc. Following year we were presented with similar. Again some of what was being told potential customers was out and out lies. Having worked there for years at the Caravan show it is frankly amazing and disappointing to hear what some salesmen will stoop to. Probably the worst was one who three years ago was telling people not to buy a Bailey because the bolts holding it together need tightening every year and that means they have to take the shower out. I know because he was trying to sell me a van. It was as obvious and the nose on your face that the industry would have to respond, enforced by falling market share. After All Hymer had been using bonded construction for decades and are extremely well regarded. Elddis (explorer group). responded with SoLid. Which as has been discussed is a wooden frame, Just joined together in a different way to the screws and staples used before. Swift copied Bailey (who had copied commercial constructors) with a fully bonded shell held by the glue in Alloy Extrusions. these two manufacturers have moved onto GRP Sides and Roof both inside and out. Stronger and more dent resistant on the outside and none of those horrible joins and jointing tape on the inside. During some of this time we had the debacle of Swift claiming for some years a 'Wood free van'. when in fact the interior wall board was ply covered with wallpaper and it had a ply floor. When challenged they responded with. "We consider ply an engineered product not wood". You could not write it. Elddis though continued and do to this day with the flawed IMHO system. The headline adverts about using glues to hold them together from the Aircraft industry and F1 etc are true probably. I made furniture for a few years professionally. As a joint their design it is very good and produces a very strong box. With the following caveats. 1. Wood only stays joined together when it remains dry. 2. According to their videos it looks like some of it is made with a multi laminated ply. Great and strong but can be full of voids and glue don't stick to fresh air. (Yes you can get ply that is very, very strong and no voids. Its also extremely expensive I wonder ?) 3. When gluing up I had to be fanatical about cleanliness and preparation, maybe Elddis are ? 4. The machining and assembly need to be absolutely perfect ? and that includes static correct pressure over the whole of the join ? 5. The rot proofing depends on one thing only, Preventing the ingress. As we have seen on here that has not been entirely successful. In fact wood does not 'rot' in our vans. The Wood is eaten by various forms of fungus. They require two things to munch away. Moisture and Oxygen. IMHO making a box out of wood and trying to keep the water out is like trying to push water up hill. It can be done but why bother. For those that are owners and happy I hope they last for decades and I am proved wrong. But whilst involved in this past time I will continue to say. 'Read the Warranty!' all of it and if the salesman will not put it in writing then it 'aint worth the paper it's written on.'
  11. They don’t. We work at the NEC every show. They are taken in by banner headlines that is at best misleading and salesman ‘ miss speak’ That and the perception that more extras or shiny Crome is ‘quality’ when it plainly isn’t. Lost count of the number of people who judge ‘quality’ by the asking price. If you want to see a salesman squirm. Insist on having a copy of the warranty before you sign on the dotted line.
  12. Door has zero effect on the fridge. We’ve been away in some really hot weather this year. Fridge performed admirably on our Alecanto which is similar.
  13. Unless it has changed recently the Elddis group including buccaneers are made with wood. The ‘revolutionary ‘ much hyped build system is basically a groove routed out between the panels that has a loose tonge glued into it joining them. This glued joint replaces the screws and bolts used before. It’s that revolutionary it was being used by the ancient Egyptians and before that. The interior is the same old wall board with the joints covered by sticky tape. Some may consider this a luxury or up market build. You pays your money and takes your choice, Of course it has always been a common misconception that a long list of extras is a high end product, but from the point of view of the basic vehicle it is anything but. If I took my Alecanto and added self levelling and remote sunroof opening etc it would not improve is Quality of construction one jot. Mine is put together using exactly the same processes and components to construct the body as the cheapest Bailey. The same is true of Elddis.
