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  1. When I took SWMBO on her first Rally it was a Caravan Club do with about 50 vans. Following a convivial evening we retired to bed. As many will know Rally fields can be a little dark and quiet is the rule. We heard our awning zip opening and whispers. The following is what we heard. We heard a plaintive little voice "Dad". Dad "Shush, I'll put the light on in a minuet." "Dad" a little louder. Dad " I've told you shush, people are asleep." "But Dad" Dad "where's our awning set. some rotter has stolen our furniture." "Dad, Please." Dad " You'll just have to hold it. I told you I'll put the light on as soon as I open the door." To his wife "I'm not having this go and get the marshal." "That furniture cost a lot, bloody rallys." "Dad ( very firmly and loudly ) I've been trying to tell you. "THIS IS NOT OUR VAN." Dad. ""£$%£$%^ Hell out every body quick. Lets hope they are asleep." "Mommy daddy just said a very rude word." The following day a stroll around the site revealed a van similar to ours with the same awning, complete with very posh new awning furniture, I couldn't resist it. Strolling by I had to ask. "Did you find your furniture then?" Much hilarity and wine followed.
  2. We are using this product and find it a huge improvement over the old uncontrollable ribbed hose that fought back like a demented python. https://colapz.co.uk/collections/flexi-waste-pipes Some of their other stuff is pretty good as well.
  3. If any of you fortunate people will be heading to very hot areas and will be fitting a Fridge fan. Yipee the fan power supply wiring is already in place at the back of the fridge, nicely labeled as well.
  4. Sorry about that. Will be all the sweeter when it arrives.
  5. Further update for those so bored they have nothing better to do. One night on Electric Hook up. -2 deg. Beds very comfortable. Alde as usual, superb. They appear to have got the heating under the beds better than the Valencia. In that it was like having a furnace on under the bed. Far to hot for SWMBO. The Estoril is just as warm but heat appears better spread. One night on gas and battery only. -1 deg. Watched a couple of hours T.V. heating on etc. Did not use the 'blackpool illuminations' lights. When on 12 volt we find the spot lights good enough most of the time. Anyway just as comfortable and in the morning the battery was still reading 12.6 (95 amp Halfords AGM ) so very happy with that. It was reported by one person on another forum that they were suffering a flat battery very quickly. Not as far as we are concerned. Solar panel soon had it back up to fully charged. Tested the fridge on both electric and gas. appears efficient and cools quickly enough for us. Bonus- the door will now take SWMBO's bottles of bubbles,
  6. In short The country has gone back to what I remember as a child. Innovation and invention encouraged with a refreshing lack of stifling regulations Our government making the decisions not the E U. People puling together and displaying a social responsibility. Decisions made quickly on knowledge and common sense not by mediocre committees with no courage of their convictions. If we can keep it up after this is all over Britain will be great again.
  7. Shame. Our new van is on the driveway similarly. Sadly I’ve learned not to trust dealers to tell me what day of the week it is. It’s a simple 1 min job to set it to the type of battery. Your book tells you how. Though again the instructions are as clear as mud.
  8. Well the Estoril is only 10 days old but as I have time on my hands. Wired to enable a second solar to be plugged in when required Extra shelves in over bed lockers custom made storage for mugs/glasses/wine glasses 3 extra matching coat hooks Under bed bottle holders Shelf in freezer to prevent ice cube tray conflict with contents now waiting for on line stuff to arrive to continue
  9. Hi yes the instructions are not the best. When a asked some years ago they said the fault flash was much faster. With your battery readings it shows working fine. If you plug it into mains until your battery is fully charged then the flash will be what you are looking for as fully charged. Tip. Have you made sure that the controller is set to the battery type you have. It defaults to ‘gel’ battery type. Most of us have flooded or AGM.
  10. SWMBO says. If you don't make a 'cock up' of something I'll be sending for the doctor as you must be dead. A little harsh I thought.
