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  1. When we buy a new caravan I take a piece of awning skirt and at handover run it through the awning rail! Always find it blocked somewhere, so dealer cleans it for me before we leave with the caravan.
  2. Hi. Had a similar pursuit with a leak/damp in the same place. My dealer found it was the pipe from the flush filler down wards. I had been filling the flush right to the brim. The pipe has a push fit join part way down, and the fluid was leaking past the joint. Got it sorted and only put a couple of litres of fluid in after that! Hope that helps.
  3. Nowt on the CC site. They reduced VAT, other club didn’t., but they gave the membership extension!
  4. If anybody wants ours they are welcome to it for nowt! BS37
  5. Personally no! We have one at home, and we stopped using it! Very much overrated bit of kit!
  6. Only really renew ours for the CL’s Rarely stay on a CC site!
  7. Likewise the three close to me are not shown either!
  8. Russ. Great comparison. You certainly have listed all the pros and cons. Personally we will stay with our caravan! Cannot se the point of towing a vehicle by a Motorhome. Might just as well tow a caravan. We are always on site for a week with our caravan, and the Discovery Sport is a great daily vehicle and carries Lizzies mobility scooter with no problem. Horses for courses comes to mind! Enjoy your travels! P
  9. We had a Discovery Sport with tow bar from Enterprise.
  10. A few differences. Blinds are roller ones. Front cupboards have no doors. Woodwork is lighter, very 90’s. ATC is extra. No window in the door. Different sink and tap. Sprung seats, two tone kitchen cupboards none with locks. Four gas burners, not 3 + 1. Front chest. I am sure there are others.
  11. And me! Andy there are a lot of differences between the 640+ and ours!
  12. Your thread prompted us to be more scientific with our survey today. Will repeat the exercise when we travel on the M5 in a month’s time.
  13. Lizzie and I always count caravans as we travel up and down the motorways. Very nerdy I know, but it entertains us. We even have a counter to record results. So we decided to be even more nerdy and not only count the total number of caravans, but also note how many did not have extension mirrors. Today we joined the M5 at junction 16 and left at 27. We recorded all the caravans that passed us heading north and a couple that passed us as we were going south. As it was a slow journey it was easy to spot the extension mirror less ones. Total number of caravans seen was 310. The number without extension mirrors was 11. So not as big a problem as some people think.
  14. There is a transit lock on our fridge. You push the lock mechanism down for travelling. You have to press the button at the top of the door to open the fridge then. When you arrive on site just push the latch up and the door then opens easily.
  15. Just done 6 days off grid. Bailey Phoenix with the factory fitted solar panel. Watched a couple of hours TV each day. iPads and phones charged daily. Meter showed charging rate anything between 12.6 and 13.7 No problems at all.
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