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  1. Yep. Sorry!! Should have been more specific. Thanks for your help! 🙂
  2. I need to get a zip replaced on our awning. anyone know where I can get it done?
  3. Ive been trying to use a ball cock device over the last few years without success. It seems to be okay for a while but it then fills the aquaroll. The last site we used it did that and i resorted to just leaving the hose beside the bottle and filling when needed. Anyone know what im doing wrong?
  4. I have one of these beneath our van at the moment but it's deflated twice today. Any ideas why?
  5. Is it possible to change the swivel lights to ones with USB ports in them and how difficult is it to do?
  6. Yes the battery was checked and supposedly good. Will find the print out when i get home.
  7. Problem solved. replaced the battery and all is now working. Thank you all for your advice.
  8. The caravan has been plugged in since we parked up last August.
  9. Also i forgot to add that when I first switch on the power it was reading 7. 6. After that it went up.
  10. It runs for a few seconds off the tyres then stops.
  11. Shows 13. 6 when not plugged in. The service yesterday said the battery was ok.
  12. Our mover has stopped working. The lights are lit up on the box under the bed but as soon as the remote is used to move it, the lights go out and it wont move again. I have switched it off at the big red toggle switch for a few minutes and it will come back on but go through the same again. A meter across the battery gives 13. 6 and the onboard gives the same and 13. 7 if plugged in. Its a Powrtouch Classic Mover. Any Ideas? The van was serviced yesterday but the mover is an additional cost I wasn't aware of.
  13. Our Vigo 3 is coming up on 3 years old next month. Service is booked in already but I just wanted to know if there is anything we should be on the lookout for?
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