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  1. Have thought about them Trouble is you have to make sure the caravan is meticulously clean before you attach it! Also the added nose w eight! So no, we don’t bother!
  2. You are ignoring the fact that they are in a warm caravan, having a hot shower! Better than wandering over a site in the cold, and probably raining! CL for me!
  3. Read all that, and sorry, but still not signing! It would seem my new Land Rover will also be hit in some way!
  4. What is the new motor home tax?
  5. Mayday cover lost keys! Just read it on an advert for Mayday!
  6. Ours go inside under the awning carpet!
  7. Used them many times! Always excellent prices and delivery!
  8. Black Knowl is showing 5 or more pitches available all weekend!
  9. Well we are at Start Bay CMC site, and it is only half full! Very unusual for this time of year. We come here every August for three weeks, so know what it is usually like! 93 pitches and tomorrow there are 46 empty ones. Looked at late availability on the CMC website and it looks the same for many of their sites! Just spoken with one of the wardens, who said it is the same on many of the club sites! Makes you wonder if people are voting with their feet!
  10. Only met one CMC assistant warden, who was objectionable! When the main warden returned to the site after a few days well deserved break there was a deputations of more than twenty complaining! He was already on a warning for his behaviour! The assistant warden departed a few days later! Peace was restored!
  11. If you are on Face Book there is a Bailey Phoenix group on there that has sorted your problem!
  12. PR1

    Leasing Car

    Having gone in to it, and doing circa 15000 miles a year , I prefer to pay cash for my new, to me, sixth month old Land Rovers. Keep them for three years, and then repeat!
  13. In France, unless it is a one night stop, it always seems to be pay the night before departure! On a CL in Devon at the moment and they operate the same system!
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