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  1. I recently towed in 21mph winds with 45mph gusts for 60 miles using the M18 and M62 with a 1700kg caravan towed by a 1755kg Tiguan, and was surprised how well it coped by driving at sensible speeds, and was still passed by two caravans... No bikes on the back though as it wasn't warm enough for us.
  2. I never use premium fuels and never had a dog problem. And don't keep them for long enough to benefit from any extra cleaning additives.. A 2.5 would work for me in a phev as the electric engine can provide the extra torque low down. But not on its own.
  3. What's the point of having a 2.5 engine that's NA when you can have more power and torque from a small turbo engine?
  4. I've never had any DPF issues with the four DPF fitted diesels, thats one XTRAIL, 2 Mazda cx-5, and 1 Tiguan, and I only do 6.5K a year normally, less since Covid, consisting of mainly short journeys, and longest is usually when towing...
  5. If your cars limit and your towbar limit along with the caravans limit allow you should aim for 5% to 7% of the caravans MTPLM.
  6. Yes that was a particular production run around 2012 to 2013 where engines were fitted with soft cams and faulty brake vacuum pumps, both could block oil lines and starve the sequential turbo of lubrication. Leaking injector seals in turn could block the sump pickup strainer leading to low oil pressure, and with the cars oil dilution created no end of problems. Its nothing to do with the cars usage that creates the dilution but the engine design, if it was usage then both my PDF equipped Xtrail and Tiguan would have oil rise too, they didn't.
  7. My car also gives out over 14 volts towing but it can still be inadequate if both the car and caravan has undersized wiring to deal with the voltage drop that arises with over 14 Amp current draw that a 170 watt fridge requires.
  8. With smart charging the system usually has a current sensor adjacent the battery which determines the voltage sent by the ECU to the alternators field.
  9. Ford power is quoted in PS not bhp.
  10. And others including myself have had issues. I found the early models ok my 2013 sport was 1655kg, the 2015 model was 1703 kg a sport auto, while the later one was 1820kg not what I would call light?
  11. In 40 years towing I have never weighed a caravan or been pulled over to be weighed or for any other reason.
  12. The Kuga diesels were highly recommend on swift Talk before it was taken down... I would buy a newer version...
  13. Sorted enjoy your touring.
  14. Usually any issues get sorted after 2 years, sounds like yours is cursed. I've had very few issues with my 2017 conqueror, last year only a plastic window link failed, the bit of plastic that holds the two blinds together, its no really needed anyway so remains as it is. On a positive your caravan remains dry? Unlike the Mk1 Valencia we both had....
  15. Manufacturer's are only catering to public demand, the Tiguan for example is VW best seller world wide. And the SUV stance will continue with electric cars as the battery pack sits in the floor.
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