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  1. It's all a crock of muck ... Unicorn 4 ... I emailed Bailey showing them the distortion of two components and the water damage to the underside of the floor, splitting the plywood. I asked if they could get their design & production team to look into the images and offer a solution before the caravan went in for its annual service. Needless to say they weren't interested at all. Within the motor industry they run a system called "Right first time" . We take all the details of the reported fault and a technical expert interprets the customers reported issues and pre orders any parts he thinks may offer a solution to compliment the appointment date, so the customer only gets one visit to the dealer (Right First Time)
  2. Defo Graphene will be 👇 https://enrg.io/tesla-developing-500-mile-graphene-battery/
  3. You've never queued up at a filling station 🤔
  4. You'll still have future city congestion charges applied to EV's ... Just too many folks with too many cars. #gridlock Manufacturers won't invest in future combustion engine technology and EV's due to the massive cost. Away from legislation it's all about supply and demand & the damand will drop for ICE's .. Take China, still a massive market for vehicle manufacturers and they're already turning their backs on combustion engine vehicles .
  5. Depends what your towing, where your towing & what your towing with 🤔 There's also no clear stats to say you loose an additional 50% battery capacity when towing.
  6. Volvo aren't launching any new models with solely combustion engines. So basically any new model launched will not have diesel or petrol engines as options. Volvo launch their first BEV this year.
  7. Well they reckon an ICE loses 50% of its power due to trailer drag ... 🤔 Any form of energy to power a vehicle will be increased when towing a trailer . https://auto.howstuffworks.com/auto-parts/towing/towing-capacity/information/towing-gas-mileage.htm
  8. We'll thats something you need to take up with VW . £160 for a cab pollen filter, vehicle checks and free valet. Basically £100 an hour to check over your vehicle ... On the plus side no major servicing, no cambelt change, no oil change on your DSG gearbox or engine, no anti pollution auxiliaries, no engine management controls, no injectors, no adblue costs and no anti-pollution test on the MOT.
  9. There are road tests creeping through towing caravans but trust me by the time caravaners are involved in the purchase of a BEV towing shouldn't be an issue at all and they'll be a dream to tow your van with. Personally I'll also be very happy not to read anymore discussions on automatic transmissions or DSG gearboxes because you ain't got a gearbox on a EV 👍😂 Just think of those low maintenance costs ... Happy days 👍
  10. 100 mile journey for a couple of hours, perhaps that's why we need to cut the carbon's we're producing. That's an expensive journey in terms of the environment. The future scenarios you've just given are all predicted to be negative .. why ? With current battery capacities to the BEV's actually on the road that situation happens rarely now if at all. Your also forgetting today the connectivity of vehicles that will plan your journey & even tell you availability of charge stations "The car itself will take out the worry" Fast forward to not that many years ahead and you'll be turning up at filling stations to charge your car in 6 minutes. This is not speculation, this is from the science coming out of R&D today. So why predict a queue for two hours to charge ?? Your petrol & diesel vehicles will be around to satisfy your needs and well past 2035 if you wish to keep them. Focus on the benefits of BEV's & commercial hydrogen vehicles. Think of a cleaner world, think of a better driving experience even for towing and think of convenience.. Combustion engine vehicles have had their time, It's coming to an end naturally, it's just evolution 👍👍
  11. Charge time to 80% for the currently sold Nissan Leaf is up to 60 mins ... The Citigo-e charges to 80% in 4 hours on a 7.2kw charge point ... 12.5 hours on a lower powered 3.6kw charge point.
  12. The National Grid have already stated they can cope and remember it's not just vehicles that will be electrified, you'll have home boilers running on electric in the future ... Hydrogen is expensive in its production, infrastructure and use. Your charge times will reduce to being quicker than filling your current fuel tank, six minutes possibility with graphene batteries. Therefore it doesn't matter if you live in terraced homes or high rise appartments because you'll just pop down to your charge point as you do now to fill your car. The company I work for already have graphene prototypes. https://www.nationalgrid.com/smart-ways-shift-journey-towards-evs-everyone-fast-lane
  13. It takes months to build a Hydrogen filling station and the only thing you can use on existing stations is the ground, none of the other infrastructure of dispensing fossil fuel is compatible. Even then the site would have to be assessed and passed for its location for the safety of handling Hydrogen. If you listen to the video clip the tanks being used only have 3 day supply in them and the engineer referes to using surplus electricity through the night time to produce Hydrogen but this same surplus would be charging BEV's without the manufacturing, infrastructure and transport costs.
  14. Lol 😂 There’s a lot of biased predictions around at the moment. In Japan today its mainly Toyota with the government that have invested in Hydrogen infrastructure but they’re already way behind to meet their 2020 deadline in building 160 hydrogen filling points around Japan to show off to the world during the Japanese Olympics. Japan is that far behind they’ve had to put an Hydrogen refilling curfew in place for the current few users and this delay is mainly due to how complicated and expensive Hydrogen infrastructure is. What I also find astonishing is the complaints at the cost of current BEV’s when the cost of an Hydrogen vehicle is astonishingly high with the cheapest base Toyota starting at $50000 then there’s the high cost of Hydrogen fuel and the ratio these cost will fall with increased production is a fraction against falling BEV costs. The only cost effective use of Hydrogen for todays transport is through the commercial sector in HGV, Plant and Public Transport.
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