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  1. They really are the best! I know it is expensive, but when the chips are down they are brilliant!
  2. Our tv changes channels a soon as any news comes on! Depressed enough, so don’t need any of that stuff!
  3. If you can get to the fan, give it a spin by hand! They sometimes get stuck!
  4. On a CL at Chittlehamholt last summer, the caravan owner next to us was clearing up ready to move on. He rolled his water butt over to the edge of the hard standing to empty it! Left it there draining, when all of a sudden it took off on it’s own, down the steep slope towards the barn at the bottom of the slope, where it shot straight through the barn door! Wish I had had my camera to hand! We all laughed over it though! Even him!
  5. No shortage of eggs or milk here in South Glos! Still cannot get any Loo rolls though!
  6. Yes, we use the bio tablets all the time! Breaks down solids perfectly!
  7. Lidl Bio Washing tablets for us! Used them for years!
  8. Plenty of noise here! Everybody just leaned out of windows,so separation was kept! An amazing reaction!
  9. Well this enforced break from our caravan travels is certainly saving me some money! We normally travel for about 280 nights a year, so I reckon I am saving about £125 a week! Also fed up doing jobs around home! Patio cleaned, garden almost tidy! Green house opened up, first time in 8 years! When it rains its interior painting! The sooner we can get away in the caravan the better!
  10. I occasionally get letters/mail shots for my wife who passed away over 20 years ago.
  11. Just bought a new Bailey Unicorn Black Edition Vigo with Alde heating system. All radiators are hot, however have noticed that the fluid in the header tank situated in wardrobe bubbles/makes gurgling sounds when thermostat kicks in and fluid pumped around the system.  Spoke to the salesman regarding this and he said it was completely normal.  Have any other caravan owners with this type of heating found this to be normal.

    1. matelodave


      We had this with our  Cadiz III just after we got it - leave it for a while until the dissolved air in the circulation fluid  has dissipated and then try bleeding the system to get rid of any air - we found that we had to top up the fluid a little after that (as it was only about half a cupful ,I just used water). The other thing to check is the pump speed.


      The pump is mounted on to the heating unit and the speed should be set to 2, however when the system is filled an commissioned it gets turned up to 5 and it's frequently forgotten. The adjustment is on the rear of the pump body.


      Lastly it's also worth checking that the solar controller settings are correct for your battery - you might have to download the Truma installation instructions if the ones Bailey supply dont give all the info (which mine didn't)

    2. hawkaye


      Our Eccles 480 has an Alde system. It's all but silent in operation. I can see the fluid swirl in the header tank but any noise is extremely difficult to detect.

  12. We always use our own, never the site facilities! I won’t use Elsan fluid, as I hate the smell! Always use Lidl bio washing tablets! Breaks everything down, and smell nice! Also we empty it every day!
  13. Just spoken to Hans at camping de Montreal, st Germain Les Belles. Officially shut, but they are helping English and Dutch on their way home! You must phone ahead though before arriving!
  14. Somewhere on face book, I saw a message, direct from the council that a decision over who has the contract will be announced in the week ending 27th of March!
  15. Well I would not touch an evoque. We drive a. Discovery Sport, for 15,000 miles a year. More room. Will chop it in for another one in 2021!
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