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  1. this is disgusting. I pick up my olympus at the end of november but have the right mind to cancel my order. I am not being funnt but i am paying £15000 and then need to pay an extra 50 quid to protect the front of it. COme on Bailey, surely you can wave the cost. I think i will take this up with my local dealer to see what they have to say. Im not happy about this!
  2. Good news about Dorema as i have just purchased an Awning from them this afternoon!
  3. I just contacted Bailey via phone and they have no plans to release a bigger bumper for the olympus. Dam!
  4. I am looking at a Dorema for my Olympus. May i ask which one you went for? It does come with the skirt and wheel cover dosent it? Rob
  5. Ive been looking for an aquaroll and wastemaster for sometime but the prices all are very close if not over £50 quid for each unit. I found that www. riverswayleisure. co. uk have a sale on at present where aquaroll 40l is only 29. 50 and wastemaster is only 34. 50. Bargain i thought but then i remembered the superstore which has a price guarantee to not only match the price but also take off 10% ( go outdoors). I got both for 62. 00. Very happy with that! An ideal purchase as a new caravanner. Yes, i would have likes the silver ones but i can do with Beige! Rob
  6. This is fantastic news, thanks for your help everyone, looks like its going to be a Dorema for my Olympus then! Many Thanks Rob
  7. Hi All, New caravan is on order ( my first van!) so am starting from scratch. I want to make sure that the accessories i buy are (1) good quality but (2) the best value i can get. I have read many brochures for awnings and see that prices vary greatly. I have coma accross what i think may be a very good awning but the trouble is, i dont have anything to compare it to nor can i find any review of it so at the moment i am a bit blind so thought i would ask the question on here. The Awning is a Dormea Montana Super Lux ( http://www. doremafactoryclearance. co. uk/awning_montanasuperlux. php) and it seems very good value but i thought i would ask members thoughts on Dorema, maybe some of you have this awning, it would be great to hear what you think of it. I have tickets booked for the NEC show in October and wondered if it would be worth waiting but the price is so good, i wonder if i would get a better deal? Your advice is much apprecited! Rob
  8. Hi All, I have been researching the pro tec cover for the olympus van and it seems that for only a little more money, there are full front covers available for caravans whilst towing. I saw a black one on a white van the other day ( it wasnt a stealth!) and wondered if these would fit a bailey olympus? Im not too worries about stone dents as my van will be seasonally pitched and stored at the location it will be used at but with my luck, if i dont protect the front of the van from the dealer to the site then it will end up peppered in chips and dents! Does anyone have a full cover for their olympus? If so, howe are they getting on with it? Grateful in advance for any advice. Many Thanks Rob
  9. Not sure if its the same thing but i have recently had the whole front end of my car protected with a film made by 3M called ventureshield, it stops chips and dents occuring on the front of the vehicle. My daily commute through the welsh valleys means that my car is regularly peppered with stones from lorries and the film does seem to work as there is evidence on there that stones have hit the car but i can just wipe away the residue and its good as new again. I believe that Bailey are equipping the vans with thicker stuff than is on the front of my car. Personally, i dont think they should be just putting patches on, they really need to apply a sheet of the film to the whole of the front of the van, it wont look so peacemeal then. Hope something gets resolved on this by november when mine rolls off the production line!
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