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  1. Now if you could imagine it sloping the other way
  2. A friend of mine repaired pumps (big ones) and he had a merc mobile workshop where he lived upfront and the workshop is at the back. He sold his house while times were good and concentrated on earning money, he earned a lot! and bought quite a few big houses which he rented out, he used to stay rent free on jobs and if small jobs came up he used camp/caravan sites. The last I heard of him was he'd retired and lived in one of his big houses and employs people to do his work. This came from a close friend who bought a dismantlers and within 10 years sold to a consortium enabling him to moved back to Hampshire with a very large pocketful of money. Tis food for thought, but I had a family and didn't take risks...……..
  3. Has the yellow tap been closed since drain down
  4. I have the same one as BGs link and it works well even before its extended, but, I wish they'd fitted it vertical When I said it was sloping to the front, they say no, and produced a spirit level to prove me wrong a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then but I had point out to them how steep their drive is and that the caravan was facing up the drive. I haven't adjusted it as its proved to be a good ice breaker on sites
  5. Apart from being dangerous, I would just use the inverter for the cpap machine rather than using the battery for toaster etc, better to wake up breathing than no toast
  6. Do you find the hot taps spluttering after the water hasn't been used for a while (micro switch system) or the pump cycling when water isn't used with the pressure system, as both of these could be the non-return valve suffering from algae/limescale build up preventing it closing properly.
  7. You should have a blue one as the hitch wont close until a ball is fitted, I also keep a red Al-Ko one as a spare in the caravan as back up.
  8. Paul_B

    Nr awning

    My NR porch (Coniston lux) doesn't so I tie it down onto the framework
  9. When mine leaked I took it to bits to take details of the cartridge then stuck it all back together with a liberal amount silicon grease until the new cartridge came, its never leaked since so didn't order the cartridge
  10. It was also found in LPG cars in various countries, heres a link to some found in a RV in America http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/23677889/print/true.cfm
  11. I'd take the results from the NCC with a pinch of salt, a large pinch. Have a look at this link from aandacaravanservices http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/campaign-for-battery-change.php
  12. The vast majority of us understand their questions
  13. Its well documented (and I did the links years ago) that the oil is the plasticisers displaced from the rubber hose by the LPG gas, the advice then as now was to use the stainless steel hose. At the time it was advised that the regulators were fitted higher than the bottle so the liquid drained back to the bottle rather than cure the plasticiser problem.
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