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  1. I use two of these on my caravan but it has five spoke alloy wheels. My caravan is in storage so I can't give measurements quickly but I would suggest they won't fit steel wheels. However if they do fit your wheels they are superb. You can put them on with one hand within seconds. The only issue I have had is one of the keys stuck in the lock and I removed the plastic key cover and left the caravan. It was only when I came back a a couple of weeks later I noticed the key was in the lock. Next time I go to the the caravan I will measure up for you but hopefully someone
  2. If I were in your position I would be dubious as to why someone would buy a brand new caravan and then not maintain its value by servicing it as required by the manufacturer. I bought a brand new caravan and I have had it serviced by the supplying dealer on time purely to maintain its value. If it was 10 years old I would probably have it done less often. However there could be reasons why the service has been overlooked, maybe someone has fallen ill or died, who knows? You could get a mobile service engineer to check it over for any signs of damp, accident damage, make sure any
  3. If I was in your situation and looking to dispose of the caravan I would list it on Ebay for 99p No Reserve 10 day auction with plenty of photos of all the good bits. In the description I would admit to the problems that you are aware of to some extent, and then invite any potential bidders to come and view the van. I would then show any potential bidder the problems, and leave them in the van for as long as they like to investigate. I would explain that they have had lots of time to look and make a decision but once the van is taken away thats it! I would point out that anyone who bids
  4. Http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=mxr83Vkrh00 Not sure if this has been posted before but it made me smile. It would be interesting to see the same done with a caravan!
  5. A friend of mine just part exchanged his high mileage scruffy 51 plate Mondeo against a brand new car. He has been proudly telling everyone about the great deal he negotiated as the dealer gave him £2000 for it I've given up trying to explain! At the end of the day he's happy so thats all that matters I suppose. .................
  6. Maybe at a 5 or 6 lane motorway intersection you may get one at both sides? However I do check my nose weight every so often
  7. Looks very nice but quite a long way from us We stayed at the Caravan Club site in Blackpool at the end of October and that was a fair trek Otherwise looks like the kind of place we're looking for.
  8. Good Evening I am hoping to go away for february half term week in the caravan with my wife and 2 small children. I was wondering if anyone knows of any sites that have a bar/restaurant/swimming pool open and maybe childrens entertainment. The only place I have found so far is Sandy Balls in the new forest which I would happily go to but we have been before a few times and it would be nice to go somewhere different. I live in wiltshire and would happily drive for a couple of hours or so. Any ideas would be apprieciated Regards James
  9. I've had a few people turn their noses up to caravanning until I point out to them that I am very familiar with my holiday accommodation and I can choose which day I arrive and leave. I could move If I was unhappy with my surroundings. As for being a nuisance on the road I take great pleasure in pointing out the fact that my 4. 7 V8 Grand Cherokee Jeep may outrun their chosen vehicle even with the caravan behind, The conversation very quickly changes direction! Each to their own of course
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