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  1. Never bother to polish ours! Just change it when it looses its sparkle!
  2. PR1

    Updating a built in Satnav?

    I received the instructions of how to do it last week. Not been brave enough to try yet! If I get it wrong, the dealer is quoting £179.00 to sort it out!
  3. PR1

    Teppanyaki electric grill

    Only take the Cadac when we are on non EHU sites. Teppanyaki does us the rest of the time! Use that and a double electric hob in the awning! Teppanyaki is so much easier to clean!
  4. PR1

    Number of questions on abroad

    Well we haven’t! Off, God willing on 15th of May for a couple of months! They are not going to turn our money down!
  5. PR1

    I did know that.

    Our youngest, Zoe went to collect a new to her Mini Cooper S on Saturday last! The dealer insisted on seeing her licence, so he was sure she could drive it! When I asked why his reply was that she have had an automatic licence rather than a manual one! Duty of care! Were his words! Probably why caravan dealers check licences!
  6. PR1

    Kuga Service

    My Discovery Sport has a 20,000 service interval, but needs an oil service every 10,000 miles though!
  7. PR1

    Caravan TVs

    Ours came from Aldi! 22 inch!
  8. Hmm! Need to investigate that! Thought it went through trunking along with water pipes to the shower!
  9. Behind the lockers! No pipes go outside! At this time of year only one vent open in the front! Check your pipes are connected, on of ours was not!! Just look at them and you should be able to see the silver pipe in place!
  10. At this time of year when we arrive on site ours goes on gas and electric for 30 minutes, then back to electric. Toasty warm! As an aside keep an eye on your cushions! Ours are being replaced as after 53 nights use they are sagging! CS caravans on the ball and getting them replaced!
  11. Andy, I seem to recall you are getting a Phoenix! If so it runs on Electric, or gas, or both! Run ours on Gas and Electric when we first arrive on site, and after half an hour Gas goes off as caravan is toasty warm!
  12. PR1

    Extended warranties

    On our last caravan the extended Bailey warranty was circa £240! We got our money back when heating and water pump played up, Well satisfied!
  13. PR1

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    Mine finally arrived today! Will put 10 litres in tomorrow to make sure it works!
  14. PR1

    Kitchen Cupboards

    Our Phoenix did not have them either! Saved me taking them out!
  15. PR1

    breakdown cover, europe

    Red Pennant for us! Best service ever!