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  1. Our does this too if we haven't bled all the air out of the system properly when we first arrive on site. Quite often we don't bleed the shower. It happens mainly due to the fact that we use a Floe to get rid of all fluids in the pipes so there is only air left which needs to be bled out completely. Once this is done then the problem goes away. Or you have a leaky pipe/tap . ....
  2. The trouble with having two Aquarolls is that you need two Wastemasters too ! Or you have to empty the Wastemaster when swapping to the full Aquaroll. In which case if you are going to that trouble you mays as well go and fill the single Aquaroll at the same time. We used have two - now we don't, instead we started filling our on board tank and we switch to that for a while - if it's inconvenient to go outside. Again the Wastemaster might overflow so needs to be emptied asap.
  3. We bought a 'shallow' battery that allows all the clamps and cables to live on top easily without having to stuff them back into the tight space we used to have.
  4. As above ventilation is key. We've just been emptying ours out today ready for a service and there is no mould anywhere even though the last time we took it out was last September. We have had the skylight and half the windows open on the night setting, plus the bathroom door open and the freezer and fridge door ajar.
  5. Yeah I've just found it in the Urban Dictionary : "Scene tax is any extra cost tacked onto the price of a product as a direct result of the product's reputation or "Scene", rather than redeeming qualities or actual worth. Most commonly seen in hipster fashion, guitar and bass amplifiers and many other instances, some styles are "revived" and sold at a high price when the exact same product would be worth much less and is potentially much cheaper elsewhere." I was being an old duffer ! Cheers !
  6. Sorry if I'm being a bit dim but what on earth is a scene tax ????
  7. The only thing is if you do take the filter off there is nothing to weigh the pipe down in the Aquaroll. ......
  8. When I had to replace the 13 pin plug on the caravan (LH indicator not working as yellow No1 had come loose and on examination discovered an abortion so replacement plug needed!) I forgot to put the heat shrink tubing on the cable before attaching the plug. ..... it's still wrapped in gaffer tape. ..... one day . .. ;-) !!
  9. I love Bailey Parts. I have ordered lots of little things from them. Ordering from a dealer would have been a nightmare even if you ended up with the right parts and then you'd probably have to go and collect them ! I've had replacement locker handles, rubber hob rests, coat hooks etc. It is so easy and efficient ! Al-ko parts are good too ! All power to the Customer ! Yes we do know what we are doing and can be trusted to order the correct part ourselves !!!!
  10. Our wine glasses are still in their original box (albeit with lots of tape holding it together and sits nicely on top of the radio in a locker. No accidents until two days ago when I was looking for something and took the box out and then dropped an electric plug on it ! Only 3 crystal wine glasses now. ......
  11. Not sure I'll ever be able to part with our 11 year old Senator, or our 10 year old Kia Sorento - both have been so reliable and trouble free. Brings a tear to me eye just thinking about it . ......
  12. We mainly use our on board tank in winter when there is likely to be a heavy frost. In this case we bring in the Aquaroll and it's pipe in the evening and switch over to the on board tank for the night. We would never travel with water sloshing around in it. If brewing up or washing up etc whilst travelling (which we rarely do) we would just use a bottle of water.
  13. Gin Tonic Ice Lemon I suppose I could do without the lemon if it has to be just 3 !!!
  14. Been there, done that a good few times now ! It's the gradual highering of the jockey wheel with various blocks under it while you get the blocks under the steadies that always does our head in. . . . and then we end up with an enormous step up into the door ! All good fun - you just have to keep telling yourself that "all the weight is on the wheels", "all the weight is on the wheels" otherwise it's a bit nerve wracking !!! And yes the unwound rear steadies almost touching the ground is something that we have been a bit worried about in the past too. . . .. . Lots to think about at the
  15. I've seen rear window shades on some continental vans. Is there a pull out blind/sun shade on your rear window that this holds up ? or not. . . .. .
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