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  1. We use one of these for quick overnights. https://www.obelink.co.uk/tarpy-caravan.html
  2. May be true. But both the caravanners bought from what I thought were reputable dealers!
  3. Well sat here on our home from home site. Home farm , Kewstoke, a non facility 12 pitch site in an orchard. Tales from the last few days! Caravan turns up opposite. Mum, dad and four children. Starts setting up, and then comes to ask for help. Helped him level up, and set water and heating up. First time out! Just had basic tuition from the dealer. The amount of stuff, awning, bikes etc in the caravan reminded me of the French. Then had another couple and one boy, about 10 and so polite. They asked for help with their heating and water! Whilst chatting I looked at the tow b
  4. I have obviously been lucky then. Most of my travels were in France.
  5. Travelled extensively on the continent over the last ten years and never have I come across metered electricity.
  6. Safefill not really an option when the nearest supplier is 20+ miles away.
  7. Ahh got you. Surplus cooking equipment. Mugs! Had far too many. Duplicates of tools! Extra towels and T cloths
  8. Sat here in my Phoenix. Windows were also misty. Just left them alone and they are now clear! Took 3 days.
  9. Pruning means removing surplus!
  10. Andy. Manual is at home! It is also taking over an hour to heat a boiler full of water on Gas and Electric 2.
  11. Our control panel is on a panel above the sink. Far away from the Truma combi!
  12. So every night we sit in the lounge area. Heating toasty warm at 22c. Truma blown air heating! Dont touch anything and go to bed! In the morning temperature has dropped to 15c so cold. Gas on and back to temperature in about 15 mins. Gas off and Electric 2 on. All good for the rest of the day! Just cannot work out what is going on! Any ideas please.
  13. I dread you and me meeting up Andy! We have such similar and wicked sense of humours
  14. Andy. You obviously got a bad one from Chipping Sodbury caravans. I found nowt wrong with ours! The same caravan as you!
  15. My pricing for that trip, 80 miles, each way would be £1,25 a mile.
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