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  1. As above the risk assessment is only for those carrying out the work. Having read the PDF I'm just glad that my 2017 doesn't require that work as its a lot more involved than what i was expecting. At least it gives dealers time to rectify before spring arrives
  2. So no one knows if that includes the 2017 Ht Conqueror models, or others?
  3. Its to prevent damp/mould, movement of air equalises the air temperature so removing cold spots. In the old days mould could be a problem especially with older caravans.
  4. Ford are moving away from the DSG type auto onto a 8 speed TC type, that would be my choice.
  5. The Swift has vents in the cupboards for the Alde so no need to keep the odd cupboard door open.
  6. Both the cx-5 and Tiguan gen 5 always have drive to all four wheels. 1 to 2% for a cx-5, and 10% for a Tiguan, to the rear wheels.
  7. French cars generally have poor reliability with electrics...
  8. I've only had a few switch failures but never a screen failure, so i'm not sure your statement is true.
  9. in my experience the cable will always stretch and will not always hold on a hill. It was only when Mazda fitted the EHB to a cx-5 that it won its segment tow car test in 2015, previous versions had failed the tow car hill start test...
  10. Fishing is a sport also, my car carries my tackle every week, so qualifies as a SUV.
  11. The Tiguans EHB can be used to stop the car in an emergency, but it operates on all four brakes and uses the ABS, you need to hold the switch up and keep it there. I've only had EHB for four years and had zero problems, i prefer them to a normal handbrake which needs adjustment every year. Position 1.15 on this video.
  12. same difference IMO. I also have technical bulletins emailed to me from an Australian tech regarding battery charging and construction Mazda related.
  13. It was a Mazda tech, why should he lie? I'm not saying your car should be charging at 15.2 volts, mine only goes to 14.8 volts, but i have read on this forum that land rover products do go to 15 volts. The idea i believe behind the dealers charger is to speed up the charging of a depleted battery, much like a smart charger in a swift caravan will go to 14.4 volts before soaking to 13.8 volts.
  14. When i had charging problems with my first CX-5 Nissan garage informed me that they used a £3K fast charger which could charge at around 17 volts.
  15. Probably because they are so safe and predictable.
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