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  1. PR1


    Ours comes direct from ACSI every year.paid for on direct debit!
  2. PR1


    We order direct from ACSI as it is cheaper!
  3. When ours goes in for service we automatically book next year’s service date!
  4. We carry a set of luggage scales! Just measure the weight and the subtract the weight of the cylinder! simple!
  5. Huawei E5573s-320 for us! Had it over three years. Has worked well throughout UK and France! We just buy SIM cards from ‘My Memory’ when they are on offer. Three 12GB do us for a year!
  6. That is a bit damming! Should you really be posting such on here! Always had fantastic service from them!
  7. A lot of us who stay on Le Floride are long term bookers! We book from one year to the next Always surprisingly full from mid May! They price the pitches to keep the site full!
  8. We have stayed at Le Floride for the last 8 years. We have a pitch on the L’Embourchure part of the site! Private bathroom, water on the pitch etc! Make sure you book direct, as their prices for a month or so are very good! Fantastic place! Sadly ill health means we are not able to do our trip next year! Be aware that particularly in late may and early June the site can be extremely windy! Any other questions ask away. Paul
  9. Where are you staying in Le Barcarès! we stay there every summer for five or six weeks! We travel down fro Cherbourg. With legs of about 150 miles a day! Plenty for me!
  10. The garages down by our spring summer pitch at Le Barcares, just north of Perpignan,have all stopped selling LPG.
  11. PR1

    Serviced pitch

    We only use 1 serviced CMC site a year.! Dulverton, for the first week in December! Most of the CL’s we use are all fully serviced, and don’t charge extra! France is the same! No extra charge!
  12. We ordered one of these earlier today!
  13. PR1

    Storage on drive.

    Our local council took over the covenants from the builder, and even after 30+ years still actively enforce them! 28 days to load, clean and unload! One of my neighbours counts the nights and keeps the council updated!
  14. It really would help if you indicated what caravan you now have!
  15. PR1

    Boxing day

    Where on earth is sk22?
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