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  1. Hi, I see you're from Peterborough, was the dealer you mentioned Grantham Caravans by any chance?
  2. We use our caravan, with an inboard water tank, all year round. We can get in our car and go shopping, pop down to the pub, park without any problems. ........., then, go back to a beautifully warm, luxurious van which, incidentally, has comfortable seating and lots of space in which to move around. For all of the aforementioned reasons, and more, we have no regrets about moving from a motor home to a caravan.
  3. We have several rugs in our van to protect the carpet and we were forever moving them back into position. Used to drive us mad. A friend recommended non slip rug underlay from John Lewis and we haven't had a problem since, must have had them for over a year and rugs haven't moved an inch. Expensive but worth it.
  4. Elddis are bringing out a new model with this layout.
  5. We have had major issues with the warranty department at Grantham. We bought a new Coachman in December 2014 and eventually, last month, resorted to writing to Coachman Caravans and involving the managing director at Grantham Caravans. They have had our van for a month now and apparently all the issues have been resolved with the exception of one which involves a technician from Coachman. When the managing director at Grantham looked at one of our problems he said "that's a 10 minute job", this had been going on for 7 months!!!!! Hope you have a better experience than we have had.
  6. yes, that's the same as ours but I can't tell from the pic whether or not the bottom of it protrudes further than the top which ours apparently does. Our van has been away for four weeks now, should get it back next week so we'll see what the outcome is. .......! Unfortunately we have no faith in our dealer, we have had several ongoing warranty issues since we bought the van in December 2014 and have written to Coachman and involved the managing director of the dealership. Hopefully this is the last issue then everything will be fixed. Thanks for posting the picture.
  7. Hi, we too have had a terrible time with Grantham Caravans since purchasing a new Coachman in December 2014. The handover meeting with Mike went well except that the fridge control panel didn't work so had to be changed - doesn't say much for their PDI. It was when we had warranty issues that we were badly let down. It is too long a saga to tell on here but late last month on yet another visit to resolve the still outstanding issues, we had to get the managing director of Grantham Caravans involved. He was extremely helpful and it would appear that everything has now been put righ
  8. Hi, a technician from Coachman visited our van which is still at the dealer's, they put up an awning and demonstrated the problem using a hosepipe. He saw what was happening and has taken the problem, and a video, back to 'the team'. We are waiting to hear the solution and will post on here when we find out. At least we know someone else is having the same problem! Does the bottom 'lip' of your awning channel protrude further than the top? Apparently, as far as Grantham Caravans can see, this is the cause of the problem.
  9. Hi, we have been having big problems with our awning leaking with our 2015 VIP 575/4. Whenever it rains water pours down the side of the caravan and on to the floor, we have tried two awnings, both brand new. Took van back to dealer for warranty work (separate saga) and they have water tested the awning. The outcome is that the bottom 'lip' of the awning channel protrudes further than the top 'lip' thus allowing rainwater entry into the awning channel which then finds its way behind the awning beading and into the caravan. Just wondering if anyone else with a 2015 coachman has fou
  10. We have been waiting since December 2014 for the first of many issues to be sorted out. Coachman are taking an intolerably long time about it and today have written to their managing director. Also when we bought the van in December 2014 we ordered and paid for two extra shelves, these cost over £100 and we still haven't got them! Disappointed in the deterioration in quality and workmanship since we bought our last coachman.
  11. Can anyone tell me if they have a cap/cover over any joins in their awning channel please. We have a brand new kampa air awning and rain floods down the side of our van. One suggestion has been that rainwater gets through the join in the awning channel and then behind the awning beading. Ps we have a brand new vip 575/4.
  12. Do you think that the wider panels of a kampa rally air pro 330 make them less stable than a 390 which has smaller panels. Don't know which to buy.
  13. Thanks for that but if they're all open would the whole awning deflate rather than just the section that had a puncture?
  14. Hello, can anyone tell me if the isolation valves in a kampa air awning should be closed once the awning is inflated. Seems little point in being able to isolate individual poles otherwise but instructions don't mention anything. Thanks very much.
  15. Hi kampa max, can you tell me if isolation valves in an air awning should be closed once the awning is inflated. Seems to make sense to me but the instructions don't say anything about it. We love our awning.
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