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  1. ANother Autoglym fan here...I think Plodd is refering to Extra Gloss Protector which I use too
  2. I use the Acsi site and Search for Sites https://www.eurocampings.co.uk/?_ga=2.73042003.1187904509.1573420204-588180740.1573420204 Even if you are not a member of Acsi, most of the sites will accept you https://www.searchforsites.co.uk/webapp.php This one includes a lot of the 'municipal' sites which we have always found suprisingly good and good value
  3. I carry a reverse polarity cable Only about 1 foot long but does the job...And a continental (French) cable adaptor just so I can be sure...Only used the latter once! The former about 10% of French stes!
  4. According to figures from October 16th,- 24 cases worldwide of a second infection ( source Washington Post October 29) Yes reinfection is possible, but the odds appear to be against it. (24 out of how many million?) The Lancet published a paper on October 12th on a study on an American patient https://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(20)30764-7/fulltext If the Lancet is publishing a case study, then the numbers are apparently very low. Also of interest regarding surface contamination... https://www.thel
  5. I do sometimes wonder how it is that the 'experts' come up with different figures... Now, far be from me to say you are using the wrong figures anywhere, but I have not seen a figure of 80 million for the population of the UK before. I can't say I have seen a period of 90 days as the maximum efficacy of the vaccine either. Maybe I bury my head in the sand though. From what I have heard in the media, the vaccine works by stimulating the immune system to produce T cells which anchor onto the virus preventing it from infecting cells. If it cannot infect
  6. I understand that the Army is to be drafted in to help with mass innoculations. How about them being issued those tranquiliser dart guns the big game wardens use but loaded with vacine darts so that those who are unwilling to go get innoculated can be done remotely? Just a thought
  7. So... their solution to educate people not to break the law is to encourage them to break the law again before crossing the road in a lawfull manner...
  8. I assume that the storage site is a business and by storing your van for a fee is providing you a service. The fifth reason in the list highlighted by Brecon in the third post allows to buy goods or services from premises that are open, including essential retail. If the storage is open for business, then you are simply accessing the service you have bought. You will also, no doubt, be complying with the condition in your insurance where you have told them that you store it securely away from your home. It is essential in so far as it could put
  9. You are spending a lot of your hard earned money. It is only natural to have doubts. There are certian points in your story which do sound at the very least strange and at worst suspicious. He claims he is selling on behalf of his uncle. Not unheard of, his uncle may be unable to sell for various reasons, but it becomes suspicious when he (claims to) send off to CRiS to get a new document. If he is selling on behalf of his uncle he is not the owner - so why? Have you been to inspect the van? Don't even consider buying it sight unseen! If you are not fully conversant wi
  10. If the gap was intentional, for ventilation why add gas drops? There would already be sufficient floor level ventilation without them. The gaps as far as I could see were because it is easier to fit something 'almost' up to the walls, than to have the floor cut to an exact 'interference' fit and risk pushing the walls out of position.
  11. Liberal application of a good quality duct tape (I used Gorilla Tape - other makes are available) around the whole of the base (applied from underneath) reduces the access to the little varmits! Also cover the gas drop holes with galvanised mesh to allow gas out but not critters in
  12. Accepting that you didn't want to PX your van, you are now in the unfortunate position where the van you have is in need of an expensive repair. One which should be covered by warranty and/or legal rights. The manufacturer no longer exists so your only redress is BH through the loan protection provided by law. You borrowed £17000 from them and have repaid £10000 so you still owe them £7000 (plus interest) From your point of view you have paid a total of £12000 and should have a 4 year old caravan in good condition to show for it. If that were the case you would be
  13. Cost of van new £19000 You paid £2000 deposit You have also paid about £10000 in loan repayments. Total Paid £12000 You still owed £7000 plus interest for you to have the van clear of debt. BH are cancelling that £7000 debt and interest and giving you £3600 but taking the van. Because you no longer owe them £7000 + interest, they are effectively paying you £10600 for the van ignoring the interest. If you take into account the interest they would have earned from the remainder of the loan they are actually paying more than £10600 for it.
  14. I didn't quote interest not knowing what rate you had taken the loan out with. Interest will increase the amount you had left to pay, so they are offering you more than £7000 you do not have to pay plus the £3600. So what you are saying is that they have offered more than £10600 in exchange for the 4 year old van which I would suggest is a lot more than you would be able to sell it for in it's current state. Take the offer would be my advice.
  15. I might have this wrong, butThe van cost £19000 new to you and you paid £2000 deposit. So you financed £17000. You have paid £10000 in repayments so still have £7000 to pay. BH have cancelled the credit agreement and offered £3600. So you benefit by £10600 which is what they are effectively paying you for the van. I have always figured depreciation as about £2000 per year on my vans, (£8000 over 4 years) So, in all you might be £400 ish out of pocket. So what is the problem?
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