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  1. Also many of the sites round Brean in Somerset don’t allow them!
  2. 13 sites, 121 nights, towing mileage 2000 miles. Discovery mileage 8000. Discovery normally covers 16000 miles and we do 280 nights, France and UK.
  3. Look at the Bailey Phoenix 640! Fits your requirements and ours is superb!
  4. Our KwikFit is an amazing place! More like an operating theatre. All the staff are excellent! However a few miles away is a dire KwikFit. Happy to let my local one to do any tyre changes!
  5. I know the weights I have towed with my various Land Rovers over the last 50 years! Would be more than happy to tow your proposed set up!
  6. I see full lockdown coming again. Seriously though I cannot see any difference between that and a level 3.
  7. Well I have just had to phone a close friend, of over 30 years, aged 78 who lives alone and say sorry John, due to this ***** virus, you cannot join us as usual for our family Christmas! We have shared Christmas for at least the last 15 years! Before that he joined his mother for the festive season! God Bless him, as he said that he had also made the same decision! Hopefully we will both still be alive to celebrate Christmas next year! Still very upsetting though! I just wish I could go to sleep and wake up when it is all over! I expect that their are many others who have had
  8. Of course they have! The wee crankie is the worst though!
  9. We had a Discovery 1. Had it for fourteen years! Went all through Europe. Did 150,000 miles , never missed a beat! Off roadded , towed and was so reliable Best vehicle ever!
  10. Yep! Gas and Electric together! Make sure it is Electric 2.When up to temperature turn the gas off!
  11. Gas and Electric to get it to temp! Then gas off and run electric on 2!
  12. So Bristol and North Somerset are lowered to tier 2, meanwhile us in South Glos are stuck in tier 3! Why?Rates are low. We share the same hospitals ! I Some areas one side of the road is in South Glos. The other side is in Bristol! Some one somewhere has seriously lost the plot! We can’t go away as we intended for a few nights either!
  13. We used to have until a couple of years ago 5 cars. Discovery, a proper vehicle, LR Freelander, mitsibushi Colt, Suzuki Swift and an Astra! Certainly upset the neighbours! Then we decided to be sensible. Just have a Mini Cooper S works edition, and Discovery Sport HSE. Only Zoe and I drive now. Lizzie can no longer drive! Zoe and I drive both vehicles! Love throwing the Mini about! Sideways on the roundabout! HeHe!
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