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  1. We are seriously thinking about selling the caravan and getting a motorhome. Would be interested in the fors and against of buying a MH. Thanks Tim
  2. Yes it was the small things in the car, to dive it was great and to tow with it was excellent!! but as the ownership went on I kept asking myself why did they design it like that!!
  3. We all tow for a small percentage of the time. The volvo was not very user friendly, the auto box was slow and old, the gps system was too fiddly. The electric boot was too slow to open, the oil level increases as diesel seeps through into the sump, you cant check the oil level easily as its electronic that nobody understands. The button to release the damn electric boot is next to the filler cap button, so you pull up at the petrol station and the boot opens and the dog goes awol. The aux belt tensioner fails ( volvo know about this). The merc is a far better engineered car.
  4. I had an XC60. .........not for very long. Changed it quickly to a Mercedes and havent looked back.
  5. 39 pounds truckers GPS off Ebay, best Gps i have used for towing.
  6. Whitening toothpaste does wonders aswell on deep scratches
  7. My local french campsite has a dedicated area to wash the caravans.
  8. The pads wont grip the ball properly. ......be warned
  9. Change the wheels over to see if its that.
  10. I think the better choice i reckon for us would of been the ML. But Ill see in a few weeks how it tows.
  11. I have a 2012 AMG sport estate C class. 1443kg is the Max towing weight with my sterling. The volvo to be fair towed faultlessly, it was just the ergonomics of the car.
  12. I sold my XC60 for my merc, and dont regret it.
  13. Great writeup !! keep them coming like this
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