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  1. I know this has probably been asked over and over again but we can't decide if our caravan is better off with a cover on or not? Had one on for about a month and there seems to be water under the cover causing dirty looking patches. Also wondered about a rood only cover. Any advice/ experiences would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, I would really like to take my family to Normandy to see the d Day beaches and memorials can anyone please recommend a good site family friendly in the area. Regards Pete
  3. I have now spoken to the Police, who couldn't advise, NCC, again they couldn't help. However have emailed Alko who tell me that if the breakaway cable is being attached direct to a point on the towbar, a carabina clip needs to be used. So overall advice seems to be. Use a anchorage point on the towbar if there is one using a carabina. If no anchorage point clip around the towbar - just don't get pulled over on the M25 by the police!
  4. I have just spoken to Sussex Police to try and clarify exactly how to attach the breakaway cable and. .........no one knows! Their advice was ask Caravan Club or your local caravan dealer. Done that and the advice was conflicting to the advice from the Police. So still none the wiser!
  5. Our breakaway cable has the clip on it and it was this that the Police clipped to the hole they found in the towbar. Is the general opinion that this is not correct and it should be a carabina?
  6. We use One Chem. It has a very strong smell and keeps the cassette smelling fresh. It doesn't need much and lasts ages.
  7. The fine is £30 per mirror. I have found this which gives information about the mirrors but can't find anything on the tow ball situation. http://www. caravanwise. co. uk/caravan-tips/towing-mirrors. html
  8. I am not sure. Our point was there but well hidden. They said that if the car and caravan are bumping about and the caravan breaks free, the cable could jump off the tow ball. They seemed to think that all tow bars have a point to connect to. They said swan necks have a point to clip to and bolt on tow balls have a place to pass the cable through. Nickie
  9. We were travelling anti clockwise on the M25 this afternoon and spotted a Police 4 x 4 doing 40mph. We over took it and pulled in front of it. Whilst over taking, I, in the passenger seat noticed the police looking at out tow hitch. We traveled a little further before being pulled over by them. They pointed out that our breakaway cable was secured around the tow ball as we had been previously advised to do so. They advised that this is illegal carrying an on the spot fine of £30 and 3 points. They pointed out a place to clip the cable right underneath our towbar. They also told us that our towing mirrors were not sufficient and advised getting ones on extendable arms so that they stand out enabling the driver to see the whole length of the caravan and a distance behind. This again carries a £30 fine and 3 points. Fortunately they were just advising and were very nice about it. Needless to say we are now researching more suitable mirrors and deciding whose job it will be to crawl under the tow bar to attach the cable! Nickie
  10. Got the caravan back, complete with the old tap but can't find the crack. Where does it split? Nickie
  11. Thanks for your comments. We didn't mention anything the following day as, having arrived and set up on the Sunday and only being there for a few days we thought it would take half a day to pack up and set up again. Don't know about everyone else but the thought of packing up and moving and setting up again is not something I really want to do? We were happy to take up there offer of a couple of free nights and to give them another chance, but what really got us was the email from them asking us to remove our review, followed by increasingly 'offish' emails from them when we declined. Surf01 don't think it is the same site. Nickie
  12. Just wanted to share an experience we had over Easter We booked our 4 night stay by email using a booking form sent to us by the site. We didn't receive an acknowledgement and had to chase them on more than one occasion to confirm our booking. We chose this site as their website describes them as 'we are a relatively quiet, family run, dog friendly Park approximately ten minutes north of the New Forest. The facilities we offer are more suitable to mature caravanners and families with young children and we ask everyone to observe our rules on behaviour and noise. In particular we suggest that parents read our "Children’s Information".' We thought this sounded perfect. We have two dogs and two 11 yr olds who are very well behaved and prefer somewhere quiet without a lot of traffic past the caravan. We arrived on the sunday afternoon and found the reception shut. There was a phone on the wall which called the duty manager. He was off site but arrived shorty after we arrived. He showed us to our pitch and we set up. The site was quite full but most appeared to be pitched for the summer with no one in residence. Sunday evening was very peaceful. The following morning we woke up to the sound of a building site. Heavy machinery was moving about and builders shouted to each other. The area next to our pitch was a building site. We hoped that the noise was quieten down later in the day. However it wasn't until about 4-30 that the builders went home. Each day was the same. We had a good walk around the site and there were other premier pitches on the opposite side of the field away from the building site that we could've been place on and also another grass field away from the noise. On our return we emailed the site and told them how disappointed we had been with our stay on this 'quiet' site. The owner replied to us and emails went between us and them resulting in us being offered a complimentary 3 night stay with them, which we accepted. However following this we had another email from someone else who said he was responsible for marketing and advertising, asking us to remove our negative reviews posted on 'numerous' sites. We replied asking what these numerous sites were as we had only posted to one and stating that we weren't prepared to remove the review as it was a fair account of our stay. We again emailed the owner whose emails became remarkably frosty with a total change in tone. We won't be taking them up on their free stay now and our emails are being ignored. Any advice??? Thank you Nickie
  13. hi Yes he plays for a local team and play super league. He did play County but gave it up a few years ago. Nickie
  14. Pete, has a DartsMate which he sets up in the awning. We have been to the England Open at Bunn Leisure Selsey with the caravan, which was fun. Nickie
  15. We use our blinds when we are in the caravan, but leave them up when travelling and when the caravan is in storage. We just have the curtains closed in storage to protect the furnishings from sun damage Nickie
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