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  1. Welcome any thoughts on the Honda CR-V as a tow car. My Mondeo has given good service for ten years but its time to go. Why Honda, the local dealer ? garage gives good service to our Honda Jazz so, start there first. Any thoughts on model, year, petrol versus diesel, would be helpful. Looking at one owner a couple of years with lowish mileage though miles are less relevant to diesels. Looking forward to hearing views.
  2. Reaching my destination to find the frig doorway was hanging by the top hinge pin. The pin in the bottom plate was on the floor. The pin in the bottom plate is slotted and the bottom half threaded, it is expected that it will screw into the plate. But, there is no space to lift the door sufficient to drop the door to engage the top pin into the door and drop the door onto the bottom pin. Who designs this stuff? You can only access the pin to screw into the plate through the door, if you feel up to trying to remove the plastic interior of the door. In the end, I located the door onto the t
  3. Salt has been mentioned here to absorb winter damp inside the van. Another tip to help roof drainage and create a circulation of air between cover and the roof is put several plastic footballs between. You can insert these from the skylight and position them with a broom handle, before you strap tthe cover down, a tip from this forum several years back.
  4. A friend of mine has a Lunar from new two years past, on delivery he noticed the door did not fit properly, the dealer said they would order a replacement, that was a six month saga ending with it being sent in caravan to anther dealer. Finally fitted new door himself. This September, rain came through the roof light, the roof had a dip in it. Agreed warranty/ new roof to be factory fitted, still waiting to be collected, new current projection new year? Against all the satisfied customers on here who must consider themselves lucky there will be one is badly let down. He has written to the
  5. I've had four covers, three caravans. The third cover was kampa type cover, it was false economy, I could see it was a loose fit, it condensated and a dampness in the caravan. It came off, ordered specialised made to measure and used for the past four years. After fitting I put several plastic footballs between the fabric and cover, that allows air to circulate and cover to dry. A couple of plates of salt help keep damp from the inside. These latter tips have come from this forum and they work. The caravan is an investment buy good cover.
  6. Thanks for the heads up caravantech. The dealer is not prepared to submit a claim to Swift until they carryout a test, so much for the mobile NCC service engineer's integrity. Glossop accepted a report for an NCC engineer for my van. My son must now make a 260 round trip, after which if the claim is accepted make another trip, then a further trip to collect the van. Only the caravan sector would do this to their customers. No local Swift dealers would take on the inspection or the work said they did not want the work, what a bunch of light weights.
  7. Thanks for the posts to date, encouraging
  8. I'm not sure if my first attempt made it. My son purchased a Swift new in 2013 and the second service showed a 45% damp to the front offside edge window. The dealer is dealing with the warranty. What level of action will swift authorise to resolve the problem? has anyone else suffered this problem and solution.
  9. I had this problem 15 years past or more. No movers then, the drive had a slope to it. I purchased a Jockey hand winch, made up a pulley arrangement to assist the lift and attached the cable to a tow ball in the hitch. Lowered the jockey wheel to get a low pull. The anchor was through a Rawlbolt fixed into the house wall. It all worked. We are still living in the same house? but whilst I have a mover it does not like gradients, caravans have got heavier The van is now stored away from the house. The things we did. I favour the mover upgrade, service solution posted on here.
  10. In read your post on this point Tring and resolved to check this, but in the moment and checking if the blinds all worked, the awning rail was not blocked (it was), the sealant was smoothly finished and no bumps to the van I overlooked it. Alls well that ends well, I think?
  11. Its back where it belongs. Fair play to both Glossop and Coachman they did pull out the stops to rectify the problem of wrong parts. The work carried out by Glossop looks sound. The van is now undergoing a 24 hour rain test! One final point, to keep you on your toes, they forgot to put the covers on the sidelights in the gas locker back on. These they have ordered and will be putting in the post. The lights currently have a margarine carton covering them! So overall, it could have gone better? but I an satisfied with the outcome. So 9/10
  12. Fingers crossed, and best of luck with your repair. Hope to be away in September.
  13. Following the delay to the repair for the wrong parts having been ordered or sent, Glossop informed me that they had spoken to a member of staff not on holiday at Coachman, who confirmed the correct parts would be shipped the following week, which they did. Glossop informed me of their arrival last week and promised me they would get back onto the job at the earliest opportunity, which they seem to have done, for today they informed me it was ready for collection. So it now remains for us to collect on Wednesday, subject to a thorough examination of the workmanship. I have to say we are loo
  14. Oh dear and I was thinking it was going so well, silly me. Took the van to Glossop on the 13th July and agreed collection on the 27th July. Checked progress on the 22nd July, "work in progress they said and, confirmed completion on the 27th as agreed" Then the fateful call on the 24th July, the replacement parts do not fit, a different model. On top of that, Coachman are on annual shut-down until the 10th August. You could not make it up. So lets see how quick they deal with this? Kiters61 be warned.
  15. I'm taking my Amara up to Glossop on the 13th July to have the front replaced. So I will take on board the comments made about quality of workmanship. I have received a reassurance from Coachman as to the competence of Glossop to carry out this work, and to date they acted professionally in managing the repair. On the other hand my e mails to Coachmen asking for a reason for why this has happened were lost. Then eventuality after chasing came back to me, with no answer to my question until a report on the work had been received? In the meantime we have continued to caravan. Keep you all po
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