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  1. yeah definitely put on our credit card.
  2. We still have an outstanding balance to pay on the van so nothing has been completed.
  3. May not make a difference if the annoucement at 8.30 is lockdown
  4. Our new caravan is in stock but with the virus problems we are being told not to go out!
  5. Tow check gave us 2 numbers. One was 1537 and the other 1800 saying the first was recommended and the 2nd was the max we could go to. Conor
  6. Passed my test 1992 so dont need that? We bought the van on basis that the car can tow 1800 braked and thats what we were told.
  7. Bought swift ace award dawnstar TA
  8. Even better is that I didn't have to prompt the change. Mrs did that all herself!
  9. Gordon No when we worked it out at the Tow Check stand and with help if the wonderful people in here the car we have is okay to tow.
  10. Good day at the show. Went with. Shopping list but came back with something else. Purchased a Swift Ace Award Dawnstar twin axle van. Got a really good trade in price for our Vigo and also purchased a twin axle lock and level.
  11. The V5C has the following Mass in Service 1532 Technical permissable max towable mass of the trailer Braked 1800 unbraked 750
  12. So i haven't had to work out limits since we bought our current van but I want to confirm what the car can take. Its a 2014 Skoda superb Hatch. Possibility of a van uograde if we see something we like at the show tomorrow The plate on the door has the following numbers 2095 3895 1. 1070 2. 1030
  13. The twin axles are out as we haven't got a car big enough but the Major 4 EB looks like a contender.
  14. Going tomorrow as the Mrs has decided she wants to research an upgrade. May look at ones with the washroom in the middle but know these are limited.
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