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  1. Yes, the reviews databases are still being worked on, apologies for the inconvenience!
  2. Glad to hear it, the new image posting is so much better! Have a great weekend.
  3. The tickets will be available for all winners on the door! Sorry for the delay, the person from the NCC's team who was going to contact you has been off sick and the message got missed. Those named all have won and the tickets will be available from the press office on the day. Hopefully they will be in touch directly, if they haven't already. ..
  4. Hi folks, I've sent all of your contacts over to the NCC. They should be in touch with you soon to sort out the tickets!
  5. Very sorry to hear about John, very knowledgeable and friendly chap. Very well respected amongst the industry and through his publications. I know the mod team all looked up to him and his thoughtful advice.
  6. Despite being responsible for Caravan Talk, I've no issue with putting my name or picture on here Have met a couple of people out and about who've recognised me as I run past a local campsite. Always happy to stop and chat and, as on the forum, take a bit of feedback, whether good or bad (almost always good though). I don't think the majority know that Caravan Talk has been built almost entirely on member feedback and is completely independent. The caravanners make this club and have a lot more say in it's running than some can believe. As for the size of this little club, although we
  7. Hi David, Sorry to hear that, we've subdivided the forum to try and ensure that every topic has an appropriate place for it to sit, so that members can find what they're looking for in the 1+ million posts on the forum. Admittedly it does mean there are a lot of sub-sections, but that's just a by-product of a busy and structured forum If you don't view a particular set of forums, you can hide and reveal the categories on the home page via the - & + signs on the far right of the category names! As for the offensive postings, there aren't many cases of this these days, and if a
  8. Good suggestion, I've updated the title of the thread. If another Dorset franchisee starts feel free to invite him onto the forum to become a Trade member like yourself
  9. I think we still have a few, we've set it to 0 stock just so we don't have to force you to buy a £0 sticker o. 0 Send a SAE and we'll find out the last few
  10. Good news, glad to hear it Feel free to give him a (virtual) nudge in the ribs to pop back in here from time to time.
  11. Sadly yes, we'd love to be there but we've been so busy this year we couldn't make the time to do it justice. .. Sorry to hear you've had to cancel the holiday, will keep fingers crossed for you that everything turns out OK. Obviously don't watch enough Top Gear. .. http://youtu. be/dJfSS0ZXYdo?t=5m26s
  12. Not this time, though we'll be there in spirit (and possibly as press)! Are you going?
  13. Former F1 World Champion, and British motorsport royalty, Nigel Mansell, and renowned TV broadcaster Fiona Bruce, will officially open the Motorhome & Caravan Show on Tuesday 14th October at Birmingham’s NEC. Famous for his love of racing, Nigel is also a passionate caravanner. Along with guest of The Caravan Club, Fiona Bruce, Nigel will be opening the event and he will be speaking in the Show’s Experts’ Theatre about his career and caravanning experiences – no doubt along with sharing his opinion on Lewis Hamilton’s chances of winning the current Formula One World Championship.
  14. We've removed an offensive and unnecessary post and the subsequent replies.
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