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  1. Hi My Thetford N100 no longer works on mains electric but works 100% on gas no problems. The blue light does not flash at any point, even on non-working electric and no error codes are shown at all. So, googling suggests it is the electric element bust (not too expensive) but I have had suggested it could also be the power board (PCB) which is very expensive. So I googled and all instances I find of power board needing replacement seem to be accompanied by error codes. So anyone please any thoughts? Could it be the PCB or simply the element? I dont want to pay out for a PCB at those prices if its not that. Thank you to anyone for thoughts. Alex
  2. With a lack of info on this just yet, are there any complete alternatives to the inflatible sofa idea that may fullfill a similar purpose/need please?
  3. In our awning we have an inflatible sofa but after many years it has a slow puncture that seems impossible to find. So am looking for a replacement. Ideally something similar. It packs away so small but gives great sitting area and our little boy loves laying and gently bouncing on it (yes I know thats not good for it) Main thing is knowing a replacement will be as robust as this has been. There seems so many available now and I suspect some are very weak. Also, the flock covering on ours looked dirty/fluffy/messy after a bit, but plastic covered ones look cheap online. Does anyone know a nice finished one, or better yet one that would be a good tidy fit for a cloth sofa cover? Hard to find good info, hope you can help. Thank you Alex
  4. I was trying that but a pipe going right for two years takes time to retrain to go left. Have done that now and no obvious kinks but problem remains. it goes really hot not just warm.
  5. Hi today we have had hot water from the cold tap. Like 8secs of cold then 1 sec of hot then it repeats. Ive seen a good few ideas on the forum for reasons on this but heres where ours is a bit different. its never happened before until today. .. but today is the first time of us using the truma ultrastore on gas (last night electric tripped with all classic signs of a busted ultrastore element. so. .. from the usual suggestions of why the hot/cold happens, is there a reason specific to gas operation? Or could it be that i had to move the aquaroll away from the gas vent flue and so it has an ever so slight kink in the tube from usual operation, maybe cant suck as much water through kink so drags from hot tank? Though when we first got the van im sure we had much worse kinks and it dudnt happen. Any help appreciated
  6. Thanks for all the replies, really grateful. Only thing i would say is that if the statements of caravans having enough background ventilation are right, then why have we encountered condensation and a bit of mildew over a winter shutdown? Makes me think that for whatever reason, our van isnt massively well ventilated. Floor vents are clear, but maybe there is little at higher level where moisture-ladden warmer air rises to and then condenses on colder surfaces. Thus do we really want to add to the moisture content?? Our little boy has autism, noise from hairdryers is a no-no
  7. Could do yes but then that method would be cheaper to buy a trolley jack. Thanks though
  8. We have had moisture/mildew occur over a winter storage duration thus my worry about it in the van during the season. None of the vents are blocked low-level. Not sure if the hekis vent properly/well and heat rises and warm air holds more moisture than cold air so its high ventilation that concerns me. Thanks for the good info everyone
  9. Thanks a lot The van doesnt move and we have no towball so the tyres will flatspot over time anyway sadly, i just wasnt sure if the leveller would be worse. We do have plastic ramps but the levels on them dont allow fir small adjustment and we also cant push the van onto them, so i thought the wind up leveller would be better
  10. Hi I want to isolate our oven and hob so the little boy cant do damage by turning knobs on (telling him not to doesnt work as his language is limited due to autism) The gas is easy, its a knob underneath and is easy to reach to switch back on to cook. But theres an electric plug right at the back, which is awful to reach and certainly powers the single electric hob. But does it also power the fan??? Or is the fan on the 12v like the ignition is? Thanks
  11. I know the idea is to leave fridge doors ajar when leaving to avoid mildew, but when we leave after a weekend on the seasonal there isnt time to eait for defrosting, so leaving the door open would surely put moisture into the van. The van isnt great at being vented when locked up, so wouldnt this promote mildew inside the van?? Isnt it better to close the fridge and thus ant mildew forms inside the fridge where it can be wiped and cleaned much easier than van fabrics/walls etc? Honestly curious as i darednt leave our fridge open and wipe out each time instead. But curious on others thoughts
  12. Hi Are the milenco windup levellers ok for seadonal pitch use? Would they be affected by constant load over time or damage tyres (more than ground)? I imagine sinking into gravel hardstandings means use a paving slab or similar under. Thanks Alex
  13. Thanks not a bad idea. But, foam still compressible and we are permanently sited on seasonal pitch so weight isnt an issue. Main issues are speed of installation (when we arrive there late on friday night) and ease of storage. Velcro is a great idea for securing anything thats a solution here providing the existing slats will still go back through the slot thanks.
  14. Id thought of the rubber but it has storage implications. We dont have much available. If the slats work, then i was going to fix strips of material to them so it spaces them out exactly, similar to the pull out slats, that way placing and positioning is easy and quick. Slats should be easy to store too, only thinking that four is about right, two under each back-cushion spaced out.
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