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  1. Not limited to SUVs at all. In fact I've just been having a look at the Superb estates. I actually like our Superb, just time to change
  2. Towed very well. Hardly knew it was attached. Only reason I was asking about the Kodiaq was that we are due to change car and like the look of it.
  3. The superb has been used to pull it.
  4. Investigating a possible change from our Superb to a Kodiaq as a tow car. We have a Swift Ace Award dawnstar which is based on a Sprite Super Sprite Quattro EB with an MTPLM of 1800KG. Does anyone know what the car would be like?
  5. Trust me if we could get to canada with our van we would. Uk only for now
  6. Nothing yet though we now have 2 weeks in September where we were supposed to be in canada so may use if for a van trip
  7. So this week we get to collect our new van from Wandahome. Was ordered at the show in February so its been a while coming.
  8. Definitely cant wait. Had a call from Wandahome South Cave and have arranged collection for this hopefully in July.
  9. Messaged Wandahome South Cave and they will be contacting us regarding collection in the next few days.
  10. Just a thought, are the 2 wandahome sites related? Knottingley and South Cave?
  11. our new van is waiting at wandahome for us but we have to travel from Buckinghamshire to collect. Have messaged Them to see what can be done.
  12. yeah definitely put on our credit card.
  13. We still have an outstanding balance to pay on the van so nothing has been completed.
  14. May not make a difference if the annoucement at 8.30 is lockdown
  15. Our new caravan is in stock but with the virus problems we are being told not to go out!
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