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  1. Hi guys. I have the same fault on my Fleetwood 640. Did anyone sort theirs out ?
  2. If you don't want to pay for an expensive tracker my friend has just bought one of these and said it works brilliantly. I'm hoping to get one. Anyone else used one ? here is link -www. back2you. com
  3. Oops lol here you go. https://www. ebay. co. uk/ulk/itm/251677074170
  4. If you think it's your seal leaking I've used this on my leaking front locker seal on my Bailey Olympus. As well as conditioning seals it also makes the close a lot easier. It's fantastic stuff. Use it on the car too.
  5. Thanks for the info. I've just bought a 2012 Olympus 530-4. The mattres in that feels damp to the touch even though the upholstery feels fine. I'll get in touch with Bailey.
  6. Hi. I have a short length of air duct that runs under the van to the front vents. As we use our van all year I thought it would be worth insulating the duct. Anyone know what the best material to use would be ? Regards Rich
  7. So do the sensors work a lot better than the standard one that's fitted ? The standard one that's fitted only works well on full. Once you turn it down it takes ages to come back on again. It wasn't really a huge problem but as I've aquired it FOC I might as well fit it.
  8. Hi, has anyone fitted a truma remote thermostat sensor to their bailey ? I've acquired one off a friend today and was wondering what the benefits are if any ? My van is an Olympus 530-4 end bathroom, fixed bed. The fire is just under a unit on the right of the door as you walk in. I know how to fit it but where is the best place to mount the sensor ?
  9. Thanks for the replys. I will put my meter on tomorrow. It was a bit too dark by the time I got home tonight. So if I'm getting this right it's also normal not to have anything on the voltage display either when plugged in and running ? I've never had a car wired up for 12s or 13 pin before. I've always just used 7N. It's just that now this new van has ATC I'd like to get it working (which it is now) also we will be touring more this year and using some CL sites without hook up so it would be good to get some charge back in battery.
  10. Hi all, I've just had my 2013 Vauxhall insignia converted from 7 pin to the new 13 pin socket by a reputable tow bar company. Plugged it in tonight, road lights working ATC green light on. BUT when I go in van and switch the master switch on nothing. If I unplug 13 pin master switch works again. When the 13 pin socket is charging should I be able to turn master switch on and see volt meter working cos at the moment I have nothing with plug connected. I've rang him and he's coming back to check it. He said he used the original vehicle specific kit that was on for the lights and added a bypass relay for charging/fridge. Thanks in advance
  11. I actually considered sealing all the way round the tray but does it need to be lifted when a damp check is done ? It would make it hard to lift up.
  12. Yes, on most vans. But on the alu tech models leaking front locker can mean that the floor underneath can get damp. Different design to most others.
  13. Hi. Yesterday I noticed a very small amount of water in the middle gas locker on my 2012 baily Olympus series 2. It was after heavy rain and van has been parked up for weeks. Not a lot of water but any is too much IMO. I think its running down from the seal. I did notice that the seal was quite dirty and have cleaned it thoroughly. Also I park my van with the back end slightly down so rain runs off easier. I'm wondering if this could make it worse? I know that rubber seals can go slightly hard and shrink with age so I've ordered some of this to hopefully revitalise them- Anhttp://www. amazon. co. uk/Einszett-Gummi-Pflege-Rubber-Stick/dp/B007TNOQDI Anyone ever tried it ? I'll report back after I've used it. Regards Rich.
  14. Just got this back from Bailey- Dear Rich Thank you for your email I can confirm Adams Tourer Services are NCC workshop approved. You are able to use this company for the servicing of your caravan keeping inline with your warranty agreement. Please be aware that should any warranty work be required you would need to contact your purchasing retailer. Kind Regards Chantelle Kimmins Customer Service Co-Ordinator
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