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  1. Front collision saved me from a nasty accident this week with the caravan on the back, women pulled out in front of me, system made a loud noise as maximum braking kicked in, system gives more brake pressure if needed, it did.
  2. No need to wear the ball away using abrasive paper... The indent isn't a problem.
  3. xtrailman

    Ford Kuga

    Its suitability depends on which size wheel and tyre it was supplied with. My xtrail fitted with 17" wheels was supplied with a 16" steel wheel. Its suitability can be calculated on line.
  4. This is what I do. Not exactly a car that would be safe towing 1700kg though is it, a SUV or larger car weighs a lot more.
  5. I've towed with both and prefer the relaxed towing a diesel provides even if it costs more to buy. A diesel engine also suits a SUV. Lots of people being frighten away from diesel have been very disappointed with the petrol returns (mpg) especially the more powerful ones, and the underpowered ones.
  6. xtrailman

    Ford Kuga

    Tiguan is the same. I've found greasing the ball and covering with a balloon works for me, some use a condom. Then use brake cleaner before use, on holiday i don't regrease just apply a balloon.
  7. xtrailman

    Ford Kuga

    I believe the electric towbar operates the same as my Tiguan, a switch in the boot drops it down, it then requires moving up by hand till it latches, release is again operation of the boot switch to drop it down, then needs to be pushed up out of sight by hand.
  8. xtrailman

    Ford Kuga

    Download the brochure its easier to see what you get than the configurator which takes some working out to use it. There is also an electric towbar as an option, cost around £600. https://www.ford.co.uk/content/dam/guxeu/uk/documents/brochures/cars/BRO-kuga_new.pdf https://www.ford.co.uk/content/dam/guxeu/uk/documents/feature-pdfs/FT-new_kuga.pdf
  9. xtrailman

    Ford Kuga

    Nice to see you posting again John. Still have fond memories of both xtrails I owned...
  10. xtrailman

    Ford Kuga

    I'll be looking at the 190ps 8 speed Kuga myself in a couple of years...
  11. That's the theory my factory fit VW towbar is at 450mm
  12. My Tiguan prefers tyres set to max load for towing, and D mode for on the move with sport for setting off and stopping.
  13. xtrailman


    Sorry don't know as so far I've only needed to top up once, and I still have 5L spare. You don't need to fill with 8.5 L just put in 5L if its more convenient for you..
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