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  1. I use a tailored & breathable Specialised Accessories cover in the winter. Just waiting for this damn rain to stop here so I can wash & cover ... hopefully this weekend.
  2. Checked out my Valencia floor today & all's well, plus no sign of damp in the front corners as mentioned above.
  3. Here we go 🙄 Is it in the very front corner Infront of the seat bulk head where there wiring harness sits ? .. I have a Valencia 2018 with no issues but the gas BBQ outlet hatch is in the corner.
  4. Same here ... Doesn't feel positive ... Also noticed the silicon breaking up in one area of the shower tray ... Easy fix but 🙄
  5. Modified brake linings & new drums ... The old shoes scored the drums ... Personally I think the lining material was way to soft 👍
  6. Mine is now fully sorted ... The difference is bliss 👍👍 ... I was touring a couple of weeks back & I noticed new Swift's & Coachman caravans suffering with the same AL-KO brake problems ..
  7. I have a Unicorn 4 ... There's loads of fresh air in the end bathroom with the two roof lights . Infact it's the best bathroom we've had to date 👍😂😂
  8. Mine has been eventually sorted ...
  9. Just can't understand these issues with the sink screws in the Uni4 ... (Talk for Talk sake) Never been a problem with ours, they're totally clean & you don't even notice them .. I prefer our Uni4 domestic seat backs, so comfy. Speakers inside a resess (Your having a laugh) Hope the black decals don't turn grey like our grab handles .. Tbh I'd be looking at points elsewhere on these caravans but Hey-ho 😂
  10. If you got a battery powered PIR try changing the two AAA batteries ... Worked for me 👍
  11. Well there are quite a few new & nearly new Bailey caravans on my storage site & all with some sort of wetness to the under floor after heavy rain ... Yes I've looked at them all & these are Unicorn 4's & later Pegasus. I have no softness to the floor or any visible water damage ... When the outer ply dries you can't see any staining . The inside readings are bone dry running at 12 -14 percent. . Any rot to the floor is covered by Bailey's warranty due to in being ingress into to the ply floor which by definition .. Simples
  12. The water is still dripping back to the outer floor through the side awning draught railing ... I have two areas of damp on the under floor during heavy rain but at this stage I'm not worried due to it drying out quickly. Given my past history with Bailey Alu-Tech caravans & inner floor rot I'm honestly not panicking but should it be happening ... Well hell no 😂😂😂
  13. Now there's a question 🤔
  14. And what was their reply 🤔 I'm sure the original microwave is available to purchase from Bailey's online shop ?
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