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  1. We have the Phoenix Platinum 640. Superb caravan, well built. Does everything we want. Absolutely no problems with build quality! Better than our Pursuit 430/4 Spent over 400 nights in it over the two years we have had it!
  2. Don’t use the data on my phone so that counts me out as well!
  3. Great place to stop. Not noticed any problems with the fuel stop!
  4. So did I! Back to the flush tank. We only use Lidl Bio washing tablets, or liquid in the bottom tank! Breaks down solids really well, and after rinsing the tank is always crystal clean! We tour for over 9 months a year, always using full facilities in the caravan, so we do know what we are talking about!
  5. So today on another site, a new caravnner turns up.2nd trip out. He reverses in like a pro and proceeds to level up. After a while he come over and asks if I can help with his levelling up. We go to his caravan and true enough it was level by the front window. However he had tried to use shower and the sink and they were not draining properly. I suggested that the level was moved to the middle of the caravan, inside the door . Checked across the axle, and fore and aft. Slight adjust and all level and shower etc draining properly! He finished setting up, and then a beer tog
  6. Well staycation year for us! First time I have not had my French or Spanish trip since 1970. Have I missed it , Yes. However seen some wonderful places in Britain. Will carry on touring at home until mid December. Only going home on Friday for the caravan to be serviced! let’s see what next year brings!
  7. PR1

    Ford Kuga

    Well I could go to 30000 including the trade in if the Discovery Sport, that is valued by we by any car at£22.000
  8. PR1

    Ford Kuga

    Thanks. That is the sort of comment I hoped to get!
  9. PR1

    Ford Kuga

    Well it is time for a new tug. . I would like a nice new shiny LandRover Discovery Sport, like our present one, but they are now so horrendously expensive. Thinking of a top of the range Ford Kuga! Now I have driven Land Rovers for 30 years so I am in to new territory. Or I could go to Japan or Korea etc Really open to help and suggestions. Has to tow a 1500kg caravan. Help please. Paul.
  10. Well after watching the people turn up and levelling there caravan on the steadies as the jockey wheel only lifts it! We now have another new one who decides that it is ok to leave extension mirrors on, to drive around all the time! Strictly illegal, but at least he listened! Then removed them! I know I am not perfect, but I learnt through th wise advice on here!
  11. As do us. But when family are joining us we need club or commercial sites. Our loo and shower is not really big enough to serve more than 2.
  12. Happened a lot at Start Bay CMC site as motor homes moved off the grass pitches to hard standing ones! Also makes me laugh when I see one occupant of a Motorhome or caravan scuttle off to find a pitch, whilst the other is in the office! Happened to us once when the people behind us went to find a pitch before booking in! I just stopped by the pitch and reversed on to it much to her protestations! The wardens comment was that I was there first in the queue!
  13. With his reaction a definite no!
  14. Yes really. Just watched a chap levelling his caravan using the steadies only! I asked why he did not use the jockey wheel, to which his reply was it only makes the front go up! I left and went back to my tea.
  15. PR1


    Don’t remember when I last saw a fire bucket by a caravan!
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