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  1. Plus one, there's plenty of room on the hardstanding for a car
  2. I took mine off as the sensors detected it, I don't really need a plate as the mover is very good
  3. AGM is the battery type, if you have a AGM battery you need the higher charge rate or your battery will have a shorter life than expected. I have a standard flooded battery and my solar will take it up to 14.9 volts for an hour every month, after that it goes back down to 13.7v
  4. My new awning (some time ago) didn't fit properly on the corners and Glossop sent it to Triopair to have it adjusted, they made a brilliant job.
  5. If you go to your signature you can adjust it there
  6. When I want a window glass for my stove in the house, I take a cardboard template to the fire shop and they get one made for me.
  7. Have a look underneath near to the water heater and you should see some clear pipes hanging down, check to see if any have water leaking from them, my suspicion is that it could be limescale or algae that's stopping the non-return valve from working and your loosing pressure.
  8. Yes, heavy items on the floor over the axle and lighter items towards the front or rear if it helps with the hitch load (never at the back or you will get a pendulum effect), here's a link to the C&CC who explains it better, https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/helpandadvice/technicalhelp/towing/weight-and-payload-guide/
  9. I always used 110ah lorry batteries that were scrapped because the post had melted away, it wasn't a long job to stick another one on and they lasted well, then a friend who was a salesman for Exide/Big had one made for me, that lasted 11 years. Since leaving the motor trade I've had to buy 2 the present one is a 115ah that cost about £80
  10. All our local caravan dealers have plenty as have the main distributer, but I have only seen the standard bottles at the DIY type shops.
  11. With the bottles in try weighing the nose weight with all heavy items loaded over and just forward of the axel, then adjust to suit, my towbar has a 85kg limit.
  12. With hindsight, when we started caravanning an Isabella Major porch awning would have saved us a lot of money over the years, rather than buying a awning for each caravan. An Isabella awning will take some beating for quality, I did try a camptech air awning but wasn't impressed so I also went back to our polled awnings. Roll on a few months and we saw a Ventura air and Bradcot Modul air at Bawtry Caravans, they both looked good and made with good quality materials and not a lot between them, so we walked around all the air types then went back the top 2. We went for the
  13. Ha but, if you removed the tyre deliberately and damaged the road while driving on the rim would that be an offence.
  14. Paul_B


    I prefer propane but will butane if it comes free
  15. I like to sit out in the awning with a drink and a book, we have a full awning, a porch and my/our favourite a Ventura air awning. best of all it keeps all the wet gear and muddy boots out of the caravan
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