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  1. I disconnected they built in controller on the back of the panel for the very same reasons, plus 5he fact that it was a cheaply pwm type anyway. Solar now connects straight to the mppt in the van. Which is near the battery and at the similar temp. Result is a much better harvest of the power.
  2. Have a look here explains better than me. https://www.ksenergy.co.uk/lithium-leisure-battery-drop-in-replacement hope it helps
  3. No not the new one, but if it's the 2,2 diesel engine I've had 2 since 2010 and a third will follow soon I expect. Brilliant tow cars.
  4. Sorry no. I'm not very photogenic or so Granddaughter no 2 says and she should know. Seriously it is on my list of things to be done. Though there is not very much to be seen. In all honesty I think wiring a 3 pin plug is about as difficult. I'll try and pull it all together with Pics some time soon but life keeps getting in the way at present. I can only speak for the Bailey range. At the risk of repeating myself. K S energy 100 amp lithium with blue tooth. |(Drop in change if you buy the post terminals from them.) Bailey standard 100w roof panel. Victron 75/15 with bluetooth. MPPT 4 wires out of the old Truma and put into Victron. Renogy meter and shunt. Again so simple to fit, Shunt goes into the negative from the battery and pre made wires plug into the back of the meter. Fit that where you like. The Folding solar has one of these fitted to it ( after disconnecting the built in controller ). Neutrik Speakon Connector NL2FX 2 Pole Speaker Cable Plug Disco DJ PRO New NL2FC (eBay). very simple to wire and fool proof. the solar on the roof of the barn has the same plug so as the van goes away we just plug in. Fitted to the van is one of these sockets. with a bit of care it fits at the side of the TV input by the mains input. But you could mount it anywhere suitable. Neutrik NL2MP 2 Pole Male Speakon Chassis Connector "D" Standard Fixing. (eBay) again simple to wire and take two core cable to the same inputs on the Victron Controller as the roof solar. Just make sure you do not get the positive and negative mixed up. Other makes maybe as good or cheaper but I can't say.
  5. Sorry forgot to update it was that long ago. Eventually they got a refund when the Credit card people got involved. I've not been through the doors since on principle so they lost two regular customers as well.
  6. It does, as well as compensating for voltage drop if you are off grid.
  7. All day long. One thing to be careful of, Lithium batteries do not like being charged at 0 Deg or lower, it damages them. You can use them down to silly temps but not charge them. A lot of the batteries for sale at the cheaper end do not have 'Low temperature Disconnect.' Some do have it. and some will fudge it by saying things like 'Temperature Protection in the BMS.' which usually means it is protected against high temperatures but not low, and some totally ignore it. Some more expensive ones have built in heaters that they activate themselves so that they are fully auto at any sensible temperature. Don't know what you have available locally but beware of this, especially with solar keeping the battery charged in winter storage. You must have some type of Low Temperature Disconnect. Victron do a 'smart battery sense' gizmo that you stick to the battery for example. This will send a signal to the MPPT to stop charging if the temperature drops too low. You can program it so I have it set at 2 Deg for safety. But this would not stop the battery charger built into the van if you plugged into electric. If you never experience that sort of temperature then fine. Hope it helps. Lithium ( good ones )are dropping in price in the UK, they have gone down I estimate about 50% in 3 years or so, but still not as cheap as USA. I can recommend the 'Will Prowse' UTube videos as a good place to start on the learning curve that is lithium.
  8. My Grandson 14 years is back at school. His biggest worry is the number of kids who have not been doing any work and are in his words, 'Dragging Us all down with them now,' and the disruptive pupils who, again to use his words. 'Don't care, they know the teachers cannot touch them so are just running riot. they can't be physically punished, they can't be detained, they just walk out and in class as they think, they face up to teachers daring them to lay even a finger on them, its happening every day and we can't get on with our learning.
  9. We have a Bailey Alicanto so similar to you. In UK weather in the summer with a lithium I am sure we could go for months without a problem. Not least because of the accurate information provided by the battery blue tooth. I have also fitted a victron MPPT solar controller that harvests more power. 2nd Mod is an auxiliary solar panel. A folding suitcase type that plugs into a socket on the side of the van. This when pointed at the sun provides a big boost if the roof panel is struggling. AnD we know when to use it because the battery capacity is so accurate. Given a 100 amp lithium is at least as good as 170 amps of lead acid and weighs about half of a 100 amp lead acid it’s win all the way. For charging things like the macbook etc we try to do that during the day, not overnight. To be fair we watch very little TV on the set but given that we are usually fully charged by early afternoon (using the built in roof panel only) I doubt that would cause a problem if we did. dont bother her with an inverter. Expensive power hungry things for what. In my case run a microwave I can well do without anyway. BBQ and a glass on kiwi finest far better.
  10. It has been a multi pronged attack for decades now with the philosophy that children can do no wrong and must not be punished. The fact that it hasn’t worked it just ignored. Kids are not born with a full book in their heads. They need to be taught the rules but in many cases are simply not. Now we have a whole army of people whose reason for existence is to attack those parents who do care and discipline their kids. The human world has gone crazy and the lunatics are running the asylum.
  11. Plus 1. Well said that man. Now about what can only be described as feral children.....................
  12. No they are not. A lot of the instructions are cut and paste from the components own manual. Some people use these fridges in say an off grid log cabin. In that case they need the 12v battery pack ( mine fits in the door). Good luck. We use a lithium battery so have a big reserve of power. It’s a hit on the wallet but it is very easy to increase your solar gain as well. Let us know if you want to go that route.
  13. Not connected but Son in Law took delivery of his new Peugeot 308 Hybrid yesterday. Quick school run to show it off, wife in passenger seat, they go. Picked up grandson. Car won't start. It's an Auto which they are used to and push button start which they are not. Books out - Head scratching - Follow instructions (foot on brake, in park etc )- still not starting - call to garage being contemplated - 15 mins later it dawns ( slowly). It's electric - the battery is full - that's why the engine is silent. Whoops.
  14. As above. If off grid you run the fridge off the gas. One thing the fridge does need a 12 v supply to work even when on gas to power the electronics. This is a tiny load and will not cause any battery problems on it's own. If your van is wired the same as GB then you will find a permanent 12 v supply to a terminal at the back of the fridge. this is live even if you turn off the main power switch on the panel, was when in storage. Your solar panel efficiency will depend on the weather and your battery condition.
  15. Join the bailey Owners club. It’s only £20 per year. As well as club rally’s etc you will get the club discount of 10% from bailey’s own spares and accessories site Prima Leisure. They do everything from a small screw to full awnings including wheel locks.
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