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  1. North -South is blocked but there is a diversion between exit 52-55 suitable for all vehicles. ..
  2. http://www. connexionfrance. com/Storm-meteo-tornado-orange-alert-17260-view-article. html More storms, this time a tornado in the west and deaths in the east. .. Early Autumn is often the worst period for these storms. ..
  3. The issue will be same, this barrier will still have an entrance and an exit and therefore 'easily' blockaded if 'they' have a mind to. ..
  4. Tunnel has reopened and so has Boulogne port. French reports are saying P&O are sending boats from Dover there, while protesters are now trying to block the Calais Dunkerque motorway. ..Same reports are saying Calais to be closed until Thursday. ..
  5. Poitiers to Limoges is fine. We use it most weeks.
  6. They are just in the process of reducing the speed limit to 90kmph along that stretch with more mobile speed controls so it will a little slower as everybody will be paying closer attention to their speed. As for Oradour it is well worth a visit, it takes a little time to do it justice, but it may take the smile of everybodys face for a while as they think of the history of such an unassuming village in the backwaters of central France.
  7. Friday evening traffic in Limoges would cause no problems, you just pass through on the A20.
  8. We moved all our money over at €1. 50 to the £, and some idiots told us we were foolish as leaving money in the UK would be safer!!!! They never mentioned it again after the €/£ hit parity. .. Though it is not all good news when it hits 1. 40 or higher. .....we'll have more tax to pay!!! Even signed up to a seminar about moving my 'pension pot' to euroland, must be thinking subconsciously that the exchange rate will revert back sometime in the future. .
  9. We've found that the other end of Almeria near to Mojacar had much better 'dog walking areas' both on the beach and inland than the Roquetas area. There are numerous sites around there but as we rent villas in the winter I've not used any of them with our dog to be able to give any recommendation. .
  10. Almeria has been fine for the last 10 days or so, seriously warm at the moment. ..the period before that was very hit and miss.
  11. It was a touch chilly in the evenings and a day or two of coolish wind but very little rain (then only at night), certainly in Almeria sitting in the sun you will get a tan in the midst of winter, never mind March.
  12. Somport using the tunnel is easy, and it is free. ..
  13. We're in Almeria with the dog at the moment. Today, it was just warm enough to stroll along the beach in shirt sleeves. Warming up again on Wednesday. As has been said it, it is warm during the day but nippy at night. In March the evenings will be much more pleasant. At the moment there are few if any restrictions on dogs on beaches etc. though we prefer to walk her slightly inland on the numerous paths where she can flush out the red legged partridge to her hearts content, on occasions she flushes out wild boar and groups of male Ibex which are more of a handful.
  14. Our postcode area in France is roughly 75 sq. kms, not easy to pinpoint anything as it covers one large village, two or three smaller villages and numerous hamlets etc.
  15. We spend each winter in Spain, you will see more police cars patrolling than in the UK or France, but have never been stopped at any of their checkpoints or otherwise. Generally we try to keep to speed limits but sometimes on local roads between towns it is not easy to know what the limits are. I always stop at STOP signs even if I'm clearly the only car on the road and always carry license and vehicle documents. Local expats are complaining about the use of the increased use of unmarked camera cars to catch the unwary.
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