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  1. They don't have dpf's? And never heard of them having swirl pot issues??? Mines on 114k and it's needed one alt at 87k and have just replaced the egr valve
  2. The point of changing is that we've had it over 4 years and fancy a change Age isnt everything though, My Dads 2005 76k mile BMW 525i is a far better car than my Mums 2009 92k mile Mondeo The two examples I gave are just the first two that came up on my ebay search! it would be no different towing if I got a 2010 CRV My point is that I cant seem to find anything (according to What tow car) that tows as good? Honda CR-V 2006-20011 With our van is 74% and the Vectra is 69%
  3. We've got a 2008 Vauxhall Vectra 1. 9 CDTI and was thinking although nothings wrong with it and its been a great car, we've had it just over 4 years and maybe fancy a change? So Ive seen a Honda CR-V 2007 2. 0 petrol and a 2008 2. 2 diesel but according to what tow car the Vectra tows better than both!! So what do we do!! I don't really want anything bigger than a CR-V and I only want to spend about 5k, or do we just stick with the old faithful Vectra??
  4. We have a 9 and 4 year old so CL sites seem like a good idea if they have showers and toilets, We like Hollands Wood in the New Forest as they have shower/toilet blocks but also have large open space for them to charge around on, Would like to find somthing the same in the new forest ish area
  5. That's the same prices I see when I go on the site?
  6. Evening all, I've just been looking at the Caravan club web site and am wondering if its worth joining? Looking at the site it seems I should as I would get a £10 per night discount? We are members of the Caravan & Camping Club because we camp at Hollands Wood in the New Forest a few times a year so its sort of worth worth while I've priced a site in the New Forest (Black Knowl) but am not sure if I've looked at members price?? Id be most greatfull if a member could please price it for me? 2 x adults 1x 4 year old and 1 x 9 year old maybe a fri,sat and sunday night in August
  7. We're staying near Lyme Regis, Love Bournmouth and Poole but normaly go there when we stay in the New Forest :-) We've driven past that place a few timesand thought it looked odd, Never been into the village, Didnt know about the Prince Charles link!!
  8. I would NEVER use Towsure again!!! I ordered my tow bar for my new car 6 weeks ago and was told its in stock, be 2 day delivery, Thats fine I thought!! anyway long story short, After 4 weeks and lots of "Ill find out" and "It will be with you tomrrow" I am having to buy one elsewhere because there suplier is out of stock and dont have a date as to when they will have it, So Im now only 2 weeks away and have no towbar fitted!!!
  9. We're off to Dorset in 2 weeks time, We have two boys aged 9 and 4 any ideas of places to go things to do?? Thanks
  10. Yeah they have pitches, read some reviews online, quite mixed!
  11. We're thinking of maybe booking here for 2 weeks in August http://www. homefarmholidaypark. co. uk/index. htm Anyone been or know anything about the site? Thanks
  12. It maybe a option for plan C!!! On issue is I cant book for 9 nights only 7!
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