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  1. Not really. The rate of technical development can be measured on past performance. Technology over the past 30 years or so has advanced exponentially, from the ZX81 to the computers we are using to have this discussion, for example. Likewise energy storage technology has been advancing just as fast. .. There is no reason why the advancement shouldn't continue at the same rate especially as there is even more R&D money being ploughed in. EVs are big money and big money tech is never short of research money.
  2. Then we should all be thankful of the millions being poured into researching electricity storage technology. Even the Luddites will benefit.
  3. One wonders how organisations like the AA and RAC manage to stay afloat with the absolute reliability of the ICE. 150 years of development and the ICE still keeps multi-million pound rescue services in business. EVs don't have that hard an act to follow on the reliability front.
  4. As ICE appears to be approaching a research dead end we may never know. The pace of technology most certainly applies to EVs rather than ICE. We've already come a long way in 30 years. . .
  5. 23 years is a long time to hold your breath. It is also a long time to develop and evolve technology.
  6. 20 years ago state of the art computers were running at 66 MHz and costing around £4k. This rubbish little netbook I'm typing on runs at 1. 6GHz and cost me £20 at an auction of obsolete hardware. Who knows what battery technology will be commonplace in 20 years time.
  7. Indeed. The climate change deniers seem to be happy to accept the word of economists and oil barons over scientists and real experts providing empirical evidence. Then they completely miss the point that this issue has nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with proven localised pollution levels. When they banned lead in petrol there were the luddites who said it was pointless, nobody was really being affected and it would destroy their precious classic car (I know, I was one of them). We were wrong. Every time there has been a major shift towards cleaner technology there has been a measurable improvement in air quality and health and this is the next big step. It won't change the global climate crisis as long as the big super industrial nations continue to pour out their pollution but it will make our air quality better. Charity begins at home. ..so can air pollution reduction.
  8. They said that about 4 star leaded but we can still drive our classics using lead substitute. Substitutes will be found and made as long as there are enthusiasts wanting to keep their classics road, or air, worthy.
  9. Well my OH has a paperless office, works from home whilst having "Link meetings" with colleagues over the internet and travels rarely for business now.
  10. I recall 20 years ago when my boss told me that this new-fangled internet malarkey would never catch on.
  11. Where it is installed it works very well. The reasons it isn't universal yet are commercial, not logistical.
  12. I used to be a county council highways engineer and know this could happen very quickly indeed. They are digging up every street in whole cities to install cable tv and broadband. The Electricity cables are already running along even the most underprivileged areas in the country. All that is needed is the installation of spurs for the charge points. It is not a complicated process.
  13. No wonder, even in June Hull is a bit parky to go completely naked.
  14. Well if a farmer can get half a dozen EHU posts in his field and call it a Certificated Location I don't see too much of a problem putting EHUs in between the lamp posts, flush to the kerb.
  15. The issue with the ICE has nothing to do with Global Warming. It is about local pollution levels and the harm it is doing to our health. The climate change deniers like to lump everything in with "Global Warming" which isn't something we can see so is easier to deny than the smog of particulate pollution hanging over our cities which is much easier to both see and measure. People who shy away from the organised package holidays will always find ways to have an independent holiday free from the constraints of resorts be it in caravans, motorhomes, trailer tents or tents (I own one of each). I could tow my lightweight caravan with a Sinclair C5 so I foresee a downsizing of the twin axle heavyweight monsters to a simpler, lighter rig more suited to electric power. Caravanning won't end but it will evolve.
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