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  1. We do most of our spring summer and autumn on CL’s. Or rally’s They mostly have room. You will find the eclipse keeps the rain of the doors in bad weather. In hot weather it makes a big difference in keeping the awning cooler Come the winter we may be on CC or CCC Club sites. They usually do not. But during* the winter we only put the eclipse up on the van as a rain shelter. We don’t use the magnum at that time of the year. The eclipse takes just a few mins to put up and is surprisingly stable. I wouldn’t want to use a shadow much at that time of year. I use the eclipse on th
  2. I have a magnum eclipse. The magnum actually tappers from van to front of awning and the sizes are the foot print with the sides slightly splayed. That accounts for 5he size difference. Yes you could adapt a shadow to attach to the front of the magnum using a few variations on Isabella’s kit. Using a couple of veranda poles and clamps with the dual click profile would work. But without rafter poles I don’t think you would be able to achieve a sun shade that would properly shed water. Given that any pooling on the roof would soon overcome the dual click. The eclipse with its c
  3. Also be aware of the dealer speak. “You must have cleaned it with the wrong cleaner.” I’ve also heard over the years that “ you’ve used water that was too hot.” Interpretation being. It’s our responsibility but is going to cost us money. You don’t look the type to push it so I’ll lie to you and con you.
  4. Seen the videos on the Russian plane/boat/ship some years ago. Fascinating Concept, especially the battery power element.
  5. What noise, a description would help
  6. Legally it is the dealers problem and the law says it must be fixed. We had them on the last Valencia one of the first to suffer thus. You could feel the grinding through to tow bar. Brake drums were obviously scored by an unsuitable material. Let battle commence I thought. It did. AL-KO at first used every trick in the book to knock back claim. Dealer frustrated as any replacements had to come from AL-KO = same faulty material. It continued AL-KO eventually admitted there was an endemic problem. Various fixes that involved chamfered leading edges, anti squeal grease etc.
  7. they ignore any other E.U. Regs as it suits them and under the therms of the treaty they can overrule it on local matters such as this.
  8. Slightly off topic but as a believer in doing, not moaning, this is a copy of an Email I sent to to the French embassy and their press office following the application by them of draconian restrictions on what food etc we can now take into France. Dear Sir/Madam. it has been my custom in the past to travel to your lovely country for holidays. Something I have been doing since 1979. We use our Caravan and spend extensively in the local area. I now find that (Covid Permitting) the ridiculous application of petty rules regarding the food and drink we need for the first
  9. Not exactly scientific but a good working analogy, your battery is just like a tank of water. It’s a blacked out tank so you can’t see how much is in it. Solar is a tap filling it up. The more the sun shines the faster it flows. Night time it’s turned off. Wet dull days it’s just dripping. If the tank is full it turns off. Your EHU battery charger is a much bigger tap also filling it up. At the bottom of the tank is the tap that you turn on to draw power ( water out). The more power you use the faster the tank will empty. More out than in the tank will empty. As the tank
  10. Take a day off and go and spend at least 2 hours crawling all over the layout etc at the dealers. Any niggles will expand in your mind as time goes on. Remember it is only the supplying dealer who has a legal obligation to repair / sort any problems. Do not believe 'salesman speak'. such as you can get it serviced anywhere and any dealer can handle warranty work. Yes they can, the question is will they? They are under no obligation to do so and as many hundreds if not thousands have found out dealers just will not handle warranty work unless they supplied the van. Conclusion
  11. Ah! The ways and means Act 1902 section 12 if I remember. Just after the Section 11 offence of Drunk and Refusing to Fight and before Section 13 Looking at me the wrong way. Ploughing the M1 and M25 as I do once every couple of weeks finding a pull in when nature calls can be problematic. Many of the HGV slots are open to us and I've never yet had a problem from the drivers themselves. Where I di have a problem these days is the horrendous state of some of the areas. They are not pot holes but craters big enough to do serious damage in some areas.
  12. Ditto with the emery cloth. Should not be needed but a simple fix. Couldn't be bothered with returning it etc.
  13. Think you will find you only need the main power switch on the control panel on. The solar is fully automatic and will charge the battery as best it can. Your water pump and lights are all 12 volt and working off the battery as standard. As is the T.V. booster and radio. The Fridge and heating need setting to run off gas. The micro wave and all the three pin sockets will be dead. If you want to watch T.V. it will have to be a 12 volt one that is plugged into the 12 volt socket next to the aerial sockets. Hand books can be down loaded from Bailey Web Site. With a good battery and good
  14. Simple we paid the deposit via Credit card. No interest as it was paid off but established any responsibility 0n their behalf. The remainder after trade in was finance on Black horse. But not for very long, once satisfied with the van I paid the vast majority of that off as well, so we only paid a couple of months interest. Kept the remaining small amount on Black Horse with enough outstanding to keep them interested but so little owing the payments and therefore interest are really not worth worrying about. That way we always have them on side so to speak.
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