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  1. Sounds like you've been bitten and Im with you 100%- i hope you do return and enjoy it- if i have any advice for repeat visits? listen to the french radio when there, see words you don't understand? note them down and find out. you will be amazed how it opens up the country to you. i downloaded an app for my phone and its brilliant for understanding the language but i am also undergoing french tutoring which is very difficult but whoever said that good things were easy to come by! Ive been there this week and my challenge was to read the words on signs and challenge myself to their understanding. small steps. speaking as much as possible in french really does help. Edit, actually maybe i am with you 99%...... i hate seafood! haha!
  2. Managed to move my booking to next year as not to lose my deposit I had paid hoping to travel this year. Club voyage helps with crossings too. As a member, I am happy to receive a direct message If you would like to use my code. Send me a PM and I will get back to you. I like the ferry crossings- find them very relaxing! Thanks Rob
  3. Brittany ferries 2018 crossings open. Contact me if you need my code again for club voyage discount.

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  4. looks ugly in my opinion. i don't like. .... it doesn't fit in with any brand identity they have established.
  5. I put my van on Gumtree last Wednesday. I had a message on the same day which simply gave a figure. ..£x. xx as an offer(I'm not obviously giving the figure!)... so I went back with one word. ... NO. I just thought it was all a bit abrupt. They then came back on the Friday morning say what was my best price. I was half inclined not to bother replying (as I had other people lined up to view the caravan) but I did. They asked for my number so I gave it. .. they rang and said they want it 100% (no viewings made or questions asked). That night the money was in my account and they came to collect it the next morning. They were over the moon with it. .... so was I!
  6. regarding the fridge- i believe not. From what i remember, it was a rule that the fridge was to be turned off. in fact, i always took the electric hook up off the car just in case it did suckle from the car battery (you will see people suffering with flat batteries at the other side although this is sometimes done to them not turning off their alarms). I would recommend freezing stuff and putting it in there to keep it cold. You could always take a toolbox onto the ship. I did once and plugged it in to keep stuff cool. worked wonders.
  7. i see what you are saying but i have installed these on a slight angle so that there will be run off from them. the reality is that they are only catching drips that are dripping down the van. you're right in that they wouldn't stop a torrent. If i had installed them the other way and the van wasn't completely level, the drip could drip onto the floor, this way around, it diverts away from the door. ...... hopefully!
  8. I thought i would do a small update to this thread. I lifted the black plastic trays following the service and they have been off ever since. the floor in both lockers is now bone dry and thats after the rain between the service and now. this leads me to believe that the water is being driven into the caravan when driving rather than it just seeping in when standing. However, i had a not so nice surprise when i went in the locker under the bed a few weeks back to find a puddle of water in the wet locker tray area. The doors are such a poor design i decided to take things into my own hands a bit. . . .. so i did what you can see in the attached photos. I hope these strips will help to guide water away from what i think are the very weak areas of the caravan. time will tell but i don't think they look out of place and i think that they can only help rather than hinder. Apologies about the rotation on the pictures- i can't seem to change them! Any help in that department would be appreciated . I should add. ... i am still waiting for the green light to do the repair from Bailey. How it takes this long i do not know!
  9. down at the storage site i keep my van at there is my van which has no cover and a valencia next door which is often covered. The valencia windows are a mess from where the cover has been rubbing against them and also the grab handles are dulled for the same reason. The bumpers are also suffering with wear marks. Its a younger van than mine however. ..... you wouldn't know that by looking at it. I wouldn't cover my van but then again, it currently needs a lot of damp work done on it. I wonder if it were covered then it wouldn't need this work but there isn't an easy way to test that.
  10. funnily i have worked tis out this morning. Insurance, servicing, storage cost me £1000 a year. Storage is via CASSoA Gold. Van is under warranty though so i don't put any extra aside for repairs right now but that will need to be factored in as it gets older.
  11. have you considered taking the stress out of driving by taking the ferry to Bilbao and has up to the west coast that way? Its n option which may suit your needs.
  12. Ive never minded friends on here using my code- one day i would like use it myself though. .... this will be 2 years with no trip! Next year will be different though. Its great that BF have allowed me to defer my crossing- they were very accommodating and i cant thank them enough. They certainly are looking after me as a club voyage member and i am grateful for that.
  13. Its important they find out where the water is coming from. They feel its down to the bumper fixings into the front of the body or the seal has broken where the front of the van is fastened to the floor. There is no evidence of it coming through the grab handles. I am inclined for them not to put the plastic trays back into the van after this repair so that i can keep an eye on it myself over the year. My only concern is that replacing part of the floor with new wood. ......will that affect the strength of the floor? I will take out the extra warranty after the next service for peace of mind. Its a shame as it flew through its service other than this but i would have rather the fridge needing replaced or a windows blind needing replaced. ... thats easier to sort! An extended warranty will see me through to 2022- thats good enough for me. I cant understand why it will take Bailey up to 6 weeks to approve the work though- this type of repair approval should be quick as its brand damaging to have these type of repairs waiting. .... Must stay positive- the Tiguan developed a fault- one of my rear suspension springs snapped as i was back at the storage site. ... going through a bit of bad luck but I'm sure it'll all be good in the end. What i have decided though is that this will be my last caravan. This is two new vans i have had and both have developed damp. These aren't cheap purchases and from what i see, this industry has a lot to do in order to persuade me to change my mind. Every corner of the van (although you can only do three because you have a shower in one of the areas. Definitely under the plastic trays in the front of caravan lockers too. how is it all now after your repairs? has it remained stable? less than £10 a month is peace of mind in my eyes although my 2010 which was riddled with damp would still be covered under the 10 year warranty! grrrr spooky! same issues, same tow car. Have the repair to your van worked? The tiguan is very good, although mine has decided to cause me a headache - a rear suspension spring decided to snap so i will have to sort that this week. a known fault- had one replaced last year on the other side of the car. I had my tiguan remapped too- much better power delivery. i would recommend that.
  14. I got away with it until now but my van was diagnosed with damp on its service this week. 74% in one locker and 45% in the other. It will go back to have the floor replaced in both lockers and the gas locker. the wheel arch area showed a high reading too but there was no sign of split liner. They will investigate further when it goes back in. I am disappointed but hope they do sort it out. Visited my dealer this afternoon as my van is only covered by the 6 year damp warranty. i can upgrade to 10 years for £285 so will need to make a call on whether to do so for peace of mind. They tried hard to sell me a pursuit but i much prefer my van and although its got this problem (which i hope is going to get resolved), i don't want to change. its baffling how its got to 4 years old unscathed by this issue and then it hits with avengance!
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