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  1. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I will be contacting the dealer and letting them know I will be keeping my van until the new one is ready for collection. Although this is a well respected dealer who has been in business for many years it is not beyond the bounds of possibility they might run into financial difficulties between the time I gave them my van and the new one was produced. Better to be cautious than sorry!
  2. At the caravan show in October we agreed to part exchange our van for a new one to be delivered in March. The dealer wants us to handover our present van next week. In the past we have always taken the old van in at the same time the new one was ready. Is this normal? What happens if the dealer ceases to trade before the new van is delivered. Any information from someone who has been down this route would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. If I were you I would check with them that it is OK to dispose of the old one. Once they have paid your claim the damaged awning becomes their property. I am sure they will tell you it is fine to get rid of it but it is safer to have this in writing.
  4. We have a Kampa rally air 390 and have found that it is very good in windy conditions. As another post mentioned the air poles seem to absorb the wind better by bending with it and springing back into shape when the velocity reduces. Would recommend an air awning in place of one with poles as much easier to erect once you have the hang of it.
  5. Agree with you. Paul did a fantastic job on my Bucanneer Fluyt a couple of months ago and it is still shining!
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