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  1. How do you transport ebikes whilst towing the caravan? I have carried non ebikes on the car roof using an Atera powered lift carrier which is rated at 20kg so would lift the bike minus battery but unfortunately the geometry of the frame will not alloy fitting to the Atera rack, should have done more research!! I wondered if anyone had a solution? Please dbn
  2. Problem now sorted hopefully the track had cracked at the storage end which may have happened at the dealers when i was complaining about the room divider falling out of the track. He told me he had squeezed the opening together where the wider section of the opening is to allow insertion of the sliders, he said the track was made from aluminium but is actually plastic and so I think his squeezing together had actually cracked the track. being unsuccessful at obtaining a replacement track I removed the track, warmed the plastic with a hairdryer to close up the track to match the width of the rack’s channel then glued the cracked section together. Then refitted the track the opposite way round such that the ‘repaired’ end is at cooker side and the good end is now the at the ‘storage’ end but without the wider opening for the slider insertion which I think is the reason for the blind falling out, this means the sliders have to be inserted in the end of the track before the track is screwed to the ceiling. The docking piece also has to be fitted to the opposite end also, one hole to drill in the track. The track can then be screwed to the ceiling using in most cases the original screw holes but you may have to warm the track with the hairdryer to slightly adjust the curves to follow the original route, do not overheat the plastic it soon becomes flexible and if you heat too much it becomes too floppy. had a short test tow and divider stayed in place! So hopping now ok. Wasn’t a difficult job and took about two hours.
  3. Has anyone found a replacement for the standard fitted rail for the room divider screen? or does anyone know where to buy an original rail, two Coachman dealers have failed to source one. Mine has been replaced under warranty once and now the replacement has cracked at the “storage end” resulting in even more events of the screen coming out of the rail, I am getting close to removing the screen completely!! cheers dbn
  4. Hi. Many thanks for the quick reply, the pegs seem ok surprisingly because it seemed to take quite a pull to remove the fittings. I think the problem could be that I have not previously touched these fittings and that maybe they have always been a little loose, I will see how it goes,. What is HTH's? please. Best wishes
  5. Hi Kiaboy I needed access behind the two LED light fittings you removed either side of the panoramic roof window during fitting some LED reading lights with USB charging sockets. I found the removed light fittings required quite a lot of force to pull them out of their housing and now on refitting them they are quite loose in the housing. What have I done wrong or did you have this problem and or how did you get the lights to fit snug. your comments/advice would be much appreciated. The caravan is a 2016 VIP575 Regards dbn
  6. Does anyone know of any adjustment to the opening mechanism of the clear plastic lid on the omnivent kitchen extractor fan. Mine is opening slightly and closing with a loud bang whenever there is windy weather and is quite annoying during the night. Or is there a way to prevent the lid lifting slightly. We do not use the unit very much so would it be best to replace it with a basic roof light? Thanks for reading dbn
  7. Thanks for the reply and a good point in using the system to fill your onboard tank, thaankyou
  8. I am considering using a whale watermaster mains water connection and wondered if anyone could comment on its use and does the delivered water flow at the caravan taps equal or exceed the flow from the pump in the aquaroll?
  9. I would leave the struts in place. my previous van did not have any means of holding the bed up in the open position and was a pain trying to hold it up and store things underneath. If the original struts are too strong you can fit lower force struts and they are not expensive from a company called SES in Derbyshire who will work out the strength of strut you need but as it is under warranty have a word with your dealer. dbn
  10. I am considering mounting a detachable tv mounting bracket on the wardrobe wall adjacent to the fridge in a 2016 VIP575 and wondered if anyone had done this and if they had any advice. I appreciate that the wardrobe panel is hollow and that the panel skin is approx 3mm thick so i was proposing to make an aluminium backing plate to go inside the wardrobe and on this plate i am going to mount 4 drilled spacers that will be the same length as the void measurement of the panel and for the bracket mounting screws to go thro the spacers and to be secured thro the aluminium plate. I am concerned that the footprint of the bracket will be quite small and wonder if i should also make a spreader plate to go between the bracket and the front side of the wardrobe panel. Thanks for reading and any advice will be gratefully received Regards dbn
  11. Hi I am in Switzerland with a slight leak from a red plastic plug on the side of the gas bottle valve does any one know what the plug is for and if any repair can be done by me in the absence of Calor depots here. Touching the plug can make the leak worse or can be stopped altogether and has not leaked now for about three hours, I did let some gas out via the gas valve as I though the heat today, 40+ degrees, may have had some effect on the bottle or plug. Does anyone have any advice please dbn
  12. I am thinking of purchasing a towing cover for my 2016 VIP but am concerned that the shape of the front with the deeper projection of the front windows and the bulky shape of the front edge "buttress" - (do not know how to describe the shape but hope you know what I mean) may cause an ill fit and lead to wind getting underneath. Has anyone used a cover on one of these caravans and had any problems, Thankyou
  13. Definitely recommend Caravan Club CL "Seat House" at Eshton Skipton. Page 614 in the sites book
  14. Hi Thanks to everyone who passed on info about CL sites, all very interesting and some very nice and tempting sites. However the number of recommendations for North Devon out weighed other areas so we began to consider the Exmoor site we had used on our only previous visit to Devon, a CL called Uplands at Chittlehamholt near South Molton. Looking up the site there are 30 five star excellent reviews and that the site now has new owners since 2015 who have improved the site considerably, so we are off to Uplands. I know we are so boring going back to the same area without sampling a different area of Devon but it was "Janet's" post that did it with talk of the cycle tracks along the coast that reminded us of our previous days there. So sorry if I have wasted your time posting but we are grateful for everyone's contributions, thankyou. dbn
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