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  1. The Aldi one is better! Has a DVD player as well!
  2. PR1


    Stopped on a narrow road in South Devon the other day to allow a rather large lorry to come through toward us! Five cars behind me! Numpty comes round the corner and decides to overtake all of us! He had a long reverse when he came nose to nose with the lorry! A real numpty!
  3. Called in to Sainsburys at Worle to fill up, as I had less than a quarter tank. Few minutes in the queue. Not much different to normal. All filled up. That will sort me for another few weeks!
  4. Rarely use sites with ablutions. Prefer our own. Only Lizzie and I have sat on that seat!
  5. Lidl cheapest ones for us! Never any problems!
  6. Mr Plodd. Battery is five and a half years old. We had a power cut overnight, and battery was down to 10.4 volts in the morning. Time for a new one. Tanya batteries to supply I think. Phoenix is not 3 years old yet? Battery was on our Pursuit 430/4
  7. We use a Kampa pro 260 poled awning. Yes we get condensation but a roof liner sorts that out! Odd drip but nowt to worry about.
  8. Well I need a new leisure battery for my Phoenix 640. I also have a 150 watt solar panel on the roof. Do I need to turn off the solar panel/ disconnect it whilst I remove the battery and pop the new one in? Thanks. Paul
  9. PR1

    The M6!

    So often I wish I could delete or lock posts I started as they go so far from the original topic!
  10. Nothing daft about being anti Motorhome. Over the last few years so many have joined their ranks. Swish bang of the doors! Speeding on site. Engines left running whilst taking on water, dumping waste! Unable to drive down Devon roads without leaving a three foot gap on their nearside! When on site cutting across pitches to get to the ablution block! Failing to even acknowledge you when you say hello! All these observations are based on my last three months travelling! I can even tell you where they all happened. That’s why we only use CLs now!
  11. PR1

    So am I evil!

    We just love staying on dog free sites!
  12. Looking back at my records I have had 2 vehicles from them. A Discovery Sport and a Defender. Both with tow bars.
  13. Well caravan had to go for service! We live at the end of a very quiet close. It started to rain so I decided to stand in my lounge and use the mover to get the caravan out! Doing nicely and turning it on the road when my neighbour came flying out of her house! She had seen the caravan moving on its own and thought it was running away. I shot out to explain about the mover! Well we had a real laugh!
  14. Just Google Gas pigtails. lots appear.
  15. Another 6 nights for us at the Willows CL Nantwich, Plus 5 nights at Burrs CC site Bury. Makes our total 109 Forum total 450 nights.
  16. Enterprise have them! They supplied me with one.
  17. PR1

    The M6!

    Well that was an interesting run. 177 miles down the M6 from north of Manchester to home. 177 miles in exactly 4 hours! Not a bad average speed! Very slow in the Birmingham area, before we hit the M5. Gets a bit white knuckle on some of the 4 Lane bits of the M6 where you have an artic either side whilst travelling at 60mph. Give me those single track Devon lanes any time! Passing home as we travel south, simply because the caravan needs to be serviced, then back on the M5 on Friday heading south again!
  18. Ours looks like yours Mr Plodd, and that is after two weeks away,
  19. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-rules-for-towing-a-trailer-or-caravan-with-a-car-from-autumn-2021
  20. Same caravan as Mr Plodd. We regularly use the fan on cool! Turn Heating off. Turn water heater off. Go to fan on the dial. Click. Off shows. Turn knob. Vent shows. Click. Turn knob to select vent speed. Click!
  21. PR1

    So am I evil!

    Can you tell me where it has be shut and moderated please?
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