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  1. I believe you will find that it was removed from their conditions long ago. Their was a long discussion on here to that effect. Resulting in the following reply from Bailey to another member. So in a moment of “Nothing better to do” I emailed Bailey and asked them why I shouldn’t use Carnauba based wax, Their reply was....... Thank you for your email. We do advise to use a good quality wax. The advice given in regards to the use of carnauba was should have been omitted from the handbook and I will pass this on to our handbook team and we do apologise for any confusion this may have caused. In regards to cleaning products please visit the Prima website. https://www.primaleisure.com/
  2. Just use this van body and windows. Nothing else is needed except micro fibre cloth (A must) https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/AUTOKIT-5l-Waterless-Car-Wash-Cleaner-Carnauba-Wax-Body-Polish-Shield-Shine/2060338421?iid=320922555585&chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=320922555585&targetid=486898995734&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=1006914&poi=&campaignid=7643169318&mkgroupid=78014891501&rlsatarget=aud-381667280803:pla-486898995734&abcId=1139576&merchantid=115188667&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuK2_9ZPi5QIVBrDtCh1bXAzWEAQYASABEgIPDfD_BwE
  3. Agreed. Especially if you take a ferry to Caen. They are inclined to take a long lunch though. They told us if we are not back to find a pitch and go see them later. Lovely people who still remember the sacrifice of the service men. You will need lots of tissues.
  4. Change. Because I’m told to. Seriously if I go back 50 plus years in order as far as I can remember Home made Needed bigger van. Wanted bigger van. Marden Bargain cheap cancelled export order. Silverline 12 Ditto and bigger. Silverline 14 New wife = new van. Esprit 14 Bigger better. Bailey Pagent Bigger better and first fixed bed (also half price at 2 years old) Luner EB 10 years on first Alu tech Valencia 1 SWMBO fell in love with Big Bailey Window Valencia 2 SWMBO fell in love with Mk3 Valencia as did I Now time to go 8 ft. Probably last van we’ll buy. Bailey Estoril on order. If they stop us towing. I’ll park it in our woods and buy an electric car.
  5. Yes we looked, the Peggy is very good value. Though I suspect our trade in value would have been substantially lower. The Estoril being 5k ish more and being a new model there were big incentives to get them out there. More expensive would have been the divorce if I suggested to SWMBO that we give the Alde heating the heave ho ! 🤔🥵 At least this way my only stress is where she is going to pack the shoes and the lotions and potions.
  6. Nope. If the heat given out to the structure is greater than the ability of the system to keep the fluid at optimum temperature then it will take longer to heat the structure. Simple test. Set it to 1 kw and it will take hours to reach the set temperature if ever. Give it the works and you will be stopping off As for it switching off at that temperature. Of course it does. A scalded bum from the towel rail is probably bloody painful when stepping out of the shower.
  7. In my opinion the Alde System is the business. However like all systems you do need to a install it properly and be actually read and understand the instructions. (Including not ramming the seat boxes until you can't get an oxo cube in them.) I have seen some awful installations by some manufacturers. For example. The quickest warm up with Alde is using both Electric and Gas. Dependent on the site amps you have a choice of 1kw - 2kw or 3 kw consumption. Add in Gas and you are adding in roughly twice as much again as 3 kw electric. That is a hell of a lot of heat. You can set it to prioritize electric so that once the initial warm up is done then it will revert to electric only. So many people who say slow to warm up either don't know this or refuse to run it on both for the initial warm up. If you want to see what it is capable of then see here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pnr3tzEnvIM Or testing it against extreme heat see here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5P2blCvHbas Obviously if you fail to read the instructions and leave it set to just 1 kw (as I came across one one site 2 years ago) It is going to take forever and struggle to maintain a temperature in cold weather. On this occasion having reset the heater to a sensible setting the owners went from castigating it to extolling the virtues to every one who would listen. Yes it has a cost of replacing the fluid at 5 years but worth every penny for us. Being members of an owners club we are visitors to both vans and motor homes fitted with both types. Alde is far superior in comfort as far as we are concerned. Every thing in the van including clothes in lockers, soft furnishings etc feel as though they have just come out of the airing cupboard.
  8. That makes two of us. Loved the room and the open feel.
  9. Before parting with your money I would do the following 1. Insist on seeing the 2nd hand values of Lunar Caravans as shown in the guide that all salesmen have access to. If they will not let you see how they compare then walk away. 2. Ask the dealer to put in writing what they are prepared to underwrite with regard to the warranty. Only when armed with with that information would I be able to make an informed decision.
  10. Most certainly not. Though I have seen where the external locker was not properly closed and let rain in. It needs sorting pronto.
  11. They all do that ‘SWMBO’ s that is. Been caught like that 4 times so far.
  12. More lightly to be a wiring fault then multiple sensor failures. Get it to a proper auto electrician.
  13. The Estoril will be the towed van. The swift remains where it is, in our woods. It’s travelled all of 13 miles since it was new. Apart from a new circuit board for the fridge has performed admirably. Recent problems with the oven proved to be nothing more than a spiders web. It remains bone dry. Now in the sole custody of Daughter number two.
  14. Well that was an interesting week at the NEC. Visiting some days and working on the Bailey Owners Club stand on another. Having the time it is interesting to just sit in a van for a while and see peoples reactions as they view. Purely from the Bailey view the following observations are our own opinion based on what we saw. Motor homes are still in the ascendancy. The new discovery was attracting a lot of attention, especially with the custom awning attached. More from the younger end of the market although a lot of silver surfers were also expressing approval. One black mark was the lack of three windows at the front, from listening, otherwise it was a hit, The Phoenix was being viewed we thought by serious punters rather than just walking round viewing. Those we spoke to already knew what they wanted. The dealer specials based on the Phoenix were seen as particularly good value for money. Pegasus Grande mainly family browsers as you would expect. Unicorn Black. Some people loved it and some hated the darker wood effect used. The width of the beds in the Cadiz (which we spent the most time looking at ) was a big turn off. Many times we heard remarks like. "Those beds are just too narrow," They certainly are for us . So to the Alicanto (Another mythical creature.) Only three models but appeared to be a big hit. It's early days but some we spoke to had ordered as an upgrade having intended to order a Unicorn Black. 8ft wide vans give a disproportionate increase in space and it shows. Does it spell the end for the Unicorn range ? No idea but things that got a big tick over the Unicorn were in no particular order. 1. Return, at last, to proper spring seating. 2. The bigger new fridge. 3. The extra width of the single beds in the Estoril. 4. Ease of getting past the bed in the Sintra. 5. The return to the lighter Ash wood effect. 6. 8ft so the extra width in places like the kitchen where two can now pass each other easily was a big seller. The loss of the laundry bag was disappointing to some. In the end our Valencia Mk3 (which we fully expected to keep forever) somehow finished up being traded for an Estoril. Delivery is some months away but we shall report back warts and all when it arrives.
  15. Bailey (as well as others). Were troubled by faulty Al-Ko axles some time ago. These were replaced even though Al-Ko were disclaiming any liability. A bulletin to that that effect was circulated by Bailey. Some people who were proven to have overloaded their vans were refused according to posts on here. Some dealers had to be ‘reminded’ of the bulletin forcefully. It presented as insufficient clearance wheel to wheel arch.
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