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  1. What's also being over looked is the "Manufactures warranty transfer" from the current owner to a new owner and the fee to transfer ownership of the warranty by the manufacture. Just take a look at the form within the caravan manual.
  2. Nope your manufactures warranty is offered to the purchaser & is contracted to them. A dealer or independent will be the repairer authorised to carry out the work but the manufacturers warranty contract is between you & the manufacturers. If your statement was correct why would you be responsible for servicing the caravan to uphold the manufacturers warranty.
  3. The manufacturers warranty is offered by the manufacturer.
  4. Made these yesterday for my Uni4 Valencia. With all this rain I wanted to deflect the water from the side of the caravan. Normal rail tape doesn't throw the fall off water far enough from the side of the caravan but this works a treat.
  5. I know the weather has been dire but any feed back with your towing issues …..
  6. Hydrogen will only take off with HGV longhaul vehicles ... Could also take off in electricity generation into battery storage.
  7. Total waste of time Hybrids ... I'm refering to Battery Electric Vehicles.
  8. The biggest problem is population growth ... You can't keep powering transport with fossil fuels to an ever growing & out of control population. Your internal combustion engines are dying rapidly. There's no new development with them at all in future prototypes with motor manufactures. Time to embrasse the EV .. you'll love it 😂
  9. It is totally true and your totally dismissing the industries investments into user profiles. Current BEV's and their varying ranges totally sits with many vehicle users. You'll get a profile which travels on average 12 miles a day, then a third of that socially & even when holidaying it's just a journey to their own or nearest city airport .
  10. I wonder how much electricity is used to refine fossil fuel. Now there's a question 🤔😄 "Refineries used 47 teraWatt-hours of electricity to refine 5.3 billion barrels of oil into various products"
  11. Here very soon and plenty of grid capacity to charge so I hear ... So Don't blink
  12. Not at all .. You'll pay 1800 smackers for a turbo replacement on a combustion engine or auto gear control module so everything is relevant. Though it would be interesting to know the mileage on the car in question and general condition. I posted in favour of electric vehicles on here 2-3 years aback and got quite ridiculed even by folks who are now stating they are considering BEV purchase … Happy Days ! There's is market for the current BEV's we have in production now that suits many user profiles. It will be more interesting in say 2-4 years when particularly when graphene batteries become available, They are a supercapacitor that can rapidly charge and discharge giving with vehicles ranges easily around 300 - 400 miles and you'll charge in around 10 minutes or at least the same time as it does to fill your fossil fuel tank at a filling station and yes you will be charging at filling / charge stations. Personally I cant wait to see them especially in autonomous vehicles and they'll make towing a dream. Very Happy Days !
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