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  1. That only applies to older NA engine, turbo engines don't need high revs for max torque.
  2. Diesel isn't out of favour, in fact VW intend to carry on with diesel, and have recently updated it. Its now promoting its EA288 Evo engine.
  3. I towed with a 180 A4 Quattro Avant petrol in 1999, the fuel consumption was poor, from reading posts on the Tiguan forum it's obvious that things haven't changed pulling a Suv even with the latest vag engine's. I don't see me buying a petrol next unless a Diesil isn't offered.
  4. My last tour returned over 31mpg?
  5. My 2019 190ps diesel Tiguan isn't as stable as a rock Towing 1700kg with a kerbweight of 1755kg, i towed the same caravan with a 175ps 1703kg Mazda CX5 which was stable as a rock. In fact the Mazda was the best towcar I have ever had. For the OP. Regarding which engine to tow with or driving solo, it's the diesel, according to those that test drive cars for a living I have yet to read of a test which says the opposite . Practical caravan mag has tested both the 180ps (now 190ps) petrol and 190ps diesel so whatch or read for yourself
  6. That's why I said one of the reasons. Touring caravans will probably be a thing of the past, replaced by MH or static caravans.
  7. I think the OP is an excellent idea for use as a stop gap until permanent charging points are installed. The lack of points is one of the things holding back electric car adoption.
  8. This is what I did.
  9. My nephew always leases but always goes for the bargain deals, but he doesn't tow. Presently driving a nice large Volvo petrol 190ps auto for £300 a month. He's had all kinds of cars and makes, it all about the deal.
  10. But then my 2019 Tiguan factory fit towbar doesn't. Perhaps the 2019 Touareg is the same. So I have to turn it off before towing.
  11. I would always go for two feeds and two fuses, it makes fault finding easier. On my last car I had two 3mm cables run it was fine with my Valencia which only had a 135w fridge, but inadequate with my Swift with a 170watt fridge, only 11v to the fridge after voltage drop under load. I would advise two 10mm cables now to reduce voltage, but even then you will get some. Thin walled cable is surprisingly light considering it current rating.
  12. Head lights on make no difference with my Tiguan, but then the voltage output towing has always been over 13V todate, and often 14.3v which is enough to get 12v to the fridge now I have increased the caravan fridge wiring to 10mm, in the caravan only.
  13. I take the ATC led as an indicator that ATC is active. I also monitor the status on the Swift App to ensure its green while towing, I have no idea what the voltage drop is to the ATC but it will be less than the battery supply due to voltage drop, some of which will be due to caravan battery charging. I also monitor the cars battery meter while towing and have never seen down near 12v its always well above.
  14. xtrailman

    Tyre pressure

    Mine are 36 comfort, 38 normal I think it says, and fully loaded 38/45psi Solo I use 38psi all round , towing two up I increase the rears to around 44psi as I think its more stable at that pressure, I've tried less. On site I don't bother to reduce the pressures. Tyres are 19/235/50
  15. Tuareg should be the better option IMO. For a tow test of the 180ps petrol Tig check out the Practical caravan video, its thirsty.
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