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  1. I did check their site before leaving it so long, but as it has not had much use for some reason I gave it a really good clean.
  2. Puriclean state on their website that the product can be left in the system for 24 hours if required, so i am using it in accordance with their advice.
  3. I use puriclean in the hot and cold water systems at the start of each season. I leave it in for 24 hours pulling a bit through the taps every hour or so during the day then pump it through the sinks into the waste tank where it sits for another 24 hours. It may not stay sterile all year but it gives us peace of mind, and we usually use a jug filled at the water tap for drinking anyway.
  4. The Met Office sincerely apologise for this lapse which they put down to new part time staff, and they state that normal weather will be resumed as soon as possible
  5. Have you tried 'Toys R Us' ? They might have a bowl small enough...
  6. Hi welcome to the forum, The black socket runs the basic trailer lighting, ie road lights which you need by law. The white socket runs the caravan internal equipment such as the fridge and leisure battery charging,
  7. Insurance being 'declined' is a tricky area. If you complete an aplication for a policy of insurance and they then tell you they will not renew for what ever reason then they have declined you insurance. If they have contacted you before renewal or following a claim, to say they will not renew the policy unless xyz happens (upgrade to security etc) and you have not yet formally applied to them for a new policy of insurance, then it has not been declined. They have simply told you that their terms have changed and in your current circumstances they will not take on the
  8. Two points to make..... 1. There are no 'blind bends' on a motorway, only drivers not paying attention far enough ahead to see what is happening. 2. If a vehicle is approaching a blind bend (assuming there is one) to be safe they should reduce speed to a speed at which they could safely stop if once they had a view around it they could see an obstruction. I agree it was foolish to stop to exchange details, (even though the highway code used to say that is what should be done) but the responsibility of not being able to stop in time lies firmly in the hands o
  9. As a matter of pedancy... Electric vehicles are subject to Vehicle Excise Duty. They just happen to be zero rated! A check each year when applying for the Vehicle excise Licence will be made on the vehicles insurance and in later life, it's MoT status before the nice computer tells you that a new Venicle Excise Licence has been issued free of charge. The worrying thing is that if an electric vehicle is free of charge.....How will it ever get anywhere?
  10. One easy way around this is to open a seperate email account used only for such licences...once you have opened the email from the BBC or whoever to 'sign in' then you can ignore that email account until such time as you need it to sign into a new service. No need to give it to anyone else.
  11. I have towed this route in the past without any problems. It is on main roads all the way and the road around Sheffield, whilst busy is not difficult.
  12. For me, whilst it is further from Rotterdam to the South of France, it is only about 50 miles further than it was via Zeebrugge and it is still 200miles less driving in the UK around Cambridge and London...It's a no brainer
  13. Your first Traffic car?
  14. You don't seem to have grasped the point... The owner was selling the caravan and a Thief used a fraudulent card to facilitate him stealing the caravan. There was never any chance of the payment going through or any intent by the thief to pay. The Thief's subsequent taking away of the caravan was theft...nothing legal about it! The Thief did not take it away promising to pay the owner once he had sold it, taking it away with the owners consent in order to sell it, which is the arrangement you allude to with the car dealer.
  15. The quote I have seen is that 'most of the time smart motorways are as safe or safer.....' Which is a little like saying that 'most of the maiden voyage of the Titanic was a great success! '
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