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  1. I would never use that site again, in fact now the children no longer come with us our choice of sites is either adult only, or sites that don't appeal to families... Once we went to the Wild duck site and unfortunately had a set of pup tents erected in the adjacent pitch around six or more, they arrived in a transit van from Sheffield and were very experienced in swearing, the women included. One tent was around 1 foot from my caravan hitch and we could hear every word they said! First night after they arrived one of them asked me to keep an eye on their tents while out at the club, naturally I said ok, and then the fun started it turned out they where touring different sites and breaking into the showers money boxes for the money including our site, only this time the police caught them, next day the tents were gone thank fully, I'm sure it was a one of but never been there since. There's plenty of none club sites that give generous pitches and these are the ones we use, a couple are ex club sites and now have more units on site but give generous pitches.
  2. I still get a little creaking on my factory fit towbar, its just a bit of paint that I didn't fully remove, to be honest I never bothered with paint removal on my last witter towbar, but the Tiguan paint seems more resistance to removal by the pads, so due to embarrassing noise I had to have a go removing it. I know you should remove it first. Give the ball a good scraping with a fine emery paper, removed mine mostly in a couple of minutes. Clearance is tight but not an issue with a mover.
  3. Vag cars have all the codes on a sticker I believe showing whats fitted.
  4. I've used the same mirrors on a 2013 and 2015 cx-5, and now on a 2019 Tiguan. Cost around £20 made by Milenco MGI https://milencolimited.vpweb.co.uk/Products.html I also have a set of Grand aero mirrors but won't use them.
  5. I don't recall seeing any drawbar while towing? But I do get the extra indicator lamp on the dash flashing, I'll attach the car tomorrow using my 13pin extension lead to recheck.
  6. I believe the car is aware of a caravan being attached, but I will make enquiries with my local VW garage re the stability and S/S.
  7. I was very impressed with the SIL latest Merk a powerful petrol which pulled at just over idle speed around 1K in ever gear including 9th. I'm not sure what model it is (I could ask) but its not the most powerful version in the model and its a 3 door. I'm not easily impressed but this car is really good, ride handling interior etc.
  8. I have a 2019 190ps SEL Tiguan with factory fitted towbar and the stop start is still active!! Its not that stable either in my limited experience towing with it, especially in 17mph winds I had on the outward jorney, it was better today on the return but there was no wind and very few lorries, I had the same nose weight of 85kg, but increased the rear tyre pressure to 44psi from 41psi which I thought should have been ok. As it is I wouldn't advise a novice to tow at that high a ratio with a Tiguan. I'm at just over 90% which wasn't an issue towing with a 1703kg Mazda CX-5. My caravan is 1700mtplm, v5c says 1755kg and 2300kg tow limit....
  9. I've done this but the LED is still a constant Red. Any ideas? I'm wondering if it will go green when I actually tow it. I'm hoping for the same result. I've had this issue since buying the caravan on and off since 2017, previous ATC on a 2011 Valencia never gave this problem. I've never read this, I had mine on power longer than 12 hours, perhaps that's where I went wrong. I've forgot to mention the ATC does not give the usual start up movement of the brake rod that I normally hear.
  10. Sorry I'm not sure why you have quoted my post to LEE?
  11. xtrailman

    Tow Assist

    When I saw how the Tiguan system worked I lost interested so didn't add it. It uses the wing mirror control knob!
  12. Never had my rig pulled or weighed in 40 years towing. As for the V5 both my 2009 Xtrail and 2019 Tiguan have a MIS near enough to the published kerb weights, while both Mazda CX-5's were no where near the same.
  13. I regularly go 5 hours during a fishing match, and still drink hot chocolate.
  14. My VW Tiguan 2.0 SCR TDi diesel has a Mass in Service of 1755kg, a Towing Limit of 2300kg, or 2500kg I can't remember now. I'm towing 1700kg and am happy to do so, with 40kg on the back cycle rack. I wouldn't be concerned with your ratio myself but its up to you. I've also towed it with a Mazda CX-5 with a 1703kg kerb weight and 2000kg tow limit.
  15. Not in the Mazda world. 2013 cx5 175 sport= 1666kg 2015 ditto = 1703kg 2017 ditto = 1755kg 2019 ditto = 1820kg (ad-blue added)
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