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  1. Try 0115 907 1700. Be amazed if they are not working in some form or other. Been supplying Bailey and others for years.
  2. Originally manufactured by Belfields Ilkeston Derby. 0115 907 1791 Give them a ring.
  3. Both are nice light weight little vans. Both have plastic as opposed to alloy body panels that will take knocks that bit better. Go and spend a long time in an example of them. Sit on the seats etc for a while. Play house and really get into the ‘how would we use it’ mind set. Score the good points and don’t ignore the bad. A few £s one way or the other will soon be forgot. One thing Bailey have a unique and rather good Spare’s and accessories system. Unlike all other makes you buy direct from Bailey, not through a dealer. You can buy anything from a single screw upwards. This makes getting hold of things like say a couple of matching coat hooks childs play, usually by return post. Then buy what you love and enjoy.
  4. For any that are interested Bailey has done a few videos about restarting the business as Covid Safe. All available on utube. Just search Bailey Caravans. The latest is on restarting production, released today. Factory production to restart August.
  5. Re the ‘dressed for hazchem ‘ brigade. Each to there own but I can’t help wondering if they are similarly dressed when performing the ritual daily visits. Which by their very nature put you in far closer contact to such matters. Use the valve and common sense. Unlike a rally attendee many moons ago who slipped into the ‘pit’ one wet weekend. Light grey slax take a blue stain rather well poor fellow. C’est la vi.
  6. Without being a brand warrior I fully concur with your assessment. A very good service. what is more many of the items available are used across the caravan world so it is always worth a check to see if a suitable component available from Bailey / Prima is going to do the job on your Swift Elddis etc. Having seen the success of this operation at first hand I am amazed that other manufacturers have not followed suit. Time to get the bits for quite a big job on our Valencia 2 days. One visit to web site. Same job for a Swift challenger 2 months ( via dealer etc ) and thanks to dealers mark up nearly twice the price. The extra coat coat hooks and a few other bits for our Estoril took, you guessed it. A couple of days. Also if a member of the Bailey Owners Club you get 10% of That can be a tidy saving
  7. Taking off any of the restrictions will have repercussions. The virus has not gone it’s all about acceptable risk. Acceptable risk for the individual varies dramatically with age, existing health, employment and a whole host of other things. Acceptable risk for governments and and services are totally different, based on what the public will perceive, what they will actually do, what the service can cope with etc. etc............... Businesses different again. ......... Obviously leaks from government have indicated on or around the 4th July. The leaks give businesses (our local pub has ordered its beer) a chance to get prepared. If figures allow and public feedback from the leaks are positive the government will announce the next stage tomorrow or soon. Happy in the knowledge that the public are in the majority happy to accept the increased risk. All the CL I have spoken to this week expect to open 4th July. 🤞🤞. Said release will be phased as government can then claim. Well done us if it works. And don’t blame us because you all jumped in too soon if we get a serious increase in infections. The complexities make for a good guessing game.
  8. As has been said if you have the control panel switched on then all sorts of things are drawing power. Not a lot but it adds up. The control panel itself. The fridge electronics. The radio though that will drop further if you remove the front and others. All add up. As you have found turn off the main control. That is how the van is designed to be left. Will be interested how you get on with the Lithium battery. How have you set the solar controller or have you changed it for a proper lithium one.
  9. I believe the tracker on the Alicanto works primarily om the leisure battery if fitted. It will only run from its own built in battery if the leisure battery is disconnected/not fitted. The battery in the alarm is charged by the EHU. How did you establish a battery drain of 4 - 5 amps.
  10. Unfortunately as we all know there are some dealers who are just crooks. They will delay and prevaricate right up to the day of court with, as they see it, no cost to themselves. It is a fact that many people, who are ripped off, will not have the bottle to go down the small claims route. The fact that it is a cheap and easy process has been illustrated time after time. But people still shrink from pursuing these crooks. Every time these dealers get away with it simply reinforces their feeling of invulnerability. Go for it. You have the evidence. You have the right.
  11. We find there is so little time difference between putting up our magnam and a friends blow up that it’s not worth talking about. Taking to down is probably quicker.
  12. I do love a good discussion. Just to keep it going lets chuck a few thoughts into the ring. 1. Re flights and our borders. Shutting down places like Heathrow and our borders, sounds a great idea. However as one of the planet hubs for air travel it's not quite as simple as it sounds. (from the net) 2009 = 69 million passengers per year, now many more than that. or about 200,000 per day. The flights around the world rely on it as hub for all Air travel to get planes, passengers and freight to the right place at the right time. So given a pandemic the Gov announces that we are closing our borders and shutting Heathrow. The result would have been un-controllable chaos. What are you going to do with the planes already en-route, The 200,000 people that are either already at the airport or have to land due to fuel. You can't just land them because there is not the physical room for them. Heathrow depends on planes leaving to make room for those waiting to land. You cannot divert them to other UK airports because there is not the border controls to deal with that number and their connecting flights are at other airports. We do not have enough drivers, hotels, coaches etc to handle this number of people anyway. Oh I forget the hotels are already shut. Whoops hope we have enough B & B Oh they are shut as well. Add in the knock on effect for the rest of the world and shutting off Heathrow has the potential to bring chaos throughout the world of air travel. Just a thought.
  13. That would depend on definition of innocent. One of the main cases sited for the abolishment was Derek Bentley he was hung when his 16 yr old accomplice actually killed the policeman. Bentley under the law at the time was guilty and hung. Good cause to change the law but not the deterrent in my book. Another one cited is James Henratty. Killed the boyfriend by shooting him in the head and the raped Valery Storey and shot her 5 times leaving her for dead. She survived and identified him. He was hung. His family protested his innocence for years and made such a fuss he was pardoned. Held up for years as to why capital punishment was abolished. Trouble is DNA came along and proved him guilty again. Whoops. I dealt with many murder / manslaughter cases. IMHO well over 75 % would not have happened if hanging was still on the books. There is one person who does not get a say in either the action the result or the punishment. The victim. Prior to the abolishment murder was such a rare crime that every police officer in the land wrote relevant details of the suspect in red in their pocketbooks. Called an express message. Now more in a week then we had in a year.
  14. Yes we have the same problems with a grand child. Trouble is with an 'Ology' is that the beliefs of the student are usually bent to those of the teacher. For decades we have had a mainstream mantra in all realms, but especially teaching, who have advocated the total absence of any form of punishment, and god forbid even a mention of corporal (including detentions) punishments. It was wrong when it started, it is still wrong and it will be wrong in the future. If anyone can show me that the country we live in now has a lower crime rate, More respect, and a population that is less fearful than 60 years ago. I will listen and agree that we have got things better. Patently it is not. As an analogy there are a plethora of papers, books and films etc. produced by the 'flat earth society' They are wrong but if that was all that was allowed to be taught then that is what people, as a whole, would believe to be true. Same with the hijacking of common sense and replacing it with the current rubbish. Because it's in a book written by an 'ology' it must be true so we will teach it.
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