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  1. excellent post. I have bought a 120w panel for roof mounting as soon as i can get it to a dealer. i would like to put an MPPT charger on. i am confused with the market offerings. can someone help recommend what one i need in terms of spec or brand? Would the viltron 75 15 be ok for me? i have a 110ah battery. Thanks
  2. I notice chipping Sodbury are doing their platinum pack on the Pegasus. I say in a Verona on Saturday and for a minute I really liked it but then realised it was because it was all new and shiny. .. once I explored it further, I was dissapointed. Didn't like the seating and I don't like the flooring material either. So to be fair, I looked at other manufacturers and they are either too expensive or lacking in terms of extras. Dealer specials are the way forward I think but for me, i can honestly say, there's nothing out there that floats my boat this year. Phew!
  3. i couldn't agree more. i think they should go back to previous design- there was nothing wrong with it!
  4. Surely Bailey can trace the people responsible for the shoddy work by the vin and its production date. Then they could alert the associated vin number holders whose can was built that day to take their vans for a check at an approved service agent to make sure they aren't affected? This can't be that difficult surely? The workmanship on your van milkymarsh is simply not acceptable and in my opinion disgusting. Someone needs to be reprimanded for that as you've shelled out on a van over £20,000. It's just not acceptable for a premium product offering from Bailey. It's not acceptable in any
  5. I got a banner energy bull from alpha batteries for a tad over £100 (115ah) and it's NCC approved too.
  6. Bailey are indeed growing fast. Their Australian model of business is growing quickly. Their motorhome business has been a great success. I've said it before but sometimes manufacturers(not just Bailey) need to take a year away from innovation and make sure quality is king. That opportunity presents itself now in only subtle changes for the coming years line up of product offering. I'm not sure why they decided to bring in the curved back end to all models. Personally I don't like it- it may be a bit more aerodynamic but you lose space internally. If they got shot of that curve, they co
  7. I've seen the new models and most certainly won't be upgrading. Not because of leaks (although publicised frightfully often to dismiss as the odd van). I'm not upgrading because my olympus has equipment which outweighs the pursuit but gives the Pegasus a run for its money. The cost to change is a complete waste of money in my opinion and while I like the unicorn, there simply isn't the value of equipment in it which warrants the price difference between the range. While I like some of the design of the newer ranges, a big fridge and a sky window isn't worth thousands of pounds to me. I'm
  8. mee too. i was going to buy but wasn't sure!
  9. I'd like to say mine died of natural causes but it was because the service guy left the fridge switched to gas and the spark was sparking away until the battery eventually died then I couldn't get it back to life so it went to the battery cemetery. If you want a recomendation for a good replacement, energy bull. The reviews are excellent. I don't leave it at the van right now though but I will do when I get the solar panel eventually installed next year. I may even venture off droid for a couple of nights just to test it! Oh, mine was at year 5 too.
  10. I did think that but once every few years can't do much damage I'm sure. It probably gets more damage from UV which is why I needed to change the colour back. I did look at just changing them but the new ones would only go that colour. I guess I could have a set painted but then it all gets rather expensive. I'm just as glad by the colour change as I am by the fact that it's removed loads of little black spots which I just couldn't shift with anything. Now they've gone too. I made sure I rinsed them thoroughly and aboutDes anything touching the tyres and today it's like a monsoon in my a
  11. I finally managed to get down to storage and give the van a wash yesterday. I decided to take a small pot of neat bleach and a paint brush. As the bleach was think, I was able to paint it onto the cream parts and I left it for about 10-15 minutes. When I revie instead it I couldn't see a difference. ...until I washed if off and saw a bit I hadn't painted. Wow! So much better after bleaching. It got rid of all the small black spots I couldn't get rid off . Even on the whale water flap which was looking a bit sorry for itself. Looks like new again now. Thanks for all the advice everyone.
  12. i swear by cover4, they give good service at a competitive price. new for old cover too.
  13. Debenhams I went with. I went for the no frills bronze cover. :-) c they have agreed to cover me agin this year but it's a tad more than the £27 I paid for this whole year. .. Understandable! It's gone up to £150 for the year which compared to some of the other quotes I was getting (£600), seems reasonable.
  14. Always go insured. I was involved in a search and rescue this year when I had a ski accident. My travel insurance paid for helicopter, road ambulance and private jet ambulance home. The charter airlines didn't want to take me on board as I was at a high risk of developing complications and so needed to be accompanied by a medical team. Travel insurance also paid for a private road ambulance to the airport and to collect me at the destination airport to take me to hospital. My E111 covered me for 10,000 medical bill but it won't cover you for the costs of being an impatient. They charged
  15. chase it up. it could be something to do with the time of yea. don't bailey have a shutdown around now? in any case, it won't harm to lodge a polite reminder.
  16. Sarn was closed last week, it's only open to petrol station and hotel clients. The services are being rebuilt.
  17. It's excellent news that you haven't found any faults but in a way it just goes to show how scetchy the quality control is. My van didn't have any issues when I bought it- I never needed to point anything out either which was really pleasing. Then 3 years on, the same pair of eyes looks at the new range and sees a complete different story. Of course, nothing of which I saw was a show stopper but you wouldn't expect car manufacturers not to screw their light clusters in properly. You couldn't expect to see a badge stuck onto a car wonky. By no means am I bashing the brand- I'm a big f
  18. I'm doing ok! Thanks for asking. It's been far from plain sailing. I've had my fair share of surgery this year. Been on a ventilator way too often for my liking, had way too many rods, screws and bolts put in and taken out and also visited intensive care for a while in July. .. First op failed, second op failed so had it all done again last month. Even then surgeons fractured my leg again. On a recovery spell now hopefully until around early 2017 where if healing doesn't go to plan, they want to break my other leg to fix a leg length discrepancy! Couldn't make it up but I'm remaining upbe
  19. I couldn't agree more. for an industry who is one of the few left in the uk which can proclaim its product as 'hand built', they really are missing out on a marketing opportunity IMO which can't be had by so many manufacturers these days. My van is 3 years old now and i feel exactly the same regarding changing (then again i couldn't in any case as I'm saving for a house!). It makes you wonder what is it thats gone wrong with manufacturer quality control over the past few years which has got it to this point. I wonder if they are churning them out way too quickly. A few manufacturers ar
  20. Agree with Gordon. My iPad is little use to me abroad as I don't tend to look for wifi. My three contract on my iPhone saved me big time this year after a ski accident. Used it for FaceTime the family when in hospital, to speak with the insurance company, sort out the holiday cancellation (insurers don't bother sorting any of the small details). If I hadn't have had my phone, my family or friends would have had no idea that I was in an accident, no idea how serious it was and no idea where I was, or when I was expected back at the airport for collection. Of course, if an insurer is involve
  21. Oh I do love my van but if an untrained eye of mine can spot all of this, bailey appear to be wasting opportunities at the factory to avoid brand image damage. I can't speak for any other brand. It's just such a shame that these 'available now' vans seem to be falling at the last hurdle (finish).
  22. I wish I had taken photos to post here but passing a dealership yesterday, it decided to pop in and have a quick look around at what the current offering is. 1st range I came across- the Pegasus. There were 2 on display. Ther have been a few nice improvements but I was shocked at how the pin stipe graphic along the side wasn't straight, the Bailey badges were wonky too. The bumper rubber gaskets were too long. Mastic smeared on the side of the van and the grab handles look to have been stuck on with mastic, the amount surrounding then was not acceptable in my view. Moved over to
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