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  1. Paul_B

    Buyers regret?

    I'm led to believe you get more cover from a cc than a loan
  2. Paul_B

    Cordless Drill

    I bought a 18v li-on drill from aldi and it was so good that I bought a second, a week later and they had a 20v li-on hammer drill in a case with 2 batteries and charger, they're so good they've made my Makita's redundant
  3. Paul_B

    Cordless Drill

    I've used a 18v aldi drill for the legs, but it can give you a decent whack on the nose when bending down doing the rear legs if you don't use two hands to hold it 😩
  4. We used washing up liquid in the water when flattening paintwork prior to repainting, it makes the water wetter but also removed wax and contaminates, as for polishing a car/caravan, polishing is a word we used for both polishing compounds and for wax polishing. We know there's a vast difference in polishes, from compounds to swirl fillers and in the final protective coatings, but its a bit like hovering the inside of the car after going to the seaside despite using a dyson or vax. Also salt is a very efficient electrolyte if corrosion is desired
  5. Geoff will be along shortly and he'll know the name of a CL site at Pickering
  6. We've had this topic before when someone said that bailey only recommended his product, it transpired that its ok to wash their caravans with salty water (washing detergent) but don't use carnauba wax protective coatings, I wonder why probably as the washing detergent would remove any polish anyway
  7. Paul_B

    Shortage of portable folding solar panels?

    My 50w is far better then my 90w roof mounted even in summer, in a few weeks when the sun gets higher I'll try the caravan on the roof solar again, at the moment the caravan is hooked up to the mains for winter charging.
  8. Paul_B

    Avante 860 Purchase, export to NZ

    I often wonder how John Lee (a member from Christchurch) is going on, he imported his caravan from the UK.
  9. I use autoglym super resin and autoglym ultra deep shine on the caravan, and bora permaseal and collinite double wax on the car. However mines not a Bailey so It can stand anything
  10. Paul_B

    Halogen to led problem

    Have you bought regulated LEDs or 12v ones, 12v ones can malfunction due to too much power from the caravans battery/charger. Regulated ones will work from 10 to 30v without problems or should do
  11. Paul_B

    Shortage of portable folding solar panels?

    I have a 19" 12v tv which doesn't use much power so I managed very well with my 60w panel, at one point when I had a power hungry CRT TV I had two more panels for a second battery. These two smaller panels are now on the roof with a 50w one for keeping the battery topped up through the winter. With hind sight I should have bought 150w for the roof. Both my controllers are Morningstar Sunsavers (PWM), however I use the load on both controllers, one for the tv and on the other controller to the outside 12v socket, my original controller is 15 years old and still working as new. ……........touch wood Using LEDs will save a lot on power, I also use solar awning lights rather than the caravans power.
  12. Paul_B

    Gas Bottles

    Post on here have to be approved as its only for items for sale, I assume everyone is selling
  13. Paul_B

    Shortage of portable folding solar panels?

    I bought a flat panel and made a stand for it myself, I also made stands for my 2x20w panels which have since been stuck onto the roof, I bought the controllers separately.
  14. Paul_B

    Butane to Propane question

    Is it the Have you got a patio gas bottle rather than a orange propane one
  15. Paul_B

    Welcome pack

    Some caravan pipework can leave a tcp taste in the water due to chlorine content in the water supply, houses can also suffer from it. However not everyone can taste it. Its not from the aquaroll