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  1. A very merry christmas to one an all,

  2. We had same problem with our fridge, it is a thetford from 2003/4, hubby took the door off and put a couple of washers on the bottom hinge? and hey presto was good as new. .Denise
  3. we pay 1700 + elec (about £40) for 10 months end november to 1st feb, van stays on site all year. We are in the peak district lovely clean site, fabulous views, 20 minute walk to Bakewell. Denise
  4. Hi Nathan, I to have a Hobby and had problems with electrics, I received advice from a fellow member beejay, so hang on cos I'm sure he will be along soon, what he doesn't know about Hobby vans is not worth knowing. Perhaps you should put your request in the Hobby section. Good luck Denise
  5. We are on a seasonal at Greenhills campsite near Bakewell, open 10 months 1st feb 'til 30th nov, you can keep van on site for the whole year, its safe enough. We are in our 5th year there and pay £1800 + electric about £35/40 for the season. The site is very popular with statics, seasonal, tents, and tourers. Busy at weekends quiet thro' week, Not known for flooding, just gets soggy here and there. Denise Happy hunting
  6. Just got back from Peak District after a few days in van, we don't normally mind what the weather is like, been out in it all, we got snowed in on the site for a week in Feb,no problem, but! this week has got me beat, just gave in, packed up and drove home to more rain. From a very fed up Denise
  7. That sounds really lovely Jimmy, its many years since me and hubby visited Wales we stayed in Llanberis and toured around visiting lots of places including Angelsey, fab scenery. My daughter was there last year camping and walking and fell in love with all of it. Well done to you and your wife for raising such a large amount of money for such a worthy cause, I admire you both for that, Denise
  8. The pitter patter of the rain soothes me and I drop of easily, but when its belting down it drives me mad and sleep is miles away so I usually read make tea and huff and puff til it stops, Denise
  9. Absolutely teeming down and gusty winds in south Notts, daughter is in Derbyshire in the van and its the same. So its time to batten down the awnings etc. , me thinks. Denise
  10. Hope you have a good time mayblossom, a doggy shower love it! want one, we usually put our Sam in a plastic paddling pool, but its a chore if the weather's inclement. I shall have my head in the oven this weekend, no I'm not gassing myself it's electric. I'm cleaning it, sick of black smoke pouring out every time I put me oven chips in. We are away from Monday to Friday at Bakewell, got a week off work, can't come soon enough. Denise
  11. Yep, an amazing woman, good on her, We Notts women are amazing. .. Denise
  12. dap560

    Spilt Milk

    Update on spilt milk, did cry over it and felt sick with the stink of it. Tried some of the tips kindly offered, and low and behold smell has gone, a mix of, the bicarb, scrub and more scrubbing, white vinegar, neutraliser, and finally a car smelly thing that overpowers me and the dog. So thank you all muchly for your tips Regards Denise
  13. Hi, anything under 2" is not worth buying, the thicker the better, Denise
  14. dap560

    Grey Water

    Like that idea Bridie, will try that, always empty water around the florabunda on site and at home, ( after manually removing peas onions etc), We are fortunate in that we have a well in the garden and after Wednesdays downpour it's filling up nicely. Denise
  15. Don't be daft Gump, block paving and slabs are sooo last year, decking is in, Denise
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