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  1. Don’t forget to let us know what the resolution is please!
  2. Always take them off the tyres!
  3. PR1

    Just thought

    We carry a box of spare fuses!
  4. We have clocked up over 2000 miles!
  5. Ok. Reporting back as requested! Just spoken to Chipping Sodbury Caravans. They will have it in on Monday next! Apparently on the Phoenix this problem should not occur as they already have the modified brakes! So they will check it and if needed will order replacement parts, but it is most likely to be a build up of brake pad dust, in which case it will just be given a good clean! Will keep you updated! Paul
  6. Andy, we have towed over 2000 miles, and it has only just started! (In the last 200 miles, so you should have a relatively quiet trip!
  7. Our brakes on our Platinum 640 (Phoenix) have become horrific with their squealing! Will be on to Chipping Sodbury Caravans first thing in the morning! off to the South of France in two weeks, so would like it sorted soonest!
  8. I only asked about Euros as I happen to need some cash ! i normally use my bank card!
  9. Ok then. Off over the oggin in a couple of weeks time! Where is the best place to get a couple of thousand Euros from please! Thanks. Paul
  10. We come off the ferry at Cherbourg, down to Villieu Les Poeles, than onto Camping de Montreal, st Germain Les Belles for a week. then down to Le Barcares for five weeks, then do it all in reverse! Have toured France for many years, so know where we want to be! Hopefully daughter and Boyfriend are joining us at Camping de Montreal for a week as we head north!
  11. Andy! Andy, I find the mattress very comfortable. Long time, 50 years a Scout Leader, so used to sleeping on the ground! Where are you off to in France! Cannot get my head round how to use quotes on here! Paul
  12. It is also all over Facebook, so hopefully somebody recognises it!
  13. Andy, I checked a week or so ago and there were no changes!
  14. Out from Poole 15th May. Now returning on 11th July! Actually suits us better! Me caravan is Fantastic! Not so new now as we have had it for six months and have done circa 100 nights!
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