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  1. That's horrendous! I'd be on the phone to the police. Scary!!
  2. Really? What do you do? Scrub it in and leave it? If so- for how long? How would I do that? I picture myself smothering my van in factor 50 ! Haha! I'll take a look-thanks!
  3. Interesting that the pursuit gets upgrades. As an Olympus owner, I was dissapointed when they dropped that model. Apparently, equipment levels were too close to the Pegasus. I wonder what they can upgrade in a pursuit not to be a threat to a Pegasus. Maybe it's a cosmetic change? Good to see prices frozen too. I've worried over the past few years that vans are getting less equipped to 'lighten the load' but more expensive. Maybe they have seen this. 5 years ago I paid £14,000 for a brand new 4 birth end bathroom Olympus. I could get a pursuit but I feel that the quality level isn't th
  4. So, my Olympus is 3 years old and I've noticed some of the exterior plastics going yellow with the sunlight. I was wondering if there's a product out ther I can use to return them to white again? Specifically the wheel arches. I'm sure I saw a product out there but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called or what site(lesson learned- press favourites when you see a good site!) Also, has anyone used the 'magic' sponge like cleaners to get rid of stubborn marks outside of the van? Was wondering if they were safe to use. Thanks Rob
  5. You're welcome as is anyone else who wants the code. It's a pity that I didn't get away this year although I will renew for next year and keep my fingers crossed I'll be fit enough.
  6. I'm booked too. .. Released this years booking as I can't go away this year so some lucky people will get my September booking slots.
  7. BRITTANY FERRIES 2017 CROSSINGS OPEN. Feel fee to get in contact if you want my discount code. :-)

  8. Gosh! A holiday to remember for all the wrong reasons. We all have one I'm sure of it! Mine was this year too. It involved snow, broken bones, helicopters, falling in an ambulance, life saving surgery, 10 days solitary confinement in a ward and a private jet home! Don't worry- you'll see the funny side to it one day! I already see it 6 months on!
  9. I agree completely! I'm missing not holidaying there this year! I think weather has been an influencing factor plus the Euro isn't as good as it was this time last year. Rob
  10. Ive got drip strips on both sides of my van. It's been in storage since November and due to unforeseen health issues I haven't been able to clean it. The sides of the van are gleaming though! A wee bit dusty but no black marks or stuff like that. I thoroughly recommend!
  11. i found this footage quite shocking. The guy gets out of his car still eating away! Some will say the truck should have slowed down but it seems the caravan had already hit him before he could do anything and it also appears that there was no way this caravanner was going to miss the exit! I've copied it from the Birmingham Mail but it's available on YouTube without the beeps(foul language!) http://www. birminghammail. co. uk/news/midlands-news/watch-astonishing-road-rage-footage-9087940 Bailey Pegasus. .. RIP
  12. I'd get your bar checked first just for peace of mind. If it's not that then have a look at the friction pads. They are easy to change. I needed to do mine in th middle of the pyrénées following a god awful journey there with creaking and groaning (where the dirt on them came from is anyone's guess as I make a point of keeping the tow ball clean). I popped them off on the campsite and carry a spare set. Fitted them and all was good and well again. I had banging noises too and thought it could have been the tow bar as it had only just been fitted but all was solved with the friction pads.
  13. Ive an Alko one fitted to my chassis. I must say I don't intend jacking the wheels up but it's more of a safety net should I ever be in a situation where I need to Jack the van up, I will be able to. Keep an eye on eBay or the Alko site has 10% off periods and they do free delivery too. It's no hassle having it stored in the gas locker either, I never notice it but it's a tick in the peach I'd mind when towing.
  14. The Argus reported it as not suspicious, the source being electrical. Scary stuff!
  15. Just seen this on my local newsfeed. Couldn't imagine how these people must feel! Happened in Cwmbran at approx 1:00am this morning. http://www. walesonline. co. uk/news/local-news/18-caravans-destroyed-13-suffer-11348566 http://www. southwalesargus. co. uk/news/14499761. Fire_and_explosions_in_Cwmbran/
  16. If the roof can't be repaired but needs replaced then remember it's a one piece roof and front so all needs to be replaced. Mine had hail damage and they said repair wouldn't be an option due to such a big amount of labour. They said replay,net was an option but although my insurers would cover it, I didn't go through with it in the end for fear of the vans integrity afterwards. It's thousands of pounds for a replacement roof and front so it's really an insurance job unless you're spare for lots of cash. if you have a localised area of damage, I can't see why they couldn't do a localised r
  17. Excellent news! Saves extra bother. :-)
  18. Lots do niggly issues, shouldn't take them long to sort them for you but it will involve seeing the van and ordering parts so you may need to make two visits.
  19. Hope you get it fixed swiftly. The dealers excuse for the damage makes me laugh. So are they saying that if any of Bailey vans snake, they'll fall apart? Great advert for quality. Maybe as they are fibreglass sides they will repair the area but I think you should be prepared that the van will go back to Bailey or an approved service centre with experience of replacing the panels. While it's in, you usually wouldn't get any replacement but it's down to the discression of your supplying dealer. I doubt your insurance would fix what is clearly a factory/manufacturing/material fault but I s
  20. Hmmm, it sounds very similar weighting to my octavia vrs estate and Bailey Olympus. Max tow on The VRS estate was 1500 and the max on the Olympus was 1450 and I'll be honest with you. ... Loved the car but it felt like the van was driving it rather than the car driving the van. I ended up changing to the Tiguan lesser bhp but I've had it remapped. Not had the chance to tow with it remapped but I must admit I find the 140bhp as standard fine for towing except 6th gear is pretty useless unless you've got lots of flat ground to cover.
  21. Not the Royal no, Morriston- they're setting up a specialist trauma team for me. It's not able to be done by a consultant surgeon so the professor of trauma will do the op.
  22. My booking is still there but it's touch and go if I can go. I'll find our this week though. Got another operation on the cards, Not the news I wanted to hear but I've had a couple of complications which appear to be down to the workmanship of the surgeon in France. As a result, I'm going into hospital at the end of the month for a bigger operation which involves taking all of the metal out of my leg and starting again. The rod is too long and isn't at the correct angle from the top of my femur. Still no walking, driving etc. Just hope this one works. These things only happen to me,
  23. Not your trip. At this rate, I'll be packing my crutches and a zimmerframe the way my leg is right now! :-p
  24. Im ot sure but this info is on their website right now (does t make it correct though as they are showing an incorrect picture of an iPhone on their home page right now!). I've always left all of my data on when I'm abroad with three and never been charged for any of it, EE was a different kettle of fish. I had a text about 10 mins info France and thought it to be wrong. I had a £500 bill in my return. I complained and had £100 rebate but had to pay the rest. That's the reason I switched and the service I've had at home and abroad couldn't have been better with three.
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