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  1. This is an interesting petrol power test.
  2. As Steven says depends on the car. With my xtrail i just couldn't tell, with the CX-5 i would get a change in exhaust note on the overrun which sounded like a hole in the rear box and the average MPG read out would drop noticeably. With the Tiguan i notice the fan or fans running at speed after turning the engine off.
  3. Go on a comparison site and compare. I also save about 10% by using the garage.
  4. I've always found Tesco to be the best and Asda the worst, but Asda is usually the cheapest where i live, the other two i use when they are fuel discount offers or when convenient. You will get more MPG with the expensive fuels such a V-power, but the cost offsets any savings. Never used Millers, it no advisable to use it IMO as the handbook usually says fuel additives can harm the emission system fitted.
  5. If its a mulistage it can give out 14.4volts approx.
  6. Not really my xtrail in 2009 was euro5 with a DPF, not one issues with that Renault engine over 4.5 years of short journeys. At that time Nissan gave me a letter separately to the paper work that i had to sign for explaining what the DPF was which i had never heard of at the time. Sounds from what has been posted that JLR, Vag and BMW are to be avoided? Still nothing was asked about my driving routine when i bought my present Tiguan.
  7. Not really i have driven euro 6 engines since 2013, only negative with both CX-5 was oil dilution, but with my annual mileage of around 7K miles in practise annual oil changes for me are not a problem. My Tiguan is Euro 6 temp d, which has adblue which i just topped up today, this car has no noticeable oil dilution after around 5K miles. And i have interrupted at least 5 regens since new in Jan. And all cars were run on supermarket fuel 98%.
  8. I've never had a DPF issue and i have interrupted a lot of regens, Nissan, Mazda x2 and now VW, it can only be your driving routine? Not when I'm driving they don't.
  9. The only reason 150ps sells more is the price. Go for the 178bhp model.
  10. Check at the caravans PDU and find the incoming 13 core cable, make sure its getting a supply, if no supply check both wires for the permanent supply inside the 13 pin plug on the caravan.
  11. There probably all made in china anyway just sold at different markups .
  12. Not really the place to go IMO, try your local City electrical or similar, where the trade buys.
  13. I still remember the Silver stone caravan park being knee deep in mud with a tractor being used to pull a LR off the mud. 4x4 is certainly useful IMO if you use green field sites like i do.
  14. Jockeying about could be the Nose weight being low. I'm surprised it feels under powered as i towed 1333kg with a xtrail with 134bhp with no effort, but as LEE says gearing is also a factor. The xtrail had 6 gears with 6th being perfect giving max torque at 2K revs and 60mph, later versions came higher geared. xtrail was rated to tow 2000kg with torque of 231 pound feet.
  15. Some with DSG have also had the issue but the DSG deals with it better.
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