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  1. My VW is affected but I wouldn't scrap it for that!!! Insulting! I love mine and can't see me getting rid anytime soon!
  2. Bring back the Olympus! :-)
  3. I switched to 3 from orange. Orange once charged me £500 for using my phone abroad for a week- I've used my 3 phone abroad and can't fault it whatsoever! You may want to know too that yes you can not tether and also if you are away for more than 2 months in a contract year, that's its you've used it all up. I really can't fault them. I used my iPhone in the middle of a forest in Zell Am See when I got lost! Helped me no end!
  4. I completely agree- what a waste of time! I thought it would be on all the time. My own view having my van in storage is that having the wheel lock and hitch lock on is enough for me. If they manage to take it with this security broken off it, good luck to them! Being on a CASSOA site (gold) myself, the insurance claim wouldn't be too hard and I'm one of those people who (just like a car), if it's been stolen and recovered, I don't think I'd have the same look on it again.
  5. Great to see positive feedback on your insurance claim-'gives reassurance to others who are with the company or looking for insurance to cover their van.
  6. Very envious! Congratulations! Just an observation regarding your alarm- if you have a tracker then (unless I'm missing something), that's a good thing. mthe unicorn will have a solar panel so the tracker won't drain the battery. If you had an alarm fitted, you wouldn't hear it with the van being in storage. If you are on an insured storage location such as cassoa then it's monitored by CCTV. Your car registration should be associated with your storage so the site would know when something iffy is going on? You'd get contacted then the tracker would let you know where your van is? Just a t
  7. Got mine today. .... I'm just as grumpy though- £225 lighter now!
  8. I have a mk1 Tiguan and was surprised(but relieved!) that it wasn't recalled.
  9. I much prefer the caravan oven to the home one. We all hate the oven at home. It takes light years to heat up!
  10. Yes, I have a degree in it (for my sins!) . I was trying to indicate that they are well positioned, and target in the right places. They have no USP that stands above many other of the manufacturers but it's pric and brand loyalty which are their cornerstones of the brand. They are also pushing their heritage now. A visit from HRH helped, I'm sure! Swift are also dominant when it comes to advertising but I think Bailey have the right concoction of tools and are using them right. :-)
  11. Top gear. ....German style! The little van stood up well to the abuse though!
  12. Practical caravan. ...hmm, last time I read that mag, it was like reading a Bailey brochure! I'm in no way brand loyal with any of my purchases however when I bought my van, the price was right with the associated equipment level. Any other comparative brand was thousands more for little extra. The brand sit themselves in the right place for newcomers to the sector. A percentage of those newcomers will become brand loyal and stick with what they know. Bailey make sure they keep their brand very much In The limelight, through loans to reviewers, special reports from journalists, spon
  13. BF ferry club voyage membership renewed- 2016 guest bookings get their discount. If you want a discount on a 2016 crossing with Brittany ferries, please message me. Thanks.

    1. JTQ


      Thanks Rob. We typically use the CC booking service and opt for the "with Camping Cheques" discount, though these cheques are becoming more a bind than an asset these days as site after site cop out of their scheme. What sort of level of discount come with BF's Club Voyage membership, please?

    2. Richard_S_B


      Once again thanks Rob, hoping to get away to France again this year so will message you nearer the time I make my bookings. Richard

    3. RobJS


      No worries Richard, same code as last year. :-)

  14. Ask them to lift the trays in the front lockers either side of the van, you'll soon see if there is damp in the front end. Check for a full service history Have a look at the damp reports on the service invoices I had an Olympus 534 and loved it but changed it because of damp in the front but also because I liked the series 2 Olympus. Lucky I changed when I did as they then discontinued it and I haven't seen a fan since that will suit me! Good luck with the viewing, hope it all goes well.
  15. Thanks for these pointers- great! One question- municipal sites? What do we mean by this? Is it frances own expression for small sites? Can you find them on the Internet or are they just turn up sites? Thanks again!
  16. Help! I'm planning a trip next year to take me from the pyrenees towards the Alps, maybe Italian Dolomites and then into Austria. Not worked out if I'll do Switzerland, France, U. K. Return or Germany way. It's all in the air but I'm desperately trying to find a site no further north or Toulouse for a few nights. It's really going to be a stopover site on my way to the Alps but I want it to be nice all the same. I don't mind if the site hasn't hit much (must have showers and toilet facilities), but it would be nice to be in a quiet area( away from motorway). Does anyone who has been
  17. Beast of a motor! Glad you've got it and are back on track!
  18. I should think it's part of the package to get its grade (whatever number it is) insulation stamp. I'm sure if you check, they will find that they have forgotten to install them. The heat loss there otherwise would be quite considerable!
  19. The life of enforcement officers will leave many an amusing story!
  20. http://www. caravanbreakers. net/index. php/10 These guys break vans all the time. They have huge stocks of used and new bits. May be worth trying them.
  21. Well, I've decided to enter into the solar world. Gosh, it's not straight forward is it! I've been looking about and was resigned that I'd end up buying the truma 100 solar set. But lots of reading and mulling over and I've had a good deal on a PV logic solar set. It's a 120w (I was only looking for 100w) for less than £280 delivered with aero fixings. Long guarantee on the solar panel which I am happy with and PV logic seem to be a good quality product. Be removed the battery from the caravan now for the winter. I've actually just replaced it with an energy bull one from Banner as my ex
  22. The dealer I use doesn't do servicing so in my area, I need to make do with approved service agents. That's a long story in itself as I'm on the third one now- horrific stories with the others (what they get away with is unbelievable!) It's my fault for not being forceful enough. A lesson learned!
  23. This is where u went wrong- wasn't noted. An expensive mistake. :-(
  24. I put a warranty claim in for a damp mattress- declined as it was outside the limit- even though I have the 5 year cover. A complete nightmare. I am resigned to getting myself a replacement when it gets past the point of no return with it. Only damp in the winter. Noticed at first service but the service agent said it was a normal amount to expect in a cold van. At the second service, noticed again. Tool ages for a claim to be progressed then I'm told it was declined. A complete joke. I wouldn't buy from belfield if they are making faulty goods in the first place.
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