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  1. The law refers to 'mobility scooters' as invalid carriages (class 2 or class 3) and these are subject to very specific regulations including amongst other things, who can use them, the speed they can do on pavements and on the road and even when they are prohibited from the road! I have heard nothing to suggest anyone is considering banning their use. As Mr Plod has said, the 'toy' scooters with two or three wheels are classified as mechanically propelled vehicles. Since the early days of vehicles the various Road traffic Acts have defined classification of vehicles, and as has been rightly pointed out these laws were passed by politicians. What is not happening is politicians of today trying to outlaw electric 'toy' scooters.. (They have no need to do so as they are already outlawed)
  2. Another vote for camp Eure at Pont de l'Arche. Easy to find, good access and clean facilities
  3. Taxation classes vary from the RTA definitions for some reason, in fact I believe the MH would be classed as a heavy motorcar for RTA purposed in that unladen it weighs more than 2050kg
  4. Bearing in mind that caravan manufacturers will often quote the max inflation pressure for the tyre, and it is not unknown for the same pressure to be quoted across a range of weights. An industry advice web calculator can be found here https://www.tyresafe.org/check-your-pressures/caravan-pressure-calculator/ All you need to do is input the MTPLM and select the tyre size/ load index and you will get a reasonably accurate inflation pressure.
  5. The website is here which states that reception is open till 7.00pm http://www.auxcygnesdopale.fr/en/activities-and-services/
  6. Unfortunately, anywhere on the East Coast is going to be at least two and a half hours from Southport, so you will not be gaining anything by relocating to that coast.
  7. About 23 miles further on at Blangy sur Bresle is a campsite 'Camping aux Cygnes d'Opale' I have used a couple of times. It is easy to get to and there is a Super U with a fuel station about a mile away (other side of the motorway from the site. I would recomend it rather than spending the night at an aire.
  8. My old TomTom will still work but it needs to be taken outdoors for about 3 or 4 minutes and shown the sky so it knows where to look for satellites. Once it finds them it will work in the car with no problems.
  9. Can you turn it on with your fob? - obviously you can turn it off via the fob and if so is it possible that you are catching the button on the fob from time to time thus turning it on.
  10. It most likely took 40 miles due to the manner of his driving and the subsequent necessity to get the appropriate vehicles with properly trained drivers into a position where they could effect a safe stop without endangering any other members of the public. Bearing in mind the weight of the pickup and caravan, I would not want to be trying to force it to stop without at least three 4x4 size vehicles. Having said that, looking at the article he was stopped at the services so it could well be that he gave up before he was actually forced to stop
  11. unless you want it hard boiled...if so add two minutes!
  12. Ted Nelson one of the pioneers of information technology once said "The good news about computers is that they do what you tell them to do. The bad news is that they do what you tell them to do." Artificial Intelligence is a bit like professional gambling... It looks at all the outcomes it has been told about in any set of circumstances and chooses what historically was the best course of action. If it all goes wrong, what good is a defense of 'well that usually worked'
  13. My local dealer is getting me the upper floor as an add on to my current van - it works out a bit cheaper
  14. Our favourite route too, the holiday starts once you park up on the ferry. If you consider the fuel cost to the south coast and back, plus two nights pitch fees, either just this side or on the French side. Add this to a return ferry from Dover, there is not much to choose from cost wise from Yorkshire to the Continent. Plus the hastle of driving in the UK compared with Belgium and France makes Hull Zebrugges a no brainer for us.
  15. Any who doubt that extended mirrors are essential should note the length of the arms on those extended mirrors!
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