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  1. Three has been great for me in France, Austria and Switzerland. I do find it slower abroad than the uk. Do they have 4g abroad? If so, I guess my phone is linking to 3G masts. I'd thoroughly recoment three. Use abroad is unlimited but it does actually have caps. The cap is 2 months use in a rolling 12 month period. I found this out from three as I was intending a long trip for three months. Also unlimited data is capped at 12gb per month I've attached their restrictions which may be useful for you as a business user- eg for file sharing and tethering etc.
  2. It's declining that's for sure, I saw that it's 1. 19 now in tesco. Last year we got it at 1. 41!
  3. I like a blue run too as you're guaranteed no polling. I enjoyed red but only short ones otherwise it was a chore to get down them. Some greens are really enjoyable, especially ones through forest scapes. Must admit though, it was a blue which claimed me in the Pyrenees although I'm sure it was more red than blue for my liking. Thanks for the good wishes, had bad news about it today after having it xrayed so going to see a trauma professor now. .. Looks like another operation is on the cards I think. Hey ho! :-)
  4. Looks awesome! I've often wondered how good it is up there, I always end up in France (which I don't mind!). I had a huge accident out there in Jan though and smashed my leg bones needing an 8 hour reconstruction. Still non weight bearing too. Call me daft but it hasn't put me off winter sports although I may snow shoe next time for a few years and then attempt some green pistes. Haha! To be fair, mine was a freakish accident and while I agree that skiing is higher risk, all sports carry risk. I'd much rather a snow holiday than a beach one though, they are much nicer in my opinion. Glad you enjoyed your trip!
  5. They are cheap for me but be warned, they are very lovely then theY are arranging the policy yet every time the cooling off period ends and I need them, I get through to India and they are very unhelpful. Any change gets a £25 charge and I asked to add an additional car. .. They said no! If you pay monthly then you have much more chance of getting a better response. I paid annually and felt like that I was now the forgotten as I had paid my money. In saying this though, if they are competitive, I'll stay with them. Can't give you any experience on a claim though as I've never claimed.
  6. I've learned this recently. The VPN can b configured so it seems like the computer is back in the uk and then it will let you access the stuff like BBC etc. I use filmon. com where you can watch uk content. I'm going to look more into vPN though.
  7. 4wd, used it in winter conditions and it was awesome too, felt very safe!
  8. My observations. I had a 2010 octavia 170bhp 2. 0 TDI and it was terrible for towing my van. I got shot of it and went for a 2008 Tiguan and it never looked back. The car feels so much more stable when towing compared to the octavia even with the less power. My only observation is that when in 6th in the Tiguan, you always feel that you're on the borderline of dropping into 5th however in the octavia which was DSG, it never got to 6th when towing. I've had my Tiguan remapped recently but due o a health problem, I haven't been able to tow to try it out. T now has more torque though and a bug more BHP. I haven't seen anyone complain about the Tiguan, I find it a comfortable car to drive and to tow with. I'd buy another when mine gives up the ghost but at 80,000 miles it drives like new still.
  9. Yes, hold off as if you ever get shot of the car, the dealer will look at the plate number for valuation. 10 days to wait will keep a couple of hundred quid in the car. :-) You'll have plenty of time to enjoy the car then!
  10. Know what you mean about the AA. Every year I ask them by it is they are charging me as a loyal customer more than. New customers. Every year I get the same response. Then a bit of attitude, then £100 off the price. Really gets on my nerves and I can see me getting to the same stage as you!
  11. Think of it in computer terms. My car was made in 2008. If I were still to have a piece of technology that worked from 2008, I would be lucky! The technology out nowadays can make older cars so much better. At the time my car was made, it undoubtably was the best it could have been but as technology improves, so does the improvements it can make. As for plug in devices, the fella remapping my car gave me some horror stories on people using them and their ECUs basically frying. They end up in some cases needing completely new ECU and they aren't cheap! My car has the same 2. 0 diesel as the more powerful Tiguan. doing my research and with advice, I'm confident that it will be absolutely fine. I've already noticed the increase in MPG. Power increase is noticeable in terms that the power is delivered much more smoothly now. If someone who hadn't driven my car drove it now. I think they would enjoy it, say it's got some grunt but they wouldn't ask if it's got a remap or upgrade. The remap I've had is sensible for what I want it to do. I'm lucky I have no warranty as I can do what I like. I've looked after the car since buying it and wouldn't jeopardise that with a remap not suited to the cars ability to deliver the power.
