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  1. just recently got onE from "tow Sure" £499 2 days delivery - full instructions - - have a good read thru a couple of times - and keep referring to them as u progress = I was just a bit puzzled at first about the clamps fitting, but as there is now drilling - the clue is in the wording "clamp" there is a top one and a bottom one - both slightly different dimentions on the "L" shapes - Have a practice on the back end of the chassis - where you have a bit of room to try it - and another thing - the instructions says keep the wiring from the motors the same length - but that's a bit daft = also - when you have done, before your activete the rollers on to the tyres - you can have a dummy run, without going anywhere - just to check that the rolleres are turning in the right order when pressing the buttons on the re-mote control - have fun - and do it on a nice dry day - and dont rush - TROLLY-DRIVER
  2. Living in Barnoldswick Lancashire - thanks for the welcome to the Forum

  3. grandpa Steve - ta for your reply - that eliminates the problem a bit cheers for now = TROLLY DRIVER
  4. Thanks RADIO TWO - I presume the fridge is as old as the van - I will try that as I am now off the road til next season - and ta for the advice about the milk - it will probably be a week or more before I do it - but I will let you know the results - Cheers 4 now - TROLLYDRIVER
  5. can any one help - elctrolux fridge stopped working on gas in avondale caravan -15 years old - Pilot light is on - but fridge not cooling - I am baffled ???
  6. Hi caravanners = we have a problem We only use our fridge in gas - for the last 3 times out our fridge wouldnt cool - the pilot light is on but nothing happening - does this mean the thermostat is not working - or the thermocoupling wants changing - or, re-gassing= would be glad of any advice - ta
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