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  1. I like a car with plenty of metal round me and family, currently a BMW 5GT. I find some small cars quite scary when you see how close the rear head rests are to the rear window, and the narrower ones have negligible space between occupants and doors in the event of side impact
  2. Agreed. I also had a puncture in a run flat and didn't know until the car told me! And yes you can get them repaired. Its a dilemma as the run flats are good for towing, but the ride quality on poor surfaces is not good at all.
  3. So our European cousin arrives in the UK on holiday and is told that his speed is governed by lamp post spacing, that is measured in yards (what ees a 'yard' ?) - ok then a nice round figure of 183 meters, that better? Did you bring a tape measure? Farcical..
  4. Our Bessacarr has a JVC unit that also plays DVDs. If this is a facility you want, it works well, as the sound is far better played through the caravan speakers than those in the TV itself. Some of these head units also come with a remote. In our case Swift put the radio in a cupboard so that the remote doesn't work when the cupboard door is shut. And of course leaving it open is just at the perfect height for a head injury..Just a thought when you are choosing a location.
  5. When you get home lay out the awning poles as per the diagram and put some coloured electrical tape round the ends of the poles where there is a common joint. This speeds up identifying where poles go..
  6. Yes, I fitted the remote sensor - these come with a short or long lead to assist location. The existing sensor is indeed in the Alde control panel, the back of which is in an overhead locker in our van. The locker is not heated, so the system tends to overheat the van unless you start fiddling with the offset settings and an independent thermometer against which to calibrate. Its very simple to fit as there is already a dedicated connection point at the back of the panel.
  7. Check the compression fittings - I experienced a similar issue and one of the fittings needed nipping up a little - but not too much. I'm one of those who likes the van level and use plumb bob for this purpose, as it also allows an easy check for possible deflation.
  8. If you just purchased the van, I would go back about this. If a van is sold with the benefit of a solar panel, its reasonable to expect the required controller to be present as well. Those cables however do not look like the proper solar cables used from the solar panels to the controller, more like caravan manufacture's wiring..
  9. Here is your size. https://www.leisurespares.co.uk/brands/thetford/fridge-vent-systems-thetford/vents Vents are not supplied with a fridge, so it depends on the existing vents...
  10. HD - we've all been there at some time. It takes a while to get used to the vans systems. You'll get there!
  11. My Reich mover uses 10mm2 from battery to isolation switch for a 1/2 metre cable length
  12. Old (resurrected) threads never die! Lack of power from the leisure battery is no different from turning off the 12 v power supply when the van is stored. You can however add an independent supply from a small battery pack to retain the settings whilst in storage or travelling - there is a spare 2 pin allocation on the panel for this purpose.
  13. Exactly what Borussia says - couldn't have put it better..
  14. Also Sargent alarm here. Their products come with the required wiring diagrams. The fitted spec in most caravans is as basic as it can get. If you are handy, Sargent control units have the ability to accept additional features , such as adding red led alarm and door/locker contacts domestic style. You can buy the contacts and required alarm wiring for just a few pounds on line, and a significant upgrade to the system
  15. Thetford site has instructions for fitting their own fan, and details exactly where to attach the temp sensor directly to the rear of the fridge.
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