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  1. Staggered arrivals are for the 4th July only! Then, as I understand it, it will be back to normal!
  2. Land Rover Discovery Sport, 2017 . 35636 on the clock! Tows like a dream, and always 30+ mpg.
  3. Thanks Andy! We use fabric softener in the flush! Keeps it sweet smelling! Also empty the tank daily!
  4. Andy, we have never tried the Bio Liquid! How much do you add? Paul
  5. lidl and Aldi Bio washing tablets are the best! in field trials we found the worst were from Waitrose.
  6. Ours took just over three weeks to arrive!
  7. A long time since I towed through snow in December! But who knows with our crazy weather! We are soft southerners!
  8. I just use silicone spray!
  9. Well I have read all the posts! If it was me with this problem I would change the oven regulator! Not difficult albeit a bit fiddly!
  10. I expect you used the wrong Bio tablets! Lidl are the best, Waitrose the worst! Used them for 10 years now! We only use our on board facilities!
  11. PR1


    No smells with our 640! Not seen any mention of this on the Bailey Phoenix Face book page either, and we have over 300 members on there!
  12. Had ours replaced on our Phoenix! Still not right!
  13. We have booked sites from 4th July, through to the end of November. mostly on CL’s. Should be in France at the mo, but that will not happen this year!
  14. Ditched our tracker! It cost five times as much as we saved on insurance! Just changed the insurance company to one that did not demand a tracker!
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