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  1. This could be even better without the comma... well behaved kids and dogs on 2m leads That would keep the kids near their own van
  2. That is why I asked how long he had owned it...Has he had it for three years and only serviced it once... Obviously if that is the case then the water ingress warranty will no doubt be voided
  3. A little more detail might help Troy. Did you buy brand new? Where is the water/damp coming in? What make and model caravan? How long have you owned it?
  4. 15000 deaths....at 5 persons per car is 3000 cars.
  5. a 3000+ car pile up.....Get real! The worst ever pile up was in Sao Paulo, Brazil September 15, 2011 Over 300 vehicles, 30 injuries and 1 fatality The figures I quote come from Brake and the Insurance Industry figures. I believe that the figures do prove Woodentop to be exagerating.
  6. You are still obliged to inform your insurers when you renew even if you are not at fault. If you fail to do so your insurance may be invalidated.
  7. Between 2012 and 2019, an average of 450 pedestrians were killed on UK roads each year. That is not necessarily the number who were 'at fault'. During the same period, the avarage total number of fatalities on the UK's roads was 1,850 per year. Hardly 'most UK raod deaths'
  8. My Bad...I looked up a definition and didn't double check it againt the RTA. I was thinking outside the box and considering an uncoupled caravan in a field may not be covered by the Road Traffic Act description.
  9. The use of the term vehicle is a bit limiting. A caravan is described as a 'structure' which can be moved, not as a 'vehicle' So all they need to do is park the caravan and move the transit back onto the road!
  10. This testemonial would in itself put me off... Had it six months and obviously gone off several times! Either they have numerous thieves 'having a go' where they are or it has a lot of 'False Alarms' Being cynical, I support the latter theory
  11. I could never find the right Fixed Penalty code for 'requires social worker' so had to nail something else on them
  12. There is very little chance of the EU not accepting current B+E licences as there is no indication whether a test has been passed or it is gained through 'Grandfather' rights. For example, I could take a B+E test even though I do not need to by law, and my licence would still only show B+E, with no indication I had taken a supplimentry test. The EU is not actively looking for ways to prevent tourism from the UK. So long as the licence is held, they will not be concerned with how it is held. As our licences continue to show the same groups and International symbols I believe that any 'rumours' that we may not be allowed to drive are just that...Rumours of 'Fake News'
  13. Does it work on Apple computers too or just on Windows?
  14. There is a lot of talk here about the manufacturer providing a certified MIRO for each and every caravan. They are only required by law to put on a plate stating the maximum weight permitted and the maximum axle load. No amount of bluster and/or arguments by keyboard warriors will make them weigh each and every van in it's 'running order' to provide a certificate to the purchaser A ready solution is to take your own caravan in what you personally consider to be its 'running order' to a weighbridge and have it weighed. That way you know exactly what you have to play with when adding your personal possessions to take it up towards the MTPLM. After all, if a weight offence is detected in a check, it is the driver who may be prosecuted, not the manufacturer. Also, if a weight offence is detected, any decision to prosecute lies with the prosecution authorities who will take into account their own guidelines re percentage overweight for prosecution limits. It is not for the driver to 'claim' an allowance or tolerance, but that may be used in court as their mitigation if they so wish. The offence is using a vehicle on a road when the plated weight is exceeded, not when the plated weight give or take a tolerance is exceeded.
  15. As has been pointed out, the Mass in Service is only of benefit to an owner as an indication of what payload they can add. It has no relevance to the legal position re weight (or licence) offences. The only sensible route is to check the MTPLM of the caravan from its plate and ensure by taking your fully loaded outfit to a weigh bridge that in practice you do not exceed the MTPLM of the caravan, the MAM of the car, the Train weight and individual axle weights. Lutz's earlier comment that the cert of conformity should not differ from the plated weights is true as far as it goes, but the manufacturers towing limit is not stated on the cars weight plate, only the Max Train Weight.
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