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  1. Most noticeable thing to me was the huge price increases...
  2. If you do buy a car with a towbar already fitted I would get it inspected unless it's recently fitted. They do corrode the fixing bolts included.
  3. I love the tech myself, but back in the good old days driving was a pleasure. Now the roads are thick with cars so very little driving pleasure can be had. I've found the early hours is the best time for driving. And same as others my 3 year old car already has those systems mentioned in the original post... Other than the advanced nav which the latest model has.
  4. First thing I did was check my waste pipe was secure and free of the drawer and haven't had a leak in 4 years. This is a long standing problem with swift and if you are not aware of it a leak can result, my mate had such a leak on his 12m van this year, but he's not the sort that would bother to check anything. Its odd how manufacturers not just swift ignore common issues, another swift one is the flashing led, I got my dealer to fit the varistor to mine in the first year...
  5. Mine would be safety.
  6. You haven't been on the sites I use then.
  7. Some times the vent is held by excess mastic and can be a pain to remove, a hot day is best if that's the case. I modified mine when new so the mastic was still soft...
  8. I'm in that group and received no recall. I suspect I will only be informed next Dec when its in for service.
  9. You should ask the question on the Mk2 Tiguan forum. Which model are you going for? Before I bought one research showed the adaptive dampers were not really selecting as an option, but they are standard on the older 230ps petrol, not sure about the 245ps on the new rline.
  10. I remember a Mondeo that had a very low tow limit around 900kg from memory, I think it was due to high gearing. You can rely on subtracting the two figures on the name plate.
  11. But half the price. Space wise its very near the GLC.
  12. Have a look at a Merk GLB its on my short list along with a Tarraco for my next car, to replace my Tiguan it would now have a list of over £42.5K which I'm not paying for a VW, Tarraco comes out under £40K GLB over it.. GLB is only around 5.8" longer than my Tiguan and fits the bill in all arears but its not a pretty car, just like an xtrail of old really.
  13. I know when my diesel Tiguan is doing a regen and when I interrupt one, same as both my previous mazda cx-5. I've never continued driving to try and continue finishing a burn its just a waste of fuel the car will continue the burn next time you drive it. Early diesels with DPF could have issues, oil rise was common on Mazda CX-5 but I get none on the Tiguan. I remember when I bought my first DPF car an Xtrail in 2009, never had an issue but I've read of 2008 cars having issues. If going with the herd and buying a petrol then expect to pay more at the pumps. Just noticed I've quoted a one year old post. Never see the point of tagging onto an old post myself..
  14. Wind turbines are assembled in sections, so provided the main structure remains good all other parts can be replaced.
  15. So did I when I was 17, apart from having an interest in cars.
  16. Sounds like a bright future for the cable gangs.
  17. I drive one car for 6k miles a year, and no longer tow more than 2.5 hours. And haven't flown for about 15 years. And I'm not a save the planet nerd.
  18. It's time to embrace the future not continually talk about the past. Keep the stinking old cars off the road and let's start breathing fresh air.
  19. In practice most Tiguans are not rated to tow 2500kg, mine is only rated at 2300kg, while my friend's lighter version can tow more.
  20. My son drives the older model Leon it's a lot smaller than the Tiguan with a stiffer ride, and the materials are below VW standards. He likes it but may go back to a Mazda 3 next.
  21. Tiguan now has a price list for a hybrid.
  22. I wouldn't need to charge with the miles I cover.
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