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  1. It leaves your entitlement to a warranty unaffected. They have entered into a contract with you that commits them to a 6 year warranty and they must honour it. The fact that they no longer produce caravans is not relevant. As long as they exist as a business then your warranty is valid. I suggest you contact Dunster House to get a response to your question. If you used a credit card or finance for over £100 then the finance provider is also liable.
  2. The interest rate you pay at a dealer is determined by the dealer not the finance company. Essentially the higher the interest rate a customer pays the more commission a dealer earns from the finance company. Dealer finance will never be cheaper than a direct loan but you may be able to drive a better deal on the sale/part exchange if the dealer has finance commission to throw in. Don't be driven by APR as 1% lower interest looks better if finance is considered in isolation but what is the saving in actual cost? If the overall cost of change is the focus then the extra cost of finance may be recovered elsewhere in the deal.
  3. 7% flat rate for finance is over 14% APR and very high. Depending on your circumstances something around 7% APR should be available from a quick search of moneysupermarket or similar,
  4. I tow my Tamar with a Touran 2. o TDi - it is effortless with plenty of power and over 28 mpg towing.
  5. I have had excellent service from Cwmbran Caravan Care. Cwmbran Caravan Care01633 860706
  6. Thanks for your replies - very reassuring.
  7. I have ordered a new 542 Tamar and I have a Touran 2. 0 TDi sport. I will have a motor mover transferred to the Tamar and am concerned about whether I will be able to get the noseweight down to the 75g max of the Touran. Any views ir help would be gratefully received.
  8. No it hasn't: http://dhcaravans. co. uk
  9. I have bought a Blackberry Playbook 64gb from Currys at £129 - this is reduced from the original launch price of over £500. The screen on the Playbook is very good and offers fast internet. There is a new OS for Blackberry due early next year. It doesn't have a great selection of games though.
  10. I highly recommend the following: http://www. lnbtowbars. co. uk/?gclid=CKKnz7iw068CFYgifAodfCwMbQ
  11. Unfortunately you don't simply hand a leased car back after three years - you have paid 36 months of rentals. The rentals are also subject to VAT which is an additional tax not applied to HP repayments.
  12. It is possible now to use/buy a caravan without paying the entire cost. A loan or HP will provide you with the funds to acquire a caravan. A leasing arrangement would not be any cheaper as the owner/lessor of the caravan carries the same risk as any lender. Namely default in the payment of lease charges by the lessee or loan repayments by the borrower is the same risk and would carry the same premium.
  13. We have two because of the twin axle. Very easy to use although the raising of the wheels takes a bit of ratcheting. Allows very precise levelling and like you we have ALko secure wheel locks which makes it an essential in my view.
  14. I am on the 3 network and have had no problems with coverage for both phone and internet. Also worked well in Europe through partner companies.
  15. CC site in Bristol is either a walk or a short boat trip away from the city centre. Bath Marina is close to the centre of Bath.
  16. All of the lanes are large enough to tow the caravan through without any problem.
  17. We bought Dahon folding bikes with Schwalbe Big Apple tyres. We have used them on Canal towpaths and also forest trails - New Forest and Forest of Dean without problems although the suspension helped I'm sure. They are excellent and fold down quite well. We bought ours from C H White in Malmesbury who have a website which is very informative. They also offer electric conversion kits as well. The Dahon bikes that we have are 24 gear but there are many choices available.
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