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  1. I'm very happy with my Mondeo(140), I tow a coachman 380/2 (not a large van but a heavy one, its a coachman). A good place to start is google whattowcar, you can match cars and caravans for ratio/ performance. Mine gives me 72%
  2. I picked up on the message boards a couple of weeks ago that changes at Swift were muted ie ownership of, management buyout prhaps. What is the latest news or rumours?
  3. My son is looking to buy a new caravan, his forst, and is looking at the sprite 4 berth or similar. It is seen as the budget range model in the Swift range but is it value for money, quality build for the price etc. Are there issues with this model or earlier ones? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I've just been sent my renewal through and lots of benefits I don't seem to want. An online check of their new application prices suggests my membership costs could be lower. has anybody else had this feeling. I've been a member for 39 years and when I have called them out they have been very good. Its a dilemma. As John Ruskin said: you pay less then you must expect to receive less. As we all know this quotation has been sorely tested these days.
  5. Moss, is the thin end of the wedge, it opens the gap between the seal and the metal work, as lefthand down says "water ingress" I had a Swift Rapide which had damp problems, after I took the rail off you could see how spagman it made a pathway in. Clean out the moss for the time being, and plan to have the rails resealed. The put a cover on it, it is the winter months where the damage is done.
  6. Caretakerpete they are not difficult to remove. The front of the cupboard has a retaining bar at the bottom to stop the oven moving forward (this does not come out), at the top another the bar has a release system which unclips, take this out first, lift the oven forward over the bottom bar to get access to the plug at the back (a helping hand to take the weight at this stage), this will enable you lift the oven out. The top bar an be unscrewed and removed leaving the cuboard empty. There is a bar at the back which can be taken out to leave you with an empty cupboard. The bars are fixed from the back, a half turn on the screw fitting them to the cuboard is all you need to loosen the bar and rotate to give access to the brackets. This arrangement is for a coachmen. Sorry if Ive bored everybody else with this post
  7. My first comment to the original post is to paraphrase a remark made on the CC site on this topic. "As a general rule what lives in the van travels in the van (not us) and what is used outside of the van travels in the car". Ive found that to be a good rule to follow. Following this post I did a check on my figures anf found I was on par with the personal + optional payload. I improved it by taking out the micro wave, never need one in the past. It weighed 12Kg. Not everyones solution but worth consideration.
  8. Following a thread on this board or was it a CC board and a recommended site in Scotland. I noticed the site, Sunnyside Croft, were charging separately through a pre paid meter card for the electricity for your pitch. With energy costs set to increase year on year, and caravans / motor homes becoming ever energy hungry, is this the future charging strategy. In America you are charged on the amperage connection 12a or 16a. Where they go we tend to follow as energy use becomes an issue in society.
  9. It looks like a seat I bought fom Roys of Wroxham a couple of years ago. The fabric pulled through the rivets on the arms, the plastic mouldings at the front supporting the seat also cracked. Neither of us are above 13st. Not saying this is the same manaufacturer but buyer beware
  10. Not had this problem but will bear your solution Watson, in mind
  11. Much has been said that makes for good advice, my experience 2 years past. Time of year April / May, there are less midges about but rain and a frost is a possibility, though not certain. Traveling distances / times: Leicester to Englethwaie Hall CC: Leicester M1 /AI/Scotch corner / Penrith/ Carlisle are very doable in a day (Sunday). You can take on supplies at Tescos Carlisle. Next leg Carlisle to Bunree CC via Glasgow again doable in a day, the roads north west of Glasgow is windy as already said. Next Morvich* / Skye* comfortable drive. Morvich to Inverness Culloden CC* via Loch Lomond (find another way, the route, this has been mentioned on the forum by the Scottish members) Did Inverness to Wick / Thurso CC* is doable in a day, and another Tesco Wick (cheaper fuel). Thurso to Altanahara CC*. Lovely place and in reach of Cape Wrath without the van, again doable in a day along a B- road with passing places (manageable)watch for logging lorries and anticipate the passing places. We then took 2 days from Altanahara via Stirling c&cc (poor site) back to Carlisle Took 19 days; great trip will be doing a similar trip next year but cutting out the east coast north of Inverness, coming back down the east coast to Edinburgh. Hope this itinerary is of help, places marked * are good to put your legs down for a day or two.
  12. Apart from the many valid reasons mentioned,we wondered if there were some coming and going to the Ferry port in Plymouth, The timing did coincide with sunday morning docking and evening departure times?
  13. On our annual pilgrimage to Devon this time of the year we see on our journey south, coming north and before Bristol around mid day last Sunday, a significant number and variety of caravans and campavans. Then today, a cold wintry one, on our return journey, the same variety coming south into Devon before mid day. We speculate where these caravanners are coming from or going to at this time of the year. I know there are some hardy sorts on this forum, but soo many. . Any ideas?
  14. I had this concern re a new Amara 2013. They assured me the problem was being resolved,that my van was OK and that 2012s were being recalled. Get in touch with CM customer service, I found them to be very helpful. They shouod be able to re assure you.
  15. Picked up a new Coachman in November, bought at the nec. Travelled 120 miles for the pick up, arrived later than arranged (2hrs), no comment. Exchaged the motor mover, fitted the battery, gave a detailed handover, left us to reflect, more questions answered, the hand over person was very thorough. Stayed ovenight at their premise. Provided a coversion adaptor lead foc. One point, they were not happy with the quality of the old awning as part of the exchange, came to an agreement to split the differnce quickley and on our way. We have not tested their aftersales service though I have been in touch with their service engineer local to us and confirmed that he can carryour warranty repairs through Glossop. So far so good. Hope your handover is as smooth.
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