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  1. Any who doubt that extended mirrors are essential should note the length of the arms on those extended mirrors!
  2. I think you are lucky to have such kind hearted neighbors. Most would think you were totally daft, not just a bit!
  3. Bike hire is available at the site office at camping Duinpan. Delftsehout as recommended by Shipbroker is also a lovely site, and an easy walk into Delft. It is however some distance from the flower parade and gardens. It is however easy to park should you drive to the gardens. ..The parade is a little more difficult logistically.
  4. We went last year and stayed at https://www. campingdeduinpan. com/en/ This site was just a mile from the centre of Noordwijkerhout where they had a night time parade of all the floats the day before the flower parade. It is about 6 miles from Keukenhof but if you can ride a bike, it is almost flat and easy off road cycling. You WILL need to book your campsite in advance. ..some of the impromtu sites had just enough space between vans and motorhomes for the doors to open!
  5. It would appear, reading between the lines on this topic, that the propensity for a cars windows to freeze in winter may be indirectly related to the owners employment status. Those in full time employment suffer much more from the rigours of iceing. Those having retired from such a humdrum existance much less so. Could this be a result of the calming mental waves emitted by retired folk as they lay back with the first cuppa of the day contemplating the day ahead (and in some casese being thankful for having woken again). Apparently these mental waves create a slightly warmer micro climate around their cars. Those in work however suffer the consequent stresses of deadlines, workload and such like, creating negative (cold) energy which surrounds them extending as far as their car. .. Just a thought
  6. An international driving permit is not a driving licence, it simply serves as a translation of your National driving licence. Since the majority of us have a driving licence which is of the EU pattern, in that it has the common European groups and layout, I cannot forsee a direct problem as any EU authority will be able to see exactly what the licence covers. That is not to say that some European Authorities might want to make a point and pretend they do not understand it, but until such time as our own Government (not just a pressure group with an agenda) inform us that one will be required, I will not be getting one, even if it is only £5
  7. I am inclined to believe the above is made tongue in cheek. .. Afterall, it would be considered, at the very least, careless to take to the controls of a car you were unfamiliar with on a day when it was either raining or likely to rain without first checking where such essential controls such as wipers and light switches were before setting off. If a dearly loved relative was killed due to a driver who came out with such an excuse at court, who would be content if the court exonerated the driver with perhaps the advice to check before driving next time? Armchair warriors are quick to find the laws to be foolish, but if applied with a modicum of common sense, they do in general work well. Most legal practicioners do apply common sense. Stories in the popular press would not appeal if all the facts were accurately reported. Journalistic licence may be applied to make the story more sensational and/or to make legal practicioners and the law look foolish or out of date.
  8. Looking at Google mapping satelite view an street view, it could be White House caravan site. (Tel 01692 670403) Edit. ..Beaten to it!
  9. Living in Yorkshire one becomes used to being careful with money. .. £97 over 5 years would cost you £17 per year? That sort of maths would mean a child having to resit the maths exam!
  10. reluctant

    Hybrid swindle

    The majority of cars purchased using this scheme appear to be company fleet venicles. These will be driven by employees who benefit from having company mileage fuel paid for. They will mainly be essential users so not parked in the company car park during the day, so even if the company provide charging points at the office, they will not be able to benefit from using them. If the drivers use the internal combustion (IC) engine, the company pay. If they charge the vehicle at home, they have to pay for that electricity themselves. Why would they want to pay for the company use of the car? It stands to reason that the company car drivers have no incentive to not use the IC engine and fill up with the free fuel and only the company have benefitted from the Government hand out when purchasing the car. If the Governemt had looked at the issues logically, the handout could have been larger for private purchasers who would charge the cars at home, and smaller or non existant for company fleet purchases. That may have tempted more private use without necessarily costing the Government any more. The environmental benefits are not as great as some would have us believe, even when the cars are charged regularly, as most of the electricity used will have a carbon footprint somewhere, just not at the roadside!
  11. I may be wrong, but I think that most people use this site (and others) to find the cheapest fuel, not the most expensive! I would even put money on the fact that the French Government don't keep the site simply for us to compare fuel prices in the UK with the most expensive in France. It may be sorted by department, but who (amongst the intended Frence users) is going to travel half way across France to save 3c on a litre of gazoil?
  12. You can buy it online from the French government site. .. https://www. certificat-air. gouv. fr/en/ They have been good enough to do an English page to apply. It is less than a fiver.
  13. We used the expression ' a guilty plea at Coroners Court ' when an investigation revealed that the deceased was at fault. .. (But only in the office obviously) The fact that it may be obvious that the deceased was at fault did not prevent a full investigation, as notwithstanding blame, there may be lessons to be learnt and engineering solutions which could prevent another tragedy.
  14. I used a 250 E class Avantgard to tow a Coachman 560/4 and found it to be an excellent towcar. I admit that I never towed that caravan with any other vehicle to compare it with, but did use a Saab 9/4 to tow a smaller caravan previously.
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