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  1. Why are the tops of suspension arms and lower sections of the shock absorbers so rusty on a new van?
  2. We only carry one bottle now apart from a small Camping Gaz for the BBQ. After a 3 week trip to France once, I realised just how little gas from the main bottle had been used, so it was an opportunity to save weight.
  3. Those terminals look pretty manky to me. Its worth noting the inside of clamp terminals can harbour corrosion, especially on the negative post, so simply tightening them may afford a temporary solution Time to clean the posts and terminals or a repeat of your issue may follow.
  4. You were lucky to get a run flat repaired as several tyre manufacturers say this shouldn't be done. I fancied ditching my RFs as the cars ride is often reported to be better, but the alternative of slime or the weight and bulk of a spare wheel caused me to stick with the RFs, though it would be equally interesting to know how far you could tow on a flat.
  5. Yes, as Ivan said the rain sensors are quite sensitive - even a cleaning wipe with a damp cloth is enough to activate closure. The open / close motion is very slow when compared to opening windows in the car for example. Rodders: The remotes do not have DIP switches in Thanks for the instructions - it appears that only one remote can be paired - might be possible to pair one remote with both rooflights though..
  6. Not sure whether that's serious or tongue in cheek !...but then you would never be able to change the batteries, which, with a master stroke of design, require a screwdriver to access. Half expected some means of using the buttons like coding TV remotes.
  7. Our Bessacarr has two of these rooflight, each with its own independent, but otherwise identical, remote. I would prefer to have one remote capable of operating either rooflight, thus having the other as a spare. The range of a remote is only 1.5 meters with new batteries, so its not going to operate both rooflights at once. Does anyone know if its possible to do this?
  8. This Reich unit is probably the best all rounder in terms of ease of use, compact size, accuracy and reasonable price point.
  9. This my set up: The fans are the large computer super quiet type, mounted on 2 strips of aluminium from Wickes. This still allows plenty of air circulation when the fans aren't needed. Both are wired to a single waterproof plug - eBay again - which has since replaced the choc bloc in this image, so the whole assembly can be removed easily if required. Top mounting is two small brackets pop rivetted to the fume shield, with the frame secured with stainless screws, and simple tie wraps at the bottom, as access is difficult there. The controller from eBay, but ensure its 12v as there is a 230v version as well. Power direct from battery via a fuse and isolation switch, mounted in my own surround to match. The fridge temperature sensor is attached to the fridge, exactly where Thetford own diagram requires. This only has a 1 metre cable length, hence the panel just above the fridge. If you are wondering, the pink foam is an anti rattle measure for the insect screens which flap about in a breeze
  10. Why no readings at the floor to wall joints?
  11. Like Griff above we also have a 4wd Reich mover, and I would say from experience in storage, that a space is required in front of the van the same as the length of the van in order to turn through 90 degrees. This is more than would be required in a free space, as I have to clear parked vans on either side that are each about 3 feet away.
  12. A solar panel is a must in storage - then your mover is always ready to go. I doubt the distance in itself on the flat would be an issue, but things might get a bit warm so it would be worth checking with the mover maker, before you blow the control panel..
  13. Modern cars aftermarket set ups will have either have a dedicated module that integrates with the cars bus systems, or the car has to be coded to recognise a trailer by dealer level software. Either way, these turn off parking sensors, fog lights and car brake lights to avoid back glare from the van. Its only when you start using universal electrics as for older vehicles that problems start. Detachables aren't any more fiddly than to retrieve, fit, remove your hitchlock, and a lot less so than a wheel clamp....especially if you value your shins
  14. This bothered me when I installed my solar panel and controller, so fitted an isolation switch in the positive line to the controller
  15. I had the same problem with our Thetford fridge - the designers don't seem to have realised that that the receiver is too small to cope. Easy solution though is to get yourself a length of clear tube, attach to the drain point, and run the other end through the caravan floor - if you don't want to drill just find a drop vent or such, but ensure there is a fall on the tube.
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