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  1. So, I have had my Valencia from new and wouldn’t change it for a newer version as I don’t like the changes and I feel that bailey don’t listen to customer needs. I have had all services done, tyres changed aldi fluid changed and generally looked after it. Finally got round to fixing the self closing draws, springs had come unattached. If anyone has had any issues feel free to comment or share there repairs. It makes it easy to do a fix if someone on here has already done it. Finally enjoy your caravan . Mick
  2. After some advice please, what are the best tryes to fit to a S1 unicorn. Mine are due to be replaced, Has anyone used tryes on the drive. I also have tyron bands fitted. Mick
  3. Just went up to my caravan today, which is in storage on on end pitch, to get ready for going away, for easter to find that some kind person has damaged my pro tec cover and cracked the nearside front plastic bumper on my Unicorn 1. I have ordered spare parts ie bumper, decal and screws, just wondered if anyone changed one before if so how easy is it. looks fairly simple. Mick
  4. I own a unicorn valencia s1 and tow with an peugeot expert van, an advice please where to get the best deal on breakdown and recovery for both vehicles. Thanks. Mick.
  5. Hi i have been advised to have my tyres replaced as my van is nearly 5 years old, also advised to change the gas pig tail, any recomendations on mobile trye fitters in the midlands. Thanks. Mick.
  6. The Light and fob on my spare unicorn 1 key fob odes not work, I take it the battery has failed. . are they easy to take apart and change the battery, will i need to pair the fob up once I have changed the battery, any help is aprreciated. Thanks
  7. According to my bailey dealer, who has already visited bailey HQ and had a gander at the new unicorn it will be all white not cream, new decals, new capping and rail,Plus laden with other goodies. .. . First ones should be at the dealers as early as August. . Wait n see eh!
  8. About time bailey put a solar panel on the roof as standard. Same as a few other main manufacturers have done . .
  9. I paid £199 for full Subscription / ownership of the van. Last year the alarm developed a fault and I was advised to contact tracker. They came out within a week and changed the complete alarm unit and PIR . So I would say it is definitely worth renewing . .
  10. For a 24ft cover on the protec site they are about £400,but they are tailor made with door access and shaped for aerial. They also have an esi fit system so it only takes a few minutes to fit with practice. Mick. If you buy one from the caravan show they will include an awning cover and wheel covers and give you discount. .
  11. Got mine from the caravan show earlier this year from pro-tec covers. Mick
  12. Hi if you are after something to store your items in the shower but dont want to drill or use sticky pads, look no further than these items on sunday. . https://www. aldi. co. uk/en/specialbuys/sunday-1st-september/product-detail/ps/p/suction-bathroom-accessories/ Mick
  13. Its in the caravan/motorhome show magazine that came with the main magazine. Mick
  14. Just picked up my latest edition of CCC Magazine, It indicates bailey will be launching an entire lightweight entry level caravan range designed especially for those new to caravanning. Of course it will be built using the Alu-tech system. wait and see. .
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