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  1. Also Sargent alarm here. Their products come with the required wiring diagrams. The fitted spec in most caravans is as basic as it can get. If you are handy, Sargent control units have the ability to accept additional features , such as adding red led alarm and door/locker contacts domestic style. You can buy the contacts and required alarm wiring for just a few pounds on line, and a significant upgrade to the system
  2. Thetford site has instructions for fitting their own fan, and details exactly where to attach the temp sensor directly to the rear of the fridge.
  3. I set my tyre pressures with a Ring pump which cuts off automatically at the set pressure, ensuring all 4 tyres are set the same (assuming an even ambient temp). Once warmed up the temps are within about 2C, which is accurate enough.
  4. Its certainly possible to remove the hitch - just 2 bolts, but this would only gain a a few inches, and also prevent a hitchlock being fitted, which may be an insurance co requirement. IMHO its better to keep the van in storage which is more secure and avoid potential issues with neighbours, not all of whom will be caravan fans.
  5. I have the unit described by Borussia and its excellent - its a steel wheel, not plastic. Everything about it is beefed up. I like the removable winder handle and Jockey wheel which add a little bit to security. I don't like the long fingers at the base that engage with the JW yoke. Forget to wind the JW clear of these and turning with the mover can snap them right off.
  6. We looked at the Tefal Ingenio, but a number of reviewers seemed less than satisfied with them. In the end SWMBO bought a set from Dunelm, and even if they don't last, we could have 3 sets for the price of the Tefals.
  7. As a point of interest, caravans with a Stinger alarm have some features not mentioned on the caravan handbook. For example it is possible to fit domestic style door contacts wired with domestic alarm wiring to outside locker doors, including the main door, so the alarm goes off immediately before access is gained and the PIR is tripped. Its also possible to add a red LED from the Stinger, that flashes car style when the alarm is active.
  8. Yes my renewalwas up 25% too. I went on their site, and put in the exact same details, then rang them duly armed. I was given a story about rates I didn't believe, but finished up with slightly better cover for less than last year! Ridiculous though it is you just have to play the game..
  9. There is usually only one fusebox apart from that for the roadlights, somewhere at floor level at the front of the van. Even if the fuse looks alright put a meter on continuity setting across the fuse blades to check it - even fuses go faulty occasionally. Check there is 12v at the fuse. If these are good, time to dismantle the fan to check if 12v is reaching that.
  10. chrisn7


    It seems me that a certain curiosity about such accidents is a good thing so we can understand how we might the same fate avoid ourselves, especially if something other than excess speed is involved.
  11. Johnnyboy - we all have to learn and a multimeter is an essential bit of kit around car and van. The meter should have come with an instruction book, so might be as well to read up before taking risks..
  12. My BMW has a Euro 5 engine and smart charger/regenerative braking. I came across the issue of the fridge potentially not cooling some time back. so connected a voltage datalogger to the leisure battery during a Yorkshire to Cornwall trip recently. I expected to see some dips in voltage when and if the alternator paused charging, but there were only minimal fluctuations, and indeed the fridge itself has always remained cold. The system employs a dedicated tow module by Westfalia, with wiring all installed by me so I know its correct.
  13. I bought an ebay one too, but I did fit a waterproof connector, as the original used a simple 2 pin connector, completely open to all the elements under the A frame. Penny pinching by Swift.
  14. Pete I have the 3010 boiler too, and if you have the oblong control panel, I agree its bad. However, there is a colour square upgrade panel specifically for this boiler which I fitted, and is massive improvement on usability. If you go this route be sure to select the correct panel as the next gen boiler uses a later panel that looks exactly the same. If interested I can find the model number for you
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