  12. I had a flash remap so no dyno required as it was a pre programmed remap for the car. The bhp has indeed increased, 35bhp but that's not why I had it done, I was more interested in the torque at low end. Yes, I can't wait to take it out with the van. Mine tows well but at 60mph, I'm up and down between 5th and 6th all the time. Hopefully this will help with that issue. Insurance has gone up but only by 50 quid so not a bad thing. I'll report back when I tow again.
  13. I'm not getting it done. March next year I was told they would start the works to vehicles.
  14. Had mine remapped this week. Stage 1 remap. Much better power delivery, increased torque, increased mpg. It's in no way a boy racer thing, the car feels like it drives the way it always should have but I never realised! Looking forward to towing with the extra torque- that's the reason why I had it done. Remapping reliability issues rear their heads when owners get their cars mapped way too ambitiously and squeeze as much out of the engine. Silly. A good reputable remapper will advise on what is best for the car and if you need upgraded parts, they should be doing that along with the remap.
  15. Looks awesome John! Especially with the VW! Merry Christmas to you!
  16. Yup, the caravan goes free- £6. 50 for the outfit. You also get a free return ticket to England when you visit us. :1)
  17. Ummmmm, quiet. Just 3 days away in November!
  18. They held me to ransom this year when I didn't want to renew but they sent me the books. A month later they said my payment had been rejected and I had to do a bank transfer. I said I dint want the books so they said to send them back(at cost to me) or pay! I paid in the end but they had the cheek of chasing me for 3 euros extra. I dint bother answering their demands. Dam right cheeky if you ask me, very dissapointed with them. If they send them again to me next year, I won't be paying anything!
  19. I very much valued this too, I liked his solar explanation! Good decent chap by the sounds of it, sad loss.
  20. Direct quote Caravan magazine is very sad to report the death of our long-time contributor, John Wickersham. JW was the ultimate caravanning guru, writing numerous manuals and guides (11 in total), and contributing to all of the UK's best caravanning publications. In a 'former life' John was a university sports lecturer, which might explain why he was always so impressively (and annoyingly!) fit, looking like a fifty-something when in fact he was 73! John used caravans and motorhomes to embrace his love of the great outdoors, particularly through canoeing and climbing, and wrote with great accuracy and immense credibility about the technical side of our wonderful hobby. He leaves a wife Carole, four children and 10 grand-children. RIP. My sympathies to his family- a sad loss.
  21. Excellent that you've been inspired. It's hooked me and I'm saving for a house out there in that area. I'll ski there in Jan but returning in June to do some more walking. I've cycled the Tour de France hills now but my adventures will be higher I tot he mountains. I'm thinking about possibly wild camping too and staying overnight higher up. There are refuges you can stay at too. Always happy to help anyone wanting to go to that area- last time I went, I had a couple tail me from Portsmouth all the way there. They were really appreciative and a lovely couple to. The site owners Hervè and Virginie are lovely. I did a driving tour of France this year in the drop top and called by to see them, they were hugely appreciative but it was the wrong thing to do as I didn't want to leave! Les and Glen- awesome people and I do hope they can join me there again. ... One day soon hopefully. ... My blog- excuse all the spelling mistakes, I never got around to sorting it out. I may well do one next year if I have time(and an apple mac to use rather than an iPad!) http://www. travelpod. com/travel-blog/rob_shill/1/tpod. html
  22. Mine went on the m25 recently after I drove over quite a large rock which had fallen from a truck. The Rock was no issue but at speed, it must have made the chassis flex slightly as a crack appeared and grew. Had it replaced a few days later. Not a VW screen but it's fine.
  23. I've booked my outwards ferry but nothing else yet! I'll go out end of June from Portsmouth and go to the Pyrenees again. I really want to do Austria too but it's a hell of a distance from there and I'm considering returning home via Spain and going straight back out via eurotunnel and do a driving holiday there without the van. I really need to start making decisions! Always exiting to have something to look forward to.
  24. Welcome! Love the pyrenees- saving for a plan De in the Hautes Pyrenees (65) region. Love to ski there and summer holiday there. Cycled tourmalet, soulor, aubisque, love it all!
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