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  1. Our Bailey Phoenix is going in again for the same thing!
  2. Very quiet here Val at La Floride! Le Barcares. Weather very good, only 5 English outfits. Normally a lot more at this time of year!
  3. We use a Huawei E5573. Used it for about 3 years. Obviously an earlier model. Buy SIM cards on the internet, as cheaper than buying direct from ‘3’ Works well for us all over U.K. and France!
  4. Lizzie just plugs her charger into one of our 240 volt sockets! Which reminds me that it needs charging! Been up the bar and wobbled back!
  5. I just ring them, and when they say that will cost you £xx. I just say cancel the policy. Never been charged yet?
  6. Don’t worry, I didn’t really do it!
  7. That is what I call service!
  8. Hi Val. Le Barcares, Just North of Perpignan. Usual spot for a month or so!
  9. Been in France for about a month! Only one poor day, yesterday when it rained all day! Back to clear blue skys today, and 24.
  10. They have, and our site here is full of them, partying at the moment! My car alarm will be going off at 8,00am, 8.05, 8.10 etc! keep me awake at your peril!
  11. When we get home mid July I can send you one for the postage cost! I never throw away old poles and I have some in my garage. PM me. Paul
  12. We travel for over 200 nights a year. At present we are in the very south of France for a few months, and have sadly made the decision that this will be our really long trip. We are too far away from support. I know we have Red Pennant, but Lizzie is very disabled, and cannot manage the steps without me. There is no way she can sort the loo, water and waste! So we will go back to long trips in the uk or Normandy, where we know family and friends can get to us relatively easy! Shame, but old age and infirmity catches up with us all!
  13. We tow a Bailey Phoenix 640 with our Discovery Sport. Never know it is on the back!
  14. Our Pursuit 430/4 was a fabulous caravan. Only bought a Phoenix 640 as we wanted the island bed. Cost a lot if money though, so this one has to be a keeper!
  15. Well this is probably in the in the wrong place. We are in deepest France, and will turn for home in three weeks,(time seems to go so much faster in France) Anyway, youngest daughter and her boyfriend have decided to join us as we travel home. We are going to meet up at Camping de Montreal, St Germain Les Belles, as her boyfriend, an ex pupil of mine, wants to carp fish there, They will spend a week with us. Talk about being nervous for them. Zoe, aged 23 in a few weeks, has sorted insurance on her Cooper S for Mitch, sorted break down cover, health insurance and a ferry crossing. Previously, since she was very little, I have sorted everything. So she tells me all she had done, finishing with the words, I am a proper adult now! You never stop worrying about children do you?
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