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  1. The toilet has a wiring harness that connects to the caravan 12v supply, probably near the outside wall as it will likely run along the floor. Follow that and it will lead to the pump, the 'full' level pcb, the flush panel pcb and the fuse. Look very carefully at all connectors themselves, and the pcb tracks to which they connect. They are all prone to corrosion to the extent that the pcb tracks can corrode to nothing in some locations. Cleaning these may provide a temporary solution but its better to replace in the end. Thetford diagrams and part numbers are available on the support part of
  2. As far as the pump is concerned, check for the presence of a second switch, maybe at a bunk near the outside water inlet. Our old Bessacarr had such a factory fitted switch, though I never understood the duplication.
  3. Well that's a new one - a control panel off work with stress, followed by a lie down in the dark to recover! Excellent stuff from ALDE - if only other suppliers were as good...
  4. I would agree with Paul. The outer cover does not seal to the roof, to ensure adequate ventilation even when the rooflight is 'closed'. Using a hose could easily force water into the van.
  5. As you are bang on the 95%, check if your (proposed) insurance policy has any weight restrictions. My current one has a limit of 95% which I am just under happily.
  6. Cant say I ever this issue when we had that system. The usual cause of dribbles is missing, broken or damaged o rings - 2 required. Also the cover flap must be folded down so the slot in the image locks over the corresponding male piece of the connector block
  7. Not going also - other half broke her ankle and still with a pot on..
  8. Tony, I'm not a million miles away in Huddersfield, and I use Peter Roberts Caravans near Honley. Its a family firm and they sorted a warranty problem for me even though I hadn't bought from them. Their approach was one of help the customer and hopefully they'll bring the van for servicing, which I do...
  9. You should fit the vent hose when fitted to the van. The vented hydrogen gas will contain some acid mist as well, which will of course attack other surfaces. Seen this in cars where the vent tube was accidentally left disconnected. Just run the tube out of the batter locker via one on the EHU cable cut outs.
  10. I like a car with plenty of metal round me and family, currently a BMW 5GT. I find some small cars quite scary when you see how close the rear head rests are to the rear window, and the narrower ones have negligible space between occupants and doors in the event of side impact
  11. Agreed. I also had a puncture in a run flat and didn't know until the car told me! And yes you can get them repaired. Its a dilemma as the run flats are good for towing, but the ride quality on poor surfaces is not good at all.
  12. So our European cousin arrives in the UK on holiday and is told that his speed is governed by lamp post spacing, that is measured in yards (what ees a 'yard' ?) - ok then a nice round figure of 183 meters, that better? Did you bring a tape measure? Farcical..
  13. Our Bessacarr has a JVC unit that also plays DVDs. If this is a facility you want, it works well, as the sound is far better played through the caravan speakers than those in the TV itself. Some of these head units also come with a remote. In our case Swift put the radio in a cupboard so that the remote doesn't work when the cupboard door is shut. And of course leaving it open is just at the perfect height for a head injury..Just a thought when you are choosing a location.
  14. When you get home lay out the awning poles as per the diagram and put some coloured electrical tape round the ends of the poles where there is a common joint. This speeds up identifying where poles go..
  15. Yes, I fitted the remote sensor - these come with a short or long lead to assist location. The existing sensor is indeed in the Alde control panel, the back of which is in an overhead locker in our van. The locker is not heated, so the system tends to overheat the van unless you start fiddling with the offset settings and an independent thermometer against which to calibrate. Its very simple to fit as there is already a dedicated connection point at the back of the panel.
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