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  1. Same platform but they always get different reviews.
  2. I've driven both the XC60 has a ride that suits me, I found the Kodiak felt cheap and wallowed if pushed. I'd put Skoda below both seat and vw. Audi beats them all, that's why you pay more.
  3. Why don't you consider a de tune to lower the max torque to say 1500rpm.
  4. We bought our caravan because it has no wood in the construction.
  5. Yes I got that wrong both diesel with a petrol also, 231 diesel has 500nm of torque, so it's difficult to see how a 186 isn't enough.
  6. What it really needs is the petrol engine changing for a diesel.
  7. https://www.tiguanforums.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7370 "Sorry , not really relevant on Tiguan forum, but was asked by a few members for a quick review of my Touareg after many happy Tiguan years, so here goes for my last post. So I’ve had my new Touareg SEL Tech 3.0 V6 231ps for the past 6 weeks , 2010 miles or so. Initial reaction is, wow, loving the car! Best engine I’ve ever had in a car. Comfort and size is amazing. Have just had a weeks holiday in deepest darkest Wales, travelling down the tiniest of single track lanes and can honestly say I now know the size of the c
  8. I wasn't responding to what you said. But benny1234
  9. I'm interested in the same car, draw back is its only a 7 seater when a 5 would suit me better, also find the configurator is hard work couldn't find the options list to price up the factory towbar? I've read its now 100kg on 2020 cars.
  10. I've always found the opposite more speed gives more instability.
  11. What was the problem with the suspension?
  12. Of cause a DSG stays in gear. And I am comparing 6 speed TC fitted to a cx5awd sport weighing 1703kg a 2015 model with 175ps to a 190ps dsg 7 speed 4 motion weighing heavier at 1755kg. I get more to the gallon with the heavier more powerful Tiguan. I would be happy to go to a 8 or 9 speed auto if I could find a car I want. There is a negative to dsg it requires a oil change at 40k . Never needed one with the TC. But the Mazda was definitely in need of an extra gear imo.
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