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  1. Mine has been eventually sorted ...
  2. Just can't understand these issues with the sink screws in the Uni4 ... (Talk for Talk sake) Never been a problem with ours, they're totally clean & you don't even notice them .. I prefer our Uni4 domestic seat backs, so comfy. Speakers inside a resess (Your having a laugh) Hope the black decals don't turn grey like our grab handles .. Tbh I'd be looking at points elsewhere on these caravans but Hey-ho 😂
  3. If you got a battery powered PIR try changing the two AAA batteries ... Worked for me 👍
  4. Well there are quite a few new & nearly new Bailey caravans on my storage site & all with some sort of wetness to the under floor after heavy rain ... Yes I've looked at them all & these are Unicorn 4's & later Pegasus. I have no softness to the floor or any visible water damage ... When the outer ply dries you can't see any staining . The inside readings are bone dry running at 12 -14 percent. . Any rot to the floor is covered by Bailey's warranty due to in being ingress into to the ply floor which by definition .. Simples
  5. The water is still dripping back to the outer floor through the side awning draught railing ... I have two areas of damp on the under floor during heavy rain but at this stage I'm not worried due to it drying out quickly. Given my past history with Bailey Alu-Tech caravans & inner floor rot I'm honestly not panicking but should it be happening ... Well hell no 😂😂😂
  6. Now there's a question 🤔
  7. And what was their reply 🤔 I'm sure the original microwave is available to purchase from Bailey's online shop ?
  8. Tbh everyone and their dog should be fully aware of Bailey's roof strap potential leak 🙄 ... Not sure what paint you used on the none setting mastic & GRP skin around your roof strap but strangely sound it sadly sounds a little ... 🤔
  9. Ok ... Are you in agreement that the sales of goods act applies to B2B ... Yes or no Don't patronise me ... B2B sales of goods act rights apply automatically in law .... Unless removed from the individual contract .... Your presuming every B2B contract has this clause removed. https://www.nibusinessinfo.co.uk/content/rights-when-buying-goods-and-services-another-business
  10. The link also states that business to business contracts also retain the sales of goods & the supply of services act. So the dealer who was involved in my rejection of a caravan back to him, in turn didn't excersise his rights under the Sales of Goods act to his supplier the manufacturer . .. So your saying dealers don't have any rights within business to businesses when purchasing goods. I'll leave it with you ...
  11. So are we now saying that busineses in this case "Caravan Dealers" do have purchasing rights in that of a "consumer" in the areas of "Not fit for purpose" .. "Of reasonable quality" etc, etc .... https://www.devonsomersettradingstandards.gov.uk/business/consumer-rights/business-to-business-contracts/
  12. I say again the post stated business do not have rights to the manufacturer ... They do !! This is the Trading Standard gov site to where I am at the moment .... "Most of the Sale of Goods Act and the Supply of Goods and Services Act still applies to business-to-business contracts" https://www.devonsomersettradingstandards.gov.uk/business/consumer-rights/business-to-business-contracts/
  13. There is nothing inaccurate about it my post at all and it was replying to a post of "manufactures not having any right to the manufacturer or supplier for faulty goods" Businesses do have rights when purchasing from other businesses either in goods or the supply of services. Now please explain to me why posting this fact is dangerous 🤔 Can you imagine the free for all of companies if there weren't any laws or rights on trading 😂😂😂
  14. Deary me indeed 😂. Are you insinuating I'm a liar 🙄 ...I had the up most faith in trading standards who advised through the 13 months it took to uphold my rights with the dealer who eventually supplied me with another new caravan and in the end the dealer exercised his rights to the manufacturer & returned the caravan back to them. It was the manufacturer who was trying to block the supply of another caravan & was only in favour of factory repair. This dalayed the response from the dealer to my claim, not that it should have due to the claims being totally separate legally but in the real world it did. Simples.... By the way don't suffer fools gladly, especially ones with deep sarcasm 👍 Nope ... They have business to business rights which have the same clauses ... Not fit for purpose, reasonable quality, etc, etc. "Business' rights when buying goods In the case of goods, unless otherwise stated, you are entitled to demand that your purchases:correspond with the seller's description are of satisfactory quality - safe, in working order and free of minor defects etcare fit for purpose - capable of doing what they're meant to do" This is why you get good dealers who are quick on their toes rejecting caravans back to the manufacturer before they resell them to the end user when major faults are apparent https://www.nibusinessinfo.co.uk/content/rights-when-buying-goods-and-services-another-business
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