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  1. xtrailman

    2 wheels or 4 on the wagon?

    Good luck with anyone pulling 40T up a drop kerb.
  2. xtrailman

    2 wheels or 4 on the wagon?

    Years ago we downsized to a 13' caravan weighing around 1250kg, just so the two of use could push the caravan off road up a drop kerb, a very slight slope. Not a chance we always required another body or two to get it onto the drive, after that we went back to a larger caravan with a motor mover, I wouldn't consider caravanning now without a mover.
  3. xtrailman

    2 wheels or 4 on the wagon?

    Travelers like twin axles, I'll stick to single axle ones, much easier to manoeuvre.
  4. xtrailman

    Towing Over 85%

    I'm with Lifesure again and am aware of the clause re kerbweight, personally I don't see a problem as I can produce paperwork giving Mazda's definition of kerbweight, and the Tiguan due is even heavier.
  5. xtrailman

    Came home without the van

    I've had two dents repaired at 2 years old done at the Baily factory while having a damp floor repair, three years later I still couldn't see the repair. I've also had hair line cracks repaired on my new swift before I took delivery, they reappeared one year later to a lesser extent, so I've had them done again, everything looks good to me but time will tell. The cracks were only in the gel coat in a tiny area, and only seen very close up when cleaning the caravan.
  6. xtrailman

    Interesting quote on quality from Swift

    That's not a woodless caravan, basically its a challenger with a ply upper floor.
  7. xtrailman

    Interesting quote on quality from Swift

    Not a word of that is true in the case of the condition my 2017 Conqueror HT caravan. I saw it at the dealers when it arrived at the factory. The outside was covered in mastic which hadn't been properly removed. A couple of door magnet catches were loose, the sink extension shelf wasn't level, and around 5 doors needed adjusting, the co2 meter case was also cracked. And I won't mention the loose screws and dirt on the floor. . Or the hairline cracks in the rear panel that I insisted be repaired before taking delivery. Overall though it was in much better condition than my 2011 Bailey Unicorn, that was at the dealer nearly a month having a very long list of parts being replaced.
  8. xtrailman

    Adaptive braking

    I didn't say anything about auto hold using the pedal, just the hydraulics. Auto systems on modern cars often increase the brake pressure if demanded.
  9. xtrailman

    Adaptive braking

    Auto hold works through all four brakes. Only way to do that is hydraulic pressure, same as holding your foot on the brake pedal.
  10. xtrailman

    Adaptive braking

    It does.
  11. xtrailman

    Adaptive braking

    Brake lights with also come on if you use auto hold, assuming the car has it.
  12. xtrailman

    Towing with Petrol Auto's?

    Tiguan 180 ps. https://www. practicalcaravan. com/reviews/tow-car/50670-volkswagen-tiguan
  13. xtrailman

    Towing with Petrol Auto's?

    If you look at the oil change intervals for other countries its onlt something like 6250miles for changing. While they say 12. 5 for the uk as you have found the dilution is too much to go that far IMO. I only do under 7K a year so have never had the low oil pressure warning or any other, but before my last oil change the level was around half way to the X, around 8mm above the full mark. Mazda altered the piston and rings design on 2017 cars onwards and that's hopefully reduced any oil rise. The CX-5 is a great towcar and the engine is brill, BUT I have never accepted that the oil rise was acceptable on a modern car. I've also had the cx-5 since 2013 but I got rid of my 2013 car after the second service, Mazda kept the car in the garage for a week carrying out engine repairs on a 14K mile car. Later I found out the car was with in the vin range of a faulty batch of cams which were prone to premature wear, and brake vacuum pumps that did the same, either one was capable of releasing metal bits into the oil ways so taking out the sequential turbos. Obviously oil dilution along with that leads to more failures. Mines being replaced soon for a Tiguan which hopefully will be a good one. I would have had another CX-5 but I'm not keen on the new car, I prefer my 2015 to the 2017 and 2018 cars both of which I've driven. With a cx-5 you can detect a regen by a different exhaust sound on the overrun, and the average read out drops, I've never had a DPF light on, just the oil rise, I did interrupt a regen last time out, but it will continue to complete it next time I take the car out. With my 2009 DPF Xtrail I never noticed any regens or any oil rise, and that was the Renault engine.
  14. xtrailman

    Warranty thoughts

    The ten year warranty isn't transferable, its for the first owner only.
  15. xtrailman

    Towing with Petrol Auto's?

    Its 173bhp Andy, and this engine has seen lots of engine failures especially in the 2013 and 2014 years of production, so I beg to differ with the amazing engineering comment. In fact my 2013 cx-5 was the most unreliable car since I owned a mini metro plie of junk. So I got shut at 2 years old, my present 2015 cx-5 has been reliable although I still get oil rise in the sump due to diesel dilution, but due to the early cars the Mazda diesel has earned a reputation for being unreliable. Whatcar have mentioned it in the jan issue, 27% diesel engine faults reported in a reliability study, well above the average. Mazda cx-5 petrol has a compression ratio of 14. 1, things have moved on.