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  1. I used this ... https://www.mailspeedmarine.com/starbrite-premium-marine-polish-with-teflon.html?499=17560&gclid=CjwKCAiAkrTjBRAoEiwAXpf9CduX-kWQ5k65dDBtPklSO8GRebfiAhq5wKIrImsNT7D0VMpLOUQFDhoCGWYQAvD_BwE What ever you choose your really looking for a polish with a high teflon content.
  2. Silverback

    Unicorn 4 Handbrake Lever

    You should be able to purchase this directly from AL-KO https://www.al-ko.com/shop/uk_vt/
  3. Silverback

    Tesla cars and fire!

    Guy at our storage is towing a caravan with his Model X . . Buy all accounts he's quite happy Electrical insulation and other plastics on ICE vehicles are very toxic when burning and don't touch them after they've cooled .
  4. Silverback

    Bailey caravans - absence of front locker

    Fine in hot ambient temperatures, we just pull down the blinds and vent the roof hatch . . Simples I honestly think there's a bit of nit picking going on here but each to there own
  5. Silverback

    Bailey caravans - absence of front locker

    Then that's a question also for your large roof light . .. I haven't noticed any cold around the large window in winter touring, infact any winter sun through it warms the van up.
  6. Silverback

    Bailey caravans - absence of front locker

    What heat loss ?? . . Our Uni lV is really warm. Remember the forward roof light is half the size of the previous caravans to compensate. A majority of all makes of caravans now have front skylight windows or massive roof hatches, all double glazed . ...
  7. Silverback

    Build quality

    I've had one of these for a few years now . .. Excellent & does the job . .
  8. Silverback

    Build quality

    Other half luvs her kitchen sink. The Pegasus sink was way to big and used to much water to fill. Last time I looked the stainless steel screws were countersunk. 😉
  9. Silverback

    Build quality

    My interior furniture has areas where it fits into performed cutaways. Windows & sun hatches are fitted into machine precut holes. Pluming enters & leaves in precut points. Pre-made wiring harness are fitted to preformed points. Over head lockers fit into preformed points and pre-made steel railing in the roof & walls. Bailey caravans are built on a mechanised production line and even main panels are produced in the UK for shipment to Australia for assembly. Both cars & caravans are assembled, simples. Caravan manufactures build caravans and shouldn't have any reasons of excuse for poor quality. Though I'm very happy with my Unicorn. 😉😃 https://www. caravanguard. co. uk/news/bailey-relocates-its-large-laminating-plant-13705/
  10. Silverback

    Build quality

    In vehicle manufacturing robots are used in body construction (spot welding) and painting but all the rest are assembled by hand. Caravan manufactures use machines for panel construction then everything is assembled by hand just the same. Furniture is pre manufactured as with supplier Components.
  11. Silverback

    Build quality

    I had two fixes the first was chamfering the leading edges, the second and final fix was to cut groves across the shoes. "Touch wood" the final fix seems to have worked 😉
  12. Silverback

    Build quality

    There's a new AL-KO solution for the brake noise . .
  13. Silverback

    Nissan-Brink/Thule Towbar

    I had a Nissan towbar manufactured by Brink/Thule fitted to my new Nissan and after just 2500 miles of towing the quick release neck in the towbar developed play when locked into position which resulted in the towbar being replaced. Needless to say, I wasn't too impressed given the possible consequences. So just a heads up to always check your Brink/Thule tow bar neck for play once you've locked it into position.
  14. Silverback

    Build quality

    I don't agree with repairing faults yourself on a new caravan but it is at times easier to fix small problems yourself than haul the caravan back & forth to the dealer. I had a heavy cracking noise from the floor last summer & booked it into the dealer but they couldn't fault it and retightened the underside floor bolts. On our next trip out with hot weather, the floor started the cracking noise again. In the end, I whittled it down using the feeling through my fingertips from the vibration in the floor and it was the smallest screw from the kitchen cabinet into the floor causing the noise when the floor was warm from the sun and a quarter of a turn the noise was gone. If you heard the noise you wouldn't have believed that screw was causing the problem. So in fairness to the dealer, they wouldn't have had the same conditions to reproduce the noise. Overall I'm really pleased with our Unicorn IV & probably our best Bailey to date and that's saying something from me
  15. Silverback

    Nissan Navara tow bar electrics

    Nissan have an adapter for the Navara under part number, not expensive and will keep the original bar & electrics under warranty.