  11. Some on site found it funny. I found it somewhat thought provoking. Back in 1978 Pitched at a site in Spain (for 6 weeks) we saw a British Registered car arriving. It was one of the Nissan / Toyota very large saloons of that era. Probably 3 litre. Hitched to the back was a Sprite Musketeer Caravan. On the roof was an upside down pre-inflated very substantial boat. It contained Dad. 18stone plus. Mum similar dimensions and what I can only describe as 4 feral children who exited the car and promptly threw themselves in their travelling clothes into the pool. They pitched some distance away and to be honest I spent some of the next 14 days apologizing for their antics to the German and Dutch Neighbours we had. Towards the end of their stay 'Dad' approached me in the bar. Can I ask for some advice he said. He went on to ask how long the little wheel at the front of the caravan was expected to last. He further went on to say that as the car dragged it tail on exiting the ferry at Calais he had wound it down onto the road to 'level up the outfit' He had apparently travelled a few Km like this before it destroyed itself. An interesting conversation ensued where I attempted to put him right. He refused to believe me and spent some of his holiday money on a new jockey wheel, which did not last off the site. They left and the whole site breathed a sigh of relief.
  12. Usually a loose screw that hold 5he runner to the side. Remove the drawers then observe carefully as you pull out the table. The runners have holes in them and you can usually tighten the screw by access through the hole.
  13. Our TV is a ten year old Avtex. Small and we do not use it very much. When we do it’s on the front locker We did exactly the same with the Unicorn and modified the bottle cupboard for glasses. Still working on ideas for the Estoril. SWMBO is one for the crystal and champagne so it has to be suitable. Thinking of using the posh Bailey bags they give out at NEC for dirty linen. They are just the right height for under the beds.
  14. So we have now got the Alicanto Estoril parked on the driveway. A few thoughts for those who are interested/Bored/Fed up with Gardening/T.V. etc Cross out those applicable. Nose weight when empty was nice and light so excess nose weight will not be a problem. In fact we may have to pack heavy forwards to counteract the rear wardrobe. Not fully packed yet so watch this space. Towing home on motorway/main/side roads not a problem. Extra width was hardly noticeable and the van was very stable for such a light (guess at 30 kgs nose weight) Been playing with it since then and still impressed, everything factory fresh appears to work as it should. Mods so far :- 1. Socket for auxiliary solar panel fitted. 2. Custom mug and glasses storage in process of being designed. 3. matching coat hooks fitted ( one in bathroom and two at bottom of single beds for dressing gowns at night and coats during the day. Bailey wire mug holders fitted under beds ( they make excellent bottle holders ). 4. Played with the radio for hours getting the sound just as we like it. (has an output for a sub woofer and I have a suitable one in the garage but that may be going a bit far). 5. Auto gas change over valve fitted (needed a 90 deg elbow but 10 mins work once that arrived.) 6. Yes the locker will easily take a Safefill and a Calor light. In fact I think you could do two safefills. Faults that should have been picked up at PDI. Defrost drainage tube not properly fixed. (Done 60 seconds.) Loose runner on pull out table. (Done 10 mins.) Extra T.V. point at front of van fitted well. Well it would have been if they had remembered to connect it up to the booster. (5 mins ) Unexpected bonus. The locker for the loo is brilliant. Because the loo is inboard, to make room for the wardrobe, Bailey have turned it into a full wet locker. Plenty of room for chemicals , watering can, etc. Still to be done. I can see SWMBO wanting a couple of extra shelves in the over head lockers. Considering installing a wet locker tray in the under bed drivers side. Early models had this and it's where we will keep the aquarolls and wastemaster. Get some hooks and fit under side bed so SWMBO can have a have a Linen Bin function. We will be putting it to the test on the 'Costa del Driveway' shortly.
  15. Only main roads but towing the 8ft Estoril home last week was a non event. One thing the nose weight ( empty) was very light but the van was very stable.
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