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  1. Problem solved! Removed the outer blue panel and inspected the one way valve and unbelievably an earwig had managed to lodge its self halfway in between the one way valve which was why it was leaking.
  2. We’ve just come back from a couple of nights away and I’ve noticed an issue with the Whale IC water pump. It activates approx every 30 minutes, I’m presuming that it’s losing pressure somewhere and my first guess would be the one way valve in the IC control unit. Before I look at changing the valve has anybody else had similar issues? Thanks.
  3. There is a bit of give but just wondered if anybody had managed to make a 10mm difference work.....
  4. I’ve got a Specialised Towing Cover for my Compass Rallye 634 (2015) and I’m changing my van for an Elddis Crusader Storm (2019). The Compass Rallye is 2.29 external width and the Crusader Storm is 2.30 external length, do you think the cover will fit?
  5. Hi, I have an Isabella Capri 1080 full size awning and I’ve just changed my caravan. The Isabella size guide quotes the sizes for my new van as Handbook size: 1080 and the awning size as: 1100. Will my existing awning (1080) fit the new van? Many Thanks
  6. Understand why you went down that route, but each to their own, I'd rather not cart and store another bit of kit hence why I forked out for a fitted aerial.
  7. I've given up on the twig aerial on my Compass Rallye and I'm getting a status aerial fitted. Has anybody else done the same? I've been quoted £260 fitted which I didn't think was that bad, I'm not a slave to the t. v when we're away but it'll be good to be able to watch it and not worry about not picking up the channels! I just need confirmation that this won't void the warranty!
  8. That's okay, no problem at all
  9. Yes, that's why I asked for a 1075.
  10. My invoice does state 1075, trouble so I need it by Monday p. m as we're off down to Devon in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Looks like I'll just have to drive down to the shop tomorrow and get them to sort it. Thanks folks
  11. Hi, I've just bought an Isabella Capri Coal awning, the size I needed for my van on the Isabella website states that I need a 1075 sized awning. So this is what I asked for in the shop, I got home unpacked it and guess what. ......yep it's the wrong size, they've given me a 1000! So it will mean a 2 hour round trip to go back to the shop, who will no doubt not have a 1075 in stock! I'm guessing the 1000 won't fit, would I be right?
  12. 4 nights at CC Knaresborough over New Year, not been away since October so looking forward to it.
  13. Hasn't this been the case for the last few years? Apologies if I'm missing something.
  14. Due to summer holidays etc it's taken longer than expected to resolve my issue, but credit where credit is due whale sent me a new complete watermaster IC. I've now fitted and calibrated the unit and all seems well, I'll see how things go this weekend when I'm away
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