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  1. pretty sure ADLE warranty will be lost if there is no change after 2 years - I paid £150 for an Alde approved service guy to visit and change to 5 year fluid - You can do it yourself though the service guy has specialist pumps making the job much easier - took about 1. 5 hrs - check out their website for approved service agents
  2. managed to purchase 12 MM. pipe and replaced section . On investigation the replaced pipe was too short and not going in far enough . All working now no leaks . Guess the test will be in a few hours time, here,s hoping all ok . Thanks for input thanks for "tug" advice as I wasn't working under pressure, all working again with replacement longer pipe, will check later today that all is ok . Thanks for your input, appreciated. Needless to say my dealer has not made contact
  3. can I use Vaseline on the pipe to make a better temporary seal ?
  4. Reassembled and still leaking, so connector at fault though pipe had marks so will local camping shop for pipe though getting connector will be more difficult
  5. Hi john, thanks for quick response, found out how to break connectors and stripped piping back to problem connector, removed the pipe, now cleaning it and will reassemble, hopefully this will work if I will need a new connector Thanks again
  6. Currently on site, noticed water under the bed close to alde heating, one of the connectors is leaking . Do I need another connector or can I disassemble and refit . How do you break the connection ? Van was serviced last month and failed water connector replaced, but that's a story for another day . Any help advice appreciated
  7. Thanks for all your input . Gas Calor Lite bottles in the Santa Fe - Front exterior lockers empty, spare wheel was under the bed though forward of battery box now located to centre rear, Stock cupboard of tins moved to under bed . Noseweight was 110kgs now down to 70kgs so now gone the wrong way so will put back stock cupboard, pretty sure that will take me back to 80kgs or thereabouts , if not move spare wheel a little more forward Thanks again
  8. Calor spec for Calor lite is at http://www. calor. co. uk/shop/gas-bottles/calor-lite-propane-gas-bottle. html PRODUCT CODE 210066 MANUFACTURER Calor CYLINDER TYPE Calor Lite CYLINDER USAGE Caravans and motorhomes CYLINDER COLOUR Red CAPACITY 6kg GAS TRAC Yes HEIGHT 487mm DIAMETER 246mm TARE WEIGHT (EMPTY) 4. 52kg GROSS WEIGHT (FULL) 10. 52kg
  9. Hi Im using the Calor Lite bottles which are 5kgs empty, thanks for advice
  10. 2 x 6 kg with auto switch over - useful when not on EHU
  11. Just changed tow vehicle from Land Cruiser ( 150 kgs Noseweight ) to a Hyundai Santa Fe 2011, 7 seater auto ( 80kg Noseweight ) The van is currently 100 - 110 kgs and need to get down to nearer 80kgs Is this achievable ? plan to take out the 2 x 6kg gas bottles and store in the shower room, drop any water from the tank and generally store mid section - I have a Milenco noseweight guage - would appreciate any advice Thanks in advance
  12. Our Valencia has just been in for 4th year service and for the first time its damp free and no warranty issues - The previous 3 years have highlighted damp in the front storage compartments and living area - over 60% moisture plus many other serious warranty issues To have 200 vans with no damp sounds incredible - your customers are very lucky
  13. Cant find a way to open PIR Alarm Casing to access battery compartment - Did it once before but forgot how I did it - Valencia 1 Thanks in advance
  14. Hi any chance of some pics of your repairs ?
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