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  1. The Tarn is hoisting the push bike race again in May, from there to Bedale...……..just saying https://www.barnsley.gov.uk/services/sports-and-leisure/tour-de-yorkshire-2019/
  2. Seams strange that they don't come with any poles and they have to bought separately
  3. Paul_B

    Urban exploration!!

    We had pit tips which turned into pleasant tree covered mounds where deer and other animals called their home. Now they've been reindustrialised and turned into sugar tips I think sugar could be the wrong word
  4. The common vernacular would lead to motor car, caravan and motorhome club as in the MC,C&MC or should that be TMCC&MC but that's getting daft.
  5. Paul_B

    Newbie adviced required please :-)

    Take a look at caravan layouts and as you want a 4 birth I assume you have kids, if so take them with you. What we wanted went out of the window as the kids told us their preferences, and they weren't wrong.
  6. Brings back memories I'd been to Springhill Farm CL for a couple of weeks and we had horrendous rain which showed up a waterfall water leak from the boat roof (as well as the fridge going down), as we were returning home we decided to trade it in, so popped into our local dealers. I noticed a strong musty fishy smell as we were going into the showroom and said they had an electric fault somewhere, we traced it to a socket in a caravan in the showroom. Then Ron said to us, I'm glad you noticed as non of us have a sense of smell We came out with a 1998 prelaunch test model, sprite musketeer
  7. I also preferred the old discreet but, in being discreet the CL site signs were so very visual to CC members. The new ones blend in with so many other signs The rebranding to me seamed ike a large male chicken high on a pedestal
  8. Paul_B

    Insurance and remapped car

    As said, if in doubt tell them. I've accompanied the gentleman and ladies that check after a fatal and theres no way they wouldn't find the smallest item. matelodave tells of his friend with the mini, I was into customising minis big time and asked them how would they know, the list they gave was truly amazing, not just visual thing like the carbs or block but really involved things, the things I did for grass tracking like sprite heads and stage 3 tuning were small compared to what they knew could be done. I have no doubt that in todays tuning world these people will be second to non.
  9. I'm another who calls it the CC, let those who wanted a name change can call it by whatever they please its still the Caravan Club to me. Now they want to have camping pods, eco pods, and shepherd huts included on some sites I think they'll want another waste of money name change soon.
  10. Paul_B

    Buying a caravan and PDI legalities?

    There seems to be something lost in the translation of PDI, we think its pre delivery inspection but it seams that there's some dealers who think its post delivery inspection and something the customers do
  11. Paul_B

    Limited battery life

    I always had a battery charging facility in the boot of my cars, including a well strapped in no spill battery box. However I found a second 40w freestanding solar charging system more efficient, the second system was for charging the second battery. When I dismissed the crtv and bought a ledtv I didn't need the second freestanding system or second battery as my 50w freestanding was more then enough to keep the battery, full so didn't need a The second system has now been fixed to the roof for charging the battery while the caravan is stored, along with another 50w. As I said back in May, the 90w roof mounted isn't as efficient as the 50w freestanding, and when in storage at this time of year the caravan has to coupled to the mains now and again. I have been to quite a few RTAs and seen what damage debris flying around in the car does, this is why I had a properly secured battery box
  12. Paul_B

    Twin Axle Questions

    Never heard of the one, but can imagine Barnsley council don't like you using them as it could damage the potholes that have built up over the years. We have Bridgestone all season on our winter car, the little Yaris
  13. Paul_B

    Battery Drop Test

    Can I take it you wouldn't have approved of replacing the battery posts with solder and a welding torch
  14. Paul_B

    Twin Axle Questions

    I have a single axle but have used the leveling ramp to pull the caravan onto, this raise the flat tyre high enough to get the jack under to change the wheel.
  15. Paul_B

    2 wheels or 4 on the wagon?

    I prefer the single axel as its easer to get onto my drive, detach from the car, couple the mover and then using the buttons spin the caravan on the spot using a forwards and reverse button for each wheel, you can't do it that easily with a twin. With that in mind, and when driving along the road towing one, the twin wheel set up must give better road holding and stability than a single.