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  1. I have used them for years and have never had a problem with vibration even at 60mph. It must be vibration transmitted by your car wing mirror surrounds.
  2. That might be the only way to keep the window closed!
  3. reluctant


    The Maximum Technical Permitted Laden Mass Is the absolute maximum the caravan can legally weigh (with everything in it.) The car also has a maximum weight indicated on the plate and a maximum weight for each axle and a maximum 'Train Weight' which is the car and caravan
  4. The Police generally use multiple radio channels. The 'in-car' set will often have a hands free system but the personal radio (the one worn on the officers person) does not. The only way to use that is PTT. A voice operated sytem on the personal radio would not be practical as any conversation in the car would activate it and if the in-car set spoke it would try to transmit on the personal radio too.
  5. It sounds like the electrics with your new towbar have not been wired up correctly for a caravan. (Apparently some fitters only wire up for towing a trailer and so do not fit the required relays to activate the frige electrics) I would suggest taking the car back to the towbar fitters and ask them to check the wireing and if necessary put it right - You will need to tell them it is to be used to tow a caravan.
  6. What a strange rule...who is authorised to check? and having checked, will they provide a replacement?..."So sorry sir, yes that is a three layer mask which I have now contaminated for you" There are patterns available for home made masks with a 'pocket' built in to insert a paper kitchen towel or similar. Would a three ply piece of that make it a 5 layer mask? Does that ruling make it illegal to wear a scarf over the mouth and nose?
  7. Obviously, I am one of those without an ounce of brain matter... I momentarily forgot that only you could be right in this matter, and no-one else could apply common sense, even those in charge who decreed that it would be safe if precautions were taken. I cannot for the life of me understand why Boris has not invited you to be one of his advisors.
  8. Another vote for TomTom camper. I have just renewed my TT as the old one was no longer supported (it is over 10 years old) The new TT Camper comes with lifetime updates and it was very accurate regarding traffic problems today on the A64
  9. How much thought goes into the motorhome service points at some caravan and motorhome club sites? I have just returned from Great Ayton. There are two facilities blocks and in front of each is a motorhome service point. Sounds great! At one, the grate on the road surface is less than 1 foot away from the kerb. This is on the nearside as you follow the one-way system around. My own motorhome along with a great many others has the grey water outlet on the offside. There is no discernible slope on the ground, and indeed, one motorhome I saw attempt to use this, his waste water happily gurgled out of the drain onto the road surface where after little consideration, it happily made its way across the road to the grass verge opposite. It never even ventured beneath his van! Having seen this, I walked around to check the second service point. Much better! The grate is about 5 foot from the kerb, but quite close to the start of the layby. I decided to give it a go… Drove round to it and as there is a steel barrier on the kerb edge at the start of the layby, I gave it a reasonable margin (not wanting black paint or worse along the side of my van). I managed to get reasonably close, but only by putting the front nearside wheel on the pavement! The grate was only about 3 inches inboard of my waste outlet… I tried pulling past and reversing but couldn’t get close! Back to plan A… Front wheel back on the pavement. I got out, knelt down and almost gave myself a hernia lifting the grate from under the van…It wasn’t heavy, just at arm’s length away beneath the van. I gently started to open the waste… The grey water gently fell to the tarmac where it apparently had a hankering for the opposite side of the road, never even attempting to look at the open grate sat invitingly beneath the van just inches away. I shut the valve and decided to take the grey water home to water some trees! How hard would it have been to put a sloping pad around the grate to direct water into it?
  10. I have just returned from West Ayton (near Scarborough). I only had to queue twice for the shower/toilet block, and neither time was it for longer than five minutes. The site appeared to be full too. Yes, the van has a shower and toilet. The shower is where the laundry basket lives, and I don't have the heart to evict it when there are facilities available and I am paying for them. Besides, showering in the van is a miserable experience. You can't turn or bend without hitting a wall or the door. There isn't enough hot water to have a substantial shower...need I go on. The toilet is for midnight trips and to save getting cold/wet in an evening. Why would anyone want to forgo what they were paying for and increase the number of times the cassette needs emptying. It is not what I choose to do for entertainment! We are all different, have different needs and expectations. I go to sites where the facilities are available in the expectation that I will pay extra for those facilities and consider once payed, I have a right to use them.
  11. I did my first clean in early March then went off to Southport. Two days after we returned it was 'Lockdown' Just got the van back out of storage to do it all again...Amazing how much dirt can collect going nowhere!
  12. Sounds like you were on top of the situation...It could have been a lot worse!
  13. You are correct, I didn't choose my words very carefully!
  14. Welcome Whither, There are some good people on here and it is a good place for advice. You may see some extended discussions on some subjects (weights and licences are a good cause) but you will soon sort the wheat from the chaff.
  15. The theory (I believe) behind the VAT reduction is that overall price can be reduced by 12.5% across the board to the customers of small businesses. This being an incentive to the public to go out and spend on those things they might otherwise be hesitant over due to the cost. The theoretical model, if followed through entices more customers through the door and completing purchases thus creating a boost to the small businesses and the gradual restoration of 'normal' trading. Those businesses which decide to maintain the point of sale price to their customer might well increase their takings by that 12.5% in the short term, but risk disenfranchising their customer base in the longer term. Anyone checking an itemised receipt will be able to see that the VAT is reduced and the unit price increased. The Government will take in a reduced VAT figure thus increasing the deficit (which at some stage will have to be repayed either by us or our successors) It is something to benefit the general population and small businesses. It is not a guarantee that all small businesses will survive, but it will be a help to many.
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