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  1. Now that is a good idea for proving what any sensible person knows Tyres need to be balanced
  2. Be interested in how they perform. I’ve toyed with the idea of adding a 100 w to the existing 100 w on our unicorn. Going the flexible route will save a lot of weight.
  3. No charge for pedestrians. As for thefts. Yes it has been a problem from day one. There are paths into the park from Worksop that the thieves know very well.
  4. There is a thread running on Swift Talk about a recall for just this fault.
  5. Yes. You can use ply i used off cuts of polycarbonate sheeting from local glaziers. The stuff they use or vandal proof windows etc. Cuts like wood and you can sand the edges smooth. Just about indestructible. Gave it me for free from their gash bin of off cuts
  6. Exactly. As a contrast. We have a manual panel just as you go through the door. 1. Master switch that switches everything off. 2. A pump switch. 3. A lights Switch. 4. An awning light switch. 5. Battery test button that gives you volts not useless coloured lights etc. All are simple rocker switches. Safe, reliable and easy to replace. At a Glance you can see what is on or off. In addition the van has battery back up to the Alde heating panel and a Load limiter fitted. We pull on site and hit one master switch and the Alde on switch (heating and water settings are all preset on the alde system). All is up and running. Tech should be simple to work and reliable without conflict of control. The command system is none of these.
  7. Other than size difference there is absolutely no difference in the construction of Pegasus v Unicorn bodies. They are built by the same people on the same construction lines. You will find the extras like soft close hinges and drawers very nice and the Alde heating is just superb. Many in the owners club think the mk3 unicorn is a future classic. Could we afford a mk 4 yes. Are we having one ? No I can see our mark 3. Hanging about for as long as I last.
  8. Took ours out and replaced it with a matching door. Far more useful as a cupboard. Not on EHU very often so it was just a very heavy silver bread bin. 😀😀
  9. Yes. Buy a Honda. It will be so good your grandkids will inherit it. As others have said. Solar is silent and cheaper. We have 160 w available and haven’t needed sparky for a couple of years for vanning. ( it gets used for many other things as well). 20 years old and still purring away.
  10. Indoors always. Just the cleaning, or lack of, will more than make up the time difference. Van is dry and lessstressed by weather. We have a 40w panel on the barn roof it keeps everything charged. We use a £99 cover as well to keep the dust off. Van looks like new at 4 years old.
  11. All manufacturers have problem vans. Some more than others. This breeds a polarised brand love hate thing. One way to establish how confident the manufacturers are is to actually read the full warranty and compare. It can be a real eye opener. Common things like banner 10 year warranty headlines. Then you find any plastic components only covered for 12 months for example. If buying second hand insist on you employing an independent engineer to inspect the van. If the dealer will not allow it. Walk away. Some dealers are good. Some should be serving time. Buy us a layout you love not the decor that hits you. You will love it after tenting. Good luck.
  12. They are a tight fit but just pop in or out as the case maybe. Couple of wires and spade terminals on mine. Spares available on bailey web site. Just search for led downlighter. Wires can be a bit of a fiddle as they can be taped to hold them during assembly. Slowly does it has worked for me.
  13. An example why dealers get a bad name by shooting themselves in the foot. Just had my Unicorn Valencia serviced. 4 years old. No issues so set price service at a not inconsiderable sum of money. Received a call from the dealers to say the friction pads in the Alko hitch needed replacement. No problem with that. I asked for a quote and was told £63 in addition to the service charge. Now discounting the exorbitant cost of the pads themselves (approx £28 inc Vat., which they claim back ) I know that it takes just 5 mins to change them so essentially they wanted about £38 for five minutes labour in addition to the service charges. Needless to say I refused and did them myself in about 5 mins. Over the years we have spent well over £100k with them. What a wonderful way to reward customer loyalty.
  14. Plus one for the TPMS on the van. Similarly on most occasions it was obvious on car or van that the tyre had been running with low pressure and thus overheated when I attended accidents caused by tyre blow out. Those small patches of rubber in contact with the tarmac are the only things between you and death. You can have the finest tow car with the most sophisticated breaking and handling etc but it all depends on those bits of rubber.
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