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  1. Just looked at Burrs CMC site and that says 103 pitches (103 hard standing)
  2. When we book with the CMC, we do it on the website. We then ring the site direct and explain that we need a hard standing as Lizzie is in a wheel chair! The wardens then always , so far at least, keep us a hard standing! On a couple of CMC sites that we use regularly, the wardens ask what part of the site we would prefer!
  3. Well after spending late May and all of June at Le Barcarès, just north of Perpignan, we have called it a day as it was unbelievably hot in 2018 and 2019. We are just going as far south as St Germanic Les Belles, Camping de Montreal, for a couple of weeks!. Then back to Normandy! Whats the bet that the weather is cooler this summer!
  4. Well this is the longest break we have had from caravanning since we started! Been home since the 7th December! Christmas, children’s birthdays, and a kitchen refit! Of again in 10 days! Must admit children an grand children have enjoyed us being home though! Just cannot wait to get away again!
  5. I just let my dealer sort it out! Never been ripped off yet!
  6. Discovery Sport with a detachable tow bar, which I never remove.Towed 20.000 miles with no problem!
  7. PR1

    Noisy wipers

    I would be inclined to change the complete wiper arms. It could be the springs holding it on to the windscreen are failing.
  8. Likewise I like a drink, but rarely touch anything after 10.00pm. I only drink white wine. Never spirits! However I have a breathalyser which I check myself with.. very rarely it says more than 0.2 at 07.00am. i don’t normally drive until mid morning so I know I am clear! I send my breathalyser for recalibration every year!
  9. PR1

    Duck Board

    Andy! I am a stickler for a level caravan! Sometimes much to Lizzie annoyance! However the shower, used by both of us daily, always works perfectly! Stuck at home at the moment , refitting the kitchen in our eldest daughters house, which we own! Pulling out on the 26th, and have no clue when we will get home after that!
  10. PR1

    Your worst car

    Somewhere on here I read of somebody with a green car, and how dangerous it was. I had a Dark green Marina 1.8. SEW 617 K. i nearly got hit on country lanes by people not seeing me as it blended into the hedges, that I drove everywhere with the head lamps on. Forerunner of daylight running lights I suppose! Sold that car for a lot more than I paid for it!
  11. It is on the BBC news page about the weather causing big problems with Freeview!
  12. PR1

    Your worst car

    Funnily enough my Hillman imp died in a similar way!
  13. We bought our first caravan, a Bailey Ranger, 3 years old, to decide if we liked caravanning ! Got fed up making the bed every night! 500 nights later swapped for a brand new Bailey Pursuit, 430/4. fixed bed! Some 3 years and 600 nights later we decided that climbing over each other to get to the loo in the night was not fun anymore, so we moved on to our Bailey Phoenix 640. Now had it 14 months and done over 260 nights. We love the Mid bathroom and island bed. Will probably look to upgrade in a few years.
  14. Well Good luck, with your future! I dread the time when we have to give up. I know one day it will come, but hopefully later rather than sooner!
  15. Andy. With our las two Land Rovers, when I have pressed the button calling Land Rover assist no problems at all. Technician on site within 40 mins, and replacement vehicle, complete with tow bar, within 2 hours! The one Land Rover that we had that was a nightmare, an 08 Freelander2, went out of warranty, and LR still carried on picking up the bills! Last two have been fantastic! One blip with each! Replacement vehicle! Both times a RR Velar. Last time they rang me to say mine was sorted, and I was well north of Manchester with caravan following! They just said, let us know when you are home and we will return your vehicle! Needs to go to the dealer occasionally as I never clean mine!
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