  14. For what it’s worth we kept the smaller table. Never use it in the van just the pull out flap and it fits better in our awning being just the right size. No right or wrong in these matters just personal choice. As a living space we love the Estoril. Couple of very minor mods matching handles on the kitchen drawers, makes them easier to open Magnet catches on doors like the wardrobe etc so on site we don’t need the push buttons to keep them closed. Coat hooks (double) in that little slot at the ends of the bed. Difficult but do able with the right tools. Brilliant for coats and dressing gowns. Out of sight and no need to clutter the wardrobe. Got to be the shortest list SWMBO has ever come up with. 🙏😀
  15. It is a crack in the rear panel. Which Elddis warranty says is only covered for 12 months.
  16. Bailey did an update on the table with two flaps. These were available to owners on request. Your dealer should be able to get you one.
  17. As is often the case you will probably find the Van was sold to the Dealer, who then sold it onto the first owner. That will be a Maker to Dealer is a Trade to Trade transaction. Then the dealer sells it to the first owner, as a trader they come under the legislation covering sales to the public. As a 2nd owner who purchased from the private sector then I don't think you will have any recourse to the legislation against the dealer. Though I could be wrong. Mind you a letter to the Head of Elddis expressing your disgust and that you are about to involve the Press/ Internet/T.V. etc may get them to reconsider. It is a wholly unsatisfactory state of affairs with the warranty small print. Not all makers are as bad was Elddis. A couple of years ago I did a comparison of all the Major Manufacturers warranties on here. Elddis were by far the worst IMHO. I consider their adverts to be misleading to such an extent it borders on criminal but that is just me. People still keep buying them thinking they are safe for 10 years, when patently they are not. Rant over. Good luck with your quest. Also have a look at the 'Eternabond' type product. May just do you a job.
  18. Unless it is for a large sum you will not find the insurance companies fighting anything on your behalf. It is a club of you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Smaller claims usually =. knock for knock and Both then put up the premiums for next year. They are essentially bookmakers.
  19. I feel for you I really do. But the Elddis Group warranty is a mine field. Forget about all the hype and adverts for 10 years body shell warranty etc. It's all smoke and mirrors. The ten years only applies to permanently bonded joints. The warranty states in the 'small print' From their web site. Year 2 and 3 Warranty - Covers all original components, including permanently fitted equipment forming part of the original product specification, with the exception of the following items: Microwaves Tyres Batteries Windows and glass Deterioration of exterior paint work Soft furnishings, carpets and floor coverings Entertainment equipment Fluorescent tubes, bulbs, LEDs and fuses Plastic and GRP exterior panels Plastic products including A-frame covers, wheel spats and shower trays Minor adjustment of blinds, hinges, catches, stays and doors Read through that list and it's difficult to find anything that is covered for more than 12 months. These items being only covered for 12 months. Yes it is disgusting in my view but under those terms cracks in the panel would not be covered. The warranty has been the subject of many many discussions in the past, as have the cracks in the panels. Good luck with your quest. Constructively the most important thing at present is to stop any further water getting in as a matter of extreme urgency.
  20. There is a product in use in USA called 'Eterna Bond'. basically a very wide super strong waterproofing tape. Sort of thing they use to assemble the giant motor home roofs etc. Well worth researching on tube. It is available on eBay in the uk I believe.
  21. Strange it took so long for someone to ask. Of course they are. Only got to look back over the years to see how often a 'good' report is from a regular advertiser. Goes the same for almost any Magazine.
  22. I have no connection with the company but a friend has been using this company’s system for years and is very happy. I’m going to give it a serious case of looking at this winter. From looking at his it has one feature worth investing in, it appears to be SWMBO proof as her and tech do not mix well http://www.capricorn-controls.com/products.php?cat=15&pid=Water Wizard
  23. Coachman may or may not be putting up prices. But to expect you to believe this is because of a delivery company increasing prices has to be a stretch too far. That would make the delivery charges for a £30k van equals £3,300 per van. In which case I'm coming out of retirement and buying a low loader.
  24. I can show you whole streets of them. As could my wife who worked right next to them dishing out many of the freebies. Not that long ago I watch a couple both claiming every disability going leave the surgery. Both on crutches and took them 5 mins to exit. Poor people you would think and so young. As the walked up the road the crutches slowly became arm ornaments and by the time the turned the corner he was carrying them his over his shoulder. My my opinion is not based on media but a working life of dealing with them.
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