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  1. I'm extremely pleased with the paint work on my Tiguan, its clearly a better finish than all the Jap cars I've had apart from a Toyota which was also very good. That's 4 Nissan, 2 Mazda, 1 Honda and 1 Toyota. And the paint on older cars wasn't water based like new one tend to be. The paint work generally is thicker on German cars according to valeters who have the equipment to test it. The lacquer on the A4 I had was incredibly thick, but that was in 1999. All 4 seat Tiguans are made in Germany - Wolfsburg as far as I'm aware.
  2. I had the 2004 xtrail 136ps (134bhp), it was easily the best xtrail of the two i owned. And i was happy with both satnavs, with the T31 one being the better of the two...
  3. I had a 2009 manual for 4.5 years which was also 100% reliable, not sure if that now applies to the latest version going on the reliability charts.
  4. Buy the manual its rated to tow more and carry more noseweight.
  5. Thats not what i heard. You are allowed to either walk or cycle each day, go shopping for your medication at the chemist etc.
  6. I normally don't go more than 2 hours, but the site in question is 20 mins. Going on last nights PM speech it looks like its no caravaning or fishing, but weirdly its ok to walk or cycle once a day, and still go out shopping for food. I can see a lot of divorces coming along with a baby boom.
  7. Phoned yesterday not that it matters the lady owner i call is usually open to calls at any reasonable time. Its only a small site.
  8. No it doesn't Singapore has now controlled the virus and with out shutting down schools, schools are not fully closed in the UK anyway as some children are allowed to still attend. All the restrictions are simply being put in place by the UK to slow the virus down its not going to stop it.. My fishing lake is now open for business come Monday unlike there is more action by government. Our daughter is getting our shopping at present so we are doing our bit IMO. Can't remember last time i was really in a crowded place which is were the real risk is of spreading the virus.
  9. So will I, as i only use cl type sites and never use amenities, go cycling and walking along with fishing, most of my normal day to day life is close to self isolation. The only risk we see is the often common water tap...
  10. I'm not sure how using your main beam reduces glare, but if that's what you want to do I'm ok with it.
  11. Whats the point when the car probably has a dipping rear mirror, it no longer bothers me if the car in front has their brake lights on as mine are anyway due to autohold.
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