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  1. I can't understand the December booking rush. Maybe it's just me but I've never found a cc site unavailable when I want to visit and usually book the week before. I must be either very lucky or missing something somewhere!
  2. very jealous! i can almost feel the warmth in my bones thinking of it!
  3. I like your recommendation! As long as no freak storm rages across the uk, I think I will take my chances! Excellent observation Milky! They were due to be replaced in Feb but the service agent (although recommended as per best practice to consider changing) said that there are no signs of cracking on them and there's loads of tread left. If I go it'll be literally the day I collect it after the next service so if they need doing or anything else for that matter, they will sort it for me. It's another good observation because I really should buy the steel wheel nuts just in case of any mishap.
  4. safe journey and hope all goes to plan!
  5. Saw an FB post where someone has had this done. and it looks a very smart setup! Was it your post?
  6. excellent. this is what i would rather do (be flexible) as there may be reason to stay longer at stopover sites. thanks!
  7. The road closures scare me a bit but the foresight of this means i could plan alternative routes. thank you! I could hotel it or cottage but i really want to experience it in the van. i watched Andrew Dittons journey in the test bailey pegasus abroad during the winter and it has stuck with me. I would love to do a winter in Austria at some point in my life with the caravan- Scotland will be a good test! Brill- thank you! Having my leg broken again next year isn't the best thing to look forward to, especially as its been broken 3 times already this year but having a trip away before hand will take my mind off it all. thanks for the heads up on timings! Good tip abut the kettle. i have a tassimo machine with a water reservoir behind it. that should work for me. looks like half term is the week i am looking to go but as i head up there it will be the end of it. the rest of the uk seem to be on half term the week i am there. Wow! I've bought the insulated aqua roll cover today. i thought it would come in handy as i intend to tour in the winter in any case. would i need to think about snow chains for the car and caravan? i drive a 4X4 and never been stuck in snow because it just gets through anything in its way but with that weight behind me, maybe its wise to think about this?
  8. good point. I will check those dates for sure! thank you. snow shovel added to the list! thanks Sparkie has given some excellent food for thought and i think i may do that route instead and head up towards the Caingorms. One of the reasons for fort william was the harry potter train but as you say it dosent open until may, its no use to me! Im in a much better place right now thanks for asking. bad news this week is that i need another major op in 6 months time so I'm taking my chances and getting a winter adventure in if i can before i get sucked into the medical world again. thanks for asking after me though- much appreciated! Thank you. i will have to keep an eye on the weathers to see what its like much closer hand and make a call on it. At least though if the van is a no no then its not that expensive to B&B there. Thanks for the info on equipment and extras, i will add that to my list. Oh, and thanks for enquiring how i am. .. i think the easiest way of saying it is that I'm 'getting there-slowly'. ill get there though!
  9. Hi All, Im looking for some advice from those who have either travelled to scotland with their caravan and those who have done it also in the winter. Due to some medical issues I've had this year, my touring season is the winter and so far its been quite enjoyable. Ive clocked up 16 nights so far and I'm still not finished for 2016. I had some not so good news that i need to have quite a major operation next year so its my opportunity now to squeeze in an adventure before the van takes a summer break again and i need to go through intensive rehabilitation. Scotland has always been a draw because of its scenery and the fact I'm half scottish and have never been able to make it high up into Scotland. That coupled with the winter-it seems an ideal opportunity to grasp. Ive had quite a bit of experience towing now so long distances don't really bother me. I am thinking of getting to a site and staying there for about 7 days. Fort William interests me for what it has to offer and whats local to it. Maybe two stop overs to get there and also another two for the return trip? My questions are- 1- Do any of you have recommendations for stop over sites which are nice on the way north M6 side of the country. I am really open to where these are, as long as they split the journey quite evenly. 2- How long does it take with a caravan in tow to get from Glasgow to Fort William? 3- What things would i need to possibly consider as extras to going? An insulated aqua roll cover is on the list. I have propane and also have a spare electric heater i keep in the van. I dont have an awning so wouldn't need to consider any winter types for that. 4- I am told not to bother considering fully serviced pitches because of the fact the water lines will freeze and its just not worth it. Is that true, is there a way i can overcome that or should i just accept that as the fact of the matter. 4- The final question really is- Am i being unrealistic to consider this area in February? Sorry- lots of questions but i hope that your responses will help me for some plans i have in future years to do some winter touring abroad hopefully. Looking forward to hearing your responses and thank you for those taking time to reply. Rob
  10. Wow! That sounds like a big repair. Is it the first time it's been found with Damp? I collected my Olympus from the service agent last week following it being fitted with a solar panel. I noticed there was another Olympus in the workshop with a lot of the exterior trim removed. It was having the walls resealed to the floor as it was, in the words of the service agent, "full of damp". I do hope I don't get any isssues with mine. I got shot of my series 1 because of damp but if I were to have issues, there isn't a van I'd want to change it for. Nothing takes my fancy and I'm really happy with the Olympus. I'm glad it's been sorted though and let's hope that's the last of it!
  11. I have the aqua roll stand and the tap you can screw on when it's on its sides. I pop that in the boot of the car, fill it up with a hose and take it down to the storage site as I don't have access to water. Because I've got the tap on it, I don't need to take the water out of the boot, just fill the bucket as and when I need it. Works well for me. Oh, I make sure that the water container is completely full to avoid it sloshing around and I also tie it or the anchor points in the boot so it doesn't move around.
  12. Brought mine home today after nine nights away in Glastonbury. .. it was a very wet trip back home! Not done yet though this year, I'll be out again next weekend too. Originally booked longleat but now changing it to Birmingham instead. Then I'll need to do some Christmas shopping!
  13. so in the case where my supplying dealer doesn't do any warranty work or servicing, where would an owner stand in that case? the warranty part of caravan ownership is utter pants. people spend thousands of money on a caravan only to set themselves up for the risk of beach charged when their purchase goes wrong. very poor in my opinion.
  14. Just renewed my new for old over today. ... if mine were to need replacing, it's almost £4000 extra now for an equivelant model and spec in the range as my vans range was discontinued. Interestingly, my premiums are just going down year on year with a bit of haggling. They had all the prices on their system so I let them guide me on what new for old meant. I was worried it would mean downgrading to the pursuit range but actually I'd be upgraded to the Pegasus range which is a pleasant surprise I hope never needs to come to fruition as I like my Olympus!
  15. It is indeed a lovely van but a new one awaits you with new adventures. Roll on 2017!
  16. The new land rover has this. It displays on the screen the noseweigh of the trailer. The land rover also helps to park the trailer. It's good to see manufactures thinking about towing drivers and making it safer for us.
  17. People say that caravanning is cheap. .... it's definitely not. Storage, insurance. .. all these extras add up and to buy a pretty new van is expensive. Then there's depreciation too. Im glad you both agree and it's a relief to you. It's the end of a chapter but who knows what awaits you around the next corner! All the best!
  18. I spent last weekend in France. ... it seems so much more expensive now. I don't bother changing money for euros now, I just use my debit card. In for a cent, in for a Euro!
  19. Every time I do this I always think "why don't I learn!" Always tell myself I'll connect it next time with the car switched off but never remember. . and I'm only 34 so I don't have an excuse!!
  20. I like the Volvo deal they have, they were offering a free tow bar fitted too if you collected a voucher from their stand at the show last week. Free metallic paint and also 10% of accessories and accessory packs. .. one day!
  21. Thank you! Recovering fro my operation number 3 which unfortunately hasn't gone to plan 100% (I really don't have much luck!) so I took the opportunity to go back to where I had my accident for a bit of closure. It's beginning to snow up high. .... winter is coming, I'm staying firmly away from the white stuff! It's not as soft and fluffy as they make out it is. Paid my campsite owner friends a visit too. They said they had a bad start to the season with French strikes but July was brilliant. There were still people at the site this weekend. It closes this week. All the best Rob
  22. I'm off for a long weekend into the French pyrenees tomorrow and I haven't taken any euros out. For the rate being offered, it's negligible using the debit card compared to getting euros. It's lucky I don't have much expenditure planned, just taking lots and lots of photos and going walking.
  23. Ha! You know me, never like to make a big fuss! :-p
  24. Can recommend the bridgewater carnival. I went to the Glastonbury one last year. I'll be there this year but I won't be going to it because there's a lot of waiting about in the cold and I'm recovering from a broken leg so I doubt I'd last it long out there. It's a lovely evening though and I thoroughly recommend